Saturn Girl (Classic DC Comics)

Saturn Girl

(Profile #2 - Classic LSH)


Saturn Girl is a core character from DC Comics’ Legion of Super-Heroes comic books, which started in 1958.

This profile focuses on her 1970s and 1980s appearances, especially as depicted by Paul Levitz. It directly follows the Saturn Girl (Silver Age) profile. Which you should thus read first.

Geoff Johns’ take on the character in such storylines as Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes and Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds is mostly identical to this version. As is the version of Saturn Girl appearing in the current (as of 2011-2012) LSH series by Paul Levitz. But for now, this profile does not cover these post-2000 appearances.

For Saturn Girl of Earth-247, aka the reboot or post-Zero Hour Saturn Girl, check out Danielle Mendus’s profile.



  • Real Name: Imra Ardeen Ranzz.
  • Other Aliases: Saturn Girl.
  • Marital Status: Married.
  • Known Relatives: Garth Ranzz (husband, see Lightning Lad), Graym and Validus/Garridan Ranzz (twin sons, see Validus), unnamed parents on Titan, Imra Ardeen (aunt), Ayla Ranzz (sister-in-law, see Lightning Lass), Mekt Ranzz (brother-in-law, see Lightning Lord).
  • Group Affiliation: Legion of Super-Heroes, Legion Reserve.
  • Base Of Operations: 30th century Metropolis, Earth.
  • Height: 5’7” Weight: 130 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde

Powers and Abilities

Saturn Girl is one of the most powerful telepaths ever born on Titan. She can send and receive thoughts (in DC Heroes RPG terms, Telepathy), perceive surface thoughts and emotions (Empathy), and probe for deep or hidden memories (Mind Probe).

Imra can seek out specific minds, or “listen” for mental activity to see if living minds are present (Life Sense). She can also telepathically transcend language barriers, even with alien beings (Comprehend Languages).


Imra’s thought casting allows her to plant suggestions or commands in the minds of humans, aliens, animals, and even sufficiently advanced androids or robots (Hypnotism, Animal Summoning and Animal Control). She’s also able to transfer memories from one person to another, implanting information which surface at need, useful for Legionnaires engaged in undercover work.

She is able to resist outside mental influences and hide her thoughts from prying by other telepaths (Iron Will, Mind Blank), and she has used her telepathy to free persons from the mental control of others (Exorcism). She can also use her telepathy to directly attack other minds (Mind Blast).

Other assets

Saturn Girl completed the Legion’s personal combat courses with distinction (DEX, Martial Arts). She is well-versed in the use of Legion vehicles and equipment (Vehicles/Space). From time to time she has augmented her physical abilities by making use of blaster pistols and the like (Weaponry/Firearms).

Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) physically fights a Khund

She is also highly intelligent and a skilled scientist (INT, Scientist, Gadgetry). Imra created Serum XY-4, which gives Daxamites temporary resistance to lead poisoning. This serum served as the basis for Brainiac 5’s later, longer-lasting antidote (Stroke of Genius).

As a Legionnaire, Saturn Girl uses the standard LSH equipment. She flies with her Legion Flight Ring, and can survive in space or other hostile environments wearing her Transuit. She wears a Telepathic Earplug for its Radio Communication, but tends to rely mostly on her own powers.


(Continued from the Saturn Girl (Silver Age) writeup.)

Although the Legion Constitution did not allow married members, Garth and Imra couldn’t deny their feelings forever. After several years they wed and resigned from active membership. They didn’t go far, however.

Their honeymoon was interrupted as they helped the Legion defeat the Time Trapper. It was interrupted again when the Khunds invaded the United Planets during the Earthwar. The Khund attack was at the instigation of Mordru, the evil wizard who is perhaps the Legion’s greatest foe.

Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) mind-probes a Khund

For a short time, Mordru conquered Earth and captured nearly every active Legionnaire. Garth and Imra donned their costumes again and returned to the fight, and were instrumental in Mordru’s defeat. In the aftermath the Legion revised its policy on marriage, and Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl resumed their active membership.

The couple took another leave of absence during and immediately after Imra’s pregnancy. After Graym was born, they chose to retire to raise him, though they were granted (along with fellow founder Cosmic Boy) the status of Special Advisors to the team.


