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Blue Talon

Obscure 1970s karateka who fought Daredevil. Seemed dangerous, but we can’t quite be sure.

As of August of 2018, this profile was overhauled – and received bricks-smashing M&M stats.

DC Heroes RPG – New Rules – Advantages

Additional Advantages for DC Heroes RPG Players. Recent additions :
— Police Rank Advantage
— Corrections to the Mystique Advantage
— Usage notes for Attractive, Free Access, Credentials
— Wanderer’s Connections Advantage
— Cheerleadership Advantage
— Financial Backing (Rich Friends/Family rewrite)
— Life Support (two additional types)


The 1960s Matador, an early Daredevil enemy, is often considered a low point in DD’s rogues gallery. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t cromulent ways of using the character.

As of July of 2018, this profile was redone de arriba abajo.


The classic/early career of Alpha Flight’s Northstar. Super-speed flight.

This profile also explains the historical context.

As of June of 2018, the illustrations are all HD, the text is more aerodynamic, and there are low-drag M&M stats.

MagiQuest sample Magi

A small profile for a sample MagiQuest child magi. It’s mostly about representing the game’s core mechanics in DCH form.

MagiQuest is a commercial Live Action RPG.


Alpha Flight’s Aurora during her classic, Byrne career. Flight, super-speed and some light-based powers.

As of June of 2018, this profile has its illustrations upgraded, its texts made 18% shinier, and received M&M stats qui swignent fort.