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DC Heroes RPG – Character creation spreadsheet – Excel

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

I created an Excel 2007 spreadsheet for creating characters using the Blood of Heroes Special Edition rules and thought I would pass it along in case anyone was interested. It should be fairly self-explanatory but here is a quick run-through.

The file can be downloaded here – right click on the link.



  • Enter your Hero Point Base in the field provided. It defaults to 450. The value entered will change the point values the bonus points for background, etc.
  • Enter you Attributes and Wealth.
  • Select Powers from the drop-down box. Enter the rank (between 1 and 50).
  • Select or manually enter any limitations and then enter the combined factor cost decrease or increase. You can also select “Yes” from the drop-down box if you are linking or Mystic Linking the power. (The sheet does not check to make sure you have the rank set to the appropriate value for linking. You have to verify that yourself).
  • For Skills, select from the drop-down box. Then enter the rank (again, between 1-50). The “# of subskills” field will be populated for you. In the “# of subskills taken” cell select the number you have selected and then enter them manually in the next cell. You can select “Yes” for linking or Intensive training.
  • For Advantages and Drawbacks, simply select from the drop-down lists. Select “Yes” for Background, Description and Personality to receive the hero point bonuses.

I have also created a Gadget Builder on the second sheet. This works much like the character builder.

  • Select Attributes. Select “Yes” from the drop-down boxes if the Attributes will be italicized (can be substituted for your own). Select “Yes” for Hardened Defenses if applying it to the BODY.
  • Select a reliability # from the drop down box. This will adjust all factor costs.
  • Select whether or not the gadget can be taken away in combat.
  • Select Powers and Skills as per the character builder.
  • The Drawbacks available are for Ammo as well as miscellaneous values.
  • When you are done, you can enter the name of your gadget and the corresponding point cost in the Saved Gadget area. This will then transfer the name and point cost to the Advantage list on the character builder so you can select it and add it to the character.


By Erik.

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