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Lightspeed of Marvel’s Power Pack during the classic Weezie Simonson years.

As of May of 2020, this article received an overhaul. We also ensured that her costume is at least 5% pinker than before.


Silver Age themed Marvel minor villain wot got killed by the Bronze Age.

He was a convenient 1960s/1970s jobber.

As of May of 2020, we’ve slipped in a complete, electrifying overhaul of this profile.


This titanic crab appeared in a 1959 proto-Marvel Comics story, in Tales to Astonish. Giant monsters were hip in the 1950s, daddy-o.

There’s also notes about the BODY score of giant monsters, somehow.

As of May of 2020, we’ve added Mutants & Masterminds stats to this profile. Having two sets of stats is important, as it allows for a pincer movement strategy.

Marty McFly

From the classic Back To The Future movies. These are old capsule notes.

As of May of 2020 these still are old capsule notes, back from the past. But now they have M&M stats that never chicken out.


A goofy, obscure, super-dated cliché who fought Batman back in 1963.

When the nights were young, when we could do no wrong.

Serpent Squad

A compact review of Marvel Comics’ various Serpent Squad teams of villains, with a roster for each version.

These were all low-ish-powered villain team with a handy snake motif. Well, except for those versions with the Eel as a member.


A very very tall fighter and agent, blatantly based on Kareem Abdul Jabar in Game of Death. We couldn’t resist, obviously.

As of April of 2020, this entry received a texts and illustrations review. Plus a tall glass of Mutants & Masterminds stats.


Another example of a fully-fleshed out Player Character from a video game. This time a female Barbarian Shaman from the seminal Everquest MMO.

Predictably, this also presents setting elements such as the Northmen, the Tribunal, Halas, the epic weapon quest for that class, etc..

Your PC as a music player

A “how to” article about playing music files on your Windows PC in a pleasant, high-quality manner on a moderate-for-most-people ($250-ish) hardware total budget.

I wasn’t planning to publish it now since there already was a “how to” article a few weeks back. But home improvement stuff has become much more relevant since…

Negative Zone blotter

This article is where we keep our notes about the Negative Zone in general, as we research stories that take place there.

How it works, how to get there, local lifeforms, area codes, etc..


An interesting but incoherent enemy of the Ghost Rider and Spider-Woman.

During the 1970s, he seemingly specialised in hunting down supernaturals.

As of March of 2020, this profile was iced then entirely redone.


An obscure Luke Cage 1970s villain with a construction theme. Near-superhuman strength and themed weapons.

As of March of 2020, we added brick-and-mortar Mutants & Masterminds stats.

This profile has also received illustrations and texts overhaul at… some point in 2019.