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SWTOR - Star Wars the Old Republic- Cyborg republic trooper face closeup

“Jaevna Shilo” the Republic trooper

(Profile #1 - Early) (Star Wars: The Old Republic)


The Old Republic is one of the Bioware Star Wars computer RPGs, this one with a not-so-successful MMO format. It is part of the Extended Universe, which is no longer considered canon since 2014.

Its strength is to offer 8 distinctive story tracks (one per character class). Here is a version of the Republic Trooper track, covering the first 15-ish levels before class specialization kicks in.

As such there are S P O I L E R S for Ord Mantell and Coruscant.

Since this is a RPG, Jaevna is but one possible version of the Republic Trooper, who is extensively customisable. As often when we present “sample” video game Player Characters, the profile includes additional sections about the game universe.



  • Real Name: Mavye “Tia” Dheban.
  • Other Aliases: Lieutenant Jaevna Shilo.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Two elder sisters, nine nephews and nieces, mother (deceased), Kreelo Dheban aka Kreelo Shilo (father), Jaevna Shilo (half-sister, deceased).
  • Group Affiliation: Republic Special Forces.
  • Base Of Operations: Originally Coronet City.
  • Height: 6’2” Weight: 170 lbs.
  • Eyes: Brown Hair: Black


Powers & Abilities

Tia Dheban used to be a quasi-professional shoul player. This is the Correlian  equivalent of rugby, meaning it has fewer rules and more interest in rousing violence than Earth rugby.

As can be expected she is strong, tall and broad-shouldered. She has a superior pain threshold, reflexes, physical aggression, athleticism and endurance.

As she reaches Ord Mantell, her military skills amount but to two months of basic training. But these were serious ones. War is looming and Tia was highly invested in practising and learning everything. Still, a full academy cursus is four years, not two months, so her skills are crude at best.

But as it turns out she has all the assets to be an excellent soldier. She’s aggressive, cool-headed, disciplined, lucky, accurate and courageous. She’s also interested in technology, but her skill stops at basic maintenance and repair.


As a front-line infantry fighter, “Jaevna” normally works with full body armour and a full-sized blaster rifle. She has proved to be both very accurate and steady under fire.

Given the deliquescent conditions on Ord Mantell, she had to procure her own equipment. At this stage she is equipped with :

  • A blaster assault carbine. This is an old model more intended to signal that one is an officer than to be a full-bore combat weapon.
  • A Republic Trooper suit of body armour with some mismatched parts. It is many decades out of date.
  • Entire crates of mini-grenades. These aren’t weapons of mass destruction, but Special Forces type like using them for assaults.
    (Mini-grenades are a rationalisation for the “special blaster shots” in SW:TOR that make little in-setting sense).

The Old Republic Era

Like many Bioware Star Wars role-playing games, SW:TOR takes place thousands of years before the events in the original film trilogy. This would later become known as the Old Republic  era, to distinguish this version of the Galactic Republic from those founded later.

This specific game is set 10 years after the Treaty of Coruscant. This means that the Battle of Yavin (in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (that’s the 1977 one)) is 3,643 years in the future.

The Star Wars aesthetics are easily recognizable, though. In this galaxy far away and a long time ago, history is at best sluggish, and technological progress has largely stopped. Han Solo wouldn’t be disoriented were he thrown back in time to the Corellia where Mavye Dheban grew up.

The Great Galactic War

Said Treaty of Coruscant  marked the end of the Great Galactic War . This war was in turn the result of the return of the Sith Empire , who had been previously defeated and expelled from the Republic under the leadership of the Jedi Order.

SWTOR - Star Wars the Old Republic- Corruscant skyline

A skyline on Coruscant.

The Sith spent centuries rebuilding their strength on the galaxy’s outer rim, then attacked. They were generally successful in their drive toward the Core Worlds of the galaxy, conquering many systems and retaking important Sith planets.

The Treaty of Coruscant had the beleaguered Republic settle for peace with the Sith Empire as the winners. It was also the product of a daring attack against Republic representatives on Coruscant , forcing them to ratify the Treaty under force of arms. The planet was also sacked during this vast raid.

