Professor X of the X-Men (Marvel Comics) by Jim Lee, B&W

Professor X

(Charles Xavier) (gisted profile)


Professor X is the founder and headmaster of the X-Men, and a telepath of immense power. This gisted profile offers an overview of how he usually appeared in Marvel Comics.


  • Real Name: Charles Francis Xavier.
  • Other Aliases: Professor X, Onslaught, Prisoner M-13.
  • Marital Status: Divorced (used to be Lilandra’s official consort w/ some status in the Shi’ar Empire, but that status has since been revoked).
  • Known Relatives: Brian and Sharon Xavier (parents, deceased), Kurt Marko (stepfather, deceased), Cain Marko (Juggernaut, stepbrother), David Charles Haller (Legion, son, deceased), Cassandra Nova (twin sister), Lilandra Neramani (ex-legal Shi’ar consort, ex-wife in Earth terms).
  • Group Affiliation: Leader of the X-Men, founder of Generation X, Founder and teacher of the New Mutants, Starjammers.
  • Base Of Operations: Xavier Institute of Higher Learning at Salem Center, NY; Shi’ar Imperial Palace on the Shi’ar home planet.
  • Height: 6’ Weight: 190 lbs. Age: Unknown, but he tends to get younger as the years go by.
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Bald (formerly Blond).


Powers and Abilities

Professor X, when fully powered, remains one of the most powerful mutants on the planet. His powers range over a world-wide scale. He possesses tremendous psychic powers, including the abilities of:

  • Mind-reading.
  • Mental illusions.
  • Temporary mental or physical paralysis of others.
  • Projection of “mental bolts”.
  • Astral projection.
  • Sensing other mutants within a small radius.

He is also capable of manipulating others’ minds (although he loathes doing so). His mental defenses are formidable, as is his genius level intellect. He’s the world’s leading authority on genetics and psionic powers, and has considerable expertise in other life sciences. In fact, he holds PhDs in the subjects of genetics, biophysics and psychology.

Xavier has many useful connections and is helped by a net total wealth of 3.5 billion dollars (27 APs in DC Heroes terms).

According to the mutant hunting Sentinels, he’s a class Omega mutant, which is the highest level possible.



Charles Xavier is the mutant son of nuclear researcher Brian Xavier and his wife Sharon. As a young child, his father worked for a top secret research facility, perhaps tied into the Weapon X project that spawned such products as the mutant Wolverine. Even as a pre-adolescent, Xavier could use his telepathic powers to sense other people’s intentions and emotions.

When Charles was still a boy, his father was accidentally killed in an atomic test. Shortly thereafter, Brian Xavier’s colleague, Dr. Kurt Marko, married Charles’s mother Sharon for her fortune.

Marko’s son by a previous marriage, Cain, came to live at the Xavier Mansion in New York’s Westchester County. Taking an immediate dislike to Charles, he began bullying him. But Cain was often secretly beaten by his abusive father.

On one occasion, Charles found himself experience the anguished thoughts of Cain after Cain had been beaten by his father. This was the first time that Xavier’s powers had fully opened another person’s mind to him.

As Charles grew older, he learned how to control his telepathic powers. Xavier entered Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, at 16 years of age. He earned his bachelor’s degree in biology in two years, followed quickly by degrees in genetics and biophysics at the same time from Oxford University.


But immediately after finishing his work at Oxford, Xavier was drafted for World War II and sent to the Asian front.

Wounded in battle, Xavier was recovering in a M.A.S.H. (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) unit when he befriended psychiatrist Daniel Shomron. At this point of time he had been involved with a woman named Moira MacTaggart and who, during the war, had chosen to break their relationship. Released, he began aimlessly traveling about the Mediterranean, finally coming to terms with himself on the Greek island of Kirinos.

Deciding to continue his travels, Xavier went to Cairo, Egypt. There he successfully defeated in battle the powerful telepath Amahl Farouk (later, the Shadow King), the first criminal mutant he had ever met.

