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Scarlet Mask (Boris Karloff comics)

Scarlet Mask

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game
  • Let us be clear — I have no idea why there is an issue of Boris Karloff’s Tales of Mystery in that pile of comics, though it most probably is a filing mistake. But, well, as long as it is around…


When Professor Faber, an archaeologist, came back from Africa with a large collection of masks, he cautiously put one aside — a striking, bright scarlet full-sized wooden head. There were excellent reasons for such caution, but none of them were known to his son Ken Farber, an excitable young fellow who was showing the finds to his friend Stuart Markham.

Ken jokingly put on the mask, not knowing this artefact was used by desert dwellers to make their warriors more ferocious. Soon, he was rampaging, yelling around, and throwing and smashing stuff with extraordinary strength, with Stuart trying to stop him.

Stuart managed to call Professor Faber, but Ken smashed the telephone to bits before the professor could tell Stuart that the only way to remove the mask was to douse it in what was most precious for desert dwellers — water.

Thankfully, Ken then charged a poolside party, and during the struggle he and Stuart fell into the pool. Ken came to his senses holding the mask, having no idea what happened.

Then Boris Karloff came in and said “I think the boys will be more careful in the future, don’t you ?” Ah ah, that Boris, what a kidder.


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SCARLET MASK [BODY 06 /STR/ 05 /BODY/ 05, Cling: 06, CIA toward acting like a rampaging savage, SIA toward following the *first* order heard after putting the mask on. Limitations: Cling only to adhere to the wearer ; Cling is instantly broken by a bucketful of water, and lesser amounts of water will likely proportionally reduce the APs of Cling.]

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By Sébastien Andrivet

Source of Character: Boris Karloff’s Tales of Mystery #48 (Gold Key, July 1973)

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