They were not allowed to remain peacefully retired long, as the Time Trapper kidnapped Graym. Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad, along with Cosmic Boy, managed to recover him.

Garth happily took on the role of father, though as a Winathian from a planet of twins, he worried a little about Graym being a “singleton” like his insane uncle Mekt (aka Lightning Lord). Unknown to the Ranzzes, Graym actually was a twin.

The other child had been mystically stolen at birth by Darkseid and transported back in time. He was then transformed into the monstrous creature Validus, to menace his parents and their teammates before he’d ever been born. Darkseid’s machinations were eventually revealed, and he restored him to human form. Validus is now back home with his family.


Months later, the Ranzz family’s peaceful life was interrupted again, this time by Universo. Through hypnotic and chemical means, Universo enslaved Earth and all its people, including the entire membership of the LSH. Only one Legionnaire succeeded in breaking free of his control without help – Saturn Girl.

After defeating Universo and saving Earth single-handedly, Imra decided that the Legion was still where she truly belonged, and she resumed her active membership. Garth remained a Reservist and the primary caregiver for their children.


Saturn Girl is a pretty woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She favors pink or red colors. She most often has an expression of calm resolve on her face, giving little outward sign of her emotions.

Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) takes control of Tharok


Imra is extremely intelligent and observant, and a highly formidable personality. Her greatest strengths are her tremendous willpower and courage, an unshakable resolve, and an often hidden but very real compassion.

Ice queen

Saturn Girl is thought of as the “Ice Queen” by several of her teammates for her extraordinary self-control. Some have even thought her callous. This rather imposing exterior is mostly the result of the constant mental barriers she maintains.

Her mind is sensitive enough that she must work to keep others’ thoughts from intruding. Imra was taught a very strong sense of ethics when it comes to the right of privacy and self-determination.

Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) erases Superboy's memories

Still, her power makes her very sensitive to the emotions of others, and Legionnaires who are grieving or lonely are likely to find the “Ice Queen” quietly offering understanding, sympathy, and support. In any case, marriage and motherhood have “thawed” her a bit, freeing her to show her true feelings more.

According to her teachers on Titan she has finally learned “the lesson of self,” no longer believing that showing her emotions is always a weakness. Indeed, her love for Garth Ranzz, and now for her children, is the one thing in the world that might be greater than her dedication to the Legion.


During the early years of the LSH, Imra found that the pressures of super-heroing made abuse of her powers very tempting. The most egregious abuse was when she telepathically manipulated the team into electing her as Leader. Even though she did this to save lives at the risk of her own, she’s apparently recognized that this erosion of her principles was dangerous.

Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) takes out Lightning Lord

Following this she swore an oath never to use her powers to pry into the minds of her teammates. She takes this vow very seriously, to the point where she has felt some guilt over entering a teammate’s mind without permission even when her intent was to free that teammate from someone else’s mental control.

Imra has violated this principle when she felt the circumstances warranted it, but never lightly or without some guilt. GMs should not give the roleplaying award to a player who abuses Imra’s telepathy indiscriminately. Abuse of her powers might also anger her teammates (or the PCs).

Other traits

Saturn Girl’s dedication to the Legion is nearly unrivalled, and she is responsible for many of its greatest moments. She was a founding member, one of those who recruited the legendary Superboy and Supergirl into the team, the second team leader, and the only leader to serve two consecutive terms. She has twice faced down Darkseid, who seems to respect her.

The other Legionnaires trust her to such an extent that they twice awarded Legion membership to mystery heroes, true identities and powers unknown, simply on her recommendation. Her courage and calm in any situation are unmatched. Sometimes, though, Imra’s sense of responsibility to her teammates has driven her to keep secrets.

She sometimes keeps troubling knowledge to herself, and has been known to put herself in harm’s way to try and spare the team by dealing with danger on her own.


“By the rings !”

Referring to Chemical King’s death: “The Legion will bring his killer to justice. The Legion must bring his killer to justice…no one else !”

“No, Garth, I can’t ! You know how I feel about you, but marriage means leaving the Legion, and I can’t do that. The Legion is my life.”

