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Silver Sable

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Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


Silver Sable is a Marvel Universe mercenary and bounty hunter, who appeared in 1985. This profile represents our earliest notes about her, and is rather old.

It will gradually get replaced by newer, better profiles. The first such modern take is the Silver Sable (Early) profile. However, for the next step we need the Silver Sable 1990s series to be reissued in digital format (for much better illustrations) and that… could take a while. 🙁


  • Real Name: Silver Sablinova.
  • Marital Status: Divorced.
  • Known Relatives: Mortimer (uncle, aka Uncle Morty), Anna (niece), Ernst (father), Anastasia (mother, deceased), Foreigner (ex-husband), Fritz (paternal uncle, deceased).
  • Group Affiliation: Wild Pack, Silver Sable International, leader of the Intruders, former leader of the Outlaws.
  • Base Of Operations: Mobile.
  • Height: 5’7″ Weight: 125 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Silver (formerly brown).
  • Note: Officially Ms Sablinova is 5’5”, but she’s usually drawn taller.


Powers and Abilities

Highly acrobatic and heavily trained in many martial arts and weapon techniques, Silver Sable is a world class combatant and athlete. She is able to take on multiple armed opponents with ease, and her technique is backed by aggressive initiative and clear tactical thinking.

She’s particularly good with a staggering variety of weapons, has proven able to out-fence the Foreigner and can deliver incredibly accurate shots under trying circumstances.

Being intensively trained, she masters a large array of skills and can act competently in a wide variety of situations.

However, Silver Sable’s strongest assets are her relentless drive and natural charisma and authority.


The world-renowned Wild Pack was founded after WWII by Silver’s father, Ernst Sablinova, to hunt escaped Nazi war criminals. Ernst’s native Symkaria, a minuscule European country, had paid a heavy due to Nazi war atrocities, and there was little to do but rebuilt and avenge.


Mr. Sablinova never intended for his only daughter to join this elite military outfit. However, when she was about six, Silver saw her mother shot to death by Nazi terrorists as a retaliation for Ernst’s actions. Badly shocked, the young girl’s hair turned to white and she started a fanatical training regimen in order to be recruited into the Pack.

She also started to call herself “Silver Sable”, two naturally formless materials to be turned by her father into something finished.

The leader of the pack

Sable did join the Pack despite her father’s reluctance and eventually became Ernst”s second lieutenant and most skilled agent. That was despite Ernst’s constant hesitations to promote her, since he felt this would look like nepotism. When one of the Nazis they hunted, Ivan Trefkov, killed Mr. Sablinova, Silver became the leader of the Pack.

For months, Silver Sable rabidly hunted Trefkov down. Still being quite young, she lacked the charisma and leadership of her father. Although she could keep the Wild Pack together, she was still too emotional and not big enough on discipline to prevent casualties.

These failures marked her, and played an important role in her development as a leader. She became increasingly cold, curt and a martinet, building up enough in-your-face authority to have her orders obeyed without any hesitation, and enough ruthlessness for those orders to be efficient.

As the number of World War Two war criminals dwindled, and Trefkov and his allies kept evading her attempts to kill or capture them, Sable turned the Wild Pack into a mercenary outfit mostly working for private concerns. This decision was mainly due to the huge costs of maintaining such an elite unit deployed and in full fighting trim.

The Wild Pack became one of the premier income sources for her country. Silver Sable International, the company managing the Wild Pack, was in turn the key contributor in building up the Symkarian economy and filling the kingdom’s coffers.

Men call him the Foreigner

Although she was by now a quite competent leader, commando and adventurer, Silver reached the next level during a Cold War op, as she freed two British spies from a special Soviet prison. She had been double-crossed, and one of the world’s best assassins was sent after her – the man only known as the Foreigner.

Struck by her skill, poise and beauty, the Foreigner uncharacteristically dropped his contract and attempted to woo her.

They quickly started a relationship, and were eventually married. The Foreigner also proved to be a great teacher, bringing Sable to the next plateau and making her everything her father wanted her to be – and a fantastic operative, outshining the entire Wild Pack.

The Foreigner, however, never revealed his secrets to his wife, and kept running his personal operations asides from his job as the co-head of the Wild Pack.

The ones who got away

Eventually, the couple ended up being hired to accomplish conflicting goals during the historical Camp David peace negotiations  for the Middle-East. The Foreigner was hired to kill President Carter  — but Sable narrowly foiled him, as she had been hired to protect the peacemaker.

Not only did the dauntless Symkarian managed the near-impossible by thwarting her husband, but a lucky Wild Pack shot wounded the Foreigner to the leg, allowing her to spot him and catch up with him.

When she got close enough to recognise him, Silver Sable was emotionally torn apart. Using his secret hypnotic trick, the Foreigner easily got away.