After his battle with Farouk, Xavier decided to make his life’s work:

  • The protection of humanity from mutants who used their powers in criminal ways as Farouk did.
  • The protection of mutants from persecution by humanity.

Professor Charles Xavier and little Jean Grey

From Egypt, Xavier went to Israel, which had been recently founded. There Shomron introduced him to one of his patients, Gabrielle Haller, a survivor of the Nazi death camp at Dachau, who had withdrawn into catatonic schizophrenia.

Xavier used his mental powers to cure Haller of her condition. The two became lovers, joining the Peace Corps. While in Israel, Xavier also met and formed a friendship fellow Peace Corps member and mutant who would be later known as Magneto. Magneto had at this time operated under the false identity of Erik Lensherr.

Gabrielle Haller was captured by the Nazi war criminal Baron Wolfgang von Strucker and his HYDRA agents. Strucker tortured Haller into revealing the location of a cache of Nazi gold, the knowledge of which had been forcibly implanted in her brain at Dachau.

Together, Xavier and Magneto rescued Haller. Magneto then left, and took the Nazi gold with him to an unknown location. Xavier and Haller continued their affair. Xavier was unaware when he left Israel that Haller was pregnant with his son, whom she named David Charles Haller.

Xavier continued to travel, and ended up in Tibet. There he met the alien known as Lucifer, who was bent on conquering the world. Lucifer was actually a guise adopted by the Dominus alien intelligence.

Although he was successful in repulsing the alien attack, Xavier’s legs were crippled. While being nursed (in India?), he met the mutant Amelia Voght, with whom he developed a romantic relationship.

Back to Salem Center

Returning to Salem Center, he was joined there by Amelia. At some point during this time, Xavier and Amelia Voght had a falling out over philosophical differences. She did not like his increasingly overwhelming need to be the self-imposed savior of mutant-kind.

Furthermore, she did not like the idea of making kids into superheroes, and didn’t think that mutants should go public. It did not help that Xavier nearly used his powers to compel her to stay and adopt his POV.

Again deeply depressed, he resumed graduate studies. He earned a Ph.D. in anthropology and another in psychiatry, as well as a M.D. degree. He continued his studies of mutation as well. Presumably, it was during this time that Xavier again met and redeveloped a friendship with Moira MacTaggart, now a research scientist in the field of mutations.

Xavier was still primarily a recluse over these years after his accident. However a friend of Xavier’s from Bard, Prof. John Grey, brought his deeply disturbed 11 year-old daughter Jean to him for help. Xavier discovered that Jean was a superhuman mutant whose telepathic powers had emerged prematurely in reaction to stress.

Xavier helped Jean recover from her trauma. He erected psychic shields in her mind to prevent her from using her telepathic abilities until she had the necessary maturity for using them. Then he trained her over the following years in using her telekinetic abilities.

When the FBI launched an investigation of superhuman mutants, Xavier met with Fred Duncan, the FBI agent in charge of the investigation. Xavier proposed that he himself track down the superhuman mutants in the United States, train young ones to use their powers for humanity’s welfare, and report his progress to Duncan. However, the agent would keep Xavier’s involvement entirely secret.

Rise of the X-Men

Xavier then found and befriended Scott Summers. He became Cyclops, the first of his students. Xavier called these pupils “X-Men” (due to their eXtra powers). He founded his School for Gifted Youngsters, which was based in his Westchester County mansion.

Over the next several years, Xavier also recruited the Iceman, the Angel, and the Beast, as well as the now-older Jean Grey, who took the codename of Marvel Girl.

The first criminal mutant whom the five X-Men battled together was Magneto, who was now intent on world conquest. The U.S. military welcomed the X-Men’s help in battling Magneto when he captured the missile base at Cape Citadel. However, the X-Men came to be regarded regarded with suspicion by the government and general public, as prejudice and fear toward superhuman mutants progressed.

