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Skadihr is a Marvel Comics character with ties to Asgard (where Thor comes from).

She featured in a 2011 Limited Series, but as of this writing as yet to appear anywhere else.

Prithee noteth yond this article enwheels S P O I L E T H’R S.



  • Real Name: Helen Gable (Earth name), Skadihr (Asgard name).
  • Other Aliases: Helen of Gable (Asgardian form of address for her Earth name), Devastating Destroyer.
  • Known Relatives: She possesses genetic material from the Fenris Wolf. So the Asgardians consider her to be related to him and his family tree (making her half-daughter to Loki, for instance) since they “share blood”.
  • Group Affiliation: Former agent of A.I.M., former ally of the Warrior Three, warrior of Asgard.
  • Base Of Operations: Presumably Asgard ; previously A.I.M. bases.
  • Height: Now 6’1” (1.85m). Weight: Now 440 lbs. (200 Kg.).
  • Eyes: Light brown. Hair: Brownish red.

Linguistic note

The dialogue translates Skadihr as “Devastating Destroyer”. Which is a bit bombastic.

A more pedestrian translation of “Skadihr” from the Proto-Norse would be “the Damager”.

“Destroyer” would be something like “Forgohr”. Depending on how close Asgardian is meant to be to Proto-Norse languages.

If you are bothered by this linguistic issue (and who wouldn’t ?), our suggestion for Gable’s Asgardian name is “Skadihr the Devastating”.

This conserves the general meaning seen in the comics, and follows the format for her colleagues Fandral the Dashing, Hogun the Grim, etc..

Skadihr of the Warriors 3 (Marvel Comics)

With buffed Asgardian physique.


Something evocative from 2011, lessee…

For Asgardian stuff I tend to go with metal, and Unleash the Archers released an album that year. Titled Demons of the astrowaste, since they’re kinda nerdy.

It’s from early in their career (they hadn’t signed with Napalm yet), so it’s still somewhat messy technical death metal. But Realm of Tomorrow already showed clear potential, and Ms. Slayes’ voice is just the metallest.

Powers and Abilities

Helen Gable is an experienced and talented A.I.M. agent. She therefore possesses both scientific and technical skills, and an array of field and combat competencies.

Gable was trained as the heavy weapon operator of her A.I.M. crew, wielding a blasterA gun shooting energy, like in Star Wars. cannon.

Though her academic speciality as an AIM researcher wasn’t mentioned, one gets the sense that she’s an aerospace engineer.

Hungry like the wolf

She also was one of the few successful subjects for enhancement using the DNA of the great Asgardian wolf Fenris. This seems to give her abilities that are similar to those of an elite warrior of Asgard, such as the Warriors Three.

Our DC Heroes RPG stats for her assumes a standard Asgardian god physiology.

In terms of strength, mass, agility, etc. she seems roughly on par with Hogun. On the other hand she still lacks the ample experience and specialised training of a veteran Asgardian adventurer. For instance in swordplay.

She might have an Asgardian-like lifespan, but that is uncertain. The experiment’s results were less than perfect.

Skadihr of the Warriors 3 (Marvel Comics) in AIM body armor


Years ago, Helen Gable was a young, talented and ambitious Advanced Idea Mechanics agent and engineer.

Thirsting for adventure and discovery, she was selected for a long-haul mission in the Nine Worlds. These are the various dimensionsOther realms of existence that are not our universe communicating with Asgard, land of the Norse gods (such as Thor).

After 18 months of specialised training, this well-equipped four-person crew was to cross Nifelhel in an aircar. They were to document the local resources and conduct a special mission.

The objective of Project: Valdyr (Proto-Norse for “wolf”) was to barter with the divine giant wolf Fenris.

The mission leader and project designer thought that he could help the wolf develop its inborn but unexpressed shape-changing powers to escape. Research indicated that Fenris would then be duty-bound to provide services in return for its freedom.

The Great Wolf

This all worked as planned. Fenris agreed to serve A.I.M. as a warrior for three years.

More importantly, the beast accepted to have samples taken, and tests run. With this material A.I.M. could come up with genetic enhancements to turn agents into the equivalent of Asgardian warriors. They would have superhuman strength as well as great mettle and longevity.

(Though he has a feral form, Fenris is a son of Loki. As such, he possesses valuable godly Asgardian DNA.)