Lightning Lad: “It’s not fair, is it, Imra ? All those years of waiting, standing by the Legion. Then we grab our chance, and get this.”
Saturn Girl: “No, it’s not fair. But it is our duty to fight for our adopted world. And after all those years of doing our duty, we couldn’t live with ourselves if we tried to hide from it now ! So for the moment I have to forget that I am Mrs. Garth Ranzz, and become Saturn Girl once more.”

Saturn Girl: “Garth, my love, you know what we have to do. Our powers alone are not enough to make the difference.”
Cosmic Boy: “Maybe no one’s powers are enough, Saturn Girl… but we’re a team, ever since the day the three of us met.”
Lightning Lad: “You’re right, both of you. And it’s time we called the whole team in.”

Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) telepathically detects an ambush

“Can’t you feel it, Darkseid… can’t you feel yourself losing ? All your power, and you can’t even defeat us. This is no longer the universe you knew, monster, and it is beyond your power !”

“It was clear as an ice sculpture in that moron’s mind.”

Saturn Girl: “Graym, come back to Mommy. Don’t go so far away.”
Lightning Lad: “What would the Legionnaires say if they saw you being so maternal and loving, Imra ? You’d destroy your carefully crafted reputation in a minute.”

“DARKSEID !! I’ve touched Validus’ mind… I saw the truth ! I don’t know how you stole him… took him without my even knowing he’d been born ! But you had no right to do this ! We’ll find you, wherever you’re hiding… make you change Validus back to normal ! You’re going to give me back my son, Darkseid… please…”

“Thank you, Darkseid. I’m still not sure I understand who you are, or what you are…much less why you chose to do what you did, giving me back my sons. You once said that darkness cannot surrender, that it’s always with us, always on the fringe of the dawn. I understand that… now. You warned that the instant we gazed at it in fear, our time would come. I understood you then, perfectly. I’ve never been afraid of the darkness… not for an instant. Not even now. You have my thanks for your mercy. Even my respect, much as that hurts me to admit. But I’m not afraid of you, not afraid of the darkness, and I never will be. Never.”

Universo: “Now we are face to face. And you will feel my strength… pouring over you… swamping your puny will… and you will call me Master. Say it. My will is your will. Say it, woman.”
Saturn Girl: “GO TO HELL. My mind’s my power too, Universo, and I spent years learning how to use it ! There’s not a man, woman, or monster alive I won’t hold my own against… and you’re not even a monster.”

DC Universe History

The LSH has existed in several different incarnations since it was created in 1958. The original timeline lasted until the Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985, then (with modifications) persisted a few more years into the Post-Crisis era. A new, more heavily modified timeline (the Keith Giffen/Tom & Mary Bierbaum version) was published from 1989 until Zero Hour.

The post-Zero Hour period brought a completely new timeline, which during Infinite Crisis was identified as the Legion of Earth-247. (See Danielle’s post-Zero Hour write-ups.) Mark Waid and Barry Kitson started another, newer LSH several years ago, generally referred to as the “Threeboot Legion” (third reboot).

Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) takes out a guard

And in the wake of Infinite Crisis Geoff Johns wrote stories featuring a new Legion closely inspired by the original Pre-Crisis Legion, which Paul Levitz has begun writing again. (I’ll refrain from pointing out how Johns’ re-insertion of the Legion into Superman’s back-story parallels suggestions from the DCH Mailing List.)

This is apparently intended to be the “original” Legion, though there are a few anomalies that haven’t been explained.


It doesn’t matter which version of the Legion you use, though, or if you create your own version for a Campaign setting. Saturn Girl’s role in every timeline is almost always the same, Legion founder, leader, as dedicated and formidable as they come.

She’s almost as essential to the LSH as Captain America is to the Avengers. If you use the Legion, she should be in your campaign.

Beyond that, Imra is easy to drop in just about anywhere, regardless of continuity. Given her one-time desire to enter the Science Police, she could easily be found as leader of an elite unit of the Science Police, the L.E.G.I.O.N., or just about any law-enforcement, intelligence, or diplomatic organization.

Marvel Universe History

The Shi’ar Imperial Guard were originally a direct homage to the Legion of Super-Heroes, with Saturn Girl’s counterpart being Oracle. I really don’t see porting Saturn Girl into the Marvel Universe’s 30th or 31st centuries.

