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Pumaman is a cheap knock-off Italian super-hero movie released in 1980.

It is terrible, and is primarily known for having been featured and lampooned in 1998 on the Mystery Science Theatre 3,000 TV show. There never was a straight DVD release, and it tanked when released in Italy.


  • Real Name: Tony Farms.
  • Marital Status: Single (but working on a family).
  • Known Relatives: Unnamed parents (presumed deceased).
  • Group Affiliation: None.
  • Base Of Operations: London (even though he’s American).


Powers and Abilities

Some selected quotes from the MST3K bunch:
“I hate to be picky, but pumas aren’t really known for flying.”
“They’re dragging him by the elastic of his BVDs !” (In reference to his flying style.)
“He has the power to rear-project major cities !”
“(singing) Poo-maman ! He flies like a mo-ron !”
“He can see the same thing, only it’s really red !”
“Yes, pumas have instinctive knowledge of wiring and house construction.”
“I’ll use my power of… looking… at things.” [Telescopic Vision: 0] 🙂
“Are pumas also known for their whining ?”
“Yeah, bending metal doors, no problem. Subduing stocky senior citizens, that’s another story.”


Pumaman (“That’s Pooh-ma Man !”*) was an ordinary paleontologist. He was in danger of being fired for working out during museum hours, where such action is inappropriate.

Despite his strange comments in regard to his Danger Sense, he is still taken off guard when a mysterious Aztec man throws him out a window. Much to his surprise, he lands on his feet.


Nonetheless, he is unwilling to listen to the stranger’s insistent statements telling him that he is the Pumaman, descended from a long line of Pumamen, who are themselves descended from alien Aztec puma gods (no, really !).

* Only Kobras pronounces Pumaman “pyoo-ma-man”. Everyone else pronounces it “Poo-ma-man”. Thus, the bots have to correct Kobras every time, but then, they’re only human (“That’s hoo-man!”).

(The “Aztec” man was presumably a Mexican feller of Nahua heritage. But I can’t be sure, and the story is so terrible anyway that a terminology mistake about Central American cultures kinda gets lost in the din.)

Puma tales of puma suspense

However, when Kobras (sp ?) began to use his mind control mask (another great Aztec god invention), he had no choice but to intervene. Howbeit, Pumaman found himself helpless after Kobras neutralized his powers.

When his Aztec friend came up with a plan to destroy Kobras (by walking into Kobras’ lair with a lot of dynamite), Pumaman was willing to come along and throw his life away as well.

This was not to be, however, for his Aztec friend clobbered him and tied him up, an easy feat now that Pumaman was without powers. And while his Aztec friend may have done most of the work in defeating Kobras thereafter, it was Pumaman who flew up to Kobras’ helicopter and fought with him for a while, before Kobras’ helicopter crashed in a fiery wreck.

The Aztec guy returned to his gods with the mask, and Puma Man began to think about making more little Pumamen with the help of his new bimbo girlfriend, Jane Dobson.


He has short brown hair. He wears a tight black long-sleeved shirt with the image of a golden Aztec mask on the front. He also wears tan slacks (not skin-tight, just ordinary pants), a strange gold belt, and a short cape which is red on one side and black on the other.

His shirt extends slightly below his belt, and the belt buckle also has the gold mask design.


Reluctant and unwilling, Pumaman eventually comes to realize that he is the only one who can save the day. That is, until Kobras neutralizes Pumaman’s power, at which point only Aztec Guy can save the day.

Nonetheless, he has a strange sense of heroism which fills him with the desire to sacrifice himself. That was in addition to the Aztec guy’s sacrifice, when only the Aztec guy’s sacrifice is really needed.


“Listen, I want you to hear my epitath : he wasn’t much in his life, either as a man or a Pumaman, and now he’s worth absolutely nothing !”

DC Universe History

The alien Aztec Puma gods could really be Lords of Order and…no, I just can’t do it. Sorry. Pumaman is a goofball who would be outclassed by the Greatest American Hero.

However, since his adventures took place in the 1970’s, he could easily have a Pumaman son who could take his place in the modern day.

In the DCU, he would be expected to encounter Catwoman, Wildcat, and the Cheetah. Kobras could easily have connections to Kobra, Marvel’s King Cobra, or even GI Joe’s Cobra Commander.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Dex: 06 Str: 06 Bod: 04 Motivation: Unwanted Power
Int: 03 Wil: 05 Min: 05 Occupation: Paleontologist
Inf: 03 Aur: 03 Spi: 03 Resources {or Wealth}: 004
Init: 012 HP: 025

Flight: 08, Jumping: 02, Thermal Vision: 06, Claws: 07, Danger Sense: 03, Teleport: 03, Suspension: 10, Omni-Power: 10

