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Doomsday Man

The last third for our profile of the Doomsday Man and Kerwin Korman, who form an Avengers-class Marvel Comics villain. With links to the two previous bits, of course.

He’s obscure, but he’s powerful. And he has an interesting history that is intertwined with Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)’s and has quite a few hooks.

Oberon-class warframe

A short-ish profile of the Oberon warframe from, well, the Warframe video game, for use in tabletop/pen-and-paper RPGs.

A versatile fighter, curiously themed after a sort of magic-casting priest of earth and fire.

And he looks great -half the reason we have warframe profiles is because I love how they look weird and cool.


An obscure Russian mutant in the Marvel Universe. He blasts.

As of august of 2019, our contributor Pawsplay added Мутанты и Masterminds stats, under the “heh why not” clause.


A minor enemy of Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) at the end of the Bronze Age.

Rapists-killing vigilante with a shedload of knives.


That’s the Marvel Comics one, specifically the one with the Darkforce powers. He’s oddly cool, if underused.

As of August of 2019, this profile received grimdark M&M stats, plus text and illustrations improvements. Excelsior!

Titania-class warframe

A short-ish profile of the Titania warframe from, well, the Warframe video game, for use in tabletop/pen-and-paper RPGs.

The one and only gun fairy can also deploy stranger glammer-like abilities on the battlefield. And she’s tied to the mysterious Silver Grove on what’s left of Earth, and one of the oddest rebellions during the Old War.


Skeletor was the evil bad antagonist in the notable 1980s animated series, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Old people fondly reminisce about him. Who can figure these guys out, heh. How do you do, fellow kids ?


Two demon-like, shape-shifting sisters who organise death duels between great warriors from any universes. They’re, like, a crossover engine.

The Corvidae appeared in Gail Simone and Aaron Lopresti’s Wonder Woman vs. Conan mini-series.


The half-human mobster Raccoon is also an ally of the Nocturnals, as seen in Dan Brereton’s painted comics.

And thus our Nocturnals writeups arc ends. It’s a bit sad.


The “classic” (well, if you’re in your 40s I guess) part of Spider-Man foe the Shocker’s career – 1967-1989, before Marvel started fleshing out his simple characterisation. A good stock jobber, I think.

As of July of 2019, this profile received yet another editing pass, plus M&M stats that are trying not to make a vibrator joke.

Gil Jourdan

The second half of our Gil Jourdan character profile, to avoid overlong articles.

Classic — if B-list — investigation and adventure hero in 1950s/1960s European graphic novels.

There’s a link to part #1, of course.

Major Jones

A superbly competent and resourceful military intelligence operative from the XIII espionage/adventure graphic novels.

As of July of 2019, this profile received M&M stats, but nobody knows what the “Ms” stand for.