Red Raven (Marvel Comics)

Red Raven

(Daniel Hall (AZ Universe))

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


This character exists in Universe AZ, a super-hero setting designed by contributor Azrael for their tabletop role-playing games campaign.

This setting merges various published universes (including DC and Marvel) to build a detailed timeline and continuity.

The Universe AZ version of Red Raven was inspired by the picture of the Marvel Universe character of the same name. However, he is the son of Golden Age Hawkman Carter Hall and his wife Shiera Hall and the brother of Hector Hall aka Silver Scarab aka Dr. Fate.



  • Real Name: Daniel Hall.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Carter Hall (Hawkman I, Father), Shiera Hall (Hawkgirl I, Hawkwoman I, Mother, Deceased), Hector Hall (Dr. Fate II, Brother), Katar Hall (Hawkman II, Brother), Shayera Hall (Hawkwoman II, Sister-In-Law), Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl II, Mother’s Grand-Niece), Speed Saunders (Mother’s Cousin), Michael Saunders (Speed’s Son, Kendra’s Father, Deceased), Trina Saunders (Michael’s Wife, Deceased), Lyta Hall (Fury, Sister-In-Law, Missing presumed Dead).
  • Group Affiliation: Justice League Oa.
  • Base Of Operations: League Watchtower Oa.
  • Height: 6’ Weight: 180 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Red

Powers and Abilities

Red Raven is a normal human other than the fact that he is the son of Carter and Shiera Hall, the first Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and the brother of Hector Hall, the current Dr. Fate. As such it is probable that he has been affected by the influence of Nth Metal like the rest of his family.

He has also mastered the Egyptian martial art of tahteeb or stick fencing as well as the Israeli art of Krav Maga. He speaks nearly every language spoken in the Middle East today as well as several of the ancient ones. Like all Hawks he is skilled with a variety of ancient weaponry.

His suit grants him the same basic powers as those provided by Hawkman’s wings, belt, and helm. As well as providing full body protection.



When the JSA disbanded in the mid 60s most of the members retired. A few, like Guardian, continued solo careers and there were of course new heroes appearing. In 1973, shortly after a holiday get together of the JSA and their families, a number of the now adult children band together and began working to continue their parents mission.

Among them were the twin sons of Carter and Shiera Hall. The older, Hector (by 2 minutes), went by the name Silver Scarab, and the younger, Daniel, became Red Raven.

The costumes that the two used were built on the Nth Metal and Thanagarian technology utilized by their parents. Naming their new team Infinity Inc. they decided to go public and to be a corporation in fact as well as name. They quickly signed contracts as emergency responders for prisons, cities, and so forth. In 1976 shortly after the election of President King SHIELD assigned Josiah Bradley, code-named Americommando IV, as Liason.

Things continued to go well for the team and Bradley was soon a highly respected member. In the early to mid 80s the team suffered a series of tragedies that began with the disappearance of Lyta Hall (Fury), followed shortly thereafter by the deaths of Hector Hall (Silver Scarab) and Skyman (Sylvester Pemberton) during the Crisis. Carter and Shiera Hall also vanished during the Crisis, leaving Daniel alone, and contributing to his decision to retire.

Shaken to their cores and uncertain for the first time the team disintegrated. Several members joined other teams a short period later (such as Jade joining the Teen Titans). Daniel on the other hand decided to return to college and began working towards a doctorate in Archaeology.


He did return in 1990 when a new Hawkman and Hawkwoman appeared and he challenged Katar over his use of the name. While the two were fighting Shayera accessed the computer in Justice League headquarters and learned the identity of Red Raven returning to the two she managed to stop the fight by telling the two men they were brothers.

Although he initially refused to believe her Daniel was convinced after Katar related a story that Carter had told all of his children (about Prince Khufu and Princess Chay-Ara).

The two talked for hours as Katar told his brother about how Carter and Shiera had been transported through time and space to the planet Thanagar where they had decided to stay so as not to interfere with themselves on Earth. He also told Daniel of their parents disappearance a few years earlier.

Finally Daniel told Katar that as his brother he had every right to call himself Hawkman and apologized for his actions. Feeling better than he had in years Daniel signed up as a JL reservist and returned to his home in Egypt.


Spending the next few years working on digs throughout Egypt, Daniel occasionally went into action as Red Raven and in 1993 he received his PHD in archeology. Also in 1993 the JSA reformed, the new team was mostly composed of inheritors to the original JSA, most notably Starman III (Jack Knight) and Black Canary II (Dinah Barton). This new team also had several older members as well as some former Infinity Inc. members.

Daniel made contact and offered his services as a reserve member but was unable to take the time for a permanent position. In 1995 John Stewart issued a worldwide call for help with the situation on Oa in the wake of the Lantern War and the destruction of the Central Power Battery.