I suppose you could make her a member of the original Guardians of the Galaxy if you wanted, but to me she wouldn’t work as a recent recruit. She’d have to be a founding member to retain her mystique and inspirational nature. That would require rewriting large swathes of the Guardians’ history.

Like the other Guardians, she could be the last survivor of a Terran colony (Titan, obviously), but that element of tragedy would have to change Saturn Girl’s personality.

Another route is to bring some MU elements into the DCU as part of Saturn Girl’s background. An LSH/Sovereign Seven crossover in the post-Zero Hour timeline suggested that a galaxy-wide fear of telepaths in the 31st century was due to the actions of Network in the 20th or 21st century.

As a result of her supposed actions, telepaths were required to wear the Saturn symbol at all times to warn people that a telepath was present.

Shades of Grey

Since Network’s precise role in this was undefined and possibly still in her future, you could convincingly replace Network with the Phoenix. Phoenix’s power, uncontrolled nature, and affinity for telepaths might well lead the MU’s general prejudice against mutants to gradually attach specifically to telepaths.

Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) angry face closeup

Eventually, a group of mutant telepaths would decide to leave Earth to escape persecution. This group would be invited to re-settle Titan by the remnants of the Eternals of Titan. That society is mostly wiped out by Thanos a few times, but they have a ready-made home terra-formed environment, room for extra folks, and are comfortable with telepathy.

That leads to mention of Moondragon, who I suppose could also replace Network as the reason that telepaths are held in bad repute.


I’m leery of making every 30th century character a direct descendant of a 20th century hero or villain, but list members have suggested that Saturn Girl might well be descended from prominent MU telepaths, like Charles Xavier or Jean Grey.

If you go this route, I admit that it’s tempting to connect her to Emma Frost, considering Imra’s “Ice Queen” reputation. Psylocke is another possibility. Psylocke, Frost, and (before he lost his hair) Xavier are all blonde telepaths and could easily be lurking in Imra’s background.

Given a thousand years for a small colony of telepaths to interbreed, ALL of them could be her ancestors.

If you want to use a Saturn Girl-inspired character in the 21st century Marvel Universe, another approach would be to have her as an agent of SHIELD, in their psi division. This would fit well with her Science Police Background.

Misc. Universe History

Imra is easy to drop in just about anywhere, regardless of continuity. Given her one-time desire to enter the Science Police, she could easily be found as leader of an elite unit of the SPs, the Interstellar Counter-Intelligence Corps, the L.E.G.I.O.N., or just about any law-enforcement, intelligence, or diplomatic organization.

A slightly toned-down version of her would make an interesting agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Esper division.

Misc. Universe History

I’ve incorporated aspects of Star Trek into my Legion campaigns, mostly by ignoring the official ST timeline and deciding that ST: TNG is set in the 30th century, not the 24th. (This makes the technology fit better, among other things.)

Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) punches Universo

In general, I have TNG take place before the founding of the LSH, so that the Legion doesn’t exist yet during things like the Borg attack on Earth, or wars with the Klingons (Khunds) and the Dominion (from DS9). The DCU’s Dominion fought a war with Earth and the United Planets in the years prior to the Legion’s founding, so it mostly works out.

In Saturn Girl’s case, her initial career goal could have been to join Starfleet instead of the Science Police. Titan would of course replace Betazed. Conveniently, in some timelines Titan has a hereditary nobility (see the Saturn Queen writeup), so Lwaxana and Deanna Troi can still be daughters of the Fifth House, Holders of the Sacred Chalice of Riix, and Heirs to the Holy Rings of Saturn (or Titan).

If you’re amalgamating in the other direction, pulling Imra into a mostly Star Trek universe, then she’s a very powerful and gifted Betazoid like Tam Elbrun. Unlike him, she’s mostly managed to get her powers under control and has joined Starfleet as a science or command officer of some kind.

