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An obscure robot who nearly beat the Avengers in 1965. Strong fighter.

As of November of 2020, this entry was revisited. It also now includes M&M stats and a summary of the “fictional Sin Cong as a stand-in for the Việt Nam invasion” continuity bit.

Giant One

(Hidden Temple)

He’s a “giant henchman” type, possibly a bit superhuman.

He’s associated with a Vietnamese temple that’s normally peaceful. But he mistakenly went into a fight with Spider-Man and the US government.

As of February of 2020, this profile received gigantic Mutants & Masterminds stats.


(Cinder Dubois)

Sharp and classy private detective in 1980s New Orleans. Works as the partner to ex-mercenary Ashe. From an excellent DC Comics miniseries.

As of March of 2019, this entry has been improved and received M&M stats that wear a raspberry beret. The kind you find in a second-hand store.


(Profile #1 - Montagnard avenger)

A Vietnamese ninja-type sort of hero.

As of November of 2017, this profile was split into two parts to better reflect the evolution of the character. It also was overhauled and received deer-hunting M&M stats.


(Ms. Brandt) (Profile #1 - Classic)

An extensive profile that covers everything from 1973 to 1987 (across all publishers).

Mantis is a Vietnamese super-martial-artist and psychic who was an Avenger, as well as the prophesied mother of a cosmic entity.

As of October, 2017 this profile received advanced alien training in the art of M&M stats.


(Profile #1)

This is for X’ian Coy Manh while she was working with the New Mutants, during the 1980s – plus her known earlier life. Vietnamese mutant lass with possession powers.