She-Dragon (Savage Dragon comics) in a police uniform


(Amy Belcher)

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


Savage Dragon, by Erik Larsen, was part of the early Image titles. It has since migrated to the Highbrow Entertainment imprint. It’s not necessarily for everyone.

Amy appeared early in the saga, in 1993.


  • Real name: Amy Belcher.
  • Other aliases: Sensation.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Father (name unrevealed).
  • Group Affiliation: Johnny Redbeard’s Gang, Nixed Men, Chicago Police Force.
  • Base Of Operations: Chicago.
  • Height: 5’6” Weight: 130 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde (mohawk).


Powers and Abilities

She-Dragon has moderate superhuman strength (being able to life approximately three tons), above-average agility, and bulletproof skin. She is a reasonably good hand-to-hand combatant after having received training from Star. She also spent time fighting in Dimension-X, where she also trained to become a master swordsman.

She’s also moderately impervious to flame. She is reputed to possess a healing factor. She can, for some unknown reason, communicate mentally with those from other dimensions. However, this ability is untrained and only works with the Eternal Youths at the moment.


Amy’s father was hit by strange chemicals during the Việt Nam War, and Amy was born with a disease. The child was taken to Johnny Redbeard (later The Creator) who transformed her into her current form, cured her, and renamed her Sensation.

She was his court jester and girl-toy for a while. But Amy was abandoned by Redbeard after the voices she was hearing from another dimension made her unstable and a liability.


The Savage Dragon clashed with the Nixed Men and defeated them with one punch, and Amy was sent to prison. Afterwards she reformed out of misguided obsession for the Dragon. First she clashed with him and SuperPatriot’s son, Justice. Amy then helped the two and Alex Wilde, Dragon’s partner, fight two the villainous Openface and Octopus.

Sensation and many other supporting cast characters later failed to stop The Dragon during his rampage while under the control of Horde.

Gains and losses

She-Dragon’s long blonde hair was completely burnt off by the ’Dragon-Slayer‘, a robot sent to kill The Dragon after his rampage. After this she adopted her trademark Mohawk haircut to resemble the Dragon’ fin. (Savage Dragon #12, 15 and 17)

Amy underwent psychological treatment between her appearances and the voices in her head stopped. Meanwhile, Dragon was missing after being assaulted by another re-occurring enemy The Fiend. She-Dragon applied for the Chicago PD, but was turned down.

Determined to prove herself, and using two powerful gloves, she attacked Rapture but was easily defeated (Savage Dragon #23). During the Gang War that followed Amy sided with Chelsea Nirvana, an enemy of Freak Force who had become the spitting image of Johnny Redbeard. Once de-powered Nirvana looked nothing like Redbeard and Amy left them. Nirvana was killed some time later.

After Dragon’s suspension and eventual expulsion from the Chicago PD, Amy was brought in as his replacement by “Captain Mendoza”. The Captain was in fact a shape-shifter called Impostor. The idea was that Amy would pose little threat to their organized crime activities.

She-Dragon (Amy Belcher) with giant gloves

At first this was true, and Amy to be saved by The Dragon from her possessed former teammate Super X. However over the following months she vastly improved. She trained with fellow officer Chris Robinson and received the reluctant support of her partner Howard Niseman.

But at that point Amy was mind-controlled by Horde and disappeared. When Dragon returned from space he freed her from the villain’s control, and she helped in a large battle (Savage Dragon #50).

Not crazy after all

Amy subsequently assisted the second Bludgeon in losing her powers. She then finally met The Eternal Youths, the voices she was hearing in her head. However these were not the exact voices she spoke to, but this Earth’s version of them. The specific Youths Amy spoke to were on Darkworld, in another dimension .

The Youths were pursued by The God Squad, from Godworld. These gods had been sent to return the offsprings of the gods to this planet. After a clash with She-Dragon, the Squad teleported the Youths away – only to be killed by Zeek.

Amy then went on a date with Chris Robinson. Robinson had been a vigilante called Star before being talked out of it by The Dragon. He also had dated Dragon’s old partner Alex Wilde. When two of their fellow officers announced their marriage, Alex reconciled with Chris. This prompted She-Dragon to try and cure Bludgeon (Chris’ brother) to win his favor.

This only lead to a battle with a robot of Redbeard’s called Exroe-5. Amy had to be saved from the ‘bot by the Dragon. The battle also released the evil Simon Kane, who promptly possessed both She-Dragon and Dragon.