Again, her SP background makes this a natural fit. Her rigid control contrasts starkly with Elbrun’s near hysteria, and might make her an interesting foil for both Riker and Troi.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

Saturn Girl

Dex: 06 Str: 03 Bod: 06 Motivation: Upholding the Good
Int: 09 Wil: 14 Min: 11 Occupation: Legionnaire
Inf: 07 Aur: 06 Spi: 09 Resources {or Wealth}: 007
Init: 024 HP: 100

Comprehend Languages: 12, Detect (Telepathic disturbances): 10, Empathy: 10, Exorcism: 10, Hypnotism: 12, Iron Will: 08, Life Sense: 11, Mind Blast: 07, Mind Blank: 05, Mind Probe: 09, Telepathy: 27

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • All Powers are Derived from Telepathy (-1 each).
  • Comprehend Languages is with living minds only (-1). She can understand living aliens, not alien writing or even alien audio.
  • Detect functions in non-standard ways ; see the special section “Big Sister ?” for details. The total modifications to Factor Cost leave Detect at +11.
  • Hypnotism can affect sufficiently advanced android and robot brains (GM Discretion, +1).
  • Iron Will helps resist mind control, as per normal, but if Saturn Girl does get controlled, Iron Will also helps her break free. This is true even if she never activated the power consciously (+3). APs of Iron Will are added to her AV and EV when trying to break the effects of Control and similar powers.
  • When Saturn Girl activates Mind Blank, she is unable to use any other power except Iron Will (-1).
  • Mind Probe suffers a -1 CS penalty to AV/EV when probing a victim of another’s Hypnotism or Control (-5 HPs to Base Cost).

Gadgetry: 06, Martial Artist: 05, Scientist: 06, Vehicles (Space): 04, Weaponry (Firearms): 04

Confined HQ (apartment in Metropolis), Credentials (Science Police-High), Iron Nerves, Leadership, Popularity, Rich Friend (R.J. Brande), Stroke of Genius (Serum XY-4).

Legion of Super-Heroes (High), Lightning Lad (High), Cosmic Boy (High), Element Lad (High), Mon-El (High), Superboy (High), Legion Reserve (High), Science Police (High), R.J. Brande (High), Titan Academy for Psychics (High), UP Government (Low), Heroes of Lallor (Low), Wanderers (Low).

Dependents (Graym and Validus/Garridan, sons; Graym is born late in the period covered by this writeup, and Garridan’s true identity isn’t known until even later), Public Identity.

LSH Flight Ring, TRANSUIT, and Telepathic Earplug. See the Legion Equipment write-up for details.

New Titan

Imra’s powers have changed in subtle ways since the Silver Age. Mostly she has put her Hero Points into advancing her Attributes, especially increasing her Mind and Spirit. She’s improved her Mental RV further by enhancing her Iron Will.

As a result, Saturn Girl’s tougher than before, less vulnerable to mental control, and she almost never bothers with Mind Blank anymore. Her new mental strength means she rarely has to “close her mind”, as the risk of her thoughts being tapped against her will is all but gone.

While Imra is tougher than before, her Hypnotism in this period seems to drop some from its early heights. She also uses it more and more circumspectly over time.

She now generally uses Hypnotism to calm panicking bystanders or to make a villain reduce the power or accuracy of attacks. She rarely tries to win a fight via Hypnotism, and she does not plant long-term or hidden suggestions without consent.

It seems likely that Saturn Girl’s decreased abilities in mind control go hand in hand with her own greater resistance to mental prying or assault. She is much more reluctant than before to manipulate others’ minds.


Her ethical objections to using her powers on her teammates are much stiffer than in the Silver Age. While she’d always said she’d never use her powers on a teammate without consent, in practice she’d bent this rule any number of times.

Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad (DC Comics) marriage ceremony 1978

By the 1970s, she’s generally only using her powers on a teammate with the consent of the rest of the Legion, as when she tries to protect Superboy from hurtful future knowledge after he learns about his adoptive parents’ deaths.

Her mental suggestion that he not visit the future any longer has unforeseen consequences, and she eventually removes it. After that point, Imra feels guilty even using Exorcism to free a fellow Legionnaire from someone else’s Control, because she’s touching that Legionnaire’s mind without permission.

During this period her former hypnotic control over animals has seemingly disappeared. This is only commented on once in-story. During the Magic Wars it falls to Tellus to use Animal Control on a creature while Saturn Girl concentrates on crowd control. Tellus opines that this may be easier for him because he is a non-human telepath, used to using his powers on alien beings.

Given that the teenaged Saturn Girl could do this easily, I personally doubt Tellus’ theory is correct. My No-Prize explanation is that Saturn Girl’s behavior reflects a simple lack of practice combined with her increased reluctance to impose her mind on others.

