Stanley H. Tweedle

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


LEXX was a TV series that aired from 1997 to 2002. It was a quirky, messy, less-than-serious science-fiction show with oddball characters.

It seems to have been a “love it or hate it” deal with the public.



  • Real Name: Stanley H. Tweedle.
  • Other Aliases: The captain of the LEXX, The Arch-Traitor, The Heretic.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: None.
  • Group Affiliation: None.
  • Base Of Operations: Mobile.
  • Height: 5’7” Weight: 160 lbs.
  • Eyes: Brown Hair: Black


The LEXX is the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes. As such, it is capable of destroying whole planets in a matter of seconds.

The LEXX is actually a living, giant bug of limited intelligence. It has a Life expectancy of about six thousand years. It holds smaller copies of itself in a port area. These bugs are used for scouting purposes.


It is capable of communication by speech and takes orders only from the appointed captain. It has been designed so that the captain holds the key to the control of the LEXX internally as bio-chemical energy. The current captain can transfer the key willingly to another person, but only when they are dying or experiencing extreme sexual pleasure.

Currently, the captain of the LEXX is Stanley H. Tweedle. The LEXX communicates with its captain verbally, and acknowledges orders by the sentence: “As you command, Stan”.

LEXX quotes

“I am the Lexx. I am the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes. I was grown on the Cluster, which is ruled by His Shadow. The food was good there. My captain is Stanley Tweedle. I blow up planets for him.”

The LEXX starship in space

“I am hungry. I am very, very hungry.”

Stanley: “Do you ever get into the mood of just blowing up planets ?”
LEXX: “I am always in the mood to blow up planets. That is what I was built for.”


Ex-security guard class 4, ex-Austral B heretic and current captain of the Lexx. The only member of the crew to be entirely human, Stan was forced to become a security guard when caught by His Shadow’s forces. He had been smuggling the amino acid codes for the Lexx to the heretics.

Luckily for him, he wasn’t executed for this heresy. That was just in case His Shadow ever needed any more information from him.

Although this sounds brave, Stanley H was really only in it for the glory and the free sex on accommodating pleasure cruisers. He only got involved with the Lexx theft due to poor timing – he was due to report for punishment (triple organ donation) when the whole thing erupted around him and he was swept away.

Him loosing the amino acid codes resulted in the destruction of 96 worlds by His Shadow.

Due to an accident he is also now the only member of the crew who can command the Lexx. After the destruction of the light universe, Stan continues on as the captain of the LEXX on their travels in the dark universe.


Two intros spliced together by a fan, so that’s twice the Brunnen G war song !


Stanley is an unattractive (Xev’s words, not mine) male in his 50s. He is always seen in a red jumpsuit.

The suit, and his hat, referred to as the Captain’s Hat, are from his days as a security guard, class 4. The hat has the number 4 on it, and has in particular become an important piece of memorabilia to him.


Stan is self-centered, vain and his propensity for self-preservation is quite extraordinary. But as more is seen of Stan, it seems that his heart is in the right place. He is trying to become a bit more heroic than he really is.

He’s a rather complex character, and doesn’t always know his own motives. In general, he would like to be a good guy. Yet his desires and fear does not always make that possible. His greatest ambition appears to be to get laid.

Other traits

Stan whines a lot, about everything. As this is very much in character, any player controlling Stan should receive extra Hero Points  if he manages to whine convincingly and often.

Stanley sometimes actually rises to the occasion. When faced with injustice or imminent crisis (after whining first), but almost as often he just flees in panic.

Lyekka is one of his best friends, despite the fact that she is a man-eating plant. He is a good friend of Zev these days, although his original intents were strictly carnal.

He is a bit fearful of Kai, and greatly appreciates the help the dead man can provide. He probably hates the robot head 790 almost as much as the robot hates him. LEXX is a good friend of his, and he speaks to it as if it were a child.

DC Universe History

The LEXX and its crew, it would seem, would fit well in the Vegan Galaxy, taking parts in the adventures set around the Omega Men.