Eventually Xavier learned through his telepathic powers that the alien Z‘nox intended to invade and conquer the Earth. Xavier believed that the Z‘nox could be defeated through psionic means. At the same time, the X-Men’s foe, the Changeling, learned he had a terminal illness and would not live more than six months.

He contacted Professor X, wanting to do something to make up for his past crimes.

Professor X had Changeling impersonate him so that he could go into hiding in order to focus all his attention and power on the Z‘nox invasion. Thus the Changeling, in the guise of Professor X, led the X-Men for a considerable time.

After several months, Changeling died after battling the inhuman Grotesk. It would not be until many more months later that Xavier would reveal himself alive as the alien invasion moved closer, and the X-men learned that the man who died was the Changeling. The X-Men were successful in stopping the Z‘nox invasion.

All-new, all-different

Later, Xavier recruited a number of new X-Men, including the Banshee, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, and Wolverine, to help the other X-Men battle a “living island” called Krakoa. After this adventure, only Cyclops remained as Xavier began to serve as mentor for this second team of X-Men, which would grow over the years as other mutants joined and rejoined.

Xavier eventually met the Princess Lilandra of the Shi’ar Empire. He had somehow forged a telepathic bond with her due to his massive use of psionic power in battling the Z‘nox. Xavier and the X-Men helped battle the forces of Lilandra’s mad brother D‘ken, and Xavier and Lilandra fell in love with each other.

Xavier became her consort. He went to live with her on the Shi’ar throne world for a time after she became empress. However, Xavier returned to Earth to deal with the dangers posed by the Phoenix Force, and he resumed his duties as mentor of the X-Men although he and Lilandra remained in love with each other.

At one point, the X-Men disappeared while in outer space. Xavier believed them to be dead, and vowed never again to train young mutants for combat. Moira MacTaggart, however, persuaded him to continue to run the school to train young mutants how to deal with their powers.

Xavier agreed and took on a new class of mutant students whom he called the New Mutants. In part he did so because he was subconsciously under the influence of a member of the alien Brood who had been implanted as an egg within his body, and was seeking superhuman victims.

The growing Brood alien implanted within Xavier eventually took full control of his mind. It transformed his body into that of a Brood. The Xavier-alien was defeated and captured by the X-Men, who had returned from outer space, and their ally, Binary.

Using Shi’ar science and cell samples taken from the human Xavier, MacTaggart and “Sikorsky,” the medic of the space pirate Starjammers, cloned a new body for Xavier which was slightly younger than his original one. They transferred his mind, now free from Brood control, into it.

Taking a step back

Xavier continued to mentor the New Mutants, although his relationship with the X-Men moved into more of an advisory capacity than true leader.

For years Xavier had been widely known as an authority on human mutation and as an advocate of peaceful relations between ordinary humanity and human mutants. Howbeit, the public remained unaware that he himself was a superhuman mutant. Eventually, Xavier would grow a circle of mutant-activists that he would call his “Underground.”

More recently, Xavier again served as a visiting professor at Columbia University. He was confronted outside class by a hostile group of students who objected to his pro-mutant sympathies. Xavier was forced to use his psychic powers to prevent himself from being attacked, but he was downed from behind by a hurled brick.

Realizing that Xavier himself was a mutant, the students beat him nearly to death.

Xavier was found by one of the Morlocks, a group of mutants who live underground, regarding themselves as outcasts. A leading Morlock, Callisto, had the Morlocks’ Healer use his powers to save Xavier’s life. Callisto warned Xavier that he would fully recover only if he avoided great physical or psychic strains on himself in the coming months.

Shortly thereafter, Moira MacTaggart requested Xavier’s help in treating David Haller, Gabrielle’s son. Xavier learned that David was his own son. He and David were happily united after David finally emerged from his autistic condition and his normal personality had taken control of his mind. Over a number of months, however, David was returned to Muir Island for further treatment.

Xavier did indeed undergo psychic strains and was slowly dying. He apparently began to regard Magneto as a possible successor to him as head of his school. Xavier established a cover identity for him as his brother Michael Xavier. Xavier asked Magneto to look after the X-Men and to take over his School for Gifted Youngsters and the teaching of the New Mutants.