The Cold War

The Treaty consolidated Sith holdings, though the Republic still controlled most of the galaxy and particularly the bulk of the Core. It also weakened the Jedi Order, whose popularity on Republic worlds took a bad hit.

The Sith generally seemed ascendant. It was clear they’d just refresh their strength and attack anew. By contrast, the Republic was crumbling and decaying, with its institutions losing their power, authority and credibility.

Many, from random individuals to planetary governments, had started looking out for number one. And in that light the powerful Empire seemed to be where History was going.

The decade after the Treaty of Coruscant was named the Cold War . It was a time of trouble and tension, from Jedi terrorists striking at Republic appeasers to agents of the Dark Lords of the Sith conducting covert operations on Republic planets.
The forces of the Republic were hard-pressed to keep the peace as their legitimacy and professionalism increasingly fell apart.

The Great Galactic War had left billions of refugees and displaced persons. The Republic lacked the means and resolve to help most of these people. Thus they became easy preys for shady actors with their own agenda – often one of hostility toward the Republic.

Imperial spies and agents were also pushing conflict from all sides, brazenly operating in Republic space in secret. Such operations occasionally got exposed, but what was the Republic going to *do* about it ?

One of the flashpoints of the Cold War was on the planet Ord Mantell , which is where our protagonist comes in.

History – pre-game

(This History section is original rather than something covered in the game. It is only one of the possible, imaginary takes on the Republic Trooper Player Character.)

Mavye Dheban is from Corellia, one of the Core Worlds . It is a primarily Human planet known for its shipbuilding industry and ruggedly independent culture. Mavye is by far the youngest of three sisters. The other two raised her after their parents died in a landspeeder accident.

Both her elder sisters raising a large family, young Mavye found herself the aunt of a gaggle of boys and girls. Many of those were but a few years younger than she was. This is what led to her nickname, as he returned the favour by helping her sisters raise their smaller kids.

SWTOR - Star Wars the Old Republic- Cyborg republic trooper on Ord Mantell

Tall, strong and a natural athlete, Tia distinguished herself as a player a shoul, a highly popular (and not exactly gentle) ball game. This was fortunate, as her scholastic performance was at best haphazard. While far from dumb, she was never suited to conventional classrooms.

Lacking direction, she ended up playing shoul in large part because everybody kept remarking that she was built like a shoul champ.

Performance enhancer

One of the shoul coaches in her high school was corrupt, and in cahoot with a local mob. She also bet on fixed matches. One such scheme went catastrophically wrong and the coach ended up owing a small fortune to loan sharks.

To solve this she abused the trust of her charges by dosing them with “oxblood”, a highly addictive physical enhancer. The star players of the team, including Tia, thought that it was a sort-of-but-not-really-legal painkiller.

By the time they realised it was dope, they were addicted – and their coach was their only reliable provider.

“Oxblood” coming with a powerful feeling of invincibility as addiction grew, most of the players felt they could handle the situation on their own. Dheban wanted to tell someone, but since none of the others agreed she felt intimidated and went along.

Everything flies apart

One of the players was careless, and the school realized what was going on. They attempted to solve the situation in secret, without involving the police. However, when they were confronted by campus security officers, the addicted players reacted with oxblood-fueled aggression – and brawn.

The brawl degenerated badly. During the fracas Tia defenestrated an officer with a textbook shoul running dropkick. Hearing the actual police coming, convinced that she was now a murderer and seeing that she and the other oxblood users were losing control, she panicked and ran.

Having no idea of what to do, she sought a huge crowd to disappear in. As it happened † Naughty † Juggernaut †, a Corellian band hugely popular with young women of her specific Human ethnicity, was giving a free concert in town.

That was a perfect occasion to blend in. Dheban also vaguely hoped that a concert might be a good place to find an oxblood pusher.

As a further precaution, she threw away her identification and phone.

Death in the chill-out zone

As she wandered aimlessly among the crowd, Tia ended in the chill-out zone, vaguely guessing there might be pushers there.

Instead, she ran right into a lass looking exactly like her. Not just the same general skin tone as with the bulk of the audience, but somebody who resembled her more than her own sisters did.