Daniel, feeling a strong desire to see the Mosaic and its cultures, was one of the first to volunteer. This team was soon named Justice League Oa, or the JLO. He was therefore off-world when his father Carter Hall reappeared on Earth in 1997.

In 1998 when news of the apparent deaths of the JSA, JLA, Avengers, and Fantastic Four reached Oa Daniel was unfortunately unable to return to Earth due to his commitments to the JLO. When news came in 1999 that these heroes had returned and had not in fact died Daniel was overjoyed and did manage to speak to his father, though not in person. It was at this point that he learned of his mother’s death in 96.


When the JLO learned of Superman’s death (in 2000, though Superman died December 31st 1999), and shortly therafter learned of the death of Josiah Bradley, Daniel decided to return to Earth with Josiah’s father Isaiah, since he has been teammates with both men, for the funeral.

Daniel was therefore on Earth when Superman returned from the dead, though he returned to Oa soon after and wasn’t directly involved with any of the events. When Daniel returned to Oa he brought a new member for the JLO, the time-traveller Kristen Wells, better known as Superwoman.

Kristen was originally a historian from the 25th century during the years just after the 3rd Skrullian War, which nearly ended Earth civilization, and (apparently) destroyed Counter-Earth.

As a side note, the retaliation visited upon the Skrull by Earth’s allies lead to the so-called Six-Minute War and the complete collapse of the Skrullian Empire, this would ultimately give rise to the Durlan people in the UP era (30th-31st centuries).

Kristen had been sent back in time to observe many legendary events to see if they actually happened. She met Daniel while recording Superman’s return and a short time later she was asked to identify Superwoman, ultimately finding that she was in fact Superwoman herself.

Just before Daniel’s return to Oa his brother Hector was reincarnated as the new Dr. Fate. The brothers had a joyful reunion and have actually grown closer than they were before Hector’s death.

Still on Oa

Today Daniel lives on Oa as a member of the Justice League team there. He is endlessly fascinated by the planet and the many alien races that live there and wouldn’t trade his new home for anything. He is close to his father and brothers and has developed a “big brother” attitude towards Kendra as well.

He has also recently started dating his teammate Black Pearl (yes, the character from GURPS Supers) and the two seem to have a lot in common… somehow.


Daniel and Hector were originally (since Hector has a different body now) fraternal twins as Hector had blond hair and Daniel has red hair. Aside from that the two looked very similar.

Daniel stands six feet tall and has a well developed physique. He has rather Hawk-like (pun intended) eyes and thick hair. His costume is a red full body suit with yellow highlights and large red feathered wings on the back.

When off-duty he usually wears heavy duty khakis similar to what he wore while working digs in Egypt. When he wants to dress up he wears a custom tailored tux made from exceptionally strong synthetic spider silk.


When he first began his career he was brash and impulsive and spent a lot of time arguing with his brother and the other members of his team.

Today he has settled into a much more rounded person and his previous friction with his brother has vanished (not that they agree on everything) simply due to his gratitude at having his family back after they were thought dead.


Red Raven: “Canary ! We have to hit him now, while he’s distracted !”
Black Canary: “Hey, I was in the Justice League do I look like I need help with basic tactics.”

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Red Raven

Dex: 07 Str: 04 Bod: 04 Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Int: 07 Wil: 06 Min: 06 Occupation: Member of JLO
Inf: 05 Aur: 05 Spi: 06 Resources {or Wealth}: 010
Init: 018 HP: 070

Enhanced Initiative: 05

Bonuses & Limitations:
Enhanced Initiative only whilst flying (-1). As such it’s not factored into the Initiative score above.

Acrobatics: 06, Gadgetry: 05, Languages (English, Modern Middle Eastern Languages, Archaic Egyptian [pre-2600 B.C.], Old Egyptian [2600 – 2000 B.C.], Aramaic, Latin): 10, Martial Artist: 06, Scientist: 04, Vehicles (Land): 04, Weaponry: 08

Area Knowledge (Mosaic), Expansive Headquarter (League Watchtower, Oa), Rich Family (Carter Hall), Scholar (Archeology, Antiquities, Ancient Weapons).

Hawkman I (High), Dr. Fate II (High), Hawkman Family (High), Justice League Oa (High), Hawkman II (High), Black Pearl (Low).

Public Identity.


  • RED RAVEN SUIT [STR 08 BODY 07, Flight (Winged): 08, Regeneration: 02, Telescopic Vision: 03].
  • Thanagarian Electro-Mace [BODY 10, EV 05 (07 w/Martial Artist), Energy Absorption (Magic Only): 08, Flash: 05, Neutralize (Magic Effects Only): 10, Lightning: 10] Note: The mace was a gift from Daniel’s brother Katar.

By Azrael.

Helper(s): Adam Fuqua, Sébastien Andrivet.

Source of Character: Universe AZ.