To baldly go where no one has gone before

Just then Lilandra and Corsair, the Earth-born leader of the Starjammers, arrived by teleportation. Lilandra had been deposed as empress by her sister, Deathbird. She was now allied with the Starjammers as she sought to regain her throne.

Lilandra and Corsair took Xavier back with them to the Shi’ar galaxy. There, Xavier was fully healed by the advanced medical technology of the Starjammers, eventually restoring his ability to walk.

However, he was unable to return to Earth. The Starjammers’ special hyperspace drive for intergalactic travel was damaged. Without that drive a journey to Earth even through space warps would take centuries, and the Shi’ar stargates were all now heavily defended against Starjammer intrusions.

Hence Xavier remained aboard the Starjammers’ starship. Though he was separated from the X-Men and the New Mutants (although, at one point, he had one adventure with the New Mutants), he was reunited with his beloved Lilandra.

Xavier, Lilandra, and the Starjammers were eventually captured and impersonated by powerful Skrull warriors. Then, using the X-men as allies, the Skrulls staged a coup to restore “Lilandra” to her throne.

Xavier remained in the Skrull’s thrall until the X-men and Deathbird discovered the Skrull’s plan and defeated them. Xavier helped defeat the Skrulls, and left with the X-men, returning to Earth as Lilandra resumed her empress duties.

Back to Earth

On Earth, Xavier and the X-Men arrived in time to fight the Shadow King. The King had taken over MacTaggart’s Muir Island research facility, including David Haller. Although they defeated the Shadow King, Xavier was wounded once again, leaving him without the use of his legs.

Xavier continued to stand by his X-men. At one point, he was forced to battle Magneto again. This time, Xavier reached into Magneto’s mind to shut it off, placing Magneto in a coma but preparing the way for a split personality to emerge in his own mind, which would eventually develop into “Onslaught.”

After several series of secret ploys and machinations, Onslaught finally emerged physically, creating a body for himself out of psionic energy and stripping Professor X of his mental powers in the process.

He quickly began taking steps to take over the world, and kidnapped X-Man (Nate Grey) and Franklin Richards to absorb their psychic and reality-warping abilities for himself. In the meantime, Onslaught battled the combined might and minds of the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Avengers, and their allies.

Ultimately, Onslaught was defeated by being physically absorbed by the assembled heroes, who seemingly sacrificed themselves.

Once Onslaught was finally defeated, Xavier turned himself in to the U.S. government. He wanted to pay for the crimes of his “other self,” despite the fact that he remained powerless. He was put into custody and watched over by the mutant-hating Bastion.

Bastion and Cadre K

Bastion subtly tried psychological torture on Xavier, trying to learn all of the X-Men’s secrets, although he was ultimately unsuccessful. About the same time, Bastion launched a full-scale attack on the nation’s mutants in the so-called Operation: Zero Tolerance. The X-Men thwarted Bastion’s plans, but Professor X had disappeared.

Xavier reappeared, leading a group dubbed the Brotherhood of Mutants. The X-Men confronted the team, learning that this Xavier was in reality a construction of Cerebro, a device of Xavier’s that had gained intelligence. Cerebro had captured Xavier in order to take his place.

During the ultimate confrontation, the X-Men’s ally, the robot Nannite named Nina, restored Xavier’s powers and he destroyed Cerebro. (Professor Xavier, with the help of the X-Men’s Beast, has since created a new mutant-tracking computer system, calling it Cerebra.) Xavier returned with the X-Men as their mentor and leader.

When the X-Men returned from a space-faring mission, they inadvertently returned to Earth with the alien Skrull named Fiz with them. Xavier discovered and attacked Fiz, but Fiz explained he wanted to join their team. The alien helped the X-Men track down and defeat their enemy Apocalypse and his mutant Skrull allies.

