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Queen Femina and her Amazonistas are foes of Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, a spoof of the Philippines’ beloved super-heroine Darna.

Thus, unless you’re from the islands, you’ll likely want to read our Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah character profile and our Darna character profile first. For context.

Most specifically, they’re a spoof of Darna and the Planet Women, who are in turn inspired by the countless sci-fi movies featuring a world where there are no men and/or movies about “Planet X.”


The primary source for this is Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Moveeh (which is also a musical). However, since the plot is the same with some slight nuances and differences, the other versions informed me with bits and pieces about the characters.

In the movie she is played by Pops Fernandez  . But I am heavily influenced by my first exposure to the character in the stage production where she was portrayed by Kalila Aguilos  .

Spelling and phrasing for this article (for example “womyn” as opposed to “women”) were taken from the comic and the Amazonistas directly.



  • Real Name: Queen Femina Suarestellar Baroux.
  • Known Relatives: Paternal Male-form (father, deceased or castrated), Unnamed Mother.
  • Group Affiliation: Amazonistas.
  • Base Of Operations: Mobile throughout the galaxy, originally Planet X-x-x.
  • Height: 5’10” (1.78m). Weight: 130 lbs. (59 Kg.).
  • Eyes: Grey. Hair: Black.

Powers and Abilities

The womyn of Planet X-x-x have “undergone various confidential procedures including cell taps, organic implants, biogenetic regenerative systems, genetic manipulation and infusion of nanotechnology” for the purpose of making them the perfect females.

This process bestowed the womyn with fit, attractive bodies imbued with great physical prowess.

While this process was meant to aid them as breeding slaves and servants for the male-forms of Planet X-x-x, Queen Femina quickly realized these advancements rendered the womyn capable of astounding feats of strength and combat skill.

Queen Femina (Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah enemy) (Pops Fernandez) redone 1

Are we not womyn?

Femina actively adapted the technology to create her Amazonistas.

The Amazonistas act as her personal guard and retinue. They also serve as an elite fighting squad capable of laying havoc to entire battalions of males. These womyn are trained in the most progressive and aggressive techniques of combat (and beauty) to deal with any threat they encounter.

The Amazonistas have the ability to boost their physical capabilities tenfold in the presence of powerful males, particularly the male-forms of Planet X-x-x. This appears to be something that Queen Femina had programmed into their nanotechnology out of paranoia that the male-forms may find a way to revolt against them and return to power.

Other assets

Femina is the most passionate and dangerous of the Amazonistas.

She was the first to speak. This also means she was the first to have to defend herself against the male-forms and her experience grew exponentially.

She single-handedly killed enough males to inspire her sisters-in-arms to revolt, cutting a swath of destruction across her planet.

It was through grand speeches and her expertise in battle that she soon swayed an entire planet of womyn into rebellion, proving her most dangerous asset to be her force of personality.

Her martial skills, charisma, and intelligence are only matched by her vanity.

Femina also commands this huge mothership:

Views of Queen Femina's mothership


(Paraphrased from Queen Femina’s song.)

The male-forms of Planet X-x-x grew jealous of the rights and privileges of the female race of their home world. They resorted to brutal violence to have their way. This grew into a conflict that led to the near extinction of the females.

Only a small number of womyn were kept alive for breeding purposes. These were enslaved and bereft of any rights, not even being allowed to speak.

This lasted for nearly a century, as three generations of womyn were kept as silent sex-slaves to the brutish male-forms.

Rise roar revolt

Until one day a young female, who would later be known as Femina, decided to hear her own voice. On her 18th name-day she spoke, breaking every edict of the male-forms.

Defending herself violently from any male-form that tried to silence her, on she spoke of revolution. She rallied the womyn, fanning the flames of her rebellion.

She quickly found that the generations of genetic manipulation by the male-forms had not only left her with beauty and a fit body, but that she was unnaturally strong and adept in combat.

Using these gifts and utilizing any weaponry or technology she captured along the way, she killed or castrated every male-form who tried to silence her.

Talkin’ ’bout a revolution

She soon gathered the entire race’s womyn to her side. With “cunning, stealth, grace and beauty” they waged war upon their enemy. It proved to be the most violent conflagration ever felt on Planet X-x-x.

Although many womyn lost their lives in the conflict, they proved victorious. They vowed never to be conquered again; and Femina was crowned Queen Femina Suarestella Baroux.