Also, given the high technology level, the LEXX with crew fits well in the Legion of Super-Heroes era, or even better directly after one the major world wars to have preceded that era had ended. An era that was until then ruled by the tyrannic Shadow, ruling many of the planets to later form the United Planets network.


[The team finds survivors in cryo-sleep] “Let’s move on ! Wait, is she attractive ?”

“We are all going to end up dead !!”

Cyborg 791: “You’re not going anywhere until I deal with the sizzle… in my pizzle !”
[After escaping, Stanley finally targets cyborg 791, who is about to fall out the air duct, with a harpoon gun]
Stanley Tweedle: “Hah, who is laughing now ?!” [shoots, misses, hits the wall, and instead provides cyborg with escape route using the harpoon’s line] “Aaah !”

Kai: “You might consider abandoning Lyekka on this planet.”
Stanley Tweedle: “But I like her… when she’s not hungry anyway.”

[Prince’s goons grab Stan’s neck and hold him at knifepoint]
Stanley Tweedle: “That hurts !”
Prince: “Does it ?”
Stanley Tweedle: “Yes, it does ! It hurts !”
Prince: “I’m very good with pain.”

Stanley Tweedle: [On Lyekka] “She’s quite a woman.”
Kai: “Quite a plant.”
790: “Compared to Xevariffic, she’s a two. A two at best !”

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Dex: 03 Str: 02 Bod: 03 Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Int: 04 Wil: 04 Min: 04 Occupation: Ex-security guard, Captain of the Lexx
Inf: 03 Aur: 03 Spi: 03 Resources {or Wealth}: N/A
Init: 010 HP: 025

Gadgetry (Build Gadget): 01, Gadgetry (Identify Gadget): 05, Thief (Security Systems): 03, Vehicles (Space): 05

Credentials (Lexx, High).

Kai the last of the Brunnen-G (High), Zev/Xev Bellringer (Low), The LEXX (High).

SIA (Attractive Women), Unluck, Forced Exile (Dark Universe, after the 2nd season only).


  • THE LEXX SHIP (see below).
  • Captain’s Hat [BODY 01. The Hat is important memorabilia and a status symbol to Stan and he will whine a lot if it is gone.]


[BODY 24 STR 17 DEX 02 INT 02 WILL 02 MIND 02 INFL 01 AURA 01 SPI 01, AV 06, Disintegration: 40, Energy Blast: 25, Flight: 50, Life Sense: 24, Radar Sense: 38, Radio Communications: 35, Recall: 15, Sealed Systems: 25, Suspension: 35, Area Knowledge (The Light Universe), Life Support (provides crew with air and nutrition), Near-Immortal, Innocent, Motivation: Obedience to the Captain, R#3].


  • The LEXX will neither reply to or listen to anyone but the appointed Captain.
  • Although the LEXX is a bionic, growing ship, a Reliability failure indicates that the Lexx needs to eat vast amounts of organic material or even parts of a planet in order to replenish its energies. Being low on energy means it cannot access its Flight power, while other abilities are still free for use.
  • The AV of weapons, however, are decreased to 2 APs during low energy periods.
  • The LEXX also has at least a dozen inert Moth Breeders onboard, that can be awaken when needed. These have basic human stats, although their intelligence has been limited to only be able to perform the task of producing and building more moths (Scouting Bug Ships).
  • The LEXX also has a portable Protein Regenerator onboard, which seems to provide a patient with some Systemic Antidote and Regeneration capabilities, and possibly also some Invulnerability.

SCOUTING BUG SHIPS (x6) [BODY 04 STR 05 Flight: 19, Radio Communications: 20, Sealed Systems: 15, Note: The bugs are semi-living organisms, while still subject to control by the Space Vehicles subskill, and acknowledge orders verbally by the sound “tweet-too”, R#2].

By Dr. Peter S Piispanen.

Source of Character: Lexx TV-series, Character played by Brian Downey.