After the battle, Xavier agreed to leave Earth with Fiz and the mutant Skrulls, whom Xavier dubbed Cadre K, in order to find a new homeworld for them and to train them in the use of their powers. Cadre K soon found a new role, that of freedom fighters, championing for mutant rights within their Empire.

Earth was then declared a penal colony for unwanted alien criminals. Xavier and Cadre K embarked on a plan to defeat the true cause of Earth’s plight: the alien Kree who were searching for revenge on Earth for its part in its decimation as an Empire.

The Cadre helped Earth battle the Kree, and Earth ultimately thwarted the Kree’s plans. Afterward, Professor Xavier elected to remain on Earth, proud of the team he forged.


More recently, Xavier, along with his protég´s Beast, Wolverine, Cyclops, and Jean Grey, re-opened his school for mutants, now called Xavier’s Institute of Higher Learning, to the mutant population at large. They began to recruit more mutants, training and educating them to help them cope with their powers.

Xavier now helps to educate and train dozens of young mutants, many severely disfigured or requiring specialized training and technology.

When Xavier’s mind witnessed the genocide of the mutants of the island of Genosha, the villain behind the attack revealed herself to the X-Men as Cassandra Nova. Xavier claimed her to be his genetic twin. Cassandra invaded the school but was seemingly defeated by Xavier and Emma Frost.

Almost immediately afterward, Xavier publicly revealed his mutant nature and the true nature of his school.

Despite the resulting controversy and rioting and attacks outside the school, Xavier contacted Lilandra and left for a vacation in her empire. The X-Men soon discovered that Cassandra had switched bodies with Xavier and was wreaking havoc in the Shi’ar Empire. Xavier, instead, was actually stuck in Cassandra’s diseased body, slowly losing his mind to a combination of terminal illnesses.

Cassandra returned to Earth with the full might of the Shi’ar Empire at her disposal, intent on destroying Earth. Jean Grey coaxed Xavier’s mind out of the dying body. Her hope was that if she could contain his entire psyche and allow the body to die, Cassandra would be deprived of a host to inhabit.

Jean used the Cerebra device to transfer pieces of Xavier’s psyche into the mind every mutant in the world. Cassandra (in Xavier’s body) responded by reintegrating Xavier’s mind into his body with her, believing this would let her take control of all mutants.

The mutant Xorn then confronted her, using his abilities to heal others. The ultimate effect was to heal Xavier in mind and body, even to the point of being able to walk again, and Cassandra was destroyed. Xavier is now active as an x-Man himself, while engaging in teaching, covert operations and the X-Corporation.


Professor Charles Xavier is a tall, thin, bald man with blue eyes and bushy eyebrows. He often wears a suit and tie, and gives a mentor-like impression. During vacation times, he can be seen in cotton trousers and a T-shirt. He sometimes, and recently, very often, wears an X-emblem on his clothing.

For example, the entire front of his suit can be covered by a woven X letter. At more toned down occasions, the emblems restrict themselves to shoulder pads, pins or belt buttons.

While sitting in a wheelchair his legs are usually covered by a blanket. The wheelchair is a common motorized version during his public appearances, reserving the use of the Shi’ar hooverchair to areas of the Xavier Institute. Although sitting in a wheelchair, he manages to be impressionable and authoritative at all times.


Charles Francis Xavier fights tirelessly towards his dream of peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants. This dream has been the very core of his personality and driving force ever since his powers first manifested themselves. The dream does extend to all types of human beings in the world, and he fights oppression and prejudice anywhere he can.

He spends all his time and energy on helping mutants develop their abilities and to be the best that they can be. He’s been working practically 16 hours a day for 40 years on his dream.

He’s the kind of man that will lock himself up in a sensory deprivation chamber for *months* in order to stop an alien invasion, or share his home with a bestial homicidal mutant maniac in the hope of reforming him.

Originally, Charles Xavier was a formal, withdrawn and stern man. Over the years, as his friendship with his students grew, he has loosened up somewhat. But he is still a very serious person. Jean Grey and Scott Summers are almost family to him.