Since then, they have completely adapted every form of technology and art of violence created by the male-forms for their own use. Thus, they became a powerful race of technologically advanced warrior women.

They have swept through the galaxy, liberating womyn everywhere from the oppression of male-forms by killing, castrating and/or enslaving every man they have encountered.


Queen Femina appears as a tall and beautiful woman, dressed entirely in silver.

Usually wearing a long coat trimmed in fur (elegantly cut to expose her midriff), she also wears the Vanessa Leon Battle Gown, which looks somewhat like a chromatic cybernetic bikini.

Femina may be somewhat outrageous in her taste, but she certainly believes she’s at the height of fashion throughout the galaxy (and woe to any fashionista who might disagree with her).

Queen Femina (Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah enemy) (Pops Fernandez) low angle shot redone 1


The Amazonistas are best described by the phrase from the old feminist adage roughly paraphrased as: they can do anything a man can do while never forgetting that they’re a woman. Femina is their leader and they all take their cues off her every whim.

While she was once a slave bereft of the ability to speak, she has since made up for lost time and uses her extensive vocabulary to deliver robust speeches. She feels it necessary to explain the significance of her actions to all present even as she makes them.

She continues to nurse a deep seated distrust of all males. However, she does display a modicum of mercy for alien males, compared to those of her own planet. She even had technology created which would transform them into womyn, to eliminate the necessity for their complete destruction.

Other traits

She has had all of her Amazonistas programmed through nanotechnology to immediately react in the presence of any male-form from her planet, wherever they may be found. They must immediately be captured and taken to Planet X-x-x where they will presumably be castrated and/or killed, or perhaps used in some way to perpetuate the species.

While Femina believes many of her actions to be the deserved result of her own enslavement, the truth is she is just as violent as her abusers. She has spread her hatred across the galaxy for her own unnamed purposes.

She most likely wants to conquer all, and prove her superiority over other life forms, especially their male-forms.

She rationalizes this heavily, acknowledging champions of the worlds she conquers and, should they prove worthy, facing them herself. All the while she’ll explain how fair and just her actions are, and how kind it is she even gives them a chance to face her (though they will surely lose).

She has been known to encourage her enemies to flee (thus proving her superiority) or even offering powerful female champions membership in the Amazonistas (showering them with praise while continuing to explain how over-matched they are).

Queen Femina (Pops Fernandez) portrait shot


“Magnificent !!! Who would’ve thought that such a valiant female warrior would choose to live in such a wretched place such as this ? And it seems that your local male-forms applaud your triumph. Such is admirable but beware their deception.”

“Your insults are pathetic, much like the empty words and promises of men everywhere. That is why the Amazonistas have castrated and killed all men on Planet X-x-x.”

“Our reason for taking over your land is none of your business. But we do acknowledge your presence as a defender of this land. Thus, we shall give you the opportunity to thwart our efforts, as much as you will miserably fail. Such is fair and just isn’t it ?”

“Marvelous !! You have displayed incredible spirit and resilience, Zaturnnah, and you have earned my respect because of it. Sadly, your appearance today will be your last. For in facing me and my Amazonistas, you have inexorably sealed your fate !”

“If violence was of the order then so did we learn to serve it. With cunning, stealth, grace and beauty we battled the male-forms and amidst the shattered dreams of womyn’s corpses, we found triumph. In that, we vowed never to be conquered again.”


Quotes (musical version)

“Seventeen years I’ve lived not hearing my own voice
A difficult time it was, we simply had no choice
One day I decided to end the cruel joke
Thus, on my eighteenth name-day, I SPOKE !”
Amazonistas: “On and on and on she spoke, fueling the fire of revolution
On and on and on she spoke, fanning the flames of rebellion.
“You’ve been a dutiful angel to your people, Zaturnnah.
But Angels without wings like you will easily fall.
It’s way past my bedtime; I need my beauty rest.
So I’ll end this fracas once and for all.”
“As I have said, it was the male-forms that taught us the art of violence.
And if we have to act like them to further our goals, then so be it.
With our synchronized and synergized energies, behold our most potent weapon.
Say your prayers and fear little one. Here’s the Pagoda Code Red Motion Gun !”

“Amazonistas ! Come ! Come ! Come ! Battle formation !”

