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State of the Worg and call for donations – June, 2017

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

(There are three writeups.org donation drives a year – February, June, October.)

Let me tell you how the writeups.org (worg) project is going. No, no I insist.

1/ The Big Sweep

I burned out on that in March/April. Which is a bit annoying since I was so close to the halfway mark. So, currently a bit less than half the articles have had their review for features (such as hyperlinks, videos where useful, meta-data, Context intro section…) and readability.

Which also means that only half the articles have their Adsense adverts added. Since the policy remains not to have Adsense stuff if the entry hasn’t been reviewed. That does cut into the income.

As always, if you approve of our policies (hand-picked Amazon products about the same stuff as the profile, hand-placed AdSense ads on reviewed articles, no Facebook cookies, no ads from anything less reputable than Google Adsense, no tracking beyond default Google Analytics volume data, etc.) you can donate.

To help compensate for the money we don’t make by not plastering the site with RevContent and OutBrain inserts and auto-playing videos.

2/ The updates

The “three batches of 5+ entries per month” pace is still holding. I’m unsure of how long it can hold though, since we’ve eaten through a lot of our publishing backlog.

As a result part of the workload is shifting toward overhauling small, old entries. This allows for some progress in improving articles while The Big Sweep through the site is on hold. It also ensures that we have enough new and revised content.

Lastly, that should also lower the density of video game articles. These were a result of the gaming breaks I was taking as I was burning out on the The Big Sweep.

The only downside is for those who *just* happen to have read that entry, out of 5650+, right before it was overhauled.

3/ Server

I found an angle to consolidate the “Related Articles on Writeups.Org” sections, remove parasitically ponderous plugin processes, and have the semantic computations take place on other servers. There still are shorts bursts where our server share is overwhelmed by the traffic, but it seems *far* less common.

So it’s a solid win. Feel free to play Moon Ray’s Commanchero very loudly as a victory hymn.

Errr, it was a joke guys. You didn’t have to actually hit “play”, y’know.

Before the end of the year, we’ll switch a new infrastructure within the same hosting provider. This will help absorb the rising traffic.

4/ Arcs

A big arc had begun about classic AD&D-based game Baldur’s Gate. But it ran into longstanding issues about modelling gear such as melee weapons, body armour, etc. in a more rigorous and comprehensive manner.

Though that greatly delays the arc, it has meant a spurt in technical work about the Evasion Skill, equipment adding to the operator’s APs, the use of shields in combat, recovering APs of Damage Capacity, etc.. Some is already published, more is coming.

As always, we are direly short on manpower. Feel free to join the community to help with rules discussion and/or playtesting.

There are also various arcs on hold (such as early Iron Man and early Spider-Woman). This is a mix of logistics, and a wish to focus more on overhauling 15+ years old articles that didn’t age well. Having so many of the latter still around is annoying.

5/ Donations

We now offer both Patreon and Paypal. So that’s big-brand, standard online payment solutions that support both one-off and recurring donations in a few clicks.

The donation pages also include a bit more material about donations themselves. You totally should check it out.

We are highly dependent on donations to keep this site up. Everything is optimised to run on a shoestring budget, but it still adds up.