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Unpublished writeups.org content


This is a repository for two kinds of resources that do not have stand alone pages on writeups.org.


A/ Untold tales from WORG’s crypts !

The archives of the DC Heroes discussion space go back to 1995-ish. Not every article is publishable on writeups.org, though.

A lot of this stuff was written in times of much laxer standards. A lot of it was simply discussions and ideas being pitched around without any intend to publish.

Many of the stats were just thrown together without specific research. They’re not necessarily wrong, but we can’t be sure. Some just have major issues with formatting and style – and there’s not time to fix ’em.’

Nevertheless, here’s a dump file for the unpublished material that might be of some interest for somebody somewhere.

However, there are important caveats :

  • The content is 99% DC Heroes-centric and includes writeups, Powers, rules, game conversion notes… This sort of things.
  • This is a low priority project. The document will be updated on a rare, haphazard basis. Like, once a decade.
  • The first release of the document ends with the words “UPDATE ONE BEGINS BELOW”. The second release has the same thing with UPDATE TWO, and so on and so forth. This way you can catch with updates at any point.
  • The date of last update is : Document last updated on the 2nd of September, 2012.
  • This is an unformatted raw text dump file. There’s no effort to apply any sort of formatting, since this sort of work is reserved to publishing entries.

Click here to view the .txt file. It can be downloaded with a right-click on the link as usual.


B/ The shadow files wot Verizon swore to destroy !

The community kept files on Yahoo! Groups. These usually were small resources that didn’t quite fit on WORG.

But in late 2019, Verizon decided to kill this storage space.

So we’re moving them here.

Like the rest, they are provided as-is.


Pulsar Games’ official Blood of Heroes: Special Edition addendum

This .pdf was originally distributed on their website, but it’s long since defunct. So here it is, mate.




Character creation spreadsheets & software

These have their own page, since folks always ask about such.


DCH character sheets

  • R.J. Anderson1973’s DC Heroes character sheet is a two-page .pdf document in the style of the 1980s Who’s Who in the DC Universe. You can switch between the different layers to change the colour of the background, text and boxes. It’s not form-fillable, though – it’s meant to be printed.
  • James C.’s .pdf character worksheet is used to computer character creation points when you create a PC or NPC.
  • James C.’s .pdf character sheet is a two-page model.
  • Ambrose’s .xls character sheet is a simple, basic model. One tab has Cap as an example, the other is blank.


Stuff from people’s campaigns

Here is a .doc version of the timeline for Hominid71’s campaign. I *think* that it is the same as the writeups.org version. But I don’t have time to check that the .doc version doesn’t have additional material.


DCH charts and tables

There’s a fair lot of those, so they have their own document to keep things organised.


Rules variants deluxe sets

  • Eric Langendorff’s compiled rules variants have been published on WORG (modular skills system for MEGS, Variant Powers for MEGS, Other variant rules for MEGS). But here’s a .zip package with everything, plus a character sheet and an example character.
  • Yell0w Lantern’s DCH 2.5 is sizeable, well laid-out pack of house rules and additional material for the second edition of DC Heroes. It goes in a completely different direction than writeups.org’s style, so that’s nice.
    It also comes with 1980s DC custom covers. I’m not sure why, but they look kinda cool so they’re in the .zip package. The main document is a .doc file.
  • Morgan Champion’s compilation has a lot of older material that is on writeups.org, but *also* original material in different styles. So here is a .doc file with the whole thing.
  • Bill Woodcock’s compilation proposes rules about damage, some Powers, and Skills in general. They come as a .pdf file.


Rules stuff writeups.org ruthlessly censored in a totalitarian manner

Proposed material that the community doesn’t quite agree with and/or is too small to become a stand-alone article.

  • Chris D’s take on human maximum scores in MEGS. This is a .doc file.
  • Two Powers by Jeremyj621. Whereas we usually break down abilities into basic Power, this goes the other way. So if you prefer the “packaged Power” approach, it does that in a .doc file with a Web-Shooting Power and a Reality Alteration power.
  • A fully laid-out writeup of the Cyberconnection Power by Ygor Morais, as a .pdf file. Think 1990s cyberpunk RPGs cyberspace.
  • Very niche rules by Mike about large-scale searches (presumably using Superspeed). It is a .pdf document.
  • A version of the Recall Power by Mike, presented as a small .pdf document.
  • There was a DCH article about hyperspace travel on the long, long since defunct Fantasy Geographic Society website. Here’s a backup – a .doc file.


Systems conversions

Ambrose once dropped two rough charts about DC Heroes RPG and the classic Marvel Super-Hero Role-Playing Game from TSR. I’d happily turn it into an article but it’s a .doc file, and I just don’t have time to work with that.

Still, here’s a .pdf version.


Dice roller executable

This small .exe by Inviskid has been around since at least 2004, for when physical dice are inconvenient.


Character profiles


Contenu francophone

Ça boume les aminches ? Ha ha, et oué c’est le vrai franchouille de Ménilmuche qu’on va causer maintenant avec mézigues, bin tiens Lucien. Ça roule Raoul !

All the documents, uploaded by David M., are provided as a .zip package. Within are .doc and .xls files.



If I understand right, Deckromancy was an app to make your own virtual trading cards. I’m not sure, since apparently it disappeared years ago – this material is from 2012.

It was done by easttboy, “using the original color scheme with attribute box on front. Trading card sized”. It is a .skin file.

By Various Artists.