Despite being as close to a fanatic as one can be without actually being one, he is wise enough to realize that he needs to spend some time enjoying himself in various ways. This includes the pleasures of a woman’s love, food and traveling, in order to keep him balanced and energized.

According to his own words, Lilandra Neramani is the love of his life; a love that he sadly now seems to have lost.

Xavier tends to have a friendly attitude towards mutants, even enemies, hoping to sway them away from their destructive ways. Sometimes, indeed, former enemies have joined one or another of Xavier’s different mutant groups. Thus, all mutants are potential allies of his.

Since his abilities first manifested themselves, Xavier has been afraid of his own capacity to do damage and will avoid using his powers to their full extent until no other options remain. These fears have been realized a couple of times during his career as, for example, as the creation of the Onslaught entity.

Xavier does have some Machiavellian aspects to his personality. The Xavier Protocols (a list of specific tactics for efficiently killing each X-Man with should they go rogue) that were exposed during the Onslaught event are a good example of this.

During the early days of the X-Men, Xavier’s demeanor was autocratic, but he now occasionally takes advice from his own students. It has taken a very long time for most of his relationships with his students to grow from teacher/student to father/child to equals, but it eventually happens.

Xavier enjoys Asian and alien cultures and food as well as watching movies. His favorite drinks are green tea, mineral water or a fine wine. Traveling long distances invigorates him and surely he would have done that much more if not for him having been wheel-chair bound most of the time.

In his youth, Xavier was a soldier and an adventurer, but has now turned to a quintessential scientist and mentor.

In very recent years, he has taken a more active role in the field. Since he recently regained the full use of his legs, he’s participating himself on many missions. The many hard years of labor and loss, has finally, through the actions of his evil twin sister Cassandra Nova, forced him to go public as a mutant, heralding the creation of the world-wide X-Corporation.

Charles Xavier now holds a very important and active role as a mentor and protector of all mutants, in times when there are more mutants in the world that ever before.


“To me, my X-Men !”

(Facing Danger) “You’ve miscalculated, child. Because, you see, I am incalculable. You’ve had every advantage so far. You were nearly predestined to win. You’ve fought my X-Men a thousand times. A million in your mind.” (beat) “But you’ve never fought *me*.”

DC Universe History

Perhaps the famous Kansas Jim Secret Age storyline ? Thus, Professor Xavier would keep his and the X-Men’s history somewhat intact, while having been active a couple of decennia earlier in the DC Universe than currently in the Marvel Universe.

Xavier’s early contacts with the government, when terminated, evolved on their own path. Assuming he wiped their memories of his existence, they grew slowly, tracking all heroes, though not necessarily remembering why, or what they were looking for.

Professor Xavier might have known/befriended Adam Blake aka Captain Comet. The two of them would have been coming into their mutant powers at roughly the same time and would have lots in common.

After the Janus Directive fiasco, they became one of the few remaining covert domestic intelligence organizations, the Department of Extranormal Operations (which shares many of Xavier’s methods, if not his motives). The Xavier Protocols form the basis of their own defense protocols to destroy most heroes.

Batman was, perhaps, similarly inspired by a meeting with Xavier, and formed his own set of protocols for dealing with Earth’s most powerful heroes in case of an emergency.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

Professor Charles Xavier

Dex: 03 Str: 02 Bod: 04 Motivation: Upholding the Good
Int: 11 Wil: 16 Min: 11 Occupation: Mentor, Mutants’ Right’s Activist
Inf: 10 Aur: 08 Spi: 09 Resources {or Wealth}: 018
Init: 024 HP: 100

Adaptation: 08, Comprehend Languages: 12, Control: 14, Detect (Mutants): 05, Empathy: 05, Hypnotism: 14, Life Sense: 07, Mental Freeze: 12, Mental Illusion: 10, Mind Blast: 15, Mind Field: 08, Mind Probe: 14, Spirit Travel: 05, Telekinesis: 02, Telepathy: 24

