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Razer Tartarus keypad – example of use

An overview of this unusual peripheral for PC gaming, with a concrete example of using it in a game with keybinding, custom lighting and the like.

This is absolutely not our usual fare on writeups.org, and is intended to draw in new readers.

As of January of 2020, this article/review was updated to discuss software problems.


From the convenient Masters of Disaster villain team. Vibration powers and “Class 10” strength.

As of January of 2020, this profile was entirely rewritten as we upgrade our Masters of Disaster entries. One at a time so it doesn’t feel like a landslide.


A villain with a fairly powerful beam weapon who clashed with Iron Man from 1963 to 1986.

As of January of 2020, this entry had its texts edited for style. It also received Meltants & Melterminds TTRPG stats.


The leader of the handy Masters of Disasters themed super-villains theme. New-Wave is a psycho who can turn into large quantities of water.

As of January of 2020, we are beginning to pump out revised profiles for the Masters of Disaster. Pumping out… like water ! Get it ? GET IT ?!

Ivan the gunman

A 1967 Fantastic Four baddie with a solar pistol. Probable secret master of the Marvel Universe.

This guys is terribly obscure, but you can use him pretty much anywhere. So that’s convenient.

As of January of 2010, he received powerful solar-powered M&M stats.


A classic mid-level Marvel Universe mercenary. She’s kinda cool.

As of December of 2021, this profile has been entirely redone. Since there’s now a Serpent Society article to explain all the context.

This profile is meant to be read after the Serpent Squad and Serpent Society team profiles.

Tigra the were-woman

Our second profile for Marvel Comics heroine Greer Nelson, depicting her early days as Tigra.

During those she was a bit different than in later depictions.

As of December of 2019 the illustrations were redone in HD. The text also had its fur brushed, though it was reading better than I remembered.


The Cat was the first identity adopted by Greer Nelson, before she became Tigra. The Cat costume was later used by Hellcat.

Our profile extensively discusses… well… everything.

As of December of 2019, redid all the illustrations in HD and did an editing pass for clarity and concision.


A minor 1970s Cage enemy with a speargun.

As of December of 2019 the illustrations were redone, the biography updated, and the text polished.

I also wanted to add M&M stats but he already had those. Foiled again !