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Evil stronghold of Skeletor.
Snake Mountain boxed set.


A location in the He-man and the Masters of the Universe animated TV show. Snake Mountain is the base of operations for Skeletor and his warriors. This article details:

  • Some of Snake Mountain’s features, weapons, and equipment.
  • Robot knights and other minions.
  • Screeech, the robotic falcon.
  • Episodes added for reference.

For context, you can first read our He-man and the Masters of the Universe world primer and Skeletor’s character profile.




Mountainous fortress sculpted in the shape of a giant constricting snake. It reaches a height of at least a few hundred feet.


The exact location of Snake Mountain is never stated. But it is known by all the main players. Travel from the Royal Palace or Castle Grayskull takes little more than an hour in most vehicles.


Snake Mountain is the focal point of Skeletor’s domain.

Land Boundaries:





A rocky wasteland surrounds Snake Mountain. There is a constant low hanging fog. The sky is an ominous red with frequent lightning strikes.

Natural resources:

Rainbow Quartz. In all Eternia, a singular vein runs under Snake Mountain. Yet, Skeletor exports nothing. He takes.

Elevation extremes:

Not really. Though called a mountain, this fortress doesn’t measure up.

Natural hazards:

Plenty. The terrain is rough and bleak. Dangerous (evil) creatures, like wolves, muck-monsters, and wolfbats can be encountered near the fortress.

While flying the Wind-Raider, Adam remarked the weather is always rough close to Snake-Mountain.


The Snake Mountain musical theme. To help set the mood while you read.



Politics are simple. There is a clear division between good and evil. Skeletor will always side with the evil peoples and fight against the good.

Current Ruler:


Current Ruler:

Dictatorship. Although each warrior gets a designated seat at his “council table”.

Administrative Divisions:

Skeletor is at the top. His warriors are given tasks like stand guard duty, retrieve a magical artifact, or kidnap the prince. When Skeletor is away, Evil-Lyn is usually a second in command. Still, all warriors have a loose reign.

Legal System:

Skeletor’s word is law. When he’s not concerned, it’s whoever can dominate the other.

Internal political activity:

Some of the warriors have dreamed of challenging Skeletor’s rule. Very little has come to fruition.

External political activity:

To Skeletor, everyone on Eternia is someone to be conquered. He and his warriors are seen by others as an ever-present enemy to be held in check. The Royal Palace and He-man are his greatest foes.

Snake Mountain - Skeletor - Masters of the Universe


Snake Mountain’s wealth is most likely taken from wherever the evil warriors can capture it. Taking from others.


Centuries ago, Skeletor tricked Zanthor, the guardian of the disks of knowledge, into giving him the disks.

With these disks Skeletor learned much. Including how to build a secret base shaped like a coiled snake – Snake Mountain.

Snake Mountain - Skeletor - Masters of the Universe - Aerial view

Sites of Interest within Snake Mountain

Snake Mountain’s interior is mostly unrevealed.

Many common entrance-ways have motion sensors to alert Skeletor of intruders. Furthermore, Snake Mountain has a great arsenal of artifacts, weapons, vehicles, and equipment in it. All are useable by Skeletor and his forces.

Snake-Mountain has a sophisticated artificial intelligence. It is able to report problems or intruders as they are occurring on its own.

The mouth of the snake

An opening, usually guarded by one of Skeletor’s warriors. A “Transport Beam” flashes from the mouth to teleport warriors to Snake Mountain. The mouth of Snake Mountain can close.

The throne room

The throne is made of the bones of some creature. Skeletor may track changes in the area like detecting high concentrations of energy.

The waterfall

A secret entrance lies behind the falls, beside Snake-Mountain.


There are several medieval style dungeon cells with stone walls, thick wooden doors with a single barred window. But Skeletor also has cells generated as solid force field boxes. A very few of its cells are magic-proofed by Skeletor.

Giant snake

Under Snake Mountain, Skeletor keeps a gigantic snake who was perhaps a pet at some point. But years of neglect left the creature quite wild. This snake was the original reason Skeletor named the mountain, Snake-Mountain.


Skeletor maintains a menagerie of vicious beasts kept in cages as well as a few beasts he calls pets.

DC Universe Adaptation

(This section proposes ways of using this character in DC Universe stories).

Sure. There are many snake themed villain groups. Snake Mountain would be a cool looking base for them.

Snake Mountain - Skeletor - Masters of the Universe - Crystal ball table

DC Heroes RPG


[BODY 16, INT 02].

Snake Mountain has a Mana Factor: +1 (DC Heroes: Magic sourcebook, pg. 19 for rules covering Mana Factors for locations.)


