Great Saiyaman (Songohan) (Dragon Ball)


(As the Great Saiyaman)


Main illustration by Maffo1989 .

Son Gohan (or Songohan, or Sangohan, and undoubtedly others) is the son of Son Goku, the main hero in enormously successful manga  and animé  saga Dragon Ball. Though he appeared in the interminable storyline as a newborn, he eventually grew into a champion of his own.


  • Real Name: Songohan or Son Gohan.
  • Other Aliases: The English translation of the name he was given in Spain is “The Great Wind Warrior”.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Songoku (father, sometimes deceased), Chichi (mother), Songohan (“grand-grandfather”, deceased), Bardoc (grand-father, deceased), Ox Satan (grand-father), Songoten (brother).
  • Group Affiliation: Goku’s Gang / Orange Star Institute.
  • Base Of Operations: Somewhere in the western country and Satan City.
  • Height: About 5’7” Weight: Around 120 lbs. Age: 19
  • Eyes: Black (blue as supersaiyan). Hair: Black (golden as supersaiyan).


Powers and Abilities

As the son of a human being and an inhabitant of planet Vegeta, Songohan soon demonstrated (at 4 years old) that he had lot of potential. At the moment of his High School days, some years after defeating Cell, Songohan is one of the most powerful beings in the Universe, although he has lost some of his power due to lack of training.

Songohan can employ his huge inner energy in many ways, from plain strength and speed to energy blasts and force fields. He also is one of the best martial artists ever, although his father is better than him in that field.

One of his more impressive powers is the Supersaiyan transformation, which raises his prowess to legendary level. But in fact, as for the main Dragon Ball characters, his most powerful ability is his lack of limits to maximum levels. He can get better and better as the circumstances ask for it.

Piccolo, God’s half, once removed Son Gohan’s tail. Thus, his transformations into a savage, enraged giant gorilla during the full moon nights no longer occur.



Songoku was an inhabitant of Planet Vegeta sent as a baby to the Earth to conquer it. An accident made him unaware of his mission, and he grew up as a human being. From his marriage with Chichi, the daughter of the ex-ogre Ox Satan, was born Songohan.

Soon, the child demonstrated blinks of power. Knowing that a terrible menace was near, Piccolo took little Songohan under his mantle and to the wilderness. The goal was to make him a tough warrior through tests of endurance. Gohan somewhat managed, although not to the extent he wished.

A year later, Songoku was recovering from the wounds suffered in his combat with Vegeta and Napa, another two survivors from planet Vegeta. Songohan went with Bulma and Krilin to a distant planet named Namek. That planet was where lived the makers of the Dragon Balls, similar to Piccolo and the Almighty. As they needed new Dragon Balls that was the perfect place for searching for new ones.

Frieza saga, Androids saga

Freezer, a galactic tyrant and Vegeta’s boss (the man, not the planet), tried to get the Namek Dragon Balls, too. But the Earthlings didn’t make it too easy. After a terrible battle that destroyed the planet a recovered Songoku saved his people and the Namek population, and defeated Freezer.

Time passed and on Earth appeared a messenger from the future. It was a grown-up (but by the normal timeline still unborn) Trunks (Bulma and Vegeta’s son). He told Songoku and his friends that a new menace was preparing, a couple of androids that would destroy them.

After a year of training they fought the androids only for being overwhelmed by a higher power. It was an unexpected android, called Cell, who absorbed the other two to became The Perfect. He was so powerful that nobody could defeat him. as he became bored he set up a tournament for fighting those who wanted to oppose him.

The battle was fought by many, Songoku and all of his friends, Songohan and a quite normal human fighter named Satan. Satan was amazed of all the superpowers around him but who thought it all was a trick.

Songohan saw how his father’s sacrifice to save the Earth from a Cell going to explode. But Cell came back as strong as ever and it was Songohan’s turn to destroy the evil creature forever more.

But the world thought it had been Mr. Satan the one to win against Cell. Satan was honored in many many ways. Babies, schools and even his home city were named after him. The people only remembered there was somebody known as the Golden Warrior (Songohan as Super Saiyan) had greatly helped him.

High school

Songohan and his family (his mother Chichi and his newborn brother Songoten) wanted to live in peace, so they didn’t tell the world the truth. Chichi’s illusion had always been that Songohan became a great scientist, since he was a child, so after all those battles he went to Satan City’s High School.

