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Split update, newsletter, Japanese sci-fi…

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Short miscellaneous news.

1/ Split update

The rest of the around-the-30th-of-the-month update will be posted on Monday, though the first half was posted on the 28th. Two medium-length profiles remain – another New Warrior, and another Star Wars character.

2/ Newsletter

October will also have the first issue of the mini-newsletter, as we have to change the way we send those e-mails. More detail about the mini-newsletter here.

I mention it again since most of the people subscribed to the newsletter *did not* receive the notification about the change.

3/ Japanese sci-fi novels

Humble has a book bundle of Japanese sci-fi novels. Everything’s e-books in English, and as usual it’s good stuff with a huge rebate. Only a few days left.

Haikasory sci-fi novels bundle .

It’s not quite related to writeups.org. But it looks intriguing, it looks like the number of Humble Bundle announcements will indeed be at the “two or three per month” limit I was hoping, and I’m doing a news post anyway.

I wish I still had time to read novels, but writeups.org work devours all non-essential time. 🙁

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