Pau (Joan Valenti in Club Super-3)


(Club Super-3)


Club Super3 is a container program for children’s series on the Catalan television, in Spain. It started in 1991 (back then it was the K3 channel, which later became Super3).

Though there were various format changes, it still exists as of this writing (2016). Our articles describe the presenters’ characters as they were circa 2000.


  • Real Name: Pau.
  • Other Aliases: Flish Flash (by Mr. Pla).
  • Marital Status: Unrevealed.
  • Known Relatives: Lila (daughter).
  • Group Affiliation: Club Super 3.
  • Base Of Operations: The House’s greenhouse, Barcelona; previously “Mysterious Jungles” cartoon series.
  • Height: 5’10” Weight: 189 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Dark brown


Powers and Abilities

Pau was the host of a series of cartoon documentaries about the wilderness. After moving on to real life he’s lost most of the action features that made him an intrepid explorer. But he’s still an authority on weird plants and animals, and knows how to move in the wild.

As a cartoon in a human body, he is more resilient than it seems. Yet he’s still subject to pain, and his real weight drags and fatigues him more easily than in his series.


Fleeing from an unknown menace, five cartoon characters fell into our world, becoming humans. They took the responsibility of defending the Dimensional Door, with the help of children who watch their whereabouts at the house over the portal.

Pau managed to take two refugees with him: his daughter Lila and the intelligent, talking Bonsai. He misses the rainforest and the adventures, but has since managed to build an impressive display of exotic plants and herbs at The House’s Greenhouse.



He has a deep voice and knows how to tell a touching or thrilling story. Yet most of the time he refers to his own past adventures, which the other inhabitants of the House are already tired to hear.

Pau still moves as if he was the host of an action doc show. But much to his pain he soon discovered that 3D bodies need upkeep, get tired and age. To counter that, he convinced Alex to undergo regular physical training with sporty Patty Pla, which proved to be quite taxing.


Els meus amics, escoltem les cançons.


Pau behaves as a determined man of will who has traveled every wild zone, lived every possible adventure and helped every isolated tribe. He makes constant references to his past journeys. In fact, not everything he learned while a cartoon is useful (or even true) in the real world.

He awaits for challenges he can pit his skills against, which rarely appear. When they do he’s eager to jump at them… too eager.

Impatience is his greatest flaw. For example, he immediately believed Fluski’s word that roars in the Greenhouse came from a grown-up T-Rex escaped through the Door. He didn’t stop to think it was impossible that such a beast would fit the 10‘x5’ area of the portal, or cross the living room without trashing it all. He thus fell for into Roc -with his RocPod- and Fluski’s joke.

Other traits

As a cartoon Pau’s journeys rarely took him to high-tech areas. He’s thus quite a tech disaster: that has the secondary effect to force him to occasionally adopt the “hardened man, with no need of those infernal devices” pose toward Alex’s futuristic inventions. Yet he’s quite interested in the gadgeteer  and her machines.

Pau (Joan Valenti) and Lila

Pau’s an environmentalist. He despises humans who damage or pollute nature.

A caring father who doesn’t really understand his daughter Lila, Pau rapidly falls into despair if she’s in danger or he feels he’s “losing her”. Like when a scorpion stung her and the poison turned her into a cold, manipulative, money driven villainess.

In those occasions, without constant watch and support of his friends, he can rapidly become a weeping wanderer…


“I will finish this in a ras-ras.”

“The cactus is full of water, and water is a source of beauty, an endless stream of purity that connects us with the eternal. You gift this to the Pink Kittie, you are telling her you’re interested in her inside…” (fast-talking Fluski so that he takes his girlfriend a big cactus instead of roses)

DC Universe History

See Roc’s writeup for a comprehensive adaptation of the Club’s origin to the DC Universe.

Pau is one of the European heroes with a better knowledge on plants, and his Greenhouse/Reserve makes it doubly useful for PCs in need of advice about the green world to contact him. He could also contact the heroes if Toyman or Skyhook hijacked his daughter Lila (I pity the fools).

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats


A 600 HPs character

Dex: 03 Str: 03 Bod: 02 Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Int: 03 Wil: 02 Min: 03 Occupation: former explorer, current botanist, ecologist and greenhouse caretaker
Inf: 03 Aur: 02 Spi: 03 Resources {or Wealth}: 004
Init: 009 HP: 015

Comprehend languages: 05, Imagination gone Kablooie: 05, Invulnerability: 04, Precognition: 05, Speak with animals: 01

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Comprehend languages works only on tribal languages, including drum languages (-2).
  • Precognition only allows him to weathercast (-3).