Gobsmacked, the two started talking. After flailing around some, they realised that they were half-sisters. Tia’s supposedly dead father was still alive under a new identity, and had been leading a double life as one Mr. Shilo.

”Tia” Dhepan and Jaevna Shilo were almost exactly the same age, indicating that this had been going on for at least 19 years – and probably more.

SWTOR - Star Wars the Old Republic- Cyborg republic trooper pointing blaster pistol

As Tia was trying to cope with the worst day in her life — and not succeeding much as she started craving oxblood — things got even worse.

There had been rumours of Imperial activity on Corellia. But that day marked the first terrorist strike in Coronet City , in the chill-out zone of the † Naughty † Juggernaut † concert.

Identity theft

When the blast came, Jaevna Shilo reflexively body-checked Tia Dheban out of the way, taking the brunt of the deflagration. She was practically vaporized but narrowly saved Dheban’s life, who was almost fatally wounded. Though the prognosis was terrible, Tia made it through sheer robustness.

At this stage Dheban was partially disfigured and lost her left arm and leg. She was also misfiled – when the blast came she was holding Shilo’s identification, as her half-sister was showing her her date of birth as they discussed their father. The ID had partially fused with Dheban’s hand due to the heat.

Shilo’s remains were unidentifiable – since Corellian governments are not allowed by their constituencies to store much data on the citizens.

Dheban was tagged as Shilo. Terrified of being exposed as the fugitive Mavye Dheban, she played along and feigned partial amnesia. Between the disfigurement, shock and the two girls’ striking resemblance, Tia took over Jaevna’s identity.

Being Jaevna Shilo

Whereas Tia Dheban had a simple if not mediocre life, Jaevna Shilo was a notable overachiever. An excellent student as well as a promising pianist and dancer, Shilo had enrolled on an early military academy track – dispensing education and training to teenagers who intended to join a military academy when they would turn 18.

After enlisting with the Republic Trooper Academy in Coronet City, Jaevna Shilo continued to excel. Though most would have expected her to become a pilot — Corellian pilots are famous throughout the galaxy for their skills and daring — she trained to become infantry.

She wanted to emulate her girlhood hero, Jace Malcom . Malcom was a legendary officer of the Special Forces of the Republic. He was the former commander of the famous Infantry Unit 326, better known as the “Havoc Squad” .

Shilo had graduated a week before her death and ranked first of her class in no less than 3 specialities – Forward Assault, Search & Destroy, and Advanced Recon. This astonishing feat led to accomplishing her life’s dream, as she was tapped to join Havoc Squad to replace losses.

You’re in the Army now

Though “Jaevna”’s wounds were severe, there was nothing that modern medicine couldn’t repair using cybernetic implants. Particularly for such a promising soldier.

Both missing limbs, an eye and part of her skull were replaced, and the rest of the damage fixed. ”Jaevna” kept some facial scarring, though – in no small part so people wouldn’t spot the subtle differences between her and the real Jaevna.

The real Jaevna Shilo had been living at the academy full time since she was 15, not seeing her family much. With the Cold War context, most of her class had already been shipped out to their post-graduation detail, leaving few people around who actually knew her.

And with the fierce Corellian individualism, little existed in the way of official records to identify her, such as dental or digital records.

Ord Mantell landscape and skybox in Star Wars the Old Republic

Welcome to Ord Mantell… Click for a larger version.

As part of her medical reparations, “Jaevna” asked to go through infantry basic again so as to learn to handle her cybernetic limbs. This was seen as a sign of humility and a willingness not to rest on her laurels from the great future Corellian heroine.

After 2 months of basic, Tia had but a fraction of Jaevna’s skills. But that was enough to fake it. Plus, she could make excuses about partial amnesia and having to relearn some basic physical skills.

As the Cold War tension continued to mount, “Jaevna Shilo” was shipped to Ord Mantell where the Havoc Squad was deployed. The assumption was that she’d continue to swiftly retrain herself. She was also made a Sergeant before she ever saw any real combat, since being Havoc Squad opened up all sorts of unofficial privileges.