They divorced weeks later, and have since been caught into a perverse game of annual attempts to kill each other. Though this may have started as genuinely murderous, this ’tradition’ has since become more a matter or erotic power dynamics than genuine attempts at assassination.

As for Ivan Trefkov and his men, they eventually joined HYDRA to improve their power base and chances of survival against Silver Sable’s assaults. Eventually, they split from HYDRA to form a rogue branch known as the Genesis Coalition.

Some months later, Baron Strucker was resurrected by yet another group of Nazi war criminals. Although he scored coup against the Genesis Coalition, he eventually decided to let it be as they obviously shared enemies.

Contemporary adventures

Silver Sable and her Wild Pack have often encountered superhumans, such as Spider-Man. At one point, Silver even teamed up with Spidey in a titanic fight against the Sinister Syndicate. They also have stopped a ruthless attempt on the lives of the Symkarian royal family by the Red Skull, and generally became a regular feature in international news.

For a while, Silver Sable started alternating operating alone and along with her Wild Pack. To facilitate this she recruited a special cadre of agents who could keep up with her pace. This unit – the Crippler, Chen, Powell and Quentino – was joined by the superhuman Battlestar a short while later, and proved to be exceptionally adept by any standards, occasionally including Sable’s.

Later, Silver Sable had a superhuman squad added to the Wild Pack – the so-called Intruders, consisting of Fin, Paladin, the Sandman and Man-Eater, later joined by Lightbright.

Sandman, in particular, was a key asset for Silver Sable International for a few years. He was powerful, gifted with extremely flexible abilities, eager to redeem himself, not particularly bright, and in love with Silver Sable. He often acted as Silver Sable’s bodyguard and star operative – saving the day, Silver’s life and the lives of the Wild Pack on quite a few occasions.

She even briefly reciprocated his love in a moment of weakness, although things reverted to normal almost immediately.

The older Sablinovas

Silver Sable eventually brought down the Genesis Coalition, and executed Trefkov. It was subsequently discovered that a leader of the Genesis Coalition was Fritz Sablinova, Ernst’s twin brother, who had long ago infiltrated them to ensure constant conflict between the Coalition and other criminal interests, in particular HYDRA.

However, Fritz has gotten insane over the years spent among the enemy. He was also consumed by jealousy toward the successes of both his twin brother and his niece. He went so far as to try to kill the latter, though the intervention of the Foreigner saved Silver’s life.

The Foreigner also proved that Ernest was still alive (though crippled) and had been held prisoner all these years by the Genesis Coalition.

Thus did the victory over her longtime enemy, Trefkov, turned out to bring far more trouble than triumph. Sable resented that the Foreigner had saved her and found her father. As to Fritz he was still a forceful leader and authoritarian, and he resumed partial control of his Wild Pack, causing friction with his daughter who had gotten into the habit of being the undisputed leader.


Having basically murdered Trefkov also weighted on Silver’s soul. And finally she now had to face a promise that she had made to her mother as a child, that she would retire from the Pack once the apparent murderer of her father was dead.

Silver Sable tangled with the Foreigner again on various occasions, including when he tried to buy a controlling interest in Silver Sable International to get them out of his hair. Increasingly, tough, they were just going through the motions of being deadly enemies. Silver increasingly called upon his services, in particular to get very high quality intelligence.

Seeing Silver more often made the Foreigner jealous of her current lover, a Frenchman named Jacques Girard. The Foreigner pettily framed Girard for releasing nude photos of Silver that were published by an American lads magazine, but Girard managed to clear his good name.

Enemy of the state

Girard soon got into much bigger trouble, though. The US government put tremendous pressure on him, throwing him in prison, intimidating him and ruining his life in exchange for enough material to arrest Silver Sable.

To his credit this did not work. US agents then tried to break Sable and have her do something incriminating while holding her for weeks in a particularly tough women’s prison. It didn’t work either, Sable’s steely discipline allowing her to avoid any misstep. Still, it was obvious that sooner or later the US government would get their way.

Sable’s uncle Morty investigated, and realised that the goal of the Americans was to turn Sable into their top assassin. They wouldn’t stop until her skills were unquestionably theirs. Seeing only one way out of this, Morty arranged a meeting between an US agency and the Foreigner – whom the intelligence services thought was a mere legend.

By agreeing to conduct the assassinations Silver Sable would never accept, the Foreigner got her out of prison. Learning of Morty’s actions, Sable fired him. Silver Sable International was later notified by the US government that it was in their best interest not to operate on US soil anymore.


Her time in prison and Morty’s perceived treason added to the stress that had been accumulating. Sable decided to quit after fulfilling one last obligation and cause for bitterness – paying the Foreigner back for having gotten her out of prison.

