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An obscure Captain America mostly-enemy. A cop who became a dauntless killer vigilante. An enhanced private police force. These are his stories.

Fully revised and updated in May, 2017. And now with a M&M stats badge.

Kono the Sumo

Minor Black Widow and Captain America foe. Handy organised crime enforcer and manager type.

As of May of 2017, this profile was redone, and received a new knotted loincloth made of M&M stats.


A very minor Captain America enemy. I think she’s easy to use as a criminal operator in various thriller scenarios.

As of May of 2017, this entry was revised, its images improved, and it received crafty and well-groomed M&M stats.


A super-strongman who worked with the White Queen’s Hellions during the early 1990s.

As of May, 2017 this small profile was revised, and pumped up with M&M stats.


A minor foe of the New Warriors, who essentially shoots lightning. As of May, 2017 this small profile has been improved, and M&M stats were etched in using an electron beam.


Part one of a big article (presented in easily digestible smaller bits, as usual) about a rather important series of graphic novels.

It’ll explain all the things. Yes, even *that* thing you thought nobody’d ever explain. That one’s in part #3 in the article, but still do read it all in order ‘kay thanks.


From the rather important Valerian graphic novels. This profile directly continues our Valérian profile.

She’s sharp, she’s resourceful, she’s really hot, she’s a space-time agent, she’s opinionated, she has a grumpy transmuter from Bluxte and a blaster and a smile !

Cassandra Craft

Former supporting cast and paramour of the Phantom Stranger, turned dealer in magical items and artefacts. She’s one interesting young lady.

As of April 2017, this profile has been overhauled, the illustrations improved, and the game stats section haunted by the addition of M&M data.

X-Factor Investigations

The quirky collection of mutant investigators, as written by Peter “PAD” David in the 2006 to 2013 run of Marvel’s X-Factor comic.

This is one of ’em “base camp” profiles where we explain all the material shared between characters so it doesn’t have to be presented in every single individual profile.