(During the game there’s a random remark about the Republic Trooper having fought in an unspecified battle in the Outer Rim. This doesn’t quite align with the opening sequence where what’s commented on is the Trooper’s rankings at the Academy. The 2 could easily be reconciled for a sufficiently experienced character, but given the youth of this version of the Republic Trooper and the fact I happened on this remark after the background was written, I have to ignore it.)

Special Forces of the Republic

(This is based on what is seen in Star Wars: the Old Republic. There might exist more material on the matter and for this era, but I’m not a Star Wars expert.)

During this era, the Republic’s military is decaying. It can still credibly oppose the Sith Empire, but one gets the impression that it’s largely through force of numbers and the control of the more bountiful and productive planets.

The development of Special Forces may have been intended to sidestep the Republic military’s issues with so-so morale and esprit de corps , and its oft-hidebound command. They are clearly outside of a normal chain of command, answer directly to senior patrons, and follow few identifiable regulations.

However, in the context of weak authority from the State and a divided, corrupt, out-of-touch leadership, these arrangements likely made the problem worse.

One gets the impression that Special Forces units are the personal brute squad — if not outright hitmen — of a select few Generals and Senators. They are frequently deployed outside of anything resembling a military context or battlefield.

Their accountability seems very, very low – unless of course their patron loses their political influence. And it’s quite probable that they drain the best soldiers (or even highly promising students, such as Jaevna Shilo) from the conventional military, leaving it even more bereft and overwhelmed.

Special Forces do seem popular with some citizens, though – particularly patriots, the police and many soldiers. On the other hand, what is seen of Special Forces is a specific unit, Havoc Squad, which is widely considered some of the most badass, most heroic troopers the Republic has to offer. This almost certainly colours such interactions.

History – in-game events

Ord Mantell was a sordid mess. Once a thriving port planet (“Ord” is short for “Ordnance depot”), it had been displaced over the centuries as other spaceports with better infrastructure and location siphoned off the traffic.

Most of the legitimate traffic was eventually replaced by smugglers and criminals. The Mantellian government descended into pathetic levels of corruption. As the Republic supported the corrupt government as the legitimate power, a separatist movement grew to overthrow the government and leave the Republic.

However, this movement was swiftly infiltrated by Imperial agents, who used bribery (primarily in the form of combat drugs) to convince the separatists to serve Imperial interests.

What is it good for ?

Thus, when “Shilo” landed planetside, what she found was :

  • A largely incompetent and corrupt Mantellian military. Though there were some good soldiers left, a large chunk of the soldiers were an haphazard mob exploiting the civilians displaced by the fighting – and/or fighting so dirty as to be a threat to their own planet.
  • Fanatical separatist minutemen, many of whom were drugged senseless and turned wickedly aggressive by stims. Now a puppet of the Sith Empire, separatists were issued with semi-modern military weaponry (usually stolen Republic ordnance, for deniability).
  • Numerous gangs of scavengers and other predators.
  • Overstretched and badly organized Republic troops who were slowly becoming as bad as the Mantellian troops they had come to reinforce and advise.

Cry Havoc

Amidst this mess, Havoc Squad was a pillar of stability and competence. However, the Squad didn’t even amount to a full fire team, and they were spread so thin as to routinely operate solo and on their own initiative.

This was true even for the newbie. Since she was Havoc Squad, everyone assumed she was capable of solving all sorts of problems on her own.

SWTOR - Star Wars the Old Republic- Havoc Squad

The Havoc Squad members on Ord Mantell (Wraith, Needles, Commander Tavus, Fuse — Gearbox isn’t on this shot).

One of her recurrents contact among the Republic Military was Aric Jorgan, a stern and unpleasant — but driven and competent — Lieutenant working for military intelligence.

Knee-deep in the Mantellian quagmire, “Jaevna” did solve all sorts of problems and conduct various missions. That she had no support was in a way a good thing, since nobody could see that she had little idea of what she was doing. Through sheer grit, determination, and raw talent, she was remarkably successful.

“Shilo” and Jorgan eventually determined that the separatists had been issued an extremely powerful bomb by outside parties. As she acted as the spearhead to neutralized it, she came to realise that *all* other members of Havoc Squad had betrayed the Republic.


