Fred Ward as Remo the Destroyer

Remo the Destroyer


Remo stars in an endless series of men’s adventures novels, which started in 1971 (and had one movie adaptation).

He’s a patriotic everyman who fights improbable, satirical menaces using superhuman martial arts powers and secret police prerogatives.


  • Real Name: Remo Williams.
  • Other Aliases: Shiva the Destroyer, Remo Black, Remo Blumberg, Remo Smith, Remo Blank, etc..
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: None (orphan), Jilda of Lakluuna (mother of Freya, deceased), Freya (daughter).
  • Group Affiliation: CURE.
  • Base Of Operations: Mobile.
  • Height: 5’11” Weight: 155 lbs.
  • Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown


Powers and Abilities

Remo is a former ’Nam vet and a police officer. Now he’s, simply put, a Master of Sinanju. Sinanju is the Sun Source, the beginning of all martial arts. Throughout the series, we learn from Chiun what has been “borrowed” from Sinanju. All the martial arts, chiropraxis, herbal medicine and more.

With Sinanju, strength and power comes from within, and does not rely on Arnold-like bulk. With this training and knowledge, masters of Sinanju can perform super-human feats. The training also “activates” dormant parts of the mind, and modifies the nervous system.

The result? Speed (Remo has been clocked running over 100mph), agility, “oneness” with nature, heightened senses, and long life. Throughout the series, Remo seems to be getting younger, not older. Master’s of Sinanju can not eat meat (poultry and fish are ok) – mainly rice and duck. Meat is toxic to them. A hot dog to Remo would be like nerve gas to a normal human.

A Master has also learnt, in excess of the bodily enhancements Sinanju gives them, how to perform chi-focusing derived tricks that seems like magic to normal men (see the “Mystic Art” Subskill in the game stats section). All masters of Sinanju are also taught the steps required to bring women to sexual ecstasy.

As an operative of CURE, Remo has access to numerous fake identities and can get access to nearly any organization or information.



Throughout history, the North Korean, seaside village of Sinanju has supplied the world’s great leaders with assassins. The art of Sinanju is the “true” martial art – all others are mere shadows. There is only one Master of Sinanju per generation (Sinanju being the name of the village and the martial art.)

From the time of the Pharaohs they have been the most feared assassins in the world. A master can hold his breath over an hour, rip steel doors from their hinges, dodge bullets, overturn a moving tank, outrun a car, seem invisible – you get the idea.

The current Master of Sinanju, Chiun, was hired to work for a secret department (CURE) of the U.S. Government. CURE exists as an organization for stopping threats against America with any means necessary. Of course, CURE doesn’t officially even exist. Should it ever become public all members (of which there currently are only three) have to be destroyed themselves for the sake of deniability.

The Head of CURE is a Dr. Smith. He gives missions to the operatives, Chiun and his student Remo, according to his own judgement or by direct orders from the President of the United States.

Since Sinanju has always worked for kings and emperors, Chiun (the current Master), calls the head of CURE “Emperor”. Emperor Smith has had Chiun, according to his own testament, train a white, ungrateful, American as the next Master.

Remo Williams is this ingrate, an orphan and a former Việt Nam vet and police officer. He’s now a killer that is occasionally taken over by Shiva the Destroyer (the ancient eastern god of death, shatterer of worlds).

Remo was framed for a murder and executed. The then only employee of CURE, Conrad McLeary, saved Remo’s life. He had plastic surgery performed on him, before taking him to Chiun for training.

Remo has now been an agent of CURE for more than 20 years. He’s now good enough to be the next master of Sinanju although Chiun still doesn’t consider him fully trained.

During his career within CURE, Remo and Chiun (McLeary died early on) have fought nearly any threat imaginable around the globe :

  • Nuihc (a former student of Chiun’s, who claims himself to be the next master).
  • Jeremiah Purcell (alias the Dutchman, who’s a powerful mutant and master of Sinanju. Trained by Nuihc, his abilities far surpass the human limits. The Dutchman’s life-force is mystically linked to Remo’s: should one die, then the other also dies).
  • Dr. Quake (a scientist whose daughters were responsible for various earthquakes using his technology).
  • Friend (an AI dedicated to profit only).
  • Mr. Gordons (a survival-assimilation machine).
  • Kali (Shiva’s old enemy).
  • Chuzhoi Zarnista (alias the World Master, a KGB agent posing as an alien).

