Rake is just a dangerous, daft thug with claws. He appeared in mid-1990s Wildstorm Comics books.

For more context, you should first read the One-Eyed Jack character profile.

Powers and Abilities

Rake’s sole special ability is his long razor-sharp fingers. These help him perform as a dangerous melee combat expert.


See One-Eyed Jack’s profile.


He’s very tall and very skinny, with long and thin limbs. Both hands have four fingers ending in 1’ long sharp blades.

He has a big mouth always showing a large grin (à la Joker). His eyes are covered by a pair of swimmer-like goggles.

His hair is violet and braided like dreadlocks. He wears a black tight leather outfit.


Rake’s a psycho as well as a complete imbecile.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Dex: 06 Str: 02 Bod: 05 Motivation: Psychopathic
Int: 03 Wil: 03 Min: 03 Occupation : Bounty Hunter
Inf: 03 Aur: 04 Spi: 03 Resources {or Wealth} : 06
Init: 014 HP: 020

Claws: 09

Lightning Reflexes.

MPR (Stammers), Distinct Appearance.

Goggles [BODY 02, Shade: 02, Do nothing: 17].

By Nicolas Lemaçon.

Source of Character: Fire From Heaven, Images Comics (Wildstorm Universe).

Helper(s): Sébastien Andrivet.