Queen Femina (Pops Fernandez) kicks Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah

DC Universe Adaptation

(This section proposes ways of using this character in DC Universe stories).

The Amazonistas vs. Plastic man would be interesting if you wanted to keep them in the humor genre. The battle would probably have them pounding him until he transforms into a camera, distracting them long enough for him to come up with a plan.

If you wanted to use them in a slightly humorous fashion but wanted to downplay the “manhating” aspect of their character, replace their hatreds of men with attractions to good fashion and hatreds of bad fashion (which isn’t much of a stretch). They could then rival the Green Lantern Corps as a force throughout the galaxy for fashion!

The Fashionista Amazonistas would be the ultimate fashion police, with Femina as the Fashionista Ultima! Perhaps amongst the Oans’ failed experiments for a peacekeeping force, the Amazonistas were one such experiment who rebelled due to the Oans’ monotone color schemes.


If you wanted to make them a little more serious, you could have them replace Maxima’s race, or be a faction within it. Perhaps Maxima was their first Queen who went to find a mate worthy of her.

Femina (being the rabble-rouser she is) rose to power in her absence, disgusted by Maxima’s desire to copulate with a male-form.

Femina could be used in this way without the other Amazonistas (though she’d probably create a similar honor guard). Femina could have been Maxima’s sister and would blame her love for Superman (and other men) for Almerac’s destruction.

Add powers similar to Maxima’s to Femina’s stats and give her an entourage made up of alien women from around the galaxy who have been abused in war or other violence by men.

Comic book version of Queen Femina and the Amazonistas


This would give them another interesting parallel between the current Amazons of Paradise Island and the Amazonistas while allowing a GM to use varying different power sets for Femina’s retinue.

Femina would make a great Wonder Woman villain since she is something of a dark reflection of feminism. Just keep Planet X-x-x intact but have the first life forms on earth the Amazonistas encounter to be the Amazons of Paradise Island.

Femina could recruit some of the Amazons to her side with her rhetoric. Upon equipping them with her technology while utilizing their magic, she could lay waste to entire continents of men before Wonder Woman and the ladies of the JLA (or Hippolyta and the JSA — or even both) would have to organize a resistance.

Femina would constantly try to recruit the varying female heroes to her way of thinking throughout the battle, which might even be more dangerous than her combat skills if the heroine felt betrayed or abused by men in some way.

The Fourth

Alternately, with the fact that the Mother Ship seems to augment the abilities of the Amazonistas when they encounter particularly powerful male forms, have them come across Apokolips. They would certainly take umbrage to Darkseid and all the males that serve him, particularly with their treatment of the female slaves.

With a full battle fleet (assuming the Mother Ship is one of many such ships at their disposal), it could be quite a battle for a while.

Femina’s personality is so strong, she just might be able to sway Granny Goodness and the Female Furies to her side.

Battle on Planet XXX (Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah ze moveeh)

Gender war on Planet X-x-x.

DC Heroes RPG

Queen Femina Suarestellar Baroux

Dex: 10 Str: 06 Bod: 10
Int: 07 Wil: 08 Min: 08
Inf: 10 Aur: 07 Spi: 10
Init: 031 HP: 080


Comprehend Language: 08, Regeneration: 10, Running: 06, Power Reserve: 12, Jumping: 01

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • The Amazonistas’ Regeneration requires all of their Actions for that phase. It’s a common tactic for Femina to distract their opponent while her Amazonistas regenerate (and vice versa).
  • Power Reserve supports all physical Attributes and Skills, and is limited to 4 APs per stat it supplements. It is only usable in the presence of a male with a Strength, Body or power greater than 10 APs or a male-form from Planet X-x-x.


Acrobatics*: 10, Artist (Singer, Model): 07, Charisma: 10, Gadgetry: 07, Martial Artist*: 10, Military Science: 09, Weaponry*: 10


Intensive Training, Attractive, Gift of the Gab, Iron Nerves, Lightning Reflexes, Leadership.


CIH (Male-forms of Planet X-x-x), MIH (Male-forms of all types), MIA (Photo opportunities and hearing the sound of her own voice).


Power Lust.