Into darkworld

She-Dragon then left the Chicago PD to join the Chicago branch of the SOS government super-team, with which Dragon was involved. She assisted in stopping the now homeless Gods. After Godworld was destroyed, they had been trying to take up residence in the raised Atlantis.

After this she wandered into a part of Darkworld looking for the Eternal Youths. She was captured and replaced by her counterpart from that world, but later escaped and defeated the She-Dragon of Darkworld.

She-Dragon was later caught in the Nega Bomb detonated by DarkLord (Savage Dragon #75). She and all other artificially powered lost their powers.

Amy has featured occasionally since on the world of the Savage Earth. Jennifer Murphy, Dragon’s wife, was even jealous of their working relationship during one issue.

More recently Amy has returned to Earth (wearing a Red Sonja-like outfit). She was accompanied by a girl who appears to be version of the Savage Dragon’s step-daughter Angel. The two had been stranded in Dimension-X for a year (She-Dragon one-shot).

Amy gained an arch-enemy in the Blue Broad, a jail guard of Dimension-X, and is being stalked even at home. As She-Dragon, she continues her work as a superhero on Earth.


She-Dragon is a green-skinned woman with a yellow Mohawk and big blue eyes. She is rather shapely and athletic. She has sported various costumes, and a police patrol uniform. She often has green or red lipstick and a pair of earrings.

Earlier, she chose to wear her blonde hair long with a revealing uniform given her by Johnny Redbeard. After her return from Dimension-X she had long hair, was wearing a Red Sonja-like outfit and had beefed up considerably.


She-Dragon’s motivation seems to be to find somewhere to belong. She will happily team up with other heroes and sometimes even villains for this reason. She has insisted on being the partner of the Savage Dragon, mostly due to their physical similarities, but the feelings have not been reciprocated.

In honor of the Dragon she changed her own name into the She-Dragon. She will always help out if asked by him personally. She is very happy when she manages to save the day or beat up some supervillain. Her social skills aren’t exactly good. A lot of people have called her a bimbo and that might not be too far off the truth.

Amy originally sought attention and affirmation from strong men: Redbeard, Dragon and Star. Amy’s father abused her, and from this she seems to have some masochistic tendencies. She will be deeply impressed (in the wrong way) by men that have managed to beat her up.

She had great respect for Johnny Redbeard. After being saved from death and gifted with her powers, Amy kept her new master entertained as something of a court jester. However, Johnny soon grew tired of the novelty act. Sensation joined similar outcasts, the Nixed Men.

The Nixed Men became her new gang. They would get up to stupid acts, such as assaulting homeless people. Amy’s life wasn’t getting easier as she was disoriented and confused due to the voices in her head (although she still did not have any Drawbacks in game terms).

People started to think she was crazy, and she even believed so herself. She sometimes did what the voices told her to do. In one issue she was even talking to the readers.

Sugar and spice and Dimension X

It all changed when the Dragon arrested the gang; in jail she finally stopped hearing the voices. Then, shortly after being released, she decided to renew herself as the She-Dragon, and made her public debut when the Dragon was mind-controlled by a Wicked Worm.

She no longer has any doubts about her sanity after she found out that the voices had been telepathic contact with the Eternal Youths in another dimension.

After her time in Dimension-X, she really toughened up and started to get her act together. She has now really started to care for those in need and she is slowly growing into a hero in her own right.


“I don’t know what’s gotten into you, Dragon, but one thing’s for sure — I’m going to kick the crap out of you.”

[Holding an inner dialogue with the Nixed Men] “How come you always fall for the guys that hurt you ? That’s weird, Amy. That’s sick. That’s not true. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Oh, come on, Amy — your father knocked you about and abused you. Johnny Redbeard did the same and those Nixed Men ? Don’t get me started on those losers… I haven’t fallen for the Dragon, all right ? He’s a friend. I’m going to go through the Police Academy soon and I want to — who do you think you’re kidding, sweetheart ? You’re stalking the guy and peeping into his apartment — not exactly standard operating pro — Amy’s lost it, Joe — she don’t know what she’s sayin’. Of course she’s in love with him — he smacked her around the other day, didn’t he ? That’s not fair, Kelly. He was, like possessed ! He had one of those little leech thingees on his neck and it drove him wild. Oh, come now, you actually believe that rubbish. It could happen. Oh, what do you know ? Okay, okay — that’s enough. So, what should I do about that thing ? Leave it alone — who knows what it’s capable of — better it hurts him than you, Amy. If we keep talkin’ it’s bound to notice — cool, maybe you could get in a fight with it ! I’m not _that_ crazy.”

