Pixie of the X-Men (Marvel Comics)


(Megan Gwynn)


Pixie (Megan Gwynn) is a fan-favourite character among the X-Men. She appeared in 2004, and started picking up steam a few years later.

Like Magik (Illyana Rasputin), she’s a superhuman mutant as well as having an affinity for magic.


  • Real Name: Megan Gwynn.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Unnamed (mother), unnamed (grandparents), unnamed (supposed father, deceased), Mastermind (Jason Wyngarde, father, deceased), Lady Mastermind (Regan Wyndgarde, half-sister), Mastermind (Martinique Jason, half-sister), ? Griffiths (great grandmother, presumably deceased).
  • Group Affiliation: X-Men; formerly Paragons, New X-Men, the Lights.
  • Base Of Operations: Utopia.
  • Height: 5’4” Weight: 121 lbs.
  • Eyes: Black (varies by artist) Hair: Black and pink (formerly pink).


Powers & Abilities

Megan’s mutant abilities:

  • Give her a pair of wings that allow her to fly (at speeds letting her keep pace with cruise missiles).
  • Allow her to produce a ’faerie dust‘ which produces hallucinations in even strong willed targets. Wolverine was less than pleased to find himself fighting a herd of unicorns.

It’s unclear how much control Pixie has over the hallucinations, which can be drawn from the mind of the target (multiple targets seeing different hallucinations). They don’t require her concentration to maintain. The faerie dust can also produce a harmless light show.


Since part of her soul was taken by Magik, Megan has displayed mystical abilities such as sensitivity to magic and resistance to magical effects. She once penetrated a N’Garai cloaking spell.

The change allows her to summon a Soul Knife, similar to Magik’s Soul Sword, and to cast a teleportation spell. It’s unclear whether her mother’s fae nature has any effect on these abilities.

Her Soul Knife is more magical than physical, attacking a target spiritually. It can disrupt magical effects and possessions (even psionic  possession such as Malice uses). It also can leave some victims in odd conditions (Empath was left temporarily blind after she stabbed him in the head with it).

By invoking the spell ’Sihal novarum chinothi‘ Pixie can transport herself and a number of others to the other side of the world, or even to Limbo. The exact limits of this ability are uncertain, but she’s exhibited no error in teleporting. Following the death of Nightcrawler she became the X-Men’s main tactical asset in this regard.


Megan was raised in the Welsh town of Abergylid. The man she believed to be her father died in a collapse in the local mine, leaving her to be raised by her grandparents.

When her mutant powers manifested she was enrolled in the Xavier Institute. She was assigned to the Paragons training squad initially tutored by Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair), and later by Magma (Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla). Megan developed a crush on Cyclops and was voted the friendliest student.

Quest for Magik

One of the few mutants to keep her powers during M-Day, Pixie also survived the Purifiers’ campaign against the school. However, she wasn’t among the students selected to become an X-Man in training. She remained there as a student though, and was among those sucked into Limbo.

Among the group saved from demons by Magik, in her Darkchilde persona, Pixie was offered a deal. Magik recognised Megan had the most pure soul. This meant power in Limbo – power she needed to overthrow Belasco and free the other kidnapped mutants.

Seeing no other way of rescuing them, Pixie agreed. Magik began forging Bloodstones and a Soulsword from Megan’s soul.

A battered Pixie (Megan Gwynn) brandishes her soul dagger

Anole interrupted the process, leaving the spell unfinished. Only one Bloodstone was created, and the Soulsword was a Soul Knife that remained linked to Pixie, containing a portion of her soul.

Mystically empowered by the ritual Pixie now had the potential to use magic. Magik taught her a teleportation spell which allowed them to reach Belasco’s domain.

Finding Belasco torturing the others, Pixie stabbed him and saved them. Darkchilde wanted to complete the ritual, only holding back when her brother confronted her and made her realise what she was doing. The mutants were sent home.

Due to their actions in Limbo, Rockslide insisted Pixie and Anole be allowed onto the New X-Men team. Emma Frost allowed it.


Following the birth of the first mutant since M-Day, Pixie was among the New X-Men who decided to attack the Purifiers’ Washington, D.C. base. They were overwhelmed and Pixie was unable to concentrate to teleport them out until Rictor – who’d infiltrated the group – helped her calm down.

Even then the blind teleport left them scattered between Washington, D.C. and the Institute.

Later on, a Predator X attacked the Institute while the X-Men were fighting the Marauders on Muir Island. Pixie teleported the Predator and a number of students to Muir Island. She was caught in a brutal fight with Malice, possessing the Omega Sentinel. Stabbing Malice with her Soul Knife, Megan forced the entity out of Omega Sentinel’s body.