Some months before, the tiresome politics of the Republic had resulted in Havoc Squad being sent on a mission on Ando Prime , in Imperial territory. The intel was bad, and they ended up against much stronger forces than anticipated.

The mission being a violation of the Treaty of Coruscant, Havoc Squad was left out to dry when the Senate discovered the existence of this unauthorized foray. But they made it back somehow, stealing a shuttle and getting spaceside. Since there were so few of them on Ord Mantell, Havoc presumably took heavy losses on Ando Prime.

Havoc Squad morale was devastated by this. Its soldiers schemed to defect to the Sith Empire. Commander Tavus  in particular came to consider that the Republic’s Senate saw its military as a threat to its legitimacy, whereas the Empire truly respected warriors and would see their worth.

“Jaevna” discovered this as she was spearheading a Mantellian assault on the local Separatist stronghold. The stronghold was reinforced with Imperial troops, and Havoc Squad was in talks with them.

Tavus and his operatives left and took the bomb with them. They left “Shilo” behind. Tavus respected her track record as a young soldier and had been trying to keep her away precisely to avoid such a confrontation.

As Havoc Squad left, “Shilo” narrowly defeated the Imperial troops after her, and the assault on the Separatist base was successful.

Havoc Squad reborn

After these momentous events, it became important for the military to reward the guilty and punish the innocent.

Aric Jorgan, who had been invaluable in preventing the bomb from being used, was made a scapegoat for the Havoc Squad treason and busted down to Sergeant. The “Jaevna Shilo” impostor was promoted to Lieutenant and became the leader of the legendary Havoc Squad, by virtue of now being its sole member.

Jorgan’s higher up, who appreciated his competence but hadn’t been able to shield him, suggested that “Shilo” recruit Jorgan into Havoc Squad to compensate. The transfer simply took place with a round of handshakes.

Both “Shilo” and Jorgan wanted to hunt down the former members of Havoc Squad right away. But first, they had to leave for Coruscant in order to report to Havoc Squad’s CO  – the brilliant and hard-as-nails General Elin Garza .

SWTOR - Star Wars the Old Republic- General Garza

General Garza.

Meanwhile, the charismatic Tavus and his squad proceeded with their defection plans. Hundreds of other specops troopers swayed by his arguments defected at his command. Within day, the Republic thus both experienced a catastrophic loss of elite resources and the birth of a vast network of skilled hostile operatives with an intimate knowledge of its procedures.

Tavus and his cohorts also worked to set up their supplies channels, since the Empire didn’t trust them enough yet to equip and support them.

Captain Shiv and the Esseles

As “Jaevna” discovered, she had had an unseen ally during her campaign. A young freighter captain named Mytasha Shiv had been wrecking Separatist operations in the same area as she attempted to repossess her stolen spaceship. Though she didn’t recover her ship, the remarkable amount of damage she did and the resulting diversion facilitated “Jaevna”’s operations.

Republic higher-ups publicized both Shiv and “Shilo”’s strings of victories over the Separatists. They also offered free passage to Coruscant on a military transport so they could be interviewed by the Senate. Since both young women were headed for Coruscant anyway and the transport was faster than commercial flights, they took the deal.

However, the Esselles was attacked by the much more powerful ship commanded by Grand Moff Kilran . Kilran demanded that a Republic ambassador aboard the Esselles be handed over to him. This ambassador had been convincing a record number of neutral worlds to side with the Republic.

Though the Esselles captain wanted to surrender, “Shilo” and Jorgan barged on the bridge in full combat gear and forbade it. Mytasha Shiv and a hacked war droid joined them, announcing that they would pilot the Esselles themselves if necessary.

The foursome then repelled a party of Imperial boarders gunning for the ambassador. In the meanwhile, Mandalorian mercenaries sent in by Kilran took over the bridge, but “Shilo”, Shiv and company stormed the bridge and took it back.

A daring strike was then launched, boarding the Imperial warship and having a small team race within to shut down its tractor beam. This amazing manoeuvre succeeded, even though the Grand Moff sicced a Sith apprentice at the boarding team. The Esselles escaped in more or less one piece.


