This is a customised/adjusted version of Superman, as he existed in Hominid 71’s tabletop RPG campaign.


  • Alter Ego: Kal-El/Clark Kent.
  • Marital Status: Widower.
  • Known Relatives: Jor-El (biological father, deceased), Lara Lor-Van (biological mother, deceased), Jonathan Kent (adoptive father, deceased), Martha Clark Kent (adoptive mother, deceased), Lar Gand/Mon-El/Robert Cobb (adoptive brother), Lois Lane Kent (wife, deceased), Lucy Lane Olsen (sister-in-law, deceased), James Olsen (brother-in-law by marriage, deceased), Zor-El (uncle, deceased), Alura In-Ze (aunt by marriage, deceased), Kara Zor-El/Linda Lee Danvers Dox [Superwoman] (first cousin), Querl Dox [Brainiac 5] (first cousin-in-law), Alura Dox [Supergirl II] (second cousin).
  • Group Affiliation: Former honorary member of the All-Star Squadron, reserve member of the Justice League of America, honorary member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • Base Of Operations: Fortress of Solitude, Arctic Polar Icecap.
  • Height: 6’ 3” Weight: 225 lbs. Age: 94 in 2010 (born 1916).
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: Black


Powers and Abilities

Largely the same as the mainstream version, with the following adjustments:

  1. This version of Superman does not have any special Vulnerabilities to Magic.
  2. It takes much longer for him to recharge his powers if they become depleted than it does for the mainstream version.
  3. Red-Sun Solar Radiation will not weaken him but is useless for recharging his Powers.
  4. The only kind of Kryptonite that exists in his universe is basic Green Kryptonite.


Superman is the first and greatest of all costumed champions. Over the course of his long career he has righted countless wrongs and vanquished countless evils. Yet he is forever haunted by the belief that he might have accomplished much more but failed to do so.

He knows that in many ways the fate of the world truly does rest upon his mighty shoulders, and sometimes even he feels crushed by the weight of this burden of responsibility. He is a household name the world over, being loved, respected, feared or hated from nation to nation depending on the part he has played in their recent histories.



Superman is a tall, muscular white male, with long black hair and a beard. His costume is nearly identical to what everyone is familiar with, except that his arms are bare apart from adamantium  bracers on both wrists. Also, the symbol on the back of his cape is blue and yellow rather than all yellow.

If disguising himself in ordinary clothes, he favors baggy casual styles that don’t emphasize his build. He will always wear glasses. He ties his hair back in a ponytail while in costume, but wears it loose if disguised in ordinary clothes. He regularly washes his hair and beard with a specially-formulated chemical that instantly changes color when exposed to one of a selection of other chemicals.

When disguising himself, he carries a small device which can spray a either a chemical that will turn his hair and beard another color or one that will turn them back to their natural color again. The device is disguised as an ordinary inhaler of the type used by asthmatics.


Superman is regarded around the world as a violent and high-handed egomaniac who acts as though the world revolves around him. The fact that, with his immense power, it would be virtually impossible for him not to have a profound effect on everything around him just by being there seems to escape most people. Perhaps that’s simply resentment born of envy.

In reality, what drives Superman is the fact that he was torn apart inside when he learned of the Nazi Holocaust and realized that he could have prevented it single-handedly, if only he had possessed the necessary knowledge and the will to act. He became obsessed with never again allowing the mass killing of innocent people to happen anywhere in the world while he lived, and was willing to protect the innocent by personally killing as many of the guilty as it took.

He has repeatedly intervened in the early stages of wars to force an end to the fighting, and then been compelled by circumstances to impose a peace of his own devising on the belligerents after they failed to agree one by themselves. He has become equally ready to dispense summary justice to dangerous criminals whom the law can’t touch, ranging from methodical bone-breaking to public execution.

He eventually grew used to being feared, hated and singularly unappreciated wherever he went, and is no longer consciously bothered by it. But he inevitably became very lonely and careworn over the years.

Superman is, literally, a law unto himself. He possesses no citizenship, but regards his home in the Fortress of Solitude as a sovereign state and himself as a sovereign head of state, giving him the right to declare a war of liberation against any nation that incurs his wrath by waging aggressive war or oppressing its own citizens.

If the Allied Powers had the moral right to invade and occupy Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan after the governments of those countries had demonstrated their willingness to brutalize and murder those weaker than themselves at home and abroad, then he has an equal right to invade any country where the innocent are suffering and bring an end to their misery by whatever means he deems necessary.

He certainly doesn’t like having to kill people, but if he becomes convinced that there’s no alternative in a given situation then he’ll do it with little hesitation. Given the choice, his usual method is to snap their necks. However, if circumstances should require him to kill large numbers of opponents with the greatest possible speed (in order to take out an army unit he finds already engaged in massacring civilians, for example), he’ll simply fly through their ranks at full speed with his arms outstretched, knowing that the impact of his invulnerable body against the fragile flesh and bone of theirs will literally rip them apart.