The latter part was the one that didn’t work quite as well as intended. Out of the 200 volunteers (most may not actually have been volunteers), only three subjects, including Gable, survived the treatment. On those, the enhancements did work as planned.

But the number of successful subjects was about to drop again.

Kill like the wolf

Fenris was by then at the end of his servitude to A.I.M.. But returning to Asgard was pointless, since Odin was dead.

Seething with ancient hatred against the All-Father, Fenris decided to hunt him down in the afterlife.

His plan was to :

  1. Steal an A.I.M. super-bomb.
  2. Go to the city of Asgard.
  3. Detonate the bomb, killing himself and thousands of Asgardians.
  4. Once dead the wolf would attack and fight Odin for all eternity.

As he launched his plot, Fenris went berserk. The great wolf ravaged several A.I.M. bases to find the super-bomb, and slaughtered civilians to send a message to the Asgardians.

He also killed Asgardian hunting parties when they came after him.

Warriors Four

The base where Gable was stationed was entirely massacred. Including the other two Fenris-enhanced agents.

Gable herself was unhurt. It is possible that she was still in post-treatment automated intensive care.

As she oriented herself, Gable came across the famous Warriors Three of Asgard, who were hunting down Fenris. After a scuffle they allied to gain revenge against the wolf.

In large part through Gable’s expertise, the foursome intercepted Fenris and recaptured him. Then they brought him back to Asgard and left him chained in plain sight within the city.

During these adventures, the Warriors Three gave their companion an Asgardian name — “Skadihr” — and an Asgardian sword.

The gleaming gates

What happened next was only glimpsed.

  1. Skadihr came to live in Asgard as one of the gods therein.
  2. She often ventured with the Warriors Three. Some now called them the Warriors Four.
  3. This reached an end, however, when Fandral and Hogun had a violent falling out over her.

Skadihr’s subsequent activities are unrevealed.

Skadihr of the Warriors 3 (Marvel Comics) face closeup with violet eyes


Gable now possesses the super-buff physique of an Asgardian warrior, with impressively muscled arms. Given her role as a heavy weapons operator for AIM, she presumably was well-muscled before.

She used to wear an A.I.M.-made jumpsuit, but it was styled to blend in with Asgardian outfits. Perhaps some sort of infiltration mission was planned as the next step of Project: Valdyr, and it was made with that in mind.

Skadihr has since switched to a form-fitting Asgardian body armour and an Asgardian hair style.

On Asgard, Gable increasingly adopted a local accent and diction. Forsooth !

Skadihr (Helen Gable) and the Warriors Three (Marvel Comics)


Skadihr was a smart, well-educated, articulate, ambitious scientist or engineer. Then, the experiments with Fenris’ DNA gave her the heart and killer instinct of a barbarian warrior.

The first aspect of her background leads her to boldly go where no one has gone before. And the second to beat up whatever she finds there.

Gable is proud of being A.I.M.. She sports the A.I.M. attitude :

  • Planning for eventual world domination through the power of science.
  • Amoral ruthlessness without scruples or conscience.
  • Attraction toward experimental weapon systems.

While she associated with heroes to gain revenge and dealt fairly with them, she’s certainly not benign. Yet she doesn’t appear to be *completely* unprincipled, and seems to genuinely value friendship.

The Asgardian blood in her gives her a longing for war and glory. Though she had fought and killed before as an A.I.M. militant scientist, she had no special love for violence. But she now reacts to the call of the battle horn like an Asgardian would.



“I know you guys all have a special nut for your swords, but was finding every piece of a broken weapon all that important ?”

(As Fandral the Dashing tries to hit on her) “I have to confess, I’m disappointed, cowpoke. Considering your legend, I thought when you made your move, it would be something from the total shock and awe department.”

(Completely smashed on Asgardian mead) “No ! No ! No ! You don’ unnerstand ! Hydra is — Hydra is a bunch of wimpsh ! Whada’ve they ever done ? Nothin’ ! Nix ! Nada ! We’re A.I.M. ! We created M.O.D.O.K. ! We created the Cosmic Cube ! When Hydra needsh shpecial weapons, whadda they do ? They don’ know how to make ’em. They don’ even require a doctorate for membership ! We supply their schtuff ! We do ! They’re all juss a pack of dummies, weenies, and ignorant crap-pigs !”