Of course, Remo and Chiun have had their share of fanatical terrorists, other mad scientists, intrusions by other intelligence agencies (foreign and domestic), etc.

Other characters having somewhat prominent positions within the series are:

  • Pullyang (guarding of the shrine of Sinanju in Sinanju).
  • Dr. Smith (Head of Sinanju).
  • The President of the United States (who’s top power within the organization and can close down the operations at any time).
  • Jilda of Lakluuna (a Nordic warrior who Remo fell in love with).
  • Freya (Remo’s daughter with Jilda that he’s taught some basic Sinanju tricks, like correct breathing).

In the future, the plan is that Remo will, himself, become the next Master of Sinanju.

Shiva’s regal

History of Shiva

Shiva is one of the trinity of Hindu gods who are responsible for creation, preservation and destruction. Although Shiva is often called the Destroyer, he is the destroyer of evil and is thus a good god. According to mythology, Shiva lives on the snowy mountain called Kilas with his wife, Parvathi, daughter of the Himalayas, and their two sons.

When the river Ganges came from heaven to earth to mitigate a long-lasting drought, it was Shiva who received the force of her fall on his head. Hindus believe that their most sacred river, which sustains millions of people in the north Indian plains, still comes from the head of Shiva.

Shiva is a god of contradictory traits. At times he is portrayed as an ascetic, deep in contemplation, at others as a loving husband and father. But yet at times he destroys to keep the world in balance. He is thought to be like the monsoon rains which can bring destructive floods but sustain all life in India.

All knowledge and fine arts are supposed to originate from Shiva. One of the enduring images of this god is as a cosmic dancer.

Notes about Shiva and Remo

Remo is, to Chiun’s extreme surprise, the current incarnation of the six-armed Indian god of death, the shatterer of worlds. This alter ego has often saved Remo from certain death. When Remo gets fatally wounded, Shiva takes over.

The good side: Remo eventually regains control of his body and soul, and gets to live again.

The bad side: Shiva considers Remo to be the host for the God’s return to Earth. Shiva showed up very early in the series (in #2), and appears to show up more often the more time goes on. It has taken Remo a LONG time to accept his Shiva alter ego. Even Smith was forced to face it.

Shiva is, indeed, bad news. Even Chiun runs scared when facing this ancient God. But if it weren’t for Shiva, Remo would be dead many times over. Shiva has made Remo virtually indestructible. Even if Remo is killed, he comes back. Kinda like the Energizer Bunny, only it’s the Energizer Remo…

So far Shiva has only reared his head after Remo has died. Shiva considers the killing of Remo a direct challenge, and pretty much wastes anyone or anything that gets in Remo’s way. Also – so far – Shiva has brought Remo back from the dead AFTER Shiva is done with his body. This possession usually lasts a few minutes, sometimes a couple of hours.

At one time it was several days, and Chiun had to make a deal with Shiva to allow the return of Remo (basically to grant a boon to Shiva, anything, at anytime.) Read Arabian Nightmare, #86 for that story. As Remo’s opposite is the Dutchman, Shiva’s nemesis is Kali – and Remo has to contend with all of this !

There is no CURE

The organization called CURE works outside and above all other law-enforcement organizations in the USA. It has the imperative and authority to correct any fault blocking the actions other law-enforcement organizations in the USA. It also operates illegally on an international scale. It has excellent black ops funding for its operations.

The organization uses a sanitarium as front for its activities and only four persons in the world know of its existence. These are the US President, Dr. Harold Smith, the Master of Sinanju and his current disciple.

CURE operations are managed and controlled solely by Dr. Harold Smith. In DC Heroes terms he has a High level connection with the organization as well as a High level Credentials with it The active US President has a Medium Credentials with the organization and he can either provide the organization with information about some problem, which he often does, or permanently shut down the organization.

Dr. Smith will check and handle all such information and act accordingly, usually sending Remo and Chiun to deal with the matter.

If proof of CURE’s existence should ever leak out risking to reach the media, the President will immediately shut down its operations. Officially acknowledging it would conclusively prove that America’s legal system does not work!