In large part because of her youth, Tia had an idealized view of Coruscant. It was the very seat of galactic power, the greatest concentration of power and influence in the Republic, and an incomprehensibly large and bustling metropolis.

Alas, it soon became clear that Coruscant was in terrible shape, and still reeling from the Imperial sacking ten years prior. The perennial lack of interest of Senators toward the bulk of the population greatly worsened this.

It also allowed for the emergence of many hostile powers among the lower levels of Coruscant. Those went from mobs of all kind to paramilitary vigilantes, from out-of-control damaged droids to Imperial infiltrators.

The renegade Havoc Squad used this, allying with multiple anti-Republican factions in its very capital and coordinating with Imperial agents. General Garza did have intel though, and could send the new Havoc Squad (at this point simply “Shilo” and Jorgan) as her counter to the plans of her former operatives.


“Jaevna Shilo” looks quite intimidating. She’s built like a brick shithouse, the left half of her face is badly scarred, and one eyesocket is filled with a metal plate with sensors. She’s also clad in armour that looks like it went through at least two wars.

She also stands ramrod-straight like heroic soldiers in movies she’s seen. Normally that would look a bit odd as somebody trying to puff themselves up, but her shoulders are broad enough that it actually looks credible.

Finally she uses some traditional shoul makeup to look even fiercer (and as a symbol of her Corellian-ness).

“Jaevna” tries to speak with an authoritative, clear, resonant voice – and does a good job at it. Her normal elocution was more slurred than this. When she’s on a roll and if you close your eyes, you might even believe for a few seconds that she’s a greater-than-life heroine such as Commander Shepard. 😉

In Earth terms she looks like somebody from the subcontinent, perhaps Bangladesh, with a very dark skin – and a slight African character to her features.

Albeit she hides it well, more than a third of her body is clearly artificial. The left leg and arm are robotic as well as her hips and part of her left torso. Her left breast is a non-functioning prosthesis, part of her skull is artificial, and she still has specialised probes that slowly extract micro-debris embedded into her body by the blast.


Tia is quite lost. She is an impostor, and is convinced that she is a murderess, a fraud, a liar, a cyborg freak and a weak person who was easily bullied into addiction and crime. She also feels that the real Jaevna Shilo’s death was somehow her fault.

As a result she wants both to atone, and to make sure that “Jaevna Shilo” is a great and perfect heroine. Her deeds will never cast a shadow on the real Jaevna’s good name. She strives to meet ethical standards that are above what most Jedi knights actually achieve, and to leave everyone convinced that “Jaevna Shilo” is a great defender of the Republic and a model soldier.

As such she is rigidly uncompromising about the traditional, better values of the Republic. She strives to be honest, incorruptible and a faithful defender of the people as well as a dutiful servant of the Senate.

However, this stringent sense of duty isn’t faring well once it collides with just how decaying the Republic is. The system is at war with itself on every level, and nobody can be a straight shooter. Despite all her efforts, she finds herself forced to compromise and even lie by omission to the Senate.

The rubber and the road

She’s smart enough to know that General Garza’s stance of ignoring the laws and values of the Republic in order to protect them is bullshit. But Garza does get results and is undeniably saving lives.

Though her plan was to be unfailingly disciplined like a good soldier should, “Shilo” has come to only partially obey Garza’s orders when they stray too far away from the official values of the Republic.

She can actually do that. As far as the public is concerned, she is the prestigious Havoc Squad. With the treason of the rest of the unit being of course confidential, they do not know how flimsy “Jaevna Shilo”’s ties with the legendary unit actually are. This, of course doesn’t help with Tia’s major case of impostor syndrome.

General Garza also lets Tia get away with it. Not only can’t she sack the face of Havoc Squad, but she’s keenly aware of how hard finding superior operatives for the Republic can be – especially after the mass defections.

The shrewd Elin Garza sensed right away something was off with “Shilo”, but her vast web of contacts among military intelligence services made her aware of what the lass had accomplished within but 2 weeks on Ord Mantell.

Garza would rather deal with well-meaning insubordination that throw away somebody who can get such results. Especially since her entire pet unit suddenly turned traitors and she didn’t have replacements conveniently waiting on a bench. Nobody does.

