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An obscure Marvel villain with fire and ice powers and a burning and frozen body.

He’s oddly cool, according to my at about age six.

As of July of 2020, this profile was entirely redone — and updated.

Mercy 8162

A deadly vigilante and athlete from a dying Earth broken down future.

They were the best team in the Game… but this is not a game anymore !

As of July of 2020, this profile had its hair styled, and received M&M stats.


An obscure 1960 enemy of Batman, with transmutation eyebeams.

The profile also has design notes discussing this kind of modelisation.

Muhammad Ali

A primer about the great boxer Muhammad Ali (formerly Cassius Clay).

Plus comic-book-style DC Heroes RPG game stats for him. Because, as you no doubt remember, he once fought Superman !

Colleen Wing

Colleen Wing as she appeared in Iron Fist stories during the 1970s. P.I., martial artist, samurai.

As of July of 2018, this profile was entirely redone at long, long last.

As of June of 2020, added Mutants & Masterminds stats since her BFF just received her own.


Weretigress criminal Indonesian revenant forced to fight in a low-fantasy dismal world. Inspired by the niche Din’s Curse video game, because I was playing that instead of working.

Misty Knight

Misty as she appeared during the 1970s, back when she was an Iron Fist supporting character.

As of July of 2018, this profile was entirely redone.

As of Juneteenth of 2020, added tough Mutants & Masterminds game stats and further improved readability.


The oldest member of Power Pack — everything is relative — during the 1980s.

Gravity powers.

As of June of 2020, this profile was revised as our contributor Bryan went over his Power Pack material.

Mass Master

The classic version of Mass Master from Marvel Comics’ kid team the Power Pack. Body density manipulation powers.

As of May of 2020, this profile was forced to clean its room and stop being mean toward its kid sister.