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Flight looks incredibly unconvincing ; for example, he will often fly forward while in a mostly vertical position, or while flailing around in a ridiculous manner. It would be impossible for Pumaman to impress (Intimidate) anyone who has ever seen him fly (at least, in a more realistic Genre). Likewise with the Claws – he kind of snarled and hissed like a mildly ticked-off kitten, and made scratchy motions with his fingers.
  • Teleport may only be used to teleport to a place that “he knows”. He also must walk into a wall (or sink into the floor) before he may teleport.
  • All of his powers (and STR) are mental in nature ; therefore, they may be removed temporarily by Hypnotism (Loss Vulnerability ?) and he was unable to use any of them (except Danger Sense) until a mysterious Aztec told him about each power, one at a time. The only exception is Suspension (see below), which can not be so easily neutralized. If his STR is Neutralized, it drops to a 04.
  • Omni-Power represents the way that his powers developed ; before he could use any of his powers, he had to pay the base costs for each of them. Fortunately, his Aztec buddy has the Leadership Advantage and gave him HPs.
  • Suspension allows the Pumaman to appear to be dead. (use APs of Suspension as OV/RV against the INT/WILL of an observer as AV/EV.)

Acrobatics (Dodging, Climbing): 06

Scholar (Paleontology), Buddy (Aztec guy), Insta-Change, Misc.: When attempting to destroy inanimate objects, Pumaman has a STR of 08.

Martin the fireman (Low).

Belt [BODY 02. This belt is capable of awakening the power of a Pumaman. When first worn by a Pumaman, it will activate his Insta-Change. However, the Pumaman does not need the belt ; it is merely a symbol of his power.]

Vadinho the inscrutable Aztec

Dex: 07 Str: 06 Bod: 06
Int: 06 Wil: 09 Min: 09
Inf: 04 Aur: 07 Spi: 07
Init: 019 HP: 095

Iron Will*: 09

Martial Artist*: 07, Occultist (rituals): 05, Thief (stealth): 06

Leadership, Scholar (puma god religion), HQ (confined: a derelict warehouse).

SIA (sound of his own voice, usually lecturing Pumaman).

In the uncut version of the movie, Vadinho performs a healing ritual after that beating he took, which (thanks to the magic of time-lapse photography) restores him to full health. His “Each man is a god, each man is free speech” seems like an Iron Will ritual, too.

Also he uses a ritual to contact “The Gods from Outer Space” to come pick up the mask at the end of the movie, and possibly one to allow him to detect the new Pumaman.

Game Stats — DC Adventures RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

Pumaman — Averaged PL 6.8

02 (05) 02 03 01 04 02 01 01


Blood of the Puma God ● 31 points
– You Are Pumaman — Feature (insta-change into costume).
– Strength of a Puma — Enhanced Strength (3).
– Claws (Not Actually Claws) — Strength-based Damage 1; Enhanced Strength-based Damage 2, Limited 2 (stationary inanimate objects).
– Long Trip — Teleport 9.
– Leap Like a Puma — Leaping 1, Movement (Safe Fall).
– Fly Like a Moron — Flight 6.
– Danger Sense — Senses (Danger Sense), Unreliable.
– Seeing Red — Senses (Infravision).
– False Death — Enhanced Advantage (Trance); Enhanced Advantage (Great Endurance 2), Limited 2 (only while in trance).

Combat Advantages

Close Attack 6, Defensive Roll 2, Evasion, Improved Defenses, Move-by Action, Power Attack.

Other Advantages

None demonstrated.


Athletics 4 (+9), Expertise: Paleontology 10 (+12), Insight 2 (+3), Perception 4 (+5).


Initiative +3
Unarmed +10, Close, Damage 5
Claws +10, Close, Damage 6


Dodge 10 Fortitude 6
Parry 10 Toughness 4/2*
Will 4

* Without Defensive


  • Unwanted Power He didn’t ask to be Pumaman.
  • Power of belief Initially, he had no powers other than Danger Sense. The belt awakened his power to instantly transform, and he was able to manifest each of his other powers, in turn, through Extra Effort under Vadinho’s tutelage. Once he mastered a power, it was no longer as strenuous.

Power levels

  • Trade-off areas> Attack/Effect PL 8, Dodge/Toughness PL 7, Parry/Toughness PL 7, Fort/Will PL 5.
  • Point total 105. Abilities 32, Defences 20, Skills 10, Powers 31, Devices 0, Advantages 12. Equiv. PL 7

Vadinho the Inscrutable Aztec (113 points)

Abilities: STR 05, STA 04, AGI 02, DEX 01, FIG 07, INT 03, AWE 4, PRE 2; Powers: Enhanced Will 8, Limited 1 (only versus entrance/compelled/controlled conditions); Advantages: Close Attack 4, Defensive Roll 4, Inspiration, Leadership, Power Attack, Ritualist; Skills: Athletics 3 (+8), Expertise: Magic 7 (+10), Insight 6 (+10), Perception 5 (+9), Persuasion 3 (+5), Stealth 7 (+0); Defense: Dodge 11, Parry 11, Toughness 8/4*, Fortitude 9, Will 11; Offense: Initiative +2, Unarmed +11 (Damage 5).

By Sean MacDonald.

Helper(s): John Colagioia, Civafan, William Chamberlin. DCA stats by Pawsplay.

Source of Character: Pumaman movie as seen on MST3K.