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Becky the nose

A young professional informer/private detective/underworld intelligence type. From the Gunsmith Cats manga.

You may have heard rumours that this profile now has M&M stats. For a retainer fee, plus expenses, we could tell you whether it’s true.


A fiery professional underworld wheelwoman, driving a 427 Cobra. Va-va-voom.

As of May of 2018, this engine was fine-tuned with stats for Vroom Mutants & Vroom Masterminds.

Damasque / Masquerouge

Ariane de Troïl aka Damasque/Masquerouge is the heroine of a classic series of French swashbuckling graphic novels, halfway between the Three Musketeers, the Count of Monte Cristo and Zorro.

As of May of 2019, this profile was cleft in twain. It didn’t feel that long to read, but with so many folks perusing this site on smartphones smaller pages are better.

Admiral Galen-Kor

This Kree hardliner and senior officer clashed with the Avengers during the 1990s.

He’s not the most memorable Avengers enemy, but if your stories make use of the Kree (or Marvel space stuff in general) he’s useful.


Stephanie Brown as Batgirl during her excellent 2009-2011 run. Unsinkable, endearing and getting pretty damn competent at this stage.

As of April of 2019, this profile was ensmoothened then split so it’s easier to read, especially on smartphones. As we slowly do with our longer writeups.


The second half of the writeup for Batgirl (Stephanie Brown), with a link to part #1.

This half has an extensive discussion of her characterisation, mucho quotes, stats for her and her gear in both DCH and DCA, stuff like that.

Marvel Boy

This is Marvel Boy (Bob Grayson) as published by Timely Comics during the early 1950s – the Golden Age version of the character. Includes a full description of his adventures and how to make them explicitly in continuity.

As of April of 2019, this profile was overhauled. It also received M&M stats which you can read for free, which sounds like a Communist plot to me.

Agent Helen Helligan

A FBI metahumans specialist seen in Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers. High-level rapid deduction heuristics.

As of April of 2019, this profile was overhauled, and received pierced M&M stats.