  • CRYSTAL BALL TABLE [BODY 08, Remote Sensing: 28, Bonuses and Limitations: Remote Sensing may become scrambled if another magician is nearby. And the caster’s motives are counter to Skeletor’s; Powers used through the Crystal Ball table use Remote Sensing’s APs for their Range.]
    Skeletor has many view screens with the same abilities as the table but they are mechanical in nature instead of magic.
  • FORCE FIELD PRISON [Force field: 25, Stretching: 02].
  • NULLIFIER RAY [BODY 08, Electrical Control: 12, Bonuses and Limitations: Electrical Control only generates an EMP attack wherever the Ray strikes. AV/EV is an attack against all electronic equipment in Normal Range, with OV/RV based on the amount of shielding the equipment has (determined by the GM/the Universal Modifier table].
  • TRANSPORT BEAM [BODY 08, Teleportation: 16, Bonuses and Limitations: Teleportation is mystic linked, R#0].
  • TRACTOR BEAM [BODY 08, Attraction/Repulsion: 07, Bonuses and Limitations: Attraction only, R#2].


  • SKY-SLED [BODY 07 INT 01, Flight: 07, Energy Blast: 12, R#3, Cost: 106]. Occasionally, Skeletor will fit his own Sky-sled with a Telekinetic Beam, Telekinesis: 07, R#2].
  • BASHER [BODY 08, Flight: 07, Energy Blast: 12, Paralysis: 12, Teleportation: 04. Bonuses and Limitations: Paralysis and Teleportation are beam-weapons fired from the front of the Basher it uses the driver’s vehicles skill as AV, R#2].
Snake Mountain - Skeletor - Masters of the Universe - Basher vehicle
  • DOOM-BUSTER [BODY 08, Flight: 07, Flight (space travel): 26, Life Sense: 12, Energy Blast: 12, Sealed Systems: 20, R#2, Bonuses and Limitations: Life Sense has the discerning bonus allowing the pilot to identify specific individuals].
  • JET-PACK [BODY 05 STR 03, Flight: 06, R#3]. Occasionally, Skeletor will store one of these on his ship as one more method of escape.
  • DRILLING MACHINE (episode “The Search”) [BODY 10 STR 07, AV 07, Alert (Intruders enter the tunnel being drilled): 10, Digging: 10, Force Field: 10, Remote Sensing (Audio/Visual): 10, Running: 02, Super Ventriloquism: 10, R#5, Bonuses and Limitations:
    • Remote Sensing is activated through a view screen and is Contingent Upon Alert.
    • Super Ventriloquism allows the Drilling Machine operator to project their own voice to the intruder. Remote Sensing lets them see and hear their response.
    • Force Field has range (+1).
    • 02 APs is the Drilling Machine’s maximum speed even while Digging.]
  • ROTON [BODY 10 STR 05, Digging: 09, Energy Blast: 07, Flight: 06, Ice Production: 06, R#5, Bonuses and Limitations: Ice Production may only be used to trap victims in blocks of ice.]
Snake Mountain - Skeletor - Masters of the Universe - Flying Roton and evil warriors
  • LAND SHARK [STR 09 BODY 15 INT 01, Claws: 12 (teeth), Running: 05, Hardened Defenses, R#2]. The pilot must use their Vehicles (Land) skill to maneuver the teeth into position for a bite otherwise the bite occurs directly in front of the Land Shark.


  • Light energy rifles or pistols [BODY 05, Energy Blast: 05-07, Ammo 10, R#2].
  • Invisibility Helmet (X2) [BODY 04, Invisibility: 04, R#0].
  • Paralysis rod [BODY 04, Mystic Freeze: 08, R#0].
  • Paralyzer rays (guns) [BODY 04, Paralysis: 06, Ammo: 10, R#2].
  • Freeze-pistol [BODY 05, Ice Production: 06, Ammo: 10, Bonuses and Limitations: Ice Production only used to freeze targets in blocks of ice, R#5].
  • Heat-gun [BODY 06, Laser beam: 09, R#5]. These cut through the floor of the Palace. Skeletor says it cuts through anything.
  • Sleep Grenades (X10) [BODY 04, Fog: 03, Sleep: 05, Grenade Drawback, R#5]. (episode “Assault on the Hive”).
  • Elastium net – Skeletor said it is not only one of the strongest materials in the universe but it also stretches. Well, whatever. Battle-Cat grabbed it in his teeth and ripped it to shreds.