Logically, Saturn Girl should still be capable of Animal Control and Animal Summoning (at 8-10 APs, perhaps?), but as she doesn’t demonstrate the ability this is purely speculation and such powers should considered Catastrophically Marginal.


With the decreased use of Hypnotism, once her primary weapon, Saturn Girl has had to develop some new offensive tactics. She has excelled in the Legion’s personal combat training, becoming a formidable hand-to-hand fighter.

She’s also developed a Mind Blast, which gives her a ranged attack to replace her Hypnotism, though it’s not particularly powerful. She may use it on already weakened opponents (that is, opponents who’ve already expended their HPs and have nothing left for Last Ditch Defense) to KO them.

At one point she uses her telepathy to numb an opponent’s optical lobes, blinding him. Since she only does this once, you can assume it’s a Trick Shot using her Mind Blast, or perhaps a Power Trick mimicking Sensory Block or even Flash.

Saturn Girl is now often a support player, relaying information and coordinating attacks. On the rare occasions that she’s on her own or the situation is really dire, though, she’s still able to perform as well as any Legionnaire. If she really needs to be effective, she’ll use Telepathy to initiate mental combat, at which she excels (though it opens her to counterattack, as the Time Trapper once demonstrated).

These changes appear gradually and aren’t fully in effect until around the time that Imra gets married. Early in the period covered by this writeup, Esper Lass’s Mind Blasts completely overpowered Saturn Girl. This incident likely prompted some of Imra’s drive to increase her resilience.

1970s-era Saturn Girl likely has one or two fewer APs here and there, in BODY, MIND, SPIRIT, WILL, Martial Arts, etc. She probably begins this period with around 80 HPs. By the Great Darkness Saga she has 90-100, and never really drops below that level. Certainly during the Universo Project she easily has the full 100 HPs listed above.

Big Sister ?

Just as her mind control powers are downplayed in this period, Saturn Girl also doesn’t seem to possess Danger Sense any more.

This reflects changes in the way super-hero stories were plotted. Using Saturn Girl’s telepathy to “accidentally” kickstart the story is no longer sophisticated enough, so the writers generally don’t do it. Perhaps her stiffer mental barriers (higher Mind and Iron Will) work both ways, making her less likely than she was to catch flashes of others’ thoughts without trying.

Imra is still likely to pick up telepathic distress calls. She felt it when Mentalla was killed by the Emerald Empress, for example, despite not knowing her well (if at all) and being in a different solar system. This sensitivity is modeled with Detect, which should be activated automatically by the GM in appropriate circumstances (+1).

Saturn Girl is likely to pick up the distress cries of millions of minds all feeling fear (in the case of a planetary disaster), or the disturbances of a single powerful mind, i.e. other telepaths. Her Range for this is an incredible 58 APs (Range increased by 48 APs, +12 FC).

Stop thinkin’ about tomorrow

For a time Saturn Girl had blocks in Superboy’s mind that would erase sensitive future information whenever he went to the past, but then return it to his conscious mind whenever he came back to the Legion’s time.

After he learned about the death of his parents, she erased that memory entirely, with his consent. She’s also implanted memories in another Legionnaire’s mind, almost a Mind Probe in reverse, to help those Legionnaires in undercover operations.

If you’re unsure, note that Saturn Girl does these feats with Hypnotism, which allows her to alter or erase people’s memories. Some list members interpret Hypnotism differently, but in Saturn Girl’s case, this is something she can definitely do.


On the subject of differing interpretations on the DCH Mailing List, there was disagreement as to whether Saturn Girl needed Comprehend Languages.

Some list members believe that Telepathy should automatically transcend language barriers, since this is a staple of much classic science fiction.

On the other hand, some fiction has characters blocking mind probes by thinking in a foreign tongue. For maximum clarity, I’ve chosen to include Comprehend Languages in the writeup.

By Chris Cottingham.

Source of Character: DCU (Legion of Super-Heroes).

Helper(s): John Colagioia, Dr. Peter S Piispanen, Pufnstuff, Roy Cowan, and Frank Murdock; Mayfair’s Legion Sourcebook v.1; the apparently defunct .