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Power Level

Power Level
  • Street-level (3060)
  • Mid-level (2824)


  • Character (Heroic) (2471)
  • Character (Villainous) (2056)

Game Systems

Game Systems
  • MnM 3rd edition/DC Adventures (516)
  • DC Heroes/BoH (94)


A cheesy 1983 character who can summon stuff from arcade video games. Like, Pac Man or Space Invaders. Yes, really.


(Riri Williams) (Bendis take (2016-2018), part 1)

Super-genius Riri Williams during her early career, as she becomes the armoured Ironheart because Tony Stark painted himself into a corner *again*. As of October of 2020, this two-parter has been reviewed, then updated to bring it to a more sensible ending point (switch to a new armour, and Eve...

Digit 8162

(Dragon's Claws)

Dragon’s Claws operative. Computer-enhanced brain.

As of July of 2020, this entry got a review and received M&M game stats.


(Barbara Gordon) (Burnside era 2015/2016)

This profile is about a *specific* version of Batgirl (Barbara Gordon). Namely, the popular “Batgirl of Burnside” era in 2015/16.

It was pretty cool.


(Frankie Charles)

Frankie as she appeared during the “Batgirl of Burnside” era. From supporting cast to (fleetingly) inheritor of the Oracle mantle and back to supporting cast again.

Talented computer security expert with an interest in super-heroics.

Iron Man (Tony Stark)

(Profile #1 - 1963-64)

We’re now upgrading our Iron Man (Tony Stark) character profiles. This is the first in a chronological series, and will cover the 1960s. Right now it covers 1963-64 due to time constraints.


(DC Tangent version)

This is the Tangent Comics version of the Joker – from a separate DC Comics continuity.

Anti-authoritarian, acrobatic vigilante with novelty gadgets and some curiously Batman-like aspects. And she’s a curious precursor to Harley Quinn.

I thought she was pretty cool, and sadly underused.

Doktor Sleepless

From Warren Ellis’ Doktor Sleepless comic book series, the Doktor and Nurse Igor plus information about the story’s biopunk setting and how stuff might work. This profile was done part-way through the series.