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Comprehend Languages, Mind Field and Spirit Travel are Usable by Others (+5).
  • Hypnotism and Life Sense have Range increased by +6 APs each (+2).
  • When making Multi-Attacks with Mental Freeze Professor Xavier decreases the opponent number by 8, virtually making him able to attack up to 9 opponents per phase with that Power with no penalties; 10 opponents, for example then would be given the same penalties as attacking 2 opponents the same phase (+2).
  • All attempts at Pushing or otherwise spending HPs on any Power, except Telepathy, are Fatiguing (-1).
  • Telekinesis has Serious Power Burnout (-2).
  • All Powers are Elementally Linked to Telepathy (-1).
  • Comprehend Languages requires a speaker of any used language to be within Telepathy Range and be actively rerouted through (-1).
  • Adaptation can only Target Mental Skills (-1).
  • Adapted Skills must be possessed by a mind-read character within Telepathy Range in order to be Adapted (-1).
  • Control Power has decreased Range by -6 APs (-2).
  • Miscellaneous Loss Vulnerability (If Xavier is very sick or extremely tired, he suffers -4 CS on all his Powers) (-1).
  • Miscellaneous Loss Vulnerability (When in an area of overwhelming evil, his psionic powers drop by 2 CS each due to his inability to concentrate) (-1).

Charisma: 11, Gadgetry: 11, Medicine: 07, Military Science: 03, Scientist: 11, Vehicles (Air, Space): 03, Weaponry (Firearms, Exotic): 03

Connoisseur, Genius, Headquarters (Xavier Institute of Higher Learning), Iron Nerves, Language (French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, Common Shi’ar, Royal Shi’ar), Leadership, Omni-Connection (periodically only, like in recent times), Scholar (Computers), Scholar (Genetics), Scholar (Mutation), Scholar (Psi powers), Scholar (Psychology), Scholar (Training).

Cadre K (High), FBI (High), Hero Community (Low), Lilandra Neramani of the Shi’ar Empire (Low), Muir Island Facilities (High), Starjammers (High), Underground Mutant Activists (High), Xavier Institute for Higher Learning (High), X-Corporation (High), X-Factor (High), X-Force (Low), X-Men (High).

Archenemy (Magneto), CIA (The pursuit of peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants).


  • CEREBRO [BODY 6, INT 8, WILL 8, Power Reserve (Detect (Mutants), Life Sense, Mind Probe, Telepathy) 12, Detect (Mutants) 18, Recall 15, Telepathy 3, Limitation: Cerebro can only enhance the Powers of the user as given within the brackets of Power Reserve (-1), Note: Cerebro was destroyed after it gained self-awareness and sentience].
  • CEREBRA [BODY 6, INT 10, WILL 10, Power Reserve (Detect (Mutants), Life Sense, Mind Blast, Mind Probe, Telepathy) 15, Alert 13, Detect (Mutants) 20, Recall 20, Telepathy 13, Limitation: Cerebra can only enhance the Powers of the user as given within the brackets of Power Reserve (-1), Note: Alert is usually configured to set off an alarm if a mutant within Telepathy Range is continuously thinking the words ’x-Alert‘].
  • Wheelchair/Shi’ar Hooverchair [BODY 10, Running 3, R#2, Note: The chair is a motorized vehicle and allows Charles to move around. The Hooverchair has Air-Walking of 0 APs in addition to the Running Power (although the really classic version had no Powers at all, just a BODY of 3 APs).]

Design notes

MIND raised to 11 APs, Control Power now has decreased Range, Range of Hypnotism and Life Sense increased, Mental Illusion decreased to 10 APs (he could thus do mental doppelgängers of the early X-Men), Mental Freeze increased to 12 APs, Mental Probe increased to 14 APs, Telekinesis now has Burnout, Spirit Travel is now Usable by Others, wording of his CIA redone, Cerebro and Cerebra redesigned, History slightly rewritten, DCU History section upgraded, new Languages added, New additional New Rules given.