Upon shutting down all employees will have to be terminated; Dr. Smith would swallow a cyanide pill. Meanwhile the Master of Sinanju would have to kill his own disciple, a task much harder to commit nowadays. If it is even possible, when the disciple is slowly surpassing the master.

The elimination of the surviving Sinanju Master himself (who would likely refuse to commit suicide) is a problem for which there is no readily known solution. He would likely become a hunted Enemy of the State. The President would also be scot-free in such a situation since, well, he had nothing to do with nothing.


Remo Williams looks very much like any ordinary man except for two facts; he has very thick forearms and a strong aura of masculine sexuality that drives women mad. He usually wears dark-colored clothing made from cotton and often carries around a fake id card going along his current mission identity.


At the beginning of his career within CURE, Remo wanted to return to his normal life. He also often tried to escape since he was convinced that his training, at the hands of Chiun, would eventually lead to his death. Since he, for example, had to jump out from airplanes without a parachute and dodge machinegun bullets, he probably was right !

As time went on, and Remo participated in several missions, he actually began to enjoy the effects that Sinanju gave him. He also grew closer to Chiun and after some years considered him, in a mutual sense, to be his adoptive father.

Remo’s view of things have changed very little over the years. He’s still the somewhat decadent American he’s always been (according to Chiun’s racist view). He used to eat lots of pizzas, tacos etc, but his finely-tuned physiology, to Remo’s great regret, can no longer accept such foods.

Remo is also a patriot, which, along the fact that he’s an orphan, was why he was chosen by McLeary to become a member. Remo also has a sense of justice, although his view has changed into more dark justice outside the law. He has accepted the fact that he’s an assassin, and occasionally kills people for very small slights.

Although a patriot, his main motif for continuing within CURE (not counting the fact that he would be killed if he quit) seems to be that he, on some plane, enjoys the company of Chiun. And it gives him stuff to do.

Remo also likes women, and often uses the sexual techniques Sinanju has taught him, on enemies and friends alike. The only trouble Remo has with that now, is that the techniques have taken the pleasure from him.

As to fighting, Remo has a powerful ego and doesn’t need to prove his abilities to anyone. He simply, on missions, dispatches enemies, witnesses and any other potential threat to CURE or the States. The only things that can seriously disturb him is if Chiun, Jilda or Freya are in trouble.


(During one of his possessions) “I am created Shiva, the Destroyer; death, the shatterer of worlds. The dead night tiger made whole by the Master of Sinanju. Who is this dog meat that dares challenge me?”

(Early on) “So what’s on the schedule today? (asking Chiun sarcastically) Catching bullets with the teeth ? A little swimming with piranhas, perhaps ? Or do you want me to eat sand in order to build up my cheek muscles ?”

DC Universe History

Remo is extremely powerful, but could work alongside other high-powered government operatives. I can imagine him having to work temporarily within the Suicide Squad. A nice touch could be having him adventure in Japan with Karate Kid of Legion, having travel back in time, while Chiun is comparing abilities.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats


Dex: 12 Str: 08 Bod: 06 Motivation: Unwanted Power
Int: 04 Wil: 12 Min: 06 Occupation: Assassin, Sinanju Master
Inf: 07 Aur: 05 Spi: 07 Resources {or Wealth}: 005
Init: 034 HP: 100

Claws: 06, Enhanced Initiative: 09, Invulnerability: 16, Jumping: 02, Sealed Systems: 09, Swimming: 04, Systemic Antidote: 03

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Martial Arts includes the subskills of Techniques and Mystic Arts (see New Subskill). Remo has access to all the listed Martial Arts rituals under the subskill description.
  • Sealed Systems does not protect against radiation attacks.
  • Systemic Antidote only protects against disease and adds to his endurance.
  • Invulnerability activates the possession of Shiva (see below).

Acrobatics*: 12, Charisma*: 07, Detective*: 04, Detective (Legwork): 06, Martial Arts*: 12, Military Science: 04, Thief (Stealth): 08, Weaponry: 07, Vehicles (Land): 07

Ambidextrous, Area Knowledge (New York, Sinanju), Attractive, Buddy (Chiun), Credentials (CURE, Low), Intensive Training, Iron Nerves, Languages (Korean, Sign Language), Scholar (Kama Sutra, Sinanju, Intelligence gathering and espionage), Credentials: Government (Medium).

