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Yogscast Jingle Jam charity event

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

From what I gather, Yogscast are big-time YouTube personalities who do video games stuff. It’s not like running writeups.org leaves me time to watch YouTube thingies, alas.

Anyway, since 2011 they have this yearly event to raise charity money for Christmas. For years now they have been teaming up with Humble Bundle to scale this up. And since we work with Humble Bundle, and we like charities, and Christmas is sort of okay I guess…

Here’s the idea :

  1. 100% of the proceeds go to charity.
  2. You can lob in $5 as support just to be nice.
  3. Or you can lob in $35 to be nice *and* win mystery video games. It’s a sort of advent calendar. It’s Humble, so most of these should be cool. EDIT – now I see it’s got Dungeons of the Endless for which we wrote a guide.
  4. The sooner you subscribe, the more games you get. That’s because the pool of gifts to encourage people to give isn’t infinite. Since 100% of the money goes to charity.
  5. There’s all sorts of events on the Yogscast channels to drum up donations. But if you watch Yogscast you prolly don’t need me to tell you about it.
  6. Humble send me an e-mail less than one hour ago and there’s already 10,000+ of the things sold. But then apparently these Yogscast folks have enough YouTube subscribers to populate Latveria three times over.

    Now y’all enjoy yourselves while I go back to writing up some obscure Deadman supporting character, eh ?

    Also, the new Humble Bundle Monthly run has *just* started, right as I was about to hit “Publish”.

    Three of the games in the mystery bundle will be Quantum Break (I’m told the upgraded version is fairly good), The Long Dark (it’s on my wishlist, good survival game) and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III (I have no idea about that one, I get all the WH games confused).

    Even if you like just one of these it’s worth it since the bundle is $12.


    *This* one is a normal Humble offer, where writeups.org gets an affiliate bounty. And where the charities get their normal fundraising level rather than 100% as with the Jingle Jam.

    So. Yes. Deadman stuff. Back to work.

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