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Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

Untold tales of WORG !

The archives of the DC Heroes discussion space go back to something 1995-ish, and there were writeups since about day one. Not everything is publishable on writeups.org, though.

A lot of this stuff was written in times of much laxer standards. A lot of it was simply discussions and ideas being pitched around without any intend to publish.


Many of the stats are just thrown together without specific research – they’re not necessarily wrong but we can’t be sure. Some just have lots of issues with formatting and style and the webmaster never had the time to hammer them into shape.

Since many of us have a ’never destroy information’ ethos, here’s a dump file for the unpublished material that might be of some interest for somebody somewhere.

However, there are important caveats :

  • The content is 99% DC Heroes-centric and includes writeups, Powers, rules, game conversion notes — this sort of things.
  • This is a very low priority project and the document will be updated on a rare, haphazard basis.
  • The first release of the document ends with the words “UPDATE ONE BEGINS BELOW”. The second release has the same thing with UPDATE TWO, and so on and so forth. This way you can catch with updates at any point.
  • The date of last update is : Document last updated on the 2nd of September, 2012.
  • This is an unformatted raw text dump file. There’s no effort to apply any sort of formatting, since this sort of work is reserved to publishing entries.
  • Individual contributors may or may not like something and decide to use it as the base for a publishable article.

Click here to view the .txt file. It can be downloaded with a right-click on the link as usual.


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