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The Hell’s Belles are a convenient mercenary quartet with minor powers. They fought X-Factor that one time.

As of November of 2018, this small profile has been overhauled and received sizzling M&M stats.


Pistol-wielding assassin with an inaudibility suit. Fought Hawkeye that one time.

As of October of 2018, this profile was overhauled, and we added M&M stats you’ll never hear coming.


An extensive profile for the Lady Sif of Asgard as she appeared in 1960s Thor comic book stories (and some flashbacks). Lots of material.

As of June of 2017, this profile firmly wields M&M stats made of stout, gleaming Asgardian steel. And as of October of 2018, it was overhauled then split in two to facilitate reading.

Ramrod II

Handy mercenary cyborg with Class 10 strength. Straight brawler. Mostly fought Daredevil and Spider-Man.

As of October of 2018, this entry was overhauled. It then was implanted with M&M stats made of space steel.

Dark Messiah

A 1973 Daredevil enemy with great might, created by Moondragon.

As of October of 2018, this profile was overhauled, and then M&M stats for it were revealed to us.

Ms. Mesmer

Super-hypnotist, as well as a herald that subtext is dead. Part of The Gang, a convenient four-person team.

As of September of 2018, this profile received transfixing M&M stats. Which concludes our overhaul of the small The Gang character profiles.


A minor, tragic superhuman character seen in Flash comics during the 2000s.

This is a tiny profile, but as of September of 2018 we added in-line M&M stats.


Super-strong. Part of a convenient team.

As of September of 2018, the capsule writeups for The Gang (that’s the convenient team) are receiving M&M stats that’ll cater your pillar.


Class 40 strong guy. Part of a convenient, under-developed team.

As of September of 2018, this profile has received M&M stats that will fay your wray.