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Skeletor was the evil bad antagonist in the notable 1980s animated series, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Old people fondly reminisce about him. Who can figure these guys out, heh. How do you do, fellow kids ?


Two demon-like, shape-shifting sisters who organise death duels between great warriors from any universes. They’re, like, a crossover engine. The Corvidae appeared in Gail Simone and Aaron Lopresti’s Wonder Woman vs. Conan mini-series.

Titania-class warframe

The Titania warframe for use in tabletop/pen-and-paper RPGs. The one and only gun fairy can also deploy stranger glammer-like abilities on the battlefield. And she’s tied to the mysterious Silver Grove on what’s left of Earth, and one of the oddest rebellions during the Old War.