Pixie (Megan Gwynn) teleporting Generation Hope

Following the incident the school and X-Men were briefly disbanded. Pixie returned home to Abergylid. She found the N’Garai had taken up residence in the area, using their sorceries to ensure the locals couldn’t see them. The demons abducted people, whose disappearances were put down to them leaving.

Pixie’s altered state made her immune to their magic. She fought back while sending out a distress call to the X-Men, not knowing if anyone would hear it. The trail led to the mine where her father had died. The X-Men arrived in time to help her battle her way in, and she collapsed the mine on the gigantic Kierrok.

She learned the X-Men were reforming in San Francisco. She was invited to join them there, as a junior member of the expanded X-Men.

Manifest Destiny

Pixie and a friend were ambushed by the Hellfire Cult, an anti-mutant militia. She was overcome by their numbers and left badly beaten. Recovering, she was initially a bit gun-shy despite Wolverine’s promptings. She soon overcame this, and intercepted Empath – leader of the Hellfire Cult – when he was fleeing the X-Men.

Pixie (Megan Gwynn) flying among other X-Men

To encourage her recovery she’d also been introduced to Dazzler, of whom she was a fan. She even got to be a backing dancer for her show.

Pixie was also one of the team’s main strategic assets during the Skrull invasion, alongside Nightcrawler. Her range and capacity eclipsed his.


During a training session with Nightcrawler, Pixie was overwhelmed by the Soul Knife. She stabbed him, sending him into a coma. Recovering her senses, Pixie hurriedly withdrew the Knife, pulling free the Soulsword which had been trapped within Nightcrawler’s body.

Magik appeared to claim the weapon and departed as quickly, leaving Colossus distraught. Learning Pixie could teleport them to Magik’s Limbo, Cyclops sent her with the team to find Magik. In Limbo they found Magik in conflict with Belasco’s daughter, Witchfire, for control of the place.

Forging a new Bloodstone from Pixie’s soul, Witchfire forced Megan to become her apprentice. She also forced her to start transforming into a more demonic form.

Pixie (Megan Gwynn) doing a split kick

Pixie was left with little option but to work with Magik against Witchfire. They won, banishing Witchfire, but the newly taken portion of Pixie’s soul went with her. Pixie was distraught over the further loss, becoming occasionally moody.

She continued to serve an increasing role with the X-Men, often on the front line as she became more aggressive. She was with them when they relocated to Utopia.

Pixie Strikes Back

Ensorcelled by the demon Saturnine who wanted her power, Pixie and her friends suffered illusions as they were held prisoner. The demons came under attack by two rescue parties, one composed of the X-Men, the other led by Pixie’s mother.

Pixie’s mother – partly faerie, who’d been off in the magical realms when she felt Pixie in danger – brought along Regan Wyndgarde and Martinique Jason to aid her. She revealed they were Pixie’s half-sisters, and that Jason Wyndgarde had actually been her father.

Pixie was reluctant to believe this, preferring to think her mother had fooled them in order to gain their assistance.

Pixie, her mother, and sisters fooled Saturnine into killing himself. Then her mother departed abruptly, leaving Pixie to continue with the X-Men.


Following the death of Nightcrawler during Bastion’s assault on the X-Men and San Francisco, Pixie became the X-Men’s main teleporter. She increasingly stayed by Cyclops side during emergencies to serve as their primary strategic asset.

Pixie (Megan Gwynn) in flight by Jamie McKelvie

Art by the ever cool Jamie McKelvie .

Pixie dismissed Magik when she came for help in her personal war. Megan was kidnapped soon after by Project Purgatory, a U.S. military operation that had recently been stuck in Limbo for subjective decades. They wanted her Soul Knife.

Project Purgatory also captured the New Mutants, with Magik being the main target. They had possession of the Soul Sword, the Soul Knife, and all the Bloodstones, including the pair holding Pixie’s soul.

Pixie, Magik and Karma (Mạnh Cao Xuân) escaped back to Utopia. There, Pixie recovered while the X-Men went on a rescue mission to Limbo. It was successful, and Magik returned the Soul Knife to Pixie, along with both the Bloodstones containing her soul.


When the majority of mutants were infected by an artificial virus Pixie wasn’t on Utopia at the time. She thus escaped infection. She became part of the thrown together X-Men team which patrolled San Francisco to maintain their visibility.

She worked closely with Dazzler, and despite some initial snark they soon became irritatingly chummy. Well, it irritated Northstar, which admittedly isn’t difficult.


