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During a 1983/84 adventure, the Black Widow (Natalia Romanova) ran into a cadre of stock killers, straight from a B-list action movie.

Like the rest N’Kama was a central casting type… but he was a little bit cool. And we’re not exactly awash with Zulu characters in super-hero books.


  • Real Name: Unrevealed.
  • Known Relatives: None.
  • Group Affiliation: Part of a short-lived group of assassins recruited by Damon Dran.
  • Base Of Operations: Mobile.
  • Height: 6’5” (1.95m). Weight: 230 lbs. (104 Kg).
  • Eyes: Brown. Hair: Black.


Powers and Abilities

N’Kama is “the greatest of the Zulu warriors”.

He uses his great skills in tracking and stalking to hunt human preys for a fee.

In practice he was just a fighty extra, but a little development could go a long way.

N'Kama (Marvel Comics) (Black Widow enemy)


N’Kama was part of an international group of assassins assembled by Damon Dran, the Indestructible Man.

They were to capture the Black Widow as a part of an elaborate plan to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D..

Although they briefly managed to capture her, she defeated them all… except for the Iron Maiden.

N'Kama (Marvel Comics) (Black Widow enemy) face closeup


N’Kama does the “noble savage prince” routine from some 1960s jungle movie.

He’ll fight honorably. For instance, though he successfully ambushed the Black Widow, he purposefully missed with his spear instead of skewering her by surprise. So she’d get a fighting chance.

He’ll spend most of his time commenting on the skill and fierceness of pretty much any skilled and/or fierce opponent.

Your objective when playing N’Kama is to use as many metaphors and parallels containing African wildlife as you can squeeze in. And then add a few more. Preferably about lions.

The rest of the time, hang around standing while holding your spear and looking proud. Like a lion !

(So, yeah, feel free to make characterisation improvements if you use him in a story.)


“This one is more dangerous than a cornered lioness !”

DC Universe Adaptation

(This section proposes ways of using this character in DC Universe stories).

Maybe he fought Congo Bill at one point ! Or some other dated and embarrassing character.

If you instead develop him as a more credible character, N’Kama may have been involved in Manhunter’s war against the Council.

DC Heroes RPG


Dex: 06 Str: 04 Bod: 04
Int: 04 Wil: 04 Min: 04
Inf: 04 Aur: 03 Spi: 03
Init: 016 HP: 010


Martial artist: 05, Military science (Camouflage, tracking): 06, Thief (Stealth): 06, Weaponry (Traditional Zulu weapons)*: 06


Language (Zulu).


Mercenary world (Low).


None demonstrated.








  • Hunting spear [BODY 02, Enhance (EV): 02 (cap is 06), Descriptor: Bludgeoning, Piercing, R#3, Limitation: Bludgeoning has Limited penetration]. It can also be thrown.
    If the spearwielder’s opposition is within a four feet range, the spearwielder gets a -1 to the final roll of their melee attacks while the opposition gets a +1 to the final roll of their melee attacks. If the range is greater, these are reversed.
  • Curved long knife [BODY 05, Enhance (EV): 01 (Cap is 06), Descriptor: Piercing, Slashing].
  • Other weapons such as a knobkerry, throwing irons, a cowhide shield, etc. are possible. But these were not used during his sole documented appearance.

Design Notes

N’Kama is a low-cinematicThe level of power and (un)realism found in a spectacular action movie. fighter, but since he’s just a mook his durability was lowballed.

Raising his BODY by 1 AP, and his Hero Points to 020 or so would make him more able to go the distance. For instance if he’s a solo opponent rather than a member of a team.


DC Adventures RPG

N’Kama — Averaged PL 6.4

02 02 02 02
05 01 01 01

Combat Advantages:

Close attack 3, Defensive Roll 2, Improved Smash, Improved Trip, Move-by Action.

Other Advantages:

Equipment 2, Language (Zulu), Tracking.


Athletics 4 (+6), Close combat (Zulu-ish weapons) 1 (+9), Deception 1 (+2), Expertise (Hunter) 6 (+7), Insight 1 (+2), Perception 3 (+4), Ranged combat (Zulu-ish weapons) 7 (+9), Stealth 7 (+9).


Spear Strength-based close piercing Damage 3, Improved Critical 1 ● 4 point
Knife Strength-based close piercing Damage 1, Improved Critical 1 ● 2 points


Initiative +2
Unarmed +8, Close, Damage 2.
Spear +9, Close, Damage 5, Crit 19-20.
Knife +9, Close, Damage 3, Crit 19-20.


Dodge 10
Fortitude 06
Parry 10
Toughness 02*/04
Will 03

* Without Defensive Roll.


  • Killer elite N’Kama is a mercenary hitman.

Powers Levels:

  • Trade-off areas. Attack/Effect PL 7, Dodge/Toughness PL 7, Parry/Toughness PL 7, Fort/Will PL 5.
  • Points total 78. Abilities 32, Defences 19, Skills 15, Powers 00, Devices 00, Advantages 12. Equiv. PL 6.

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By Sébastien Andrivet.

Source of Character: Marvel comics.