CURE (High), Sinanju Village (High).

Alter Ego (Shiva the Destroyer, uncontrollable), Archenemy (The Dutchman), Dark Secret (CURE Agent), Fatal Vulnerability (Eating non-Sinanju food (Sinanju-allowed food is basically duck, rice, orange and noodles)), Fatal and Loss Vulnerability (Radiation, all physical stats and powers, 0 APs Range), MIA (Patriotism), Secret Identity (Remo doesn’t exist, he has numerous aliases and occasionally carries fake ID cards), Unluck, Misc. Remo’s lifeforce if linked to the Dutchman’s and should one die the other dies too automatically (not even Remo’s Invulnerability works against this effect).

Remo doesn’t need equipment.

The Possession of Shiva

Whenever Remo under normal occasions would have died he’s immediately resurrected as the living incarnation of the Indian god Shiva the Destroyer. He temporarily gains the following stats, becoming the God itself, and later regains control over himself (remembering very little from his time as Shiva). Shiva occasionally also manifests itself when Remo is in a, for him, very dangerous and lethal position.

Dex: 14 Str: 12 Bod: 12 Motivation: Seeking Justice
Int: 06 Wil: 14 Min: 11 Occupation: God
Inf: 11 Aur: 15 Spi: 13 Resources {or Wealth}: 005
Init: 035 HP: 140

Claws: 15, Extra Limb (x4): 12, Invulnerability: 22, Jumping: 04, Omni-Power: 15, Running: 08, Swimming: 05, Systemic Antidote: 04

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Martial Arts includes the subskills of Techniques and Mystic Art (see New Subskill).
  • Omni-Power may only be used for mimicking various destructive powers.

Acrobatics*: 14, Artist*: 11, Charisma*: 11, Martial Arts*: 14, Occultist: 08, Thief (Stealth) (HL): 07

Ambidextrous, Iron Nerves, Languages (Indian, Korean), Lightning Reflexes, Scholar (Hindu Religions, Kama Sutra, Sinanju), Life Support (all except radiation).


Alter Ego (Remo the Destroyer, uncontrollable), Archenemy (Kali the Death God), Serious Rage, Unluck.

Early Remo

At the beginning of his career (after 6 months of training) Remo had the following stats (these are also fitting for the movie version of Remo) :

Dex: 07 Str: 05 Bod: 05 Motivation: Seeking Justice
Int: 04 Wil: 06 Min: 05 Occupation: Sinanju Apprentice
Inf: 05 Aur: 04 Spi: 05 Resources {or Wealth}: 005
Init: 020 HP: 035

Invulnerability: 16

Bonuses and Limitations:
Martial Arts includes the Techniques subskill, Invulnerability activates the possession of Shiva (see below).

Acrobatics*: 07, Charisma*: 05, Detective*: 04, Martial Arts*: 07, Military Science: 03, Thief (Stealth) (HL): 03, Weaponry: 06, Vehicles (Land): 05]

Area Knowledge (New York), Intensive Training, Iron Nerves, Lightning Reflexes, Credentials: Government (Medium).

CURE (Low).

Alter Ego (Shiva the Destroyer, uncontrollable), Archenemy (Nuihc), Dark Secret (CURE Agent), MIA (Patriotism), Secret Identity (Remo doesn’t exist, he has numerous aliases and occasionally carries fake ID-cards), Unluck.

Occasionally carries, to Chiun’s great regret, a pistol or submachine gun.

New rules

By Zaran Black
Peter S Piispanen
Link: Int
Type: Dice
Range: Self
Base cost: 15
Factor cost: 5

This subskill allows the Martial Artist to use the more four-color abilities of the Martial Art world. These abilities must be bought like Occultism Rituals by spending the HP. Even if a character has Martial Arts, he must have this subskill to be able to use these abilities. Also the Martial Artist may Push the effect or alter the “casting” time just like Occultist Rituals.

Note: None of these abilities require components, hence there was a +1 FC applied to the HP costs. Also the way these abilities are made, the Martial Artist must concentrate for one round before checking to see if the ability was “cast”. Any form of distraction will disrupt the Art.

