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Gil Jourdan

The second half of our Gil Jourdan character profile, to avoid overlong articles.

Classic — if B-list — investigation and adventure hero in 1950s/1960s European graphic novels.

There’s a link to part #1, of course.

Major Jones

A superbly competent and resourceful military intelligence operative from the XIII espionage/adventure graphic novels.

As of July of 2019, this profile received M&M stats, but nobody knows what the “Ms” stand for.

Gil Jourdan

Gil Jourdan is a minor but classic character from French/Belgian mystery and adventure comics.

This two-part profile explains a bunch of things, and covers much 1950s/1960s material. This here is the first part.

Jet Foundling

This is part #1 of a series showing a playthrough of the classic, landmark Baldur’s Gate D&D video games.

Well, technically it’s part #2. Since there’s also a primer about the Forgotten Realms on, to avoid articles that are too long to read. But don’t worry, this article has a link to the primer.

Introducing Jet Foundling, ward of the sage Gorion. A towering but awkward lass who, unbeknown to her, has a deadly secret.


From a classic Francophone modern thriller/action/espionage saga. XIII operates in a fairly realistic genre, but within these limits he’s rather badass.

As of June of MMXIX, this entry has received M&M stIVts.


The most interesting ally of Mark Hazzard in the Merc 1986-87 comic book. Streetwise young expert in the Japanese martial arts, as was the style of the day.

As of June of 2019, this profile was revised and received loyal and disciplined M&M stats. I was hoping for a digital reissue to also redo the pictures for the Merc stuff but heh, them’s the breaks.


A good guy (more or less) zombie gunman who never misses. From the atmospheric Nocturnals comics.

As of June of 2019, this profile was entirely redone and sewed back together.

Halloween Girl

A witchy little girl who grew up in a strange, darkly magical environment. One of the main characters in Dan Brereton’s Nocturnals painted comics.

As of May of 2019, this profile was entirely redone and reillustrated and rewighten.

Becky the nose

A young professional informer/private detective/underworld intelligence type. From the Gunsmith Cats manga.

You may have heard rumours that this profile now has M&M stats. For a retainer fee, plus expenses, we could tell you whether it’s true.


From Dan Brereton’s painted Nocturnals comics. Lone samurai, ex-detective, ex-drifter fugitive, pyrokinetic synthesoid, trenchcoat-and-katana enthusiast.

As of May of 2019, this oldbad entry was burned to the ground and redone.


A fiery professional underworld wheelwoman, driving a 427 Cobra. Va-va-voom.

As of May of 2018, this engine was fine-tuned with stats for Vroom Mutants & Vroom Masterminds.