“This just totally sucks. I mean — come on — I mean I, like, finally get to meet the Eternal Youths after hearing them in my head for years and now you want to take them away ? That sucks !”

Now you were, like not worth the effort. You only look tough. I mean — just look !” [beating up bad guys] “You guys are, like, totally lame ! I guess Dragon shrunk all the really tough guys down to itsy bitsy.”

“Glum !! You threw me into dimension-X, tried to end my life, and destroyed this little girl’s home ! I’m coming for you, Glum ! I’m coming for you !”

DC Universe History

Dr. Kitty Faulkner was developing a gene modification system to help people who had various genetic mutations resulting in disabling conditions and syndromes. Faulkner was demonstrating her process on a young girl named Amy Belcher who had contracted a genetic level disease due to her father’s exposure to toxic chemicals during the Việt Nam War.

Attending the demonstration was Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane who was doing an expose on the doctor’s medical breakthrough. However, during the experiment’s crucial point of recombination, Dr. Thomas Moyers, a colleague arguing the potential dangers and ethical social ramifications of the project to Ms. Lane, shut off the machine’s safety systems.

The resulting explosion had apparently disintegrated Faulkner and transformed Belcher into a huge, incredibly strong green-skinned amazon, who nearly killed Moyers and Lane.

Disoriented and confused, Belcher began to run amok through the streets of Metropolis wreaking havoc and general pandemonium. The Daily Planet, not knowing she was actually Amy Belcher, quickly dubbed her The “Rampaging She-Dragon”. That was due to her loss of hair, greenish skin-tone, and bestial aggressiveness.

This is a job for…

Superman stepped in, but showed restraint in subduing her, mistakenly thinking she might be Lois Lane. After the She-Dragon was revealed to be Amy Belcher, Superman, along with the help of Amy’s father, was able to calm the young girl down.

Months later Amy came to realize several changes to her since the explosion. The obvious was that her once blonde hair grew back but was instead a dark emerald green. The less obvious but more problematic was that she began hearing voices in her head resulting in sudden bouts of rage and subsequent rampages as the one she had gone on during her origin.

Dr. Moyers gave her an inhibitor collar that would maintain the proper amount of adrenaline pulsing through her system during bouts of increased anxiety or emotional stress. This seemed to work for Amy, but little did she know that Moyers also had a sinister motive. Soon, he transformed Amy into the rampaging She-Dragon and had her sabotage the presidential campaign of Herbert Forrest.

Forrest and Moyers were former friends, but Moyers had come to resent the candidate’s corrupt morality. After several attacks Superman helped free She-Dragon from Moyers’ control and sent the scientist to jail.

… Lex Luthor

Amy then fell into the hands of Lex Luthor. He had his scientific team under the auspices of LexCorp modifies the adrenaline inhibitor, allowing for Amy to have full control of her mental state. Superman’s long-time rival then offered Amy a job as part of Team Luthor, which she accepted.

Amy kept the moniker of the She-Dragon. She accessorized this identity by cutting and fashioning her hair into a Mohawk as to represent the crest of her mythical namesake.

She-Dragon (Amy Belcher) in uniform fighting the Rumble Brothers

Moving back to Chicago she served as a member of Team Luthor’s Chicago division. There she had many adventures as the She-Dragon both as a member of Team Luthor and on her own. She enjoyed the opportunity to be a hero and help others. She did not realise that she was a pawn in Luthor’s underlying plans to take down the Man of Steel and dominate the world.

The irony of all of this was that Amy had taken Lex’s offer due to her admiration for what the Man of Steel had done to save her from herself. She also sought a way to atone for the sacrifice made by Dr. Kitty Faulkner’s apparent death during her own salvation.

As I lay dying

Between adventures Amy underwent therapy to identify the voices in her head. Meanwhile, Lex had been spying on her therapy sessions, leading him to discover what had actually happened during the explosion that transformed Amy into the She-Dragon. The explosion had not killed Dr. Kitty Faulkner, but had somehow merged the two women into one being.

Seemingly Faulkner’s persona still existed, but was buried in the depths of Amy’s psyche. But Faulkner’s force of will was stronger than Belcher’s. Thus, Faulkner trying to dominate Belcher when she was weak, to reach for help, are what had produced bursts of uncontrollable rage. The two psyches were fighting for dominance.

