One Million was a linewide DC Comics event in 1998. It took place in the DCCCLIIIrd century, the time period where classic DC titles would reach issue #1,000,000 if continually published. Much of the writing was by Grant Morrison, making this far future suitably alien.

Solaris, an evil artificial sun, was the main antagonist.


  • Real Name: Solaris.
  • Marital Status: None.
  • Known Relatives: Justice Legion A (“parents”).
  • Group Affiliation: None (formerly Justice Legion and PJJ).
  • Base Of Operations: Sol system.
  • Height: Weight:  ?
  • Eyes: Usually blue. Hair: None



Solaris is the product of a classic time paradox. He was created by the Justice Legion A in the 20th century to stop the Hourman Virus that was released on that Earth by a plan of Solaris of the 853rd century. After his creation, Solaris was exiled to deep space by the sacrifice of the Starman of the 853rd century.

He would return to plague Earth, and Superman in particular, over the centuries. At times he would be reprogrammed and become a great force of good. Other times, he would be the greatest villain in history.

In the 853rd century, after having secretly reverted to his evil programming, Solaris planned the destruction of Superman Prime during his return from the sun. He manipulated the JLA to go the the remote past to get them out of the way and to release the Hourman virus and insure his creation.

However, despite all his scheming, Solaris was stopped by the JLA of the 20th century.


The actual physical core of Solaris is a relatively small sphere perhaps the size of a small asteroid (?). However, his photosphere (Flame Being) makes him much larger. He has a single “eye” recessed in his structure. His outer body has long menacing spikes coming out of it.


Solaris is a hateful, insane, and evil computer. He is arrogant and will humiliate his enemy before killing him. His amazing computing abilities make him a brilliant tactician but his character flaw may interfere with that.

He feels only pure hatred towards Superman and his dynasty.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Dex: 10 Str: 30 Bod: 25 Motivation: Psychopath/Power Lust
Int: 18 Wil: 23 Min: 12 Occupation: 2nd sun to Sol system
Inf: 12 Aur: 17 Spi: 12 Resources {or Wealth}: 025
Init: 040 HP: 200

Flame Being: 35, Flame Project: 30, Flight: 24, Telepathy: 25, Control: 15, Invisibility: 10, Attraction/Repulsion: 30, Magnetic Control: 28, Recall: 50, Force Field: 25, Skin Armor: 10, Bomb: 24, Growth: 06

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Telepathy and Control are only usable on technology.
  • Force Field is ineffective against unscanned attacks (see Attack Vulnerability below).
  • Growth is always on and figured into stats.

Gadgetry: 22, Scientist: 24

Life support.

Vandal Savage of the 853rd century (High), Starman of the 853rd century (High).

CIH (Superman Dynasty), Attack Vulnerability (-4 CS vs. attacks he has never experienced before ; Solaris requires 2 rounds after experiencing an attack to scan it and develop a defense to it – both Automatic Actions).

Design notes

Except for his attributes which I think are reasonable, Power AP levels are pretty arbitrary. Regular players are going not going to be able to challenge Solaris in an up-front fight (ie: Plot Device villain). However, if you have cosmic-level heroes or what not, these will be perfectly playable stats should they face Solaris.

By Eric Padua.

Source of Character: DC 1 Million Crossover.

Helper(s): First illustration from .