Fake it until you can make it

As the era covered by this profile closes, Tia is less anxious about being an impostor than she was at first. She has won enough battles to know that she isn’t a complete fake, and she has rejected enough dishonest offers that she feels she’s capable of upholding her lofty principles pretty far.

She also has Aric Jorgan to watch her back and fight with her. The Cathar is very efficient and very professional, and likes her style. He also considers her a bullheaded rookie (if a very talented one) without much finesse and isn’t surprised when she has “forgotten” something that was on the Academy curriculum.

Thus he regularly brings her up to speed with a “refresher”, to Tia’s relief.

As impostor’s syndrome (or rather the fact that she *is* an impostor) recedes, her big concern becomes more with dealing with the dire state of the Republic, as she has been propelled into being a minor player in that drama.

Like many other soldiers, officers, leaders, politicians, law enforcers, etc. she’d like to save the Republic without becoming part of the problem – but is that even possible ?

We can rebuild her

Among Tia’s issues is her status as a cyborg. It is quite a bother in her everyday life (for instance to take showers), there are always small bugs in her systems that degrade her quality of life, and she feels like a freak.

Prejudice against cyborgs is also common – “freak” is in fact how they are most often called behind their back. Her status as a supposed military heroine and her looks and armament normally prevent overt insults, but she knows that her odds of having a normal life are practically nil.


“In the name of the Galactic Republic, I order you to surrender !”

“I live to serve to Republic.”

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly

Tell me more about the game stats

The Republic Trooper

Dex: 04 Str: 03 Bod: 04 Motivation: Uphold Good
Int: 05 Wil: 03 Min: 04 Occupation: Special Forces trooper
Inf: 04 Aur: 04 Spi: 04 Resources {or Wealth}: 003
Init: 015 HP: 030

Acrobatics (Athletics): 04, Acrobatics (Evasion): 05, Artist (Actress): 03, Charisma (Intimidation): 02, Thief (Stealth, Security Systems): 04, Vehicles (Land speeders, Light spaceships): 03, Weaponry (Infantry weapons): 06

Bonuses and Limitations:
Artist (Actress) is Specialized (pretending to be a partially amnesiac Jaevna Shilo) – all other applications are thus +1CS to OV/RV.

Familiarity (Republic military equipment and protocols, Shoul rules and tactics, Basic electronic repairs, Simple explosives disposal, Computer power user), Headquarters (Confined – apartment on Coruscant), Iron Nerves, Lightning Reflexes, Local Hero (Havoc Squad operative), Rank (Sergeant for most of this era, Lieutenant as it closes), Schtick (Fast-Draw (Mini-grenade)).

Aric Jorgan (High), General Garza (Low).

Creepy Appearance (Cybernetic implants, plus usually her size and mighty martial makeup), Guilt, Dark Secret (True identity), MIA toward Upholding the Good, MPR (Cybernetics).


  • Command blaster carbine [BODY 02, Energy blast: 06, R#02].
  • OLDER HEAVY BODY ARMOUR [/BODY/ 03, Blunting: 04, Damage Capacity: 02, Skin armor: 01, Limitation: Blunting and damage capacity only apply vs. conventional blaster fire, Damage Capacity does not protect against Stun, Drawback: Real Armour].
  • Mini-grenades (x8) [BODY 01, EV 07 (Area of Effect 1 AP), Grenade Drawback].
  • Holocom [BODY 01, Radio communications: 15, Bonus: Radio communication is fully audiovisual, Misc.: includes full translation options for anybody addressing Jaevna, though it is limited to known organic and droid languages].
  • Blaster Pistol [BODY 02, Energy blast: 05, R#02]. Strictly a backup weapon.
  • PASSIVE JAMMER [BODY 01, Obscure: 02, Limitation: Obscure only vs. technological detection].
  • Small set of basic electronic and computer tools.

Design Notes

See our Star Wars Genre article for extensive discussion of SW stories in DCH.

By Sébastien Andrivet.

Source of Character: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG. Female Republic Trooper voiced by Jennifer Hale.

Writeup completed on the 13th of February, 2016.

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