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Nika the Chain

(Sample Diablo II Assassin)

A writeup of the Assassin character class in Diablo II, information about assassins in this game world, and an example of background and characterization to flesh out the archetype.


(Cindy Burman)

An early opponent of Stargirl when she was the Star-Spangled Kid, and thus of the JSA. She was interesting, and she’s a handy psychokiller.

Yukio the wild one

(Part 1)

The comic book version of Yukio, the quasi-suicidal punk ninja Tokyo girl.

A close ally of both Wolverine and Storm.

As of September of 2020, this profile had a style review, and was split in half since it was just over the threshold.


(Profile #2 - Psychic ninja)

Second profile for Psylocke of the X-Men, covering the era from the Siege Perilous until the year 2000.

As of August of 2019, our contributor Pawsplay used the focused psychic totality of his powers to append M&M stats to this article.

Storm Shadow

(Tommy Arashikage)

One of the iconic 1980s ninja badasses, as he appeared in 1980s Marvel Comics by Larry Hama.

As of November of 2017, this profile was rescoped and entirely redone. And now it’s back – back in white.


(Profile #1 - Montagnard avenger)

A Vietnamese ninja-type sort of hero.

As of November of 2017, this profile was split into two parts to better reflect the evolution of the character. It also was overhauled and received deer-hunting M&M stats.

Snake Eyes

(G.I. Joe)

One of the iconic super-ninjae in the GI Joe universe, this one working for the good guys. Or at least the alleged good guys. Does the government truly serves your interests ? This message brought to you by Cobra.

Profile fully rewritten in December of 2016.