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Giant One

He’s a “giant henchman” type, possibly a bit superhuman. He’s associated with a Vietnamese temple that’s normally peaceful. But he mistakenly went into a fight with Spider-Man and the US government.

Your PC as a music player

A “how to” article about playing music files on your Windows PC in a pleasant, high-quality manner on a moderate-for-most-people ($250-ish) hardware total budget. Yes, it’s completely off-topic – but it’s useful.


Another example of a fully-fleshed out video game Player Character – a Barbarian Shaman from the seminal Everquest. Also presents setting elements such as the Northmen, the Tribunal, Halas, the epic weapon quest, etc..

Negative Zone blotter

This article is where we keep our notes about the Negative Zone in general, as we research stories that take place there. How it works, how to get there, local lifeforms, area codes, etc..


A very very tall fighter and agent, blatantly based on Kareem Abdul Jabar in Game of Death. We couldn’t resist, obviously.