Saturn Girl (rebooted version) over a white background (LSH / DC Comics)

Saturn Girl

(Post-Reboot version)


Saturn Girl is one of the founding, core members of DC Comics’ far-future Legion of Super-Heroes.

This profile is about the rebooted Legion continuity, that started in 1994. It was written but a few years after said reboot. The original, 1958-1994 version of the character lives in another castle.


  • Real Name: Imra Ardeen.
  • Known Relatives: Jancel Ardeen (sister), Sydne Ardeen (mother), Bertor Ardeen(father), Garth Ranzz (fiancé).
  • Base Of Operations: Metropolis, Earth.
  • Group Affiliation: LSH.
  • Home Planet: Titan.


Powers and Abilities

Imra is a 10th level, Alpha Class psychic. So great are her powers, however, that she had to have a psychic block installed at a young age, lest her powers alienate her from her peers and grow out of control.


Any world on which the inhabitants can read one’s thoughts is likely to be distrusted by the inhabitants of others. Titan had just recently completed a war against Braal and signed a peace treaty joining the United Planets, one condition of which was that every Titanian wear a badge shaped like the planet Saturn when traveling off-world.

Into this world was born Imra Ardeen, whose mind was the most powerful seen on Titan in decades. She was trained by the best teachers, and was allowed to join the Science Police. On the way to Earth to fulfill this dream, she “overheard” the thoughts of two assassins gunning for Stargate magnate R.J. Brande, and got two boys, Garth Ranzz and Rokk Krinn to stop them.

She then reported to her job at Science Police headquarters, but found herself at the bottom of the ladder for assignments. Her discontent as this turn of events led to her accepting Brande’s offer to join his new Legion of Super-Heroes as Saturn Girl.



Imra was extremely valuable to the team, but her one liability was that her mind was perhaps too sensitive. Strong, sudden thoughts caught her by surprise, and evil minds were unbearable to enter. Her worst moment was when she was asked to enter the mind of Chameleon to try and establish a communications link, but found his Durlan mind too alien to stand for a long period of time.

After this, she found that her courage was in question. Imra felt pressured to prove herself by shutting down the mind of the similarly alien Composite Man, an act which drove her mad.

Saturn Girl spent time in the hospital with no improvement, despite the attempts of her instructor from the Titan Institute. She was brought back to reality by Garth Ranzz, Live Wire, who was in love with her and for whom she had developed some attraction as well.


She helped defeat the White Triangle Daxamite attack, and since then has discovered that her time insane had caused her mind to develop a greater resistance of foreign thoughts.

This proved handy when she managed to detect the intrusion of the spectral Apparition on her mind’s space. This happened while she and the rest of the Legionnaires were under the spell of the Emerald Eye of Ekron. Her mental strength allowed her to break free and stay free of it, rallying some of the others to her cause.

However, she was blown backward through time to the twentieth century when Violet gave the Eye a command to turn back time.

While stranded there, she became romantically involved with Cosmic Boy. Imra also gained greater self-awareness, thanks to encounters with Network and Doctor Psycho. She was able to bring Cosmic Boy out of a coma that Doctor Psycho had placed him in. Afterward, the two of them became engaged to marry.

However, on their wedding day, a shocking discovery was made. Saturn Girl had actually unconsciously used her telepathic powers to animate his body. That was due to a deep-rooted need for structure in her life, a fact that came to light when her mind rebelled against the marriage due to her true love for Live Wire.

Back to the future

After she returned to the 30th century, she confronted Aven over the mental blocks that he had placed in her mind which were destroyed by Doctor Psycho. While swearing that he had done it for her own good, he promised to be more open about his involvement in her development. She has also begun to actively cultivate her romance with Live Wire.

More, recently, she accepted the position of Legion leader when Invisible Kid resigned it.


Imra is a very pretty blonde woman with a pink and white uniform. Being a psychic, she displays her yellow Saturn symbol on whatever she wears.


Saturn Girl backs up Cosmic Boy as the emotional backbone of the team. Being telepathic, she is more sensitive to the teams emotions, and often provides “therapy” to her teammates.

Saturn Girl initially came off as aloof, but has since mellowed.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Saturn Girl

Dex: 06 Str: 03 Bod: 04 Motivation: Upholding the Good
Int: 09 Wil: 10 Min: 12 Occupation: Legionnaire/Former SP Cadet
Inf: 04 Aur: 04 Spi: 08 Resources {or Wealth}: 005
Init: 021 HP: 070

Hypnotism: 14, Iron Will: 05, Life Sense: 05, Mind Blast: 07, Mind Probe: 15, Mind Shield: 06, Telepathy: 15

Martial Artist: 06, Scientist: 09, Vehicles (Space Craft): 06

Iron Nerves.

Micah Aven (High), Science Police (Low).

Miscellaneous (Mental Block, see below).

Still Imra from the block

Saturn Girl’s current powers are muted, thanks to a psychic block, [Mind 06], installed by her mentor, Micah Aven. Should the block be removed, each power and her Will increase by +2 APs and can be unconsciously activated.

To remove the block, a Mental Attack may be made against an OV/RV equal to Saturn Girl’s Int/06. This attack suffers a +1 CS Trick Shot to the OV/RV, modified by +1 CS if the attacker is not in Mental Contact with Saturn Girl and +1 CS if Saturn Girl is consciously aware the attack is being made.

By Danielle Mendus.

Source of Character: Legion of Super-Heroes (DCU).