This took the form of a contract, where she worked to ensure the safety of a Japanese bullet train that was one of the Foreigner’s recent legitimate business acquisition. Silver Sable was successful, thwarting Hammerhead.

Sable then retired for several weeks. She tried to be more like her mother and less like her father and enjoying a quiet life in Symkaria. She nominated Battlestar as field leader of the Wild Pack, and her father Ernst took the role that was once his brother Fritz’s – tactical advice and designing plans.

The Wild Pack remained successful over 14 missions, but those were relatively simple ones. Further, Battlestar was not really at ease with Ernst’s leadership – which he deemed to be flashier, more aggressive, more likely to result in casualties, less inclusive of modern technology and less inspiring Silver’s.

Eventually, the Wild Pack ran into a mission that proved too delicate for Ernst’s tactics.

Silver and gold

Silver, feeling nostalgic, was at that point listening in to the ongoing mission’s radio coms. As Ernst was ordering a highly reluctant Battlestar to kill and torture prisoners to extract critical intelligence in order to salvage the mission, Silver came to realize she was now a much better leader than her father ever was.

She overrode his orders and, speeding to the scene along with Quentino, turned the mission into a complete success, without any loss of life or major unethical behaviour. She then came back from her retirement, and resumed her activities as Silver Sable International’s owner, CEO and field leader.

Fewer Silver Sable International engagements have been documented since that return. Notable missions have included :

  • Checking out the Ben Reilly Spider-Man (as Silver Sable had realized he wasn’t the Spider-Man she knew).
  • Deposing Dreadknight as Latveria’s ruler at the behest of the Zefiro Romanis.
  • Apprehending Hydro-Man.
  • Fighting the Crimson Cowl on Symkarian soil, along with the Thunderbolts.

Silver Sable International lost the backing of the Sandman during this period, however – as he became a ruhtless criminal again due to the Wizard’s machinations.


Sable has an excellent sense of fashion and style. She also has a signature style, as her clothes will always be white, light gray or silvery in colour. She tends to dress very expensively and, outside the field, favours dresses.

Silver Sable is extremely attractive, and most men she encounters will try their luck if they dare – much to her annoyance.

The issues in which she did swimsuit modelling for her lover Jacques (a professional photographer and fashion maven) are collector material, and she’s had problems with Photoshopped nude shots of an imposter selling to men’s magazines for outrageous sums (according to the Foreigner, the imposter had a far less spectacular body than Silver herself).


Sable is the template for workaholics and obsessives anywhere. She is one of the most serious people you’ll ever meet, putting 100% of herself in her work and expecting others to be similarly driven and focused. She tends to stick to one objective at a time, moving on only when her current pursuit is finished.

Silver Sable is most noted for being very cold-hearted, logical, professional and ruthless. She once refused to pay compensation to a Wild Pack widow without income, as her late husband’s death was his own fault and wasn’t to be covered. She only ever works for pay. This is a mercenary business, not fancy pants heroics, and there are bills to pay, expenses to make and investments to plan out.

When one of her men gets hurt, her usual reaction is to discipline him for raising her insurance rates. Any Wild Pack member who acts recklessly and/or against orders will be docked pay, and likely fired unless they particularly capable and difficult to replace.

On the ball

Sable is highly confident in herself and her abilities, to a point that looks somewhat like arrogance – and she never hesitates to give a thorough verbal beating to a subordinate who was less than 100% effective.

She also has troubles backing down from a situation, especially when the situation involve some sort of injustice. In DC Heroes RPG terms, Upholding Justice would have been her Motivation had her life not taken her toward a strong Mercenary path.

Sable’s philosophy is also pretty big on allowing the misguided — but competent ! — a second chance at a constructive life. The biographies of her Wild Pack’s “A” team exemplify this.

While she is intolerant when it comes to blunders, she understands well how emotions and one’s past can force somebody down an unfortunate path. She likes to offer a way out of that if the person is highly talented and willing to pour all their willpower into it. Experience has also demonstrated that ex-criminals struggling for redemption made for exceptionally motivated agents.

Ah, love

Sable’s relationship with the Foreigner is complicated. They want each other as much as they genuinely hate each other. Their early, vindictive attempts at killing each other have turned into a sort of perverse game where they ritually take turns at trying to’ tag‘ each other.

All such “murder” attempts are half-hearted and not genuinely threatening, however. Mostly it’s a show of respect they have toward each other’s abilities, and a way to keep in contact despite their violently contradictory feelings toward each other.

As time went by, the game settled around the Foreigner attempting to win Silver back, and Silver violently threatening him and rejecting him. Her “rejections”, however, aren’t exactly bulletproof. Frex she had little actual problem accepting to have sex with him in exchange for information necessary to save Chen from her old group of assassins.

