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Very minor, one-time enemy of Ms. Marvel. Had somewhat interesting weaponry.

As of November of 2017, this profile was overhauled and received M&M stats that were approved once we bribed the construction inspector.

Generic Protectron robots

The Protectron security/work robots seen in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. These are simple, low-powered robots with nice retro aesthetics.

As of November of 2017, we encoded M&M stats for these on perforated cards and fed them into our big honkin’ computer with all the blinking lights.

Balthazar Blake

Yes, this is Nicolas Cage. Please stop running away ! OK, good.

Balthazar Blake is from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, a 2010 Disney movie with a Chosen One, secret wizards, Merlin and other everyday things.

Echo and Query

An unusually capable and determined duo of criminal muscle, who enjoys working for the Riddler. They can’t do much about Batman, sure, but they’re fun.


Minor but cinematically skilled assassin who once clashed with Batman.

As of November of 2017, this profile has received M&M stats and an edit pass. The illustrations have also been overhauled at, uh, some point in the recent past. Way too many illustrations on this site to keep track of. Need more coffee.

Karin Grace

From both the Mission X version of the Suicide Squad, and Amanda Waller’s original Suicide Squad.

As of October of 2017, this profile received M&M stats capable of running around in a jungle in a long tight skirt and heeled dress shoes.


An early enemy of Marvel Comics’ Nova. Straightforward, evil, useful brick.

As of October of 2017, this profile has been polished (HA HA HA !). It also received M&M stats rated at 10 on the Mohs scale.

And then as of October of 2017 (again), it was updated (again) because I (again) forgot to add material about Diamondhead’s appearances since Gareth originally wrote his profile.


An old-school brainy, megalomaniac mastermind without much of a twist. Heh, that can be useful. Also, wings.

As of October of 2017, the Condor’s pasa has been overhauled, updated and received highly intelligent M&M stats.


This is Marvel’s Speedball as he appeared from his 1988 Ditko series, through the various New Warriors material, and up to the first Civil War event. He keeps bouncing back !


An extensive profile that covers everything from 1973 to 1987 (across all publishers).

Mantis is a Vietnamese super-martial-artist and psychic who was an Avenger, as well as the prophesied mother of a cosmic entity.

As of October, 2017 this profile received advanced alien training in the art of M&M stats.


This covers the 1980-2000, pre-retcon Tessa as a Hellfire Club and Sebastian Shaw asset. At this point she’s more of a background character, but an intriguing one.

And fairly typical of the Claremont Era for the X-Men.