“Faster than a speeding tachyon, more powerful than the gravitational pull of a collapsing star, able to leap from world to world in a single bound.’ That’s what they say about me.”


One Million was a 1998 event among DC Comics books. The gimmick was publishing issue 1,000,000 of several books – which would logically be published during the 853rd century. The actual theme was interacting with characters from this immensely distant future.

Much of the material about these strange aeons was written by Grant Morrison, and it was good. Superman One Million (Superman 1M for short) even returned in the landmark All-Star Superman series.

Superman 1M is, without a doubt, the most powerful Post-Crisis character I’ve ever written up.



  • Real Name: Kal Kent.
  • Other Aliases: The Son of Tomorrow, Scion of the Superman Dynasty.
  • Marital Status: Unrevealed.
  • Known Relatives: Superman Prime (aka. Kal-El, forefather of the 20th and 21st century), Superman Secundus (21st century), The Superman of the 25th century (exiler of Solaris), The Superman of the 29th century (stopper of Solaris’s return), The Superman of the 38th Century (rehabilitator of Solaris), The Superman of the 67th century (wedder of the queen of the 5th dimension), The Superman of the 250th century (stopper of the Bizarro scourge), The Superman of the 505th century (reprogrammer of Solaris), unnamed future son (the next Superman), various other Supermen throughout time.
  • Group Affiliation: Justice Legion A, The Superman Squad (consisting of Supermen throughout the eras).
  • Base Of Operations: Earth, Mobile.
  • Height: 6’3” Weight: 225lbs Age: Unrevealed.
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Black

Powers and Abilities

Kal Kent has Kryptonian powers that have evolved very far in the future. His default Kryptonian powers (super strength, invulnerability, super speed, super senses, super breath, freeze breath, flight, x-ray vision and quantum vision) appear on par with the vastly more powerful Silver Age Superman.

Due to other alien/extradimensional admixtures in the Superman Dynasty bloodline, he also has additional powers such as super ESP, force vision, telepathy, electromagnetic manipulation and an additional 10 senses. Kal gets the energy for his main powers from the original Superman Kal-El and Earth’s Super-Sun.

This future descendant of Superman has stated that he himself is “Faster than a speeding tachyon, more powerful than a collapsing star and able to leap between planets in a single bound”. He is said to be capable of punching through time itself (plot device) and hear spoken words on other planets.


His durability, stamina and endurance levels appear to have reached levels capable of easily defeating foes such as Doomsday, Darkseid, Mongul, and possibly even the immense cosmic entity Imperiex himself. He is well opposed in his own time by the construct Solaris.

Finally, his agility, reflexes and extrasensory and visionary power are nearly incalculable. He is also immune to Kryptonite, red sun light/radiation, and possibly psionics .

Other assets

He is as intelligent as Brainiac 5 if not more so (he is estimated to be a genius to the power of 10 Einstein units). As the future flash John Fox once stated he is able to calculate over a billion scenarios simultaneously. Although humans have developed into a superhuman race as well, Superman promised his successors greater powers if they pledged to always protect Earth and the solar system.

Superman is the leader of Justice Legion Alpha, one of the 26 different Justice Legions of his time. The members of Justice Legion A, who are guarding one planet each, are: Superman, Hourman, Batman, Starman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, Resurrection Man and more recently the Atom, and possibly also Owl-Woman.


Superman One Million is a hero’s hero. This future superman has blue eyes and black hair and wears a full, shining-like-metal body costume in blue leaving only his head bare. His upper body and shoulders are covered by a red triangular shape (his back is all red) with a futuristic symbol in yellow and black on his chest.

Superman One Million future (DC Comics) broadcasts tranquility

His boots are red, as are his V-shaped shorts, and he wears a large red shoulder cape with the same symbol as on the chest in yellow. A recognizable costume reminiscent of the original Superman’s with a futuristic touch.


Superman One Million is a down to Earth type of guy. He has the heart of a great hero. Just like the original he, despite being more powerful than the gods themselves, is quite humble with his own capabilities, and praises others for their good work.

He seems to have several similarities with the original. He will sacrifice himself for others without hesitation, and protect the innocents with his own life if needed. Against the evil, murderous and tyrannical he will use as much force as possible to stop the threat as soon as possible without killing the opponents; the idea of killing goes strongly against his code of honor and beliefs.

A thoroughly honest and heroic character he never stops down for even one second as he is losing his powers while away from his system’s Super-Sun. He appears to possess a type of naiveté, which sometimes makes him look like a boy scout, and to see the world in black and white morals.

Superman 1M uses his telekinesis to rescue survivors

He would indeed have made the role of Clark Kent’s cousin in Smallville perfectly. He will humbly apologize if he has done a wrong, and will attempt not to overshadow others, despite clearly being the most powerful of them all. Naturally, he continuously listens to Headnet for news of any major crises.

His picture about the ’modern’ world is somewhat skewed by the old stories of the legends. Although identifying metahumans and other famous people, such as Lex Luthor, he initially believes all of them to be heroes. He will also think that people know a lot more about history, and sometimes the future, than they actually do.

The long Superman Dynasty tradition is a source of pride and joy for him.


“In my era, meetings like this are commonplace. Just two days ago, I fought the Chronovore with the Superman Squad — Supermen from various eras who’ve banded together to defend the time stream.”

“It’s so primitive ! Your news-gathering systems are antiquated ! Headnet could assimilate the data I need in… I’m sorry. I am grateful for this… the global spread of the virus. It’s worse than I feared ! There’s so little time. If only I had the Kryptonian technology of my fortress…”


“I’ve enough super-compressed material in my lungs to snuff out a red giant star. Stay put.”

