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FAQ- Quantification heuristics

Clearly, everybody wants to read something called “quantification heuristics”. Total best headline.

A discussion of the evidence-based mental model used on writeups.org when it comes to stats, and stuff related to stats (such as capabilities descriptions).

As of June of 2021, added some stuff about abductive inference (ooohh sexy) and absolutes (ooooh Sithy). And cat pictures.

The Amazing and Stunning Shivangi and her Faithful Companion the Cunning Subarna

A creatively fleshed-out example of a Vanquisher character in the first Torchlight video game.

She’s an itinerant carnie and sharpshooter with a pet lynx. Both have magical powers.

As of April of 2021 I’ve whipped up a photorealistic custom character model for Shivangi. Thus ending years of frustration about never managing to make a good illustration of the character concept.

Warframe weapons locker (part 1)

A selection of weapons — ranged and melee — from the Warframe video game.

New weapons and pictures get added as I play. Additions since the original release :
– Twin Gremlins machine pistols.
– Boar assault shotgun.
– Fixed missing illustrations, added some.
– Orthos poleaxe.
– Miter launcher.
– Vectis precision rifle.
– Kohm shotgun.
– Ignis flamethrower.
– Nagantaka repeater crossbow.
– Pandero pistol.
– Amprex electrical projector.
– Rogga flintlock shotgun pistol.
– Synapse beam emitter.
– Lenz launcher.
– Phage emitter.
– Pox biological payload.
– Castanas throwing… things.


A somewhat obscure, powerful 1970s enemy of the Justice League of America.

Otherdimensional alien feeding off fear.

Mmm, this image is very tall. I prolly should add some text here so it doesn’t feel weirdly empty, especially for people not familiar with the site. So how are y’all doing. I’m doing good. I have some delicious flan left to eat, and I love flan.

So yeah, anyway, Nekron. No, not the demon lord in Underworld Unleashed (or Underwear unwashed, according to one of our contributors who hate that crossover). The 1970s, space one.


From the early 2010s Gail Simone series The Movement, in the DC Universe.

Renegade Laotian-American ex-cop with an attitude, a sword, wings and two angry angry fists.

As of October of 2020, this entry hawk-received Mutants & Masterminds hawk-stats.