Here is my timeline for the DC Universe I’ve had to build to use with my Patrulla Barna/Supernova tabletop role-playing game sessions.

It’s roughly a “20 years” timeline with some events changed of place, the Heroes and Smallville universes intertwined and some campaign information thrown in.

Teams with an asterisk are from homemade campaigns.



1939Krypton explodes.

1960Bruce Wayne is born.

1963 Kal-El lands on Smallville as a few months baby.

1976 29-Feb Oliver Llàtzer is born.

1979 Clark saves Lex Luthor’s live at Smallville. Hyppolita receives a visit of his future self and takes care of the JSA (in suspended animation, believing to be at Ragnarok). For many years they’ll pray for their healing at the Island.

1980 Clark meets Impulse (arrived from the future) at Smallville.

1981-3 Clark Kent studies Journalism at Metropolis University and meets Arthur Curry and Oliver Queen. Lex Luthor takes command of Luthor Corp, changes its name to Lexcorp and leaves Smallville forever.

1982 Linderman steals baby Rob Parkman from The Company at Alaska and hide it in Barcelona, Spain.

1984 Clark Kent travels around the world.

1985 Clark Kent lives a year in Paris.

1986 Superman saves the Excalibur (age 23).

1987 Batman appears in Gotham (age 27).

1988Wonder Woman travels to world of Man. Legends . The JLA is founded by Black Canary, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Flash (Barry Allen), Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter.

1989 Robin I (age 10) joins the Batman. The Teen Titans are founded (Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Aqualad). The light of Krypton’s explosion reaches earth — it’s established it was 50 light-years from Earth.

1990Millennium . The JLI is founded. Dr. Light has his memories tampered with by Zatanna at the League’s satellite under Green Arrow’s orders.

1991Crisis. Flash (Barry Allen) dies to save the universe.

1992Invasion!  The L.E.G.I.O.N. is born. The JSA is finally healed and returns from Themyscira.

1993 Superman returns from his self imposed space exile.

1994 The Fortress of Solitude is born.

1995Robin becomes Nightwing, Jason Todd joins Batman. The New Teen Titans are born (Nightwing, Cyborg, Starfire, Changeling, Tempest and Flash III-Wally West)

1996Armageddon 2001  — Waverider scans which hero will become Monarch.

1997 The Joker kills Jason Todd. Bane breaks Batman’s back. At age 15, a chameleon who can read minds defeats the killers of her foster mother and escapes, in Barcelona.

1999 Bruce replaces Jean Paul and Batman comes back. Superman dies against Doomsday. The Z alien race experiments with young hikers Marcos Pedragosa and Beatrix Noguera in search for a supersoldier — Marcos becomes Pedra Roja. He and his second clone (Pedra Blanca) survive and escape, rescuing the first clone of the dead girl (who will become Starblaze). She, believing to be the true Beatrix, is found by nuns and taken to their monastery near Girona.

2000 the true Millennium comes after an eclipse. Host of the first season of Heroes take place while Superman is dead. Superman comes from the dead. Batman accepts Tim Drake as Robin III (age 11).

2001 Brainiac 13’s Y2K.

2002 For some months is born the Euroforce*, a first attempt by the European Union to sponsor a Paneuropean superhero team.

Jan — Metropolis mostly destroyed.

May — Zero Hour . Metropolis is magically rebuilt after Perry White’s memories, but all its inhabitants are 10 years younger.

Jun — on the day of her 29th birthday, Mari Nieves Gàlvez receives a mask from a mystery indian sender that allows her to fly. She calls it Icarus Mask.

2003 Feb — Oliver Llàtzer enters the military secret project “Montesinos’ Cave”.

Mar — Marvel vs DC .

May — Underworld Unleashed . Neron kills Wonder Woman, who becomes the Greek Goddess of Truth. Hyppolita becomes WW alongside the old JSA.

Jun — Mari Nieves receives another mask, which allows her to regenerate — she calls it Prometheus Mask.

Aug — Beatrix leaves the convent and heads to Barcelona. Ulises XXI, a chameleonic who can read minds, starts investigating his past.

2004 Jan — Wonder Woman is returned to mortality.

Feb — Final Night .

Jun — Mari Nieves receives her third mask, who turns her stronger and more resolute, but she commits murders under its effects. She calls it Hyde’s Mask.

Nov — Lex Luthor president of the US. Earthquake in Gotham. Oliver Llàtzer leave “Montesino’s Cave” after an accident who makes him develop superpowers and starts working for Multi-Media Mundial (MMM).

On Christmas, Hell is frozen and Hal Jordan becomes the new Spectre’s Host.

2005 Jan — Superman Rex. Nightwing (age 27) leaves for Blüdhaven.

Feb — the resurrected Dr. Mist founds the New Global Guardians* (Djinn, Ghost, Pulsar, HK-47, Valfadir).

23-Aug — the Patrulla Barna* is born (Toro, Bombolla, Ariadna and Pedra Roja).

May — Oliver Llàtzer creates the identity of Barret Blanc. Wonder Woman destroys part of Gateway after becoming trapped in a dreamworld, and runs away to the Wonder Dome. Beatrix becomes Starblaze.

Jun — Mari Nieves Gàlvez receives the fourth mask, which allows her to paint the future (the Dreamer’s Mask) and creates her Màscara secret identity.

Sep — La Fuente appears in this dimension after crashing in Barcelona’s main holiday celebration.

Nov — Wonder Woman, as the Olympic Avatar, fights alongside Rama versus Chronos and Devastation.

2006 Jan — Phobos and Deimos attack Gotham.

Feb — fire in Collserola’s range (Barcelona) — Ulises XXI and Starblaze are blamed.

Apr — Kel’tharas’ spaceship crashes at the same point of the first fire of two months before — he becomes known as El Roc.

Jun — Mari Nieves receives a Noh mask (her fifth) which allows her to stop time — she calls it Chronos’ Mask.

24-Jul — Supernova* is founded (Màscara, Starblaze, Barret Blanc, Ulises XXI, La Fuente and El Roc).

30-Jul — after rescuing president Luthor and their own fathers from Roc, Belcher and other supervillains, the Patrulla Barna discovers they were made to met by Bombolla’s mastermind father, MMM’s owner.

Sep — Identity Crisis .

2007 Batman designs Brother Eye.

Jul — PRESENT CAMPAIGN TIME. Maxwell Lord steals from MMM the nanovirus who make Ariadna alive and infuses it with OMAC technology.

Aug — Imperiex.

2008 Countdown to Crisis. Infinite Crisis.

2008-09 52.

By Kal-El el Vigilante.