“Mustn’t weaken, but even I can’t hold back the weight of an entire galaxy…”

“Can’t go… on… feel so old… so sick… fathers, I’ve failed you all… nothing left… nothing… can’t… die now… I won’t die… help me, father… unnhhhh… help me… merciful ancestors…my hands… information flooding in… from the Super-Sun… regenerating the cellular damage… Great Krypton’s Ghosts ! My powers are returning ! I made it to the 853rd century… with only minutes to spare ! Up, up, and away !”

“My force-vision barrier will serve to cement your plasma bottle, Green Lantern. But my concentration has to remain on this task until Solaris safely exhausts his fury and his supply of hydrogen. It’s up to your era’s Superman to race the kryptonite bullet and stop the assassination of his own future self !”

“Never possess a man with 10 senses more than you have, friend. He’s always going to be one step ahead.”

DC Universe History

Read all about it in the DC One Million series !

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

Superman One Million

Dex: 18 Str: 42 Bod: 32 Motivation: Upholding the Good
Int: 16 Wil: 24 Min: 20 Occupation: Superman of 85,271 A.D., Guardian of Earth
Inf: 10 Aur: 15 Spi: 15 Resources {or Wealth}: 012
Init: 069 HP: 200

Acuity: 15, Directional Hearing: 30, Energy Control: 15, Extended Hearing: 30, Flight: 48, Force Manipulation: 20, Heat Vision: 30, Hypnotism: 10, Ice Production: 14, Interface: 14, Invulnerability: 35, Microscopic Vision: 20, Radio Communications: 25, Sealed Systems: 25, Superspeed: 23, Super Breath: 25, Systemic Antidote: 15, Telepathy: 15, Telescopic Vision: 30, Thermal Vision: 20, X-Ray Vision: 20

Gadgetry: 20, Scientist: 11, Vehicles (Air): 06

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Hypnotism has Area Effect.
  • Invulnerability also counters Mental and Mystical Damage (+2).
  • Radio Communications can access the telepathic news network, Headnet (+1).
  • Misc. Power Burnout (see below).
  • Given his lineage and his power levels it seems likely that he possesses further as yet non-displayed abilities, for example magical abilities and further mental powers.

Genius, Headquarters (Expansive, Fortress of Solitude), Leadership, Lightning Reflexes, Popularity, Scholar (Mathematics), Sharp Eye.

Batman One Million (High), Justice Legion Alpha (High), Resurrection Man One Million (High), The Superman Squad (High).

Gradual Power Loss Vulnerability (The Prime Superman and The Super-Sun of the 853rd century; see below).

Justice Legion A communications device [BODY 2, Radio Communications 40, Bonus: Scrambled, Note: This earpiece enables Superman to audial communication with the headquarters. The usual recipient is Resurrection Man One Million, who gives information and tactical advice from the Strategy Engine].

Dependence on the super-sun

The Kryptonian gene is no longer vulnerable to magic, red sun radiation or kryptonite (although one account gives him a vulnerability to green kryptonite, in which case he’d have exactly the same Fatal and Loss Vulnerabilities as the original).

However, there are two major drawbacks to all of his fantastic abilities. The source of all of his might is partly granted by the original Superman, called Superman Prime, who lives in the sun, and partly by the Super-Sun at the centre of our solar system.

Superman One Million starts to grow weaker very fast if he is away from the Super-Sun of his own 853rd century (in a far away galaxy or in another time), or, alternatively, if Superman Prime for some reason chooses to retract the gift of power from Superman One Million.

One of the first effects of loss is that he looses his ability to fly, and can then only perform jumps of several miles at a time (exchange Flight with Jumping and Gliding during power loss; he will initially, literarily, be able to jump between planets).

Eventually, he will be left completely powerless, loosing both his physical powers and his extrasensorial abilities, and his DEX, STR and BODY will fall down to 04 APs each. His Mental Attributes will most likely slowly reduce to 12 APs each.

More about this

It is estimated that he will be completely powerless after only a few days. However, loss of abilities does not seem to be completely linear as he sometimes displays weaker and stronger periods during this time as well, almost as if switching around abilities by Power Reserve.

Estimating the exact loss mechanisms are hard. As a good rule of thumb, the easiest methods might be a loss rate of 1 AP in all his Powers and Physical Attributes for every two hours (11 APs of time), except for Attributes and Powers above 25 APs, which might be lost at a faster rate of 2 APs for each two hours.

In addition, all powers have a Minor Power Burnout during a period of reducing power, with the possibility to recover abilities by using Desperate Recover Checks.

Another loss mechanism option is to decrease all of his abilities by a certain value once he starts to become depowered, and then just tag a Catastrophic Power Burnout on top of all abilities. In any case, the loss conditions rarely occur.


Under normal circumstances, Superman One Million is quite possibly the most powerful hero of the 853rd century Milky Way galaxy, and perhaps even the universe, with the exception of Superman Prime. His reputation speaks of legendary feats and abilities, and he does perform the impossible on a regular basis.

His powerful abilities and bundles of HPs allow him to perform nearly any feat with ease. As such he often performs many feats as described by this legend.

However, if he starts boosting his abilities a lot by the use of HPs without access to his standard power sources of replenishment he will start to age as he spends more and more energy, which would eventually lead to his death, but he will rejuvenate again immediately when exposed to the rays of the Super-Sun.

By Dr. Peter S Piispanen.

Source of Character: DC One Million by Grant Morrison (1998), plus crossovers, DC Comics.