Surmising that Amy might be more easily manipulated if she were to have the Faulkner persona pulled from her psyche, Lex staged a confrontation between the Chicago based Team Luthor and the human leech known as the Parasite. He had theorized the villain might drain the residual psychic energy of Doctor Faulkner and free up the younger girl’s mind for his own personal ambitions.

As it turned out, Lex’s conjectures were correct, but with varying results. The Parasite was able to do exactly as Lex had theorized. Amy kept the She-Dragon form. However, when the Parasite had drained Faulkner’s persona, the scientist was quickly able to overcome the manic will of the absorbing villain.

With both women clear of mind, Faulkner convinced Amy that she was being duped by Luthor and used as a pawn. Together the two women defeated the rest of Team Luthor. They then went to S.T.A.R. labs to seek help for the Faulkner-Parasite situation.

To the S.T.A.R.s

At S.T.A.R. labs Faulkner was teamed with the DNAlien telepath known as Dubbilex. He had been working with Project Cadmus to find a cure for the genetic disease they had come to call the “Clone Virus”. Together the two scientists were able to find a cure and save the heroes Superboy (Kon-El), The Guardian, and the Newsboy Legion.

Dubbilex, now Head of the Genetics Department at Cadmus labs cloned Dr. Faulkner a new body from hair follicles found in the doctor’s personal effects after her death. Prof. Niles Caulder of the Doom Patrol, then brought Steve Dayton’s Mento Helmet at Superman’s request. It was used to return Dr. Faulkner to her own body. The Parasite was taken away to serve time at Belle Reve Prison.

Amy was offered a job as security staff at S.T.A.R. Labs under Faulkner’s recommendation. Amy currently resides in Metropolis working for S.T.A.R. Labs as a security guard. She is often called upon by the Metropolis S.C.U. to assist when Superman is not available to assist.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats


Dex: 08 Str: 10 Bod: 08 Motivation: Unwanted Power
Int: 04 Wil: 04 Min: 05 Occupation: Adventurer, Police officer, Ex-Operative of Johnny Redbeard
Inf: 04 Aur: 03 Spi: 05 Resources {or Wealth}: 003
Init: 018 HP: 055

Flame Immunity 02, Regeneration 04, Telepathy 06

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Telepathy is Interdimensional (+3).
  • Telepathy only works to communicate with the Eternal Youths (-1).

Detective (Police Procedure): 04, Martial Artist: 05, Weaponry (Firearms): 04, Weaponry (Melee)*: 08, Vehicles (Space): 04

None demonstrated.

Chicago Police Force (Low), The Eternal Youths (Low), The Nixed Men (Low), The Savage Dragon (Low).

Archenemy (The Blue Broad), Public Identity.

Classic She-Dragon

Before spending time in Dimension-X as a slave and warrior, before training and toiling month after month, that is during most of her early career, her DEX and STR were 07 and 09 APs ’only‘, respectively, her SPIRIT score was 04 APs ’only‘, and she had no Weaponry (Melee) or Vehicles (Space) Subskills.

Her HPs were set at 045. She might have had a Low Level Connection to Johnny Redbeard II soon after her creation.

She used the following equipment for a while: Johnny Redbeard’s Energy-wielding Power Gloves [BODY 15, Enchantment: 04, Limitation: Enchantment can only boost the user’s STR attribute and only for purposes of melee combat (-2), Note: This set of gloves increase the user’s strength to approximately ten times its normal level and has no known effective upper limit].

Even earlier, during her early police days she used police issue firearms, a police baton, police-issue handcuffs and a walkie-talkie. In those very early days (in addition to having the lower stats mentioned above), before she had received any combat training, she also suffered from a -2 CS Combat Disability Drawback, and she probably had no Martial Arts skill at all.

After having received training from Star, the Combat Disability was lost and she received her current Martial Arts skill. During her temporary stay in Dimension-X she had the Forced Exile Drawback, which was removed upon her return home.

New rule – Interdimensional Factor

Cost Modifier: +1 to +3

The Interdimensional Bonus allows Powers to be used across dimensional barriers. The Travel Distance to the dimension (see Dimension Travel: Travel Distances, p. 68) in which the target is located is added to both the Range to the target and to the OV/RV for any Dice Actions used on the target.

Interdimensional adds +1 to the Factor Cost of Automatic Powers and +3 to the Factor Cost of Dice (or Auto/Dice) Powers. Interdimensional may not be purchased on Movement Powers; for that, use the Dimension Travel Power.

By Dr. Peter S Piispanen.

Source of Character: Savage Dragon comics.

Helper(s):, capita_senyera, Eric Langendorff, Frank Murdock (DCU History).