While this bit of prostitution may seem odd — even shocking — on Sable’s part, the truth simply was that she was looking for an excuse to spend a night with her ex-husband (though of course she’d angrily deny it).

Silver has a soft spot for orphans who lost their parents to violent crime, ever since she lost her mother and though she had lost her father. The few cases where she has been known to work for next to no money (though she insisted on a symbolic dollar to be paid) involved such orphans.


(Sable punches an opponent in the face but he still stands) “I had assumed your brain was in your skull. My mistake.” (finishes him with a kick in the groin)

“I’m not running a charity. Next case please.”

“My father is dead because he cared. I’ve learned from, and will not be repeating, his mistakes.”

“I do not condone many of the methods I am forced to employ. However, my moral code is a small price to pay for freedom.”

“Join me, before there’s nothing left for you to fight for. The offer is good for two seconds before I do some permanent damage.”

“You get *one* warning. Weapons down, hand behind your head and faces down the floor right NOW !”

“I am ashamed to have shot an enemy in the back, but I could not afford to have one of my best operatives beheaded.”

“Spider-Man — you are not nearly as amusing as you think you are.”

“Mother… forgive me… I’ve strayed so far from all you wanted for me.”

DC Universe History

What is one more East European country in the already convoluted map of Mitteleuropa in the DCU ? She might have worked with Green Arrow, Batman and Arsenal a few times.

Or maybe she’s the post-Crisis Silver St Cloud who remembers her pre-Crisis relationship with the Batman. Heh.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

Silver Sable

Dex: 08 Str: 04 Bod: 05 Motivation: Justice/Mercenary
Int: 08 Wil: 07 Min: 07 Occupation: Leader of the Wild Pack
Inf: 08 Aur: 06 Spi: 06 Resources {or Wealth}: 018
Init: 028 HP: 060

Acrobatics: 07, Animal handling (horses): 06, Charisma*: 08, Detective (Counterfeit reconition, ID systems): 05, Gadgetry: 04, Martial artist: 07, Military science: 07, Thief*: 08, Vehicles (Air, Land, Water): 07, Weaponry: 09

Area Knowledge (Symkaria), Attractive, Connoisseur, Credentials (Silver Sable International, High ; Symkarian gov’t, Medium), Familiarity (Doctor Doom tech, world mythologies), H.Q. (expansive), Iron Nerves, Languages (Symkarian, Hungarian, Latverian, French, Somali, Russian, presumably others), Leadership, Lightning Reflexes, Sharp Eye.

Wild Pack A-Team (High), Outlaws (Low), Intruders (High), Spider-Man (Low), Doctor Doom (Low), Paladin (High), the Foreigner (High), Siege (Low), King Stefan of Symkaria (High)/

Authority Figure, Public ID, MIA toward having terrible taste in men/


  • Custom-built .40 magnum semi-automatic pistol [BODY 04, Projectile weapons: 05, Ammo: 10, R#2]/
  • Chiai (x12) [BODY 03, EV 04, Grenade drawback, Dart Bonus. Having a rounded half and a razor-sharp half, chiais can be thrown by a skilled user for either Bashing or Killing damage as desired]. These vaguely shuriken-like weapons were designed by Sable for her personal use.
  • CUSTOM BODY ARMOUR [BODY 07, Flame immunity: 02, Skin armour: 02, Bonus: Skin Armour also works against energy attacks (+2), Limitation: Skin armour works against edged and piercing attacks, not blunt:concussive ones (-2)]/
  • Tac Radio Headset [BODY 01, Radio communications (Encrypted): 06]/
  • High-powered derringer [BODY 04, Projectile weapons: 04, Range: 02, Ammo: 04, R#03, Limitations: Projectile weaponhas No Range – use the listed Range instead]. A back-up weapon.
  • Will occasionally wield a personal Katana [BODY 12, EV 04 (05 w/STR, 07 w/Martial artist), Sharpness (EV): 01]/
  • A common vehicle is a hover-capable, fixed-wing aircraft called a STEALTHCRAFT [STR 07 BODY (Hardened defenses) 09, Invisibility: 04, Flight: 10, Radar sense: 16, R#03]. Stealthcrafts carry about four persons – for a heavier, more powerful version see Quentino’s writeup.
  • The level of technology within the Wild Pack seems variable – during Spider-Man appearances Sable and her troops often had access to energy weapons, while in their own comics they normally used normal firearms, and only occasionally used blasters. See Quentino’s entry for a blaster rifle – this is Minor Marginal Equipment, but Sable’s comparatively high HPs make her more likely to use one than the average Wild Pack member.
  • Jetpacks are also a semi-common piece of equipment for the Wild Pack [BODY 04, Flight: 06, R#02], being a well-trod technology for the military and paramilitary agencies of the Marvel Universe.

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Source of Character: Marvel comics/

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