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B.A.D. Girls

A semi-ethical (okay, ⅓ ethical?) mercenary trio in the Marvel Universe during the 1990s and 2000s. Black Mamba, Asp, and Diamondback — so that spells B.A.D. see?

Delphyne Gorgon

A young and redoubtable Amazon and Gorgon officer. She’s cool, in more ways than one.

Delphyne primarily appeared in Marvel’s Hercules and Amadeus Cho stories.

And yes, she looks awesome.


(Joanie Eaton)

S.H.I.E.L.D. bare-handed fighting expert agent.

As of October of 2020, we decided to buff this profile with M&M stats to make it punchier.

Steel 8162

(Shonin Ikeda)

From Marvel Comics UK’s old Dragon’s Claws comics.

Far future samurai strongman.

As of August of 2020, this profile has received its folded-over-a-thousand-times-on-the-forge Mutants & Masterminds stats.

Colleen Wing

(Part #1 - the 1970s)

Colleen Wing as she appeared in Iron Fist stories during the 1970s. P.I., martial artist, samurai.

As of July of 2018, this profile was entirely redone at long, long last.

As of June of 2020, added Mutants & Masterminds stats since her BFF just received her own.


A good guy (more or less) zombie gunman who never misses. From the atmospheric Nocturnals comics.

As of June of 2019, this profile was entirely redone and sewed back together.