  • Femina carries a scepter that symbolizes her leadership. It is similar to the accessories the other Amazonistas carry; but also has a few special abilities, including the ability to draw on the other accessories to form an even more deadly weapon!
  • Pagoda Scepter [BODY 04, EV 04 (08 with MA), Energy Blast: 09, Force Field: 05, Flight: 09, Air Control: 08, Transgender: 05, R# 04 Notes: Force Field is self only and skin tight. Transgender is Area Effect. Flight is Minor Marginal. Reliability number is reduced to 0 if the Amazonistas charge their weapons prior to a battle with a “Transmogriphication Execute” command. Mother Ship will then charge the weapon.].
  • Pagoda Cold Wave Motion Gun [BODY 06, Energy Blast: 15, Note: Requires the use of all the other Pagoda Accessories to form this super-weapon].
  • She also draws power from her advanced outfit, fashioned from captured male-form technology! The pride of the Amazonistas! It’s… THE VANESSA LEON BATTLE GOWN MODEL 555 [DEX 12, BODY 10, Force Field: 08, Power Reserve (Physical Attributes and Martial Artist): 06, Flight: 15, Jumping: 08 ; Notes: Power Reserve is dependent on her Power Transmission Antennae (hair extensions) getting power from Mother Ship; if that is removed or Mother Ship is not available, it will not function. If removed without proper preparation, Femina takes mental bashing damage equal to active APs of Power Reserve. Force Field is skin tight and self only and Flight is Minor Marginal. These do not stack with the Scepter, use the higher stats.]
Queen Femina (Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah enemy) (Pops Fernandez) on a violet background

The Mother Ship

The Mother Ship is not only Queen Femina and the Amazonistas’ vehicle. It is their home away from home. It can be assumed to be an expansive headquarters with a fully functioning wardrobe, complete with hair and make-up stations for each Amazonista. In addition, it likely has a complete laboratory (20 APs) and its own weapon and defense systems.

MOTHER SHIP [DEX 04 STR 22 BODY 16 INT 08 WIL 05, Data Storage: 25, Energy Blast: 15, Extended Hearing: 08, Flight: 24, Full Vision: 12, Gravity Decrease: 08 (usable outside the ship via a ray, usually the form of entering or leaving the ship), Gravity Increase: 08, Radar Sense: 35, Radio Communications: 40, Sealed Systems: 28, Skin Armor: 04, Super Hearing: 18, Telescopic Vision: 06, Warp: 40].

MOTHER SHIP’s weapon systems [BODY 10, Enlarge: 15, Animate Dead: 20, Omnipower: 15 Rel#2] The Amazonista’s mastery of genetic manipulation gives them access to some amazing technology. Enlarge is usually used to provide outrageous growth to a creature native of the planet (in this case a giant frog) they are attacking in order to draw out and gauge any potential opposition. It would be logical for the ship to have Laser or Energy Blast (or some similar power) at around 15 APs as well, but this is never demonstrated.

Animate Dead raises zombies, who are subject to local superstitions (such as being destroyed with Holy Water), this was used by the Amazonistas to test Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah’s bravery before offering her a position amongst their ranks. Omnipower is speculative to account for other powers the ship’s weapons may have.

Ze Design Notes

While in the source material the boost the Amazonistas get to their abilities is only shown when they encounter a male from Planet X-x-x, I am purposely choosing the assumption that other powerful males could trigger this effect since it would be more interesting story-wise and make them more easily scalable to be a threat to more powerful heroes.

New rules – Transgender (New Power) v1.0

By Adam Fuqua.
Helper: Eric N Eick.
Link: Dex.
Type: Dice.
Range: Normal.
Base cost: 15.
Factor cost: 03.

This ability allows the character to generate an attack that will change the target’s physical gender against their will. The AV/EV of the attack will be the APs of the power and the EV/RV of the attack will be equal to the target’s Dexterity. Positive RAPs will result in the amount of time the target is affected.

It will not affect their attributes or current health condition in any way, simply their physical sex. If this attack should hit an intersex individual, the GM would have final say as to the results. A character may purchase this power with a bonus that the effects will be permanent should the resultant total RAPs be equal to Body for a +5 factor cost.

Writeups.org writer avatar Adam Fuqua

By Adam Fuqua.

Source of Character: Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Comic, movie and theatrical musical of the same name.

Helper(s): Darci. For the Mother Ship itself, I estimated stats using the Dominator Ship stats and the Enterprise NX-01 stats on WORG by Dr. Peter Piispanen and Roy Cowan.