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This covers the 1980-2000, pre-retcon Tessa as a Hellfire Club and Sebastian Shaw asset. At this point she’s more of a background character, but an intriguing one.

And fairly typical of the Claremont Era for the X-Men.


Turbo (Michiko “Mickey” Musashi) is likely best remembered as a 1990s New Warriors character.

She operated the Torpedo suit, from an old Rom the Spaceknight supporting character, and she’s not half-bad with it.


A very minor 1977 enemy of Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Nova (Richard Rider). But heh, he’s useful as a stock baddie.

As of September of 2017, this profile received an overhaul and well-lit M&M stats.


A very minor incendiary villain who clashed with Nova (Richard Rider) and Power Man & Iron Fist.

As of September of 2017, this profile was overhauled, extended and received incendiary M&M stats.

DJ Blast

From the Squad, a seminal ultrahuman group in Malibu’s Ultraverse comics setting during the early 1990s. Explosion power.

As of September of 2017, this profile received hard-detonatin’ M&M stats.

Shotgun Smith

The county sheriff overseeing the bulk of the suburbs and countryside outside of Gotham City. Primarily worked with Robin (Tim Drake) during the 1990s, but was a 1970s Batman character too.

As of September 2017, this profile was fully reloaded in double-ought magnum, Jack.


The former Marvel Boy, a young telekinetic hero who worked with the Thing, the New Warriors then the Avengers – which isn’t half-bad. Vance Astrovik will also would have become a time-travelling astronaut. Yeah, that part’s complicated.


Very minor Marvel hulking alien menace. But he plays an important role in the origin of Nova (Richard Rider) as he kills not-Abin-Sur. So he’s a handy space marauder.

As of September of 2017, this space writeup received a space overhaul complete with space M&M stats.


Super-minor super-hero with basic electricity powers. As of September, 2017 Pawsplay added M&M stats for this guy.


A minor enemy of Marvel Comics’ Nova, back in 1977 when we were listening to Rod Stewart singing Tonight’s the Night.

As of August, 2017 this profile was overhauled and received faceless M&M stats from the far future.

Ramon Bracuda

Big tough killer crime lord type. Fought Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman.

As of August, 2017 this profile was overhauled and received muscular M&M stats with pointy teeth.

Hot Rox

A super-strong, heat-generating corporate enforcer who was a very minor presence in the Ultraverse super-hero setting.

As of August, 2017 this entry received M&M stats made of molten metal.

Josiah X aka Minister X

ALL THE THINGS about this unfairly obscure inheritor to the Captain American mantle, seen in Christopher Priest’s The Crew.

As of August of 2017, this profile was overhauled and received hardcore M&M stats.