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A traditional — and remarkably dangerous — enemy of the Black Panther. This profile is filled with stuff about Wakandan history, religion and politics, as M’Baku is a much much more interesting character than most people think. Only a fool underestimates the White Gorilla !

Sonny Sumo

“The most incredible man on Earth !”, according to Jack “the King” Kirby during the 1970s. Japanese super-hero and minor part of the Fourth World mythology.

Cassie Black

A sharp, skilled lady thief from Michael Connelly’s crime novel Void Moon. Cassie is from a gritty realistic genre though, and was largely shaped by what she’s lost and her dissatisfaction with life.

Jack Karch

A particularly dangerous hit man, private detective, mob enforcer and amateur stage magician. Karch is one of the main characters in Michael Connelly’s crime novel Void Moon.