Nobody who witnesses this sight and lives will ever forget it, so he’ll usually spare a few of them and allow them to carry word back to their comrades and leaders of what he can, and will, do to them in turn if their murdering doesn’t cease. This will inevitably result in him being labeled a psychopathic monster by the Western liberal press, but it’s very effective at getting the job done all the same.

World leaders will publicly deplore his intervention and the UN Security Council will pass a resolution condemning it. Then international envoys will quietly begin negotiations with the provisional government he’s installed to arrange for the deployment of UN peacekeepers. They’ve all had a lot of practice at this routine by now.

To those who meet him for the first time, Superman seems lordly and condescending. If they have the opportunity to observe him up close for a while and engage him in conversation a few times, they may eventually start to understand him better. But it won’t be easy, because he deliberately cultivates an air of Olympian majesty and wrath. He is determined to be feared by those who understand nothing except force and the threat of force. If he must also frighten those he seeks to save in order to accomplish that, so be it.

When he wishes, he can project an aura of controlled menace that can intimidate virtually anyone. His factual knowledge of his own immense power gives him almost unshakable self-confidence under normal circumstances. One of the few things that can frighten him is himself: he has a deep-seated anxiety that his power may gradually corrupt him or drive him insane. He frequently adopts the guise of an ordinary human in order to interact with other people on an equal basis, providing him with an ongoing reality check.

On the rare occasions when he encounters something that can cause him physical pain, he generally welcomes it as another reminder of how most people have to live their daily lives. Another source of anxiety is the danger that the governments of the world will become too reliant on him preventing them from going to war, losing the ability to restrain themselves of their own volition.

He is haunted by the possibility that the more he does the more indispensable he will become, with potentially catastrophic consequences if he should then somehow be removed from the picture.

Superman has a deep and abiding hatred of megalomaniacal omnipotent entities who set themselves up as gods over lesser beings, such as the Celestials, or who act with a callous disregard for their lives and well-being, such as Galactus. He wishes he could destroy them all. If he were ever to find himself in a position where he could potentially actually do so, through some means such as gaining possession of a Cosmic Cube or the Infinity Gauntlet, the Universe could be changed forever.

Role-playing notes

This version of Superman emphatically does not have Bulletproof Syndrome. He uses his Powers and Skills at maximum efficiency at all times, using his Superspeed and high DEX in particular to the utmost in order to take his opponents down in the shortest time possible.

Most low-powered supervillains and conventional criminals are so hopelessly outclassed by him that they’ll never see more than a blur of motion before they find themselves lying on the ground unconscious, often with broken jaws and broken trigger fingers or worse.

He uses his Stance Assessment to identify anyone who looks to pose a greater challenge than most and goes into action ready to use whatever force is necessary to deal with them. After dealing with a situation he usually slows down long enough to become visible to bystanders for a moment, in order to keep himself in the public eye and maintain his Reputation, but he doesn’t wait around to receive either thanks or criticism because that’s not the most efficient use of his valuable time.

If faced with a situation such as a protest march descending into violence, he may try to Intimidate the offenders into dispersing rather than use force if he has any sympathy towards their cause. If the disturbance is something more unpleasant such as a race riot, the aggressors are going to be going home with a good many broken bones.

Superman is an Olympian presence who just appears in the background for campaign flavour most of the time. If your PCs bungle their assignment badly, he can step in to save them if you’re feeling kind. He’s virtually unusable as a PC himself unless you’re running a campaign which deals primarily with cosmic-scale events.

In that event, the player running him shouldn’t be penalized for declaring Killing Combat as long as the opponent targeted was acting in some way that could reasonably be construed as posing a threat to the lives of others. This is not a license to kill with impunity – Superman is not a berserker. If the player doesn’t seem to understand the difference, penalize him as usual until the message gets through.

A touch of black humour can occasionally be appropriate in depicting how other people perceive the Character. For example, on one occasion a low-level supervillain with a long track record of escaping from prison, who had been apprehended in the act of trying to make good on death threats he had previously made against his ex-girlfriend after she left him, made additional threats to kill her while still in the presence of Superman. The subsequent coroner’s inquest returned a verdict of suicide.

Superman himself has little sense of humour. He’s seen too many horrors and tragedies in his life for him to find much of anything funny. He despises beings like Mr. Mxyzptlk who spend their entire lives using their powers to amuse themselves rather than to help others.

If Mxy were ever to lose his powers and find himself at the mercy of the man he’s spent decades deliberately goading by endangering innocent people, he’d probably have a very short life expectancy.