Asgardian: “You’re the mortal woman who claims to be Loki’s daughter ?”
Skadihr: “Half-daughter — and only by virtue of a complex act of chicanery. That should appeal to him.”

Skadihr (Helen Gable) and the Warriors Three (Marvel Comics) plus Thor and Balder and Fenris

DC Heroes RPG

Helen Gable

Dex: 06 Str: 11 Bod: 09
Int: 04 Wil: 05 Min: 04
Inf: 05 Aur: 04 Spi: 04
Init: 017 HP: 030


Density increase: 01, Systemic antidote: 03

Bonuses and Limitations:

Density Increase is Always On and Already Factored In.


Gadgetry: 04, Scientist (Drawing plans): 04, Vehicles (Land, Air): 03, Weaponry (Firearms, Heavy): 04


Familiarity (Asgard and the Nine Worlds lore, A.I.M. lore), Expertise (Aerospace engineering and mechanics), Lightning Reflexes.


Gable might retain an A.I.M. Connection (Low).


Partial Attack Vulnerability (-1CS RV vs. Slashing, Piercing, Ballistics).


Anti-Heroic Thrill.


Former A.I.M. agent.




Narangan Blade [BODY 15, Enhance (EV): 02 (cap is 16), Sharpness (EV): 01]. These are baseline stats for a notable Asgardian sword. The Narangan Blade might be stronger than that and/or have magical powers as well.
This sword was previously owned by the hunter and rider Vör. He was ambushed and killed while hunting down the Fenris wolf on Earth after the beast escaped from A.I.M..

The cutting edge of science

The stats are for Gable after her transformation.

She has since learned some basic Asgardian skills — such as the Language (Asgardian), Weaponry (Melee): 04 or better and perhaps some local Connections.

She may or may not have the Slowed Ageing Advantage.

DC Adventures RPG

Skadihr — Averaged PL 9.8

03 (11) 02 (08) 02 01
02 (04) 02 01 01 (02)


Asgardianised genetics ● 49 points ● Descriptor: Genetics, god
– Enhanced Strength 8, Enhanced Stamina 6, Enhanced Fighting 2, Enhanced Presence 1.
– Impervious for 10 Ranks of Fortitude.
– Enhanced Advantages (Close Attack 3, Improved Initiative).
– Feature (Doubled body density) and *possibly* a Benefit (slowed ageing).

Combat Advantages:

Close Attack 2, Defensive Roll 3, Ranged Attack 2.

Other Advantages:

Equipment 1 (Sword).


Deception 3 (+5), Expertise (Asgard lore) 3 (+5), Expertise (AIM operative) 5 (+7), Insight 4 (+5), Perception 4 (+5), Persuasion 1 (+3), Ranged combat (AIM guns) 2 (+5), Technology 6 (+8), Vehicles 4 (+5).


Her sword (the Narangan Blade once wielded by Vör) likely is Damage 3 slashing, Improved Crit 1, Benefit 1 (Highly resilient). But we don’t really know.


Initiative +6
Unarmed +9, Close, Damage 11.


Dodge 10
Fortitude 12
Parry 10
Toughness 08*/11
Will 04

* Without Defensive Roll.


  • Warrior’s heart Since her enhancements, Gable craves battle and excitement.

Powers Levels:

  • Trade-off areas. Attack/Effect PL 10, Dodge/Toughness PL 11, Parry/Toughness PL 11, Fort/Will PL 8.
  • Points total 122. Abilities 28, Defences 21, Skills 16, Powers 49, Devices 0, Advantages 8. Equiv. PL 9.


The DCH stats are for a point where she hasn’t learned swordplay yet (which I’ll admit is a bit fiddly). The DCA ones feel simpler if we assume that she’s now melee-trained.

The stats look a bit underwhelming. But, well, she’s new at being a superhuman, and prior she “just” had the stats of a solid AIM operative.

Writeups.org writer avatar Sébastien Andrivet

By Sébastien Andrivet.

Source of Character: Marvel Universe (Warriors Three 2011 mini-series by Willingham and Edwards).

Helper(s): Peter Piispanen, Roy Cowan, Darci.

Writeup completed on the 8th of April, 2011.