As said above, the concentration time may be reduced at a lesser chance of success (see Occultist skill). Abilities that require touch must be used just before the victim is touched. There is no RV when trying to touch the victim and thus no damage given. If the Martial Artist fails to touch the victim then the Mystic Arts must be “cast” again.

Blinding Touch
Flash: 06
Casting Time: 1 AP (8 seconds).
Special Restriction: The victim must be touched on the forehead (Trick Shot) and uses OV/RV of Body/Body instead of Dex/Dex to resist.
HP cost: 17

After casting this Mystic Art, the Martial Artist must touch the special pressure point on the victim’s forehead, causing temporary blindness much like the Flash Power.

Body Control
Suspension: 04
Casting Time: 1 AP (8 seconds).
HP cost: 04

This Art allows the Martial Artist to slow down vital processes of the body to feign death, conserve on air, etc.

Chi Focusing
Power Reserve: 03
Casting Time: 2 APs (16 seconds).
HP cost: not calculated.

This Art allows the Martial Artist to focus all of his/her chi-energies into one single physical action. The effect is usable with DEX, STR and any physical skill or power. Martial Artist much first purchase the ’Body Control‘&‘Immovable Stance‘ abilities.

Hypnosis: 09
Casting Time: 2 APs (16 seconds).
Special Restriction: Hypnosis may only be used for suppressing selective memories from a subject by pressing a certain nerve in the throat and speaking which memories are now forgotten.
HP Cost: not calculated.

This Art allows the user, by combining acupuncture and mesmerism, to suppress certain memories in the victim of this maneuver.

Hand of Death
Poison Touch: 6
Casting Time: 1 AP (8 seconds).
Special Restriction: Instead of attacking the victim every phase, this Art attacks the victim an hour after being touch by the Hand of Death and every hour afterwards until no RAPs are gained.
HP cost: 15 (Must also have the Pressure Point Art before purchasing).
Note: Western Medicine will have Extreme difficulty to counteract the Hand of Death.

The famed Death Touch or Dim Mak. The victim may not even know that their nervous systems is breaking down because the Artist must only touch the person to initiate this diabolical attack (no Trick Shot is required). Even in a four-color martial art campaign this ability will be extremely rare for it is a well-guarded secret known by few. This is a Killing Attack.

Immovable Stance
Joined: 06
Casting Time: 1 AP (8 seconds).
HP cost: 06

This ability allows the Artist to hold ones ground from knock back through expert balance and Chi channeling.

Invisibility Art
Mental Illusion: 06
Casting Time: 1 AP (8 seconds).
Special Restriction: Only makes the Martial Artist invisible to the victim instead of causing an illusion.
HP cost: 22

The Martial Artist can use this ability to become invisible to the victim’s eyes. Like the Mental Illusion power, Vision powers will not work to counteract this Mystic Art. Anything that affects Hypnotism will help defend against this ability.

Pain Ignorance
Mind over Matter: 03
Casting Time: 1 AP (8 seconds).
HP cost: not calculated.

The Artist with this ability has such a good control over his nervous system and pain tolerance that pain from physical damage may be ignored to a large extent.

Pressure Points
Paralysis: 06
Casting Time: 1 AP (8 seconds).
Special Restriction: Touch only.
HP cost: 10

Touching certain points on the human body (Trick Shot required), this ability causes paralysis in the victim. See the Paralysis power for details.

Surrounding Awareness
Analytical Smell/Tracking Scent 4, Directional Hearing 4, Extended Hearing 4 or Ultra Vision 4
Casting Time: 1 AP (8 seconds).
HP cost: variable.

This ability simulates the Artists ability to sense variations in the energy fields of all things, living or un-living, and thus simulate the effect of any of the above sensorial powers.

Superspeed: 09
Casting Time: 1 AP (8 seconds).
HP cost: not calculated.
Special Restriction: Power is only usable to run on water, using normal land movement speed up to the AP level of this Art.

This powerful and rare ability (thus the high cost) enables the Artist to move with such speed and grace that running on water becomes a possibility. Any land movement power or ability may be utilized on water as if it was solid ground.

By Peter S Piispanen aka The Angel.

Source of Character: Remo book series by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir. This describes both the current and early Remo.

Helper(s): , Ethan Roe. Covers scans by Johnny Larue .