Injured during the Schism incident, Pixie had to spend time in the infirmary. She was unable to help due to painkillers clouding her concentration. She grew close to Velocidad while there, and they started kissing. When Hope walked in and stormed out, Pixie realised Velocidad and she had something going on. Megan slapped Velocidad and left.

Following the Schism, Megan intended to move back to Westchester with Wolverine’s group. She was talked out of it by Hope, who saw her teleportation as an asset to her group’s (the Lights) mission to rescue new mutants who appeared.

Pixie agreed. Despite the awkwardness of having to work with Velocidad she remained with the team.

She was also part of Storm’s security team, although Megan did her best to keep out of the politics and internal tensions of that team.


Cheerful and friendly, Pixie has always been among the more open of the younger generation of mutants. However, she has developed an edge to her personality since her soul was extracted. It usually only manifests in a snarkiness, and rarely against the undeserving.

Despite her occasional dark impulses, Megan is not really a confrontational person. She tries to avoid any tensions among her friends. Except for her dislike of Magik, of course, although this may well have mellowed since she returned Pixie’s soul.

Pixie often uses Welsh or British slang which can confound her friends. For example: ‘lush’ means ‘gorgeous’ (as in ‘he is lush’), ‘tidy’ means ‘cool’ (often used on its own as an exclamation), and ‘well’ means ‘very’ (as in ‘it’s well tidy’).


“A hole in my soul… Ohmigod ! I’m evil now ! You turned me evil ! You bi—”

“I lost a piece of my soul, but that sorceress Amanda Sefton and some guy named Doctor Strange checked me out, and Doctor Strange said that I had plenty of soul to spare. Did you know I can do magic now ? I’ve got my soul dagger and I’ve learned a spell already, I can teleport ! And Doctor Strange said he could teach me more, but I have to be 18. And that I have to take a vow of silence.”

“Nobody here but us monsters.”

Pixie: “Pardon me for looking, but are you a demon ?”
Kierrok the Damned: “NURRRGHH !”
Pixie: “Because I saw some demons a while back that were actually scary and weren’t fat and stupid and didn’t smell like an old dustbin.”
[Kierrok lashes out in anger, collapsing the mine on top of himself]
Pixie: “Thanks, Mister ’the Damned‘. And next time you get reborn, start with a brain.”

Pixie (Megan Gwynn) with her soul dagger

[Teleportation spell] “Sihal novarum chinothi.”


Dazzler: “Seriously, what does ’tidy‘ mean ? Except what your room never is.”
Pixie: “It means tidy ! If you’re this out of touch, no wonder your last album flopped.”

Dazzler: “That’s a Dazzler impersonator. They got a Dazzler impersonator rather than hiring me. I hate them so much right now.”
Pixie: “I mean why not get you ? You’re cheap.”
Dazzler: “Inexpensive. Cheap has a dual meaning over here, Pixie.”
Pixie: “Yeah, I know.”
Dazzler: “I hate you so much right now, too.”
Pixie: “Oh. I’ve got bad stuff crammed in my soul ! Some just leaked out !”

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats


Dex: 06 Str: 03 Bod: 03 Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Int: 04 Wil: 03 Min: 04 Occupation: X-Man
Inf: 05 Aur: 05 Spi: 05 Resources {or Wealth}: 002
Init: 017 HP: 045

Dimensional Travel (ML): 10, Flash: 00, Flight: 10, Magic Sense: 02, Mental Illusion: 10, Teleportation (ML): 16

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Dimensional Travel is Contingent on Teleportation (-1).
  • Flight is Winged (-1).
  • Mental Illusion has No Range (-1), and has a 1AP Area Effect (+1).
  • Teleportation requires her to speak the spell (-1).

Artist (Dancing): 03, Evasion (Aerial only): 07, Martial Artist: 04, Occultist (Ritual Magic): 03, Vehicles (Land): 04, Weaponry (Soul Knife): 06

Magic Background.

X-Men (High).

Distinct Appearance, Mistrust (Mutant).

SOUL KNIFE [BODY 12, Exorcism: 13, Magic Blast (Range of Touch): 07, Neutralize (Range of Touch, Magic only): 07, R#02].

Design notes

While her teleportation powers are actually a ritual, it’s the only one she regularly uses and I didn’t want to give her a ridiculously high Ritual Magic score for just the one spell.

It rarely fails anyway, so a mystic linked ability is more functional.

By Gareth Lewis.

Source of Character: Marvel Comics (mainly X-Men).

Helper(s): Sébastien Andrivet, Adam Fuqua.

Writeup completed on the 1st of February, 2013.