Silvermane (Spider-Man enemy) (Marvel Comics) as a cyborg



Silvermane is an old-school mob Spider-Man villain, who first appeared in 1969. Improbably enough, he was eventually turned into a barely-sapient  but powerful cyborg.

These notes are extremely old. I’m almost sure they are a conversion from my TSR Marvel Super-Heroes RPG  notes, so it’s entirely possible that they date from the 1980s. Will redo when feasible, not enough resources, etc.


  • Real Name: Silvio Manfredi
  • Marital Status: Widowed
  • Known Relatives: Caterina (wife, deceased), Joseph (aka “Joe Silvermane”, aka Blackwing, son)
  • Group Affiliation: Maggia, HYDRA
  • Base Of Operations: New York City
  • Height: 7’ Weight: 440lbs
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: None


Powers & Abilities

Silvermane is a traditional Maggia capo that is also a full conversion, baroque-looking cyborg. While he only became a cyborg a few years ago, he’s been a classic foe for Spider-Man and, in more recent times, Cloak and Dagger. While he’s not extremely imaginative, his obsession about immortality and his aggressiveness make him a dangerous adversary.

The Silvermane family is an independent, if not major, Maggia clan. It is heavily involved in narcotics, and Silvermane semi-regularly attempts to gain more power, mostly by fighting other mobs.


Silvio Manfredi came from Sicily at a young age. Cunning, good a close combat and at strategy, charismatic, he managed to become the head of his family. While he lost most of it when he was arrested, he rebuilt his influence along with a young Turk named Dominic Tyrone. Of course, Silvermane betrayed Tyrone and left him for dead. Tyrone would later come back as the Rapier.

When he neared his 80s, Silvermane came to fear his own death. Through extensive research, he found a mystic serum that rejuvenated him by 40 years. However, he gradually lost those years due to stress. Before losing them all, he still managed to secure a branch of HYDRA and rebuilt it as a tool for his family, but it was easily defeated by Nick Fury.


Silvermane also launched a major mob war, during which he fought the Green Goblin and was defenestrated, only to miraculously survive. He then was attacked by the Rapier, and reverted to his chronological age. He still managed to rule his clan while bedridden.

Silvermane as a young man, and Man-Mountain Marko

Cloak & Dagger then started a war against New York’s drug dealers, and Dagger nearly killed Silvermane. The mafioso was turned into a cyborg in order to save his life, and has been operating as a cybernetic, 80-something Maggia don ever since.


Silvermane looks a bit like the old Brainiac (the killer robot). He’s 7” and 44Olbs and made out of shiny metallic open structure, armored glass, cables and thin metallic muscles. Various organs can be seen inside, and his face is still the original.


Silvermane is obsessed with immortality and vengeance against his enemies, especially Spider-Man and Cloak and Dagger. Silvermane is an efficient administrator who tends to run things according to traditions of organized crime. He lacks the Kingpin’s imagination or ingenuity.

DC Universe History

DC Universe history could go something like this. It would be real easy to keep most of his Maggia history, and just move him to Metropolis and have him be the head of Intergang. He became the cyborg via Luthor and Lexcorp to stop his endless defeats caused by Superman. Of course, you’d have to upgrade him so that he’s at least as efficient as a good Team Luthor battlesuit.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Dex: 04 Str: 10 Bod: 03 Motivation: Power
Int: 06 Wil: 07 Min: 06 Occupation: Godfather
Inf: 05 Aur: 03 Spi: 04 Resources: 07
Init: 015 HP: 030

Directional hearing: 04, Invulnerability: 07, Jumping: 08, Skin armor: 09, Super-hearing: 06, Telescopic vision: 05

Charisma: 08, Detective (law): 04, Martial artist: 06, Weaponry (firearms): 05

Language (Italian), Scholar (underworld), Sharp Eye.

Underworld (High), Street (Low).

Age (old), SIA toward immortality, SIA toward vendetta, Strange Appearance.

By Sébastien Andrivet.

Helper(s): Jeff Baker.

Source of Character: Spider-Man and Cloak & Dagger comics (Marvel Universe).