Acrobatics (Climbing): 04, Animal Handling: 03, Artist (Cook, Sculptor): 02, Medicine*: 03, Military Science (Cartography, Tracking): 04, Occultist (Ritual Magic): 02, Scientist (Observation): 03, Scientist (Research): 02, Thief (Escape Artist, Security Systems, Stealth)*: 03, Vehicles (Air)*: 03, Weaponry (Hunter): 02

Area Knowledge (The Greenhouse), Expertise (Rainforest, Survival, Tribal magic, Woodcraft, Zoology), Familiarity (Cartoons, Drum playing, Ethnology, Geography, Tribal myths), Confined Headquarters (The House, The Greenhouse), Local Hero (Catalan children), Pet (Bonsai), Scholar (botanics).

Club Super 3 (High), Lila (High), Alex (Low).

Attack Vulnerability (depression if he feels he’s losing Lila, -1 cs), Dependant, Exile (Involuntary), MIA (mimicking human behaviour), MIF (Spiders), SIH (pollution and eco-aggressive behavior), SIA (telling his adventures), Secret Identity, Misc: +1 cs OV/RV to build, identify or opperate Electronics (15 HPs).

Hypnotism (Effect: Hypnotism: 02, Sleep: 04 ; Bonuses & Limitations: Incapable of multiattacks (-1), No Range (0 APs) (-1), both powers can also be used on animals (+1) ; Casting time: 2 APs ; Components: golden medalion and chain (2 APs, not spent) ; Special Restrictions: must be performed in relative darkness and a quiet mood).

Previous stats

Very likely, while on his series Mystery Jungles, Pau’s stats were as follow:

Dex: 06 Str: 04 Bod: 05 Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Int: 05 Wil: 06 Min: 06 Occupation: Explorer
Inf: 06 Aur: 05 Spi: 06 Resources {or Wealth}: 004
Init: 019 HP: 045

Animal Mimicry: 03, Comprehend languages: 07, Extended Hearing: 02, Invulnerability: 08, Precognition: 07, Speak with animals: 06, Speak with plants: 06, Ultra Vision: 02

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Comprehend languages works only on tribal languages, including drum languages (-2).
  • Precognition only allows him to weathercast (-3).

Acrobatics (Climbing): 06, Animal Handling: 09, Artist (Cook, Sculptor): 02, Artist (Storytelling): 07, Martial Artist: 05, Medicine*: 07, Military Science (Cartography, Tracking): 07, Occultist (Ritual Magic): 05, Scientist (Observation): 06, Scientist (Research): 05, Thief (Escape Artist, Security Systems, Stealth)*: 07, Vehicles (Air)*: 07, Weaponry (Hunter): 06

Area Knowledge (The wilderness), Expertise (Tribal magic, Woodcraft), Familiarity (Drum playing, Tribal myths), Local Hero (Tribes), Scholar (Botanics, Ethnology, Geography, Rainforest, Survival, Zoology).

Tribes (High), Lila (High).

Dependant, MIF (Spiders), SIH (pollution and eco-aggressive behavior), MIA (telling his adventures), Misc: +1 cs OV/RV to build, identify or use Electronics.

Pet – Bonsai

Dex: 01 Str: 00 Bod: 02 Motivation: Unwanted Power
Int: 04 Wil: 04 Min: 04 Occupation: Wisecrack
Inf: 01 Aur: 03 Spi: 04
Init: 008 HP: 003

Joined: 03, Plant Growth (Self Link): 04, Shrinking: 04, Skin armor: 01, Speak with plants: 03

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Plant Growth and Shrinking are Always on (-1).
  • Shrinking reduces STR and weight (already noted) (-1).

Martial Artist: 02

Misc.: Can talk (-10 hps).

Attack Vulnerability (-1 cs, fire), MIA (being cocky), MIF (fire), CPR (has no legs no fine manipulatory apendages), Socially Inept (Serious), Strange appearance.

The greenhouse

The huge greenhouse at the club’s house’s backyard holds a lot of exotic plants:

  • Some of them poisonous, ranging from Poison Touch: 01 to 06.
  • Others poisoned by mysterious viruses, with Chemical Attack: 04.
  • There is the typical giant flytrap (DEX 05 STR 02, Acid touch: 01).
  • Some healing herbs (Medical Treatment: 05).
  • And even plain weird things like the hymalayan siren cactus from the quote, which periodically starts shouting like an alarm (Shouting: 08, Sonic Beam: 01, Super Ventriloquism: 03).

If Pau (or anybody with Area Knowledge of the place) needs to find a plant with a specific effect, once per adventure he can roll his Scientist (Research), enhanced by his Botanics Scholar, against an OV/RV equal to the plant’s highest stat (further modifiers may apply if the plant/effect is deemed too strange).

Note this is similar to having an AC Omni-Gadget, with an AP rating that will typically be under 6 APs.

The greenhouse can also be considered a 6 APs lab (including the Rich Friends Advantage) exclusively for the purpose of building biochemical Gadgets (drugs, ointments).

Design Notes

I decided using the Attack Vulnerability instead of a Psychological Instability because he can be taken out of his depressive moods through character interaction, which under PI rules is impossible.

By KalEl el Vigilante.

Source of Character: “Club Super 3” character portrayed by Joan Valentí.