The X Corporation

The X Corporation is a world-wide non-profit relief organization and safehouse for mutants run by Charles Xavier. Known regional HQs are located in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Hong Kong, Melbourne (Australia), Paris (France) and Mumbai (India).

More HQs are sure to be presented in future issues of the comics. At least three mutants, associated with Xavier or his school, can be found, as voluntary workers, at any one safehouse.

All HQs are complete with a working Cerebra unit. The local Cerebra picks up distress calls when any mutant within range thinks the words ’Emergency X‘ repeatedly. At that point, a rescue team is sent in to help the situation.

Due to the increasing number of mutants around the globe, many larger cities now have their own Mutant town areas as well, in which mutants can live and work reasonably safe.

Classic Professor X

The classic Professor X that most people remember was plagued by a couple of problems and limitations. Until very recently, Professor X had the Dark Secret (Mutant) Drawback. His status as a mutant and mutant activist was secret, until his evil twin sister Cassandra Nova revealed the truth to the world.

Professor X now continues his struggle as the official mutant head executive of the X Corporation, which is an emergency location and safehouse for mutants around the world.

For most of his career Xavier was also paralyzed from the waist down and thus wheelchair-bound, and hence possessed the SPR (Wheelchair-bound) Drawback. He was recently cured from this condition by the X-man named Xorn, who was, in fact, Magneto himself.

Being a very prominent fighter for mutant rights and culture, he has traditionally had the Authority Figure (Informal Leader of the World’s mutant affairs) Drawback. Now, however, he is much too active in the field to any longer possess such a Drawback.

During the periods when Xavier has been of extremely limited use in the field or when all use of Powers has seemed overly straining, he should also have the Limitation: All Powers, except the half bottom APs of Telepathy, are Marginal (Minor or Serious) Powers (-1 or -2).

He currently and usually has no such restrictions. This approach could also be used if you feel that Xavier’s presence in a game could risk overshadowing all other characters. Another useful approach would be to give him the Drawback: Serious Irrational Fear of Abusing His Powers.

While he was official consort of Lilandra of the Shi’ar Empire, he had a High Level Connection to her, as well as a Credentials (Shia’r Empire, Medium) Advantage and could be considered to be married in a legal manner according to Shi’ar law.

Also, periodically, after some greatly disastrous affair, such as the death of one of his students, Professor X tends to suffer from the Guilt Drawback. Eventually, he finds new strength within himself, sometimes also changing his pacifist methods, resulting in him losing this Drawback.

New rules – Combat on the Astral Plane

Combat on the other-dimensional realm known as the Astral Plane is engaged by entering the realm by use of the Spirit Travel/SL:Spirit Travel Power. In the Marvel Universe, telepaths/mentalists can engage in mental combat there allowing them to use all of their powers, while being immune to all physical attacks (only Mental and Mystical attacks can be initiated).

This also includes Mind-to-Mind combat as described in the Telepathy power, with ability to attack and defend using Mental Attributes.

The combat will visually appear, to the combatants and any onlooker, as if physical combat was taking place (for example, as if the Force Manipulation Power was used, even though Mind Blast, Mind Field etc. are really being used). Mental contact cannot be broken until the characters have left the Astral Plane.

Being killed on the Astral Plane means being killed in real life as well, with the character’s soul being trapped in an eternal limbo, and the physical body left dead behind. Due to this extremely unpleasant ending, mental combat on the Astral Plane is rarely initiated.

The souls of a few characters seem to be capable of surviving defeat on the Astral Plane; such characters have either Invulnerability (Mental Damage) or then this particular Gaming Genre allows a Desperate Recover Check for this type of survival. There is very little abuse potential with this Recovery option since the physical body is still dead and the character can continue on as a spirit only.

By Peter S Piispanen.

Source of Character: X-Men Comics.

Helper(s): Chris Cottingham, Sébastien Andrivet, Roy Cowan, Kal-El el Vigilante, Sean MacDonald, John Colagioia, Kitten X, Unofficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe Homepage (History section).