But there Songohan soon discovered he had to find some way for fighting crime without discovering himself, for letting his family live in peace. With Bulma’s help, he created the identity of the Great Saiyaman.

Finally Videl, Satan’s daughter who helped the police to fight crime and Songohan’s classmate, discovered they both were one and the same. She promised not to tell the truth if he trained her to participate in the next World’s Martial Artist contest. What follows from here is matter for another write-up…


As Songohan, he uses to wear normal clothes for a guy of his age going to the institute, nothing too modern, but always casual. As Great Saiyaman, he wears a green jacket without sleeves fastened with a black belt, over a black skin-tight suit.

He also wears white gloves and boots, a red cape and a white and green helmet with antennae and a dark visor that covers his eyes and nose. When he went to the Martial Artist Tournament he changed his helmet for a white handkerchief and sunglasses.


Songohan is quite a naive (although not so much as his father was), shy boy. He upholds good because he knows that his powers let him mark a difference. After so many deadly battles the fact of helping in more normal issues is almost relaxing.

But he can also be quite weird : as Great Saiyaman he likes to make a lot of strange “dance steps” and poses.


“This is a job for… THE GREAT SAIYAMAN !!”

DC Universe History

There’s nary a place for the whole of Toriyama’s world on ours. Mostly because part of it is parodic and referential parodies of the supers genre (Dr. Slump’s Penguin village, per example).

Anyway, Namek and Vegeta planets and inhabitants could be parts of the DC Universe. Just discard Imperiex and change it for Freezer and you have the perfect match (instead of his early holographic probe he sent out Vegeta and Nappa).

About Songohan, if you don’t want to introduce Songoku, he could be the son of Superman with Lois that had to learn the differences about his father’s and his own powers, live with the legacy and enforce it in a tougher than before world.

Or, as Songohan and Vidle later take Clark and Lois resemblances, you ditch the original Superman for Songoku and making Songohan the present day Man of Steel.

At this point he starts being a perfect foe for people like Darkseid or Mongul, and would do a great honor member of the Legion of Superheroes.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

Songohan as the Great Saiyaman

A 3485 Point Character

Dex: 14 Str: 19 Bod: 14 Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Int: 05 Wil: 09 Min: 10 Occupation: College Student
Inf: 06 Aur: 03 Spi: 06 Resources {or Wealth}: 02
Init: 047 HP: 150

Awareness: 05, Detect (Power Level): 15, Energy Blast: 20, Flash: 12, Flight*: 14, Force Field: 05, Invulnerability: 10, Joined: 10, Jumping (HL): 10, Mind Over Matter: 02, Power Reserve (Martial Artist, Superspeed, Aura, Energy Blast): 07, Reflection: 08, Repulsion: 07, Shade: 03, Skin Armor: 08, Speak With Animals: 02, Superspeed: 18

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Flash needs an existing bright light source, like the sun (-1).
  • Flight is linked to BODY (-1).
  • Force Field is Fatiguing (-2), and Songohan can’t move while the field is on (-1).
  • Jumping is Half Linked to STR (-1).
  • When using Power Reserve at least 1 AP must be assigned to every powered stat (-0).
  • Superspeed: the value for making tasks faster is only 3 APs (-1).

The following Powers are in fact Combat Techniques: Energy Blast (Kame Hame), Flash (Sun’s Bite) and Power Reserve (Supersaiyan levels 1-3).

Acrobatics (Dodging, Gymnastics): 11, Animal Handling*: 06, Artist (Actor): 02, Martial Artist: 15, Medicine (First Aid)*: 05, Scientist: 04

Popularity (as Golden Warrior).

Songoku’s friends (High), Videl (Low).

MIA (Videl), Secret Identity, Uncertainty, Ward (family).

INSTA-CHANGE CLOCK [BODY 02, Shrinking: 08, R#: 2, Limitations: Shrinking works only on his clothes when dressing as his other identity ; Advantages – Insta-Change, HP Cost: 44. The clock allows Songohan to instantly change into Great Saiyaman clothes].

Design Notes

I’ve lowered a little his powers because, as stated by Vegeta, he lost some power after his struggle with Cell due to the lack of training.

By KalEl el Vigilant.

Source of Character: Dragon Ball series.