  • Activator [BODY 04, Earth Control: 12]. It was used to cause an already active volcano to erupt explosively.
  • Banishment Beamer [BODY 05, Dimension Travel (Banishment only): 12, Range: 07, Bonuses and Limitations: Dimension travel only sends a target hit by the ray a distance through dimension equal to the RAPS earned.]
  • Robot Bird [DEX 03 STR 00 BODY 01, Claws: 01, Flight (Winged): 05, Shrinking: 06, Telescopic vision: 02]. Built by Skeletor to track Man-At-Arms. It has built in camera eyes that send a visual feed back to Snake Mountain’s crystal ball table (episode “Masks of Power”).
  • Laser mines (X24) [BODY 05, Bomb: 05, Grenade Drawback, R#5].
  • Monitor [BODY 02, Detect Energy: 14, Bonuses and Limitations: Detect Energy is discernible]. (Episode “Daimar the Demon”).
  • Laser Bars [BODY 02, Laser Beam: 12.] These beams of energy project from floor to ceiling. A suitable doorway must be already in place for the laser bars to take affect. Seen in the episode “Disappearing Act”.
  • SPIDER DROIDS [BODY 02 DEX 02 STR 02 INT 01, Skin Armor: 02, Snare: 04, Laser Beam: 08, Flight: 07, R#2].
Snake Mountain - Skeletor - Masters of the Universe - Spider droids
  • HUNTER ROBOTS [BODY 02 DEX 02 STR 03 INT 02, Claws (bite): 03, Flight: 01, Laser Beam: 08, Radio Communications: 14, Running: 04, Skin Armor: 02, Military Science (Tracking): 05, R#2, Bonuses and Limitations:
    • Flight only allows the Hunter Robots to hover about a foot off the ground.
    • Radio Communications represents the robots homing signal. It transmits the robots’ location.
    • NOTE: Only about a third of Hunter Robots are fitted with Laser Beams.]

Robot Knights AKA Hover robots

Skeletor had a contigent of ten of these flying robots when he took control of the Royal Palace.

Dex: 02 Str: 02 Bod: 02
Int: 02 Wil: 00 Min: 00
Inf: 00 Aur: 00 Spi: 00
Init: 004 HP: 000


Claws: 03 (Whirling blades), Detect (Skeletor’s Gadgets or Artifacts): 06, Digging: 04, Energy Blast: 04 (eye-blast), Flight: 05, Skin Armor: 02

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Digging is Contingent on Claws.
  • Detect is not built into all of Skeletor’s Robot Knights and so is represented by making it minor Marginal (any of Skeletor’s allies may pay for the individual Robot Knight to have this power active).


Follow Programming.

Snake Mountain - Skeletor - Masters of the Universe - Flying robot knight

Raven Raven

“Raven Raven, fly to me. Raven Raven, what did you see.”

Skeletor gained a human-faced raven as a spy. Episode: “Energy beast”.

Dex: 03 Str: 00 Bod: 02
Int: 02 Wil: 02 Min: 02
Inf: 01 Aur: 00 Spi: 02
Init: 006 HP: 000


Claws: 01, Flight (winged): 05, Shrinking: 05, Telescopic Vision: 02

Bonuses and Limitations:

Shrinking is always on.


Thief (Stealth): 07


Serious Irrational attraction to speaking in rhymes.



Snake Mountain - Skeletor - Masters of the Universe - Monster face raven


A bionic falcon created by Skeletor to attack He-man from above. When first seen it was large enough to carry Cringer on its back. After this initial appearance, it was a normal sized falcon.

The first Screeech must have been damaged when it crashed through the wall of Snake Mountain. The smaller version, a second design, is primarily used for distraction. Screeech appears in three episodes – “Fraidy Cat”, “Visitors from Earth” and “The Toy Maker”.

Screeech MK I

A 383 points Character.

Dex: 06 Str: 06 Bod: 06
Int: 02 Wil: 01 Min: 01
Inf: 01 Aur: 00 Spi: 01
Init: 009 HP: 000


Claws: 05, Flight (winged): 06, Growth: 03, Self-Link (Gadgetry): 07, Telescopic Vision: 07

Bonuses and Limitations:

Growth is always on and already factored in (-1 FC).

Snake Mountain - Skeletor - Masters of the Universe - Screech mk1 falcon and Cringer

Screeech MK II

A 453 points Character.

Dex: 04 Str: 00 Bod: 03
Int: 02 Wil: 01 Min: 01
Inf: 01 Aur: 00 Spi: 01
Init: 009 HP: 000


Claws: 02, Electrical Control: 06, Flight (winged): 06, Self-Link (Gadgetry): 07, Shrinking: 04, Telescopic Vision: 07

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Electrical Control is only useable for jamming frequecies and only when Screeech is screeching (-2).
  • Shrinking is always on and already factored in (-1 FC).


Lightning Reflexes, Sharp Eye.

Snake Mountain - Skeletor - Masters of the Universe - Screech mk2 falcon

Design notes

Grayskull had only one entrance/exit. Snake Mountain, on the other hand, had a variety of entrances, exits, secret passages, and tunnels.

Throughout the series the writers and directors did not seem quite sure how to get the heroes and villains in and out of Snake Mountain.

The man-faced raven, may not have a name. Or it may be simply “raven” or it might be “raven raven”. The Raven might be homage to Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven poem  .

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By Ethan Roe.

Source of Character: Filmation Presents 1983/1984 animated series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and the 1985-1987 She-Ra Princess of Power.

Helper(s): he-man.wikia.com, He-Man and She-Ra: A Complete Guide to the Classic Animated Adventures.

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