Superman is very fond of crushing expensive weaponry into scrap metal. This can range from assault rifles to aircraft carriers.


“General, you have 24 hours in which to withdraw your troops to their barracks. If this is not done, in forty-eight hours your army — and you — will no longer exist.”

“Señor Presidente, you just made the last mistake of your life.”

“Your government told you men to come here and murder these people. As of 10 minutes ago your government no longer exists and now *I’m* telling you to pack up and go home. Leave here in peace or you’ll leave here in pieces.”

DC Universe History

Probably not. I designed him to exist in an Amalgam-type universe and I don’t think he’d be improved by removing him from that setting. But there’s always Interdimensional Transference or Dimension Travel to allow Characters from one Universe to visit another, of course.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats


Dex: 13 Str: 25 Bod: 20 Motivation: Responsibility of Power/Seeking Justice
Int: 12 Wil: 20 Min: 15 Occupation: Champion of the Oppressed
Inf: 12 Aur: 20 Spi: 15 Resources (or Wealth): 016
Init: 054 HP: 250

Force Grip*: 25, Sealed Systems: 20, Systemic Antidote: 20, Invulnerability: 20, Regeneration: 10, Suspension: 15, Superspeed: 13, Shouting: 12, Sonic Beam: 12, Super Breath: 12, Energy Blast: 15, Digging: 09, Jumping: 12, Flight: 23, Interdimensional Transference: 05, Telescopic Vision: 15, Microscopic Vision: 15, Electromagnetic Vision: 15, Cosmic Vision: 15, Extended Hearing: 15, Super Hearing: 15, Directional Hearing: 15, Analytical Smell/Tracking Scent: 15, Analytical Taste: 15, Hypersensitive Touch: 15, Comprehend Languages: 08, Recall: 20, Air Control: 08

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Systemic Antidote: Also Protects Against Radioactivity And Disease.
  • Invulnerability: Counteracts Physical Damage.
  • Sonic Beam: Diminishing. Lethal. Has an Area Effect centered on Superman himself, automatically Multi-Attacking everything within a 10 AP radius from him in all directions when used.
  • Energy Blast: Lethal. Projected from eyes.
  • Digging: Derived From Superspeed.
  • Flight: Using more than 20 APs of Flight within 30 APs of a planet-sized mass is Fatiguing.
  • Interdimensional Transference: Focused. Can Transfer Others Along With Self. Power Restriction — When Superman travels to another Dimension, he automatically materializes in the location in that Dimension which corresponds most closely with the location in his own Dimension from which he dematerialized. The reverse holds true when he makes the return journey. This may potentially cause him to materialize in a hazardous environment when transit is competed even if he originally dematerialized from a safe one. Power Restriction — Can only be used to travel to other Dimensions within the spectrum of Dimensions collectively comprising his own Universe. Cannot be used to travel to separate Universes within the Multiverse.
  • Cosmic Vision: Unable to see through lead. Unable to see through his own body. Unable to see through the body of any other Character with the characteristic Powers possessed by Kryptonians and Daxamites, those possessed by members of the Marvel Family or those possessed by the more powerful of the Asgardian and Olympian Gods.
  • Comprehend Languages: Skilled Power. Can Comprehend Written Languages.
  • Recall: Innate.
  • Air Control: Derived From either Superspeed or Flight. Power Restriction — Air Control can only be used while Superman is running or in flight. If he is running, he must activate 6 APs of Superspeed before he can activate 1 AP of Air Control and then activate an additional 2 APs of Superspeed for each additional 1 AP of Air Control he wishes to activate. (Activating 12 APs or his full 13 APs of Superspeed will enable him to activate 4 APs of Air Control.) If he is in flight, he must activate 6 APs of Flight before he can activate 1 AP of Air Control and then activate an additional 2 APs of Flight for each additional 1 AP of Air Control he wishes to activate. (He must activate at least 20 APs of Flight in order to activate his full 8 APs of Air Control.)

Artist (Actor, Chef, Sculptor, Writer): 05, Charisma: 15, Computers (Computer Operation, Computer Programming, Computer Hacking): 04, Detective: 05, Gadgetry (Identify Gadget): 05, Martial Artist (incl. Techniques): 08, Medicine (Diagnosis, First Aid, Forensic): 04, Military Science (Camouflage, Cartography, Danger Recognition, Demolition, Tracking): 04, Scientist (Analysis, Observation, Research): 10, Survival (Find Shelter, Find Nutrition): 04, Thief (Locks and Safes, Security Systems, Stealth): 04, Vehicles (Land Vehicles): 02, Weaponry (Adamantium Bracers, Infantry Weapons, Melee Weapons, Missile Weapons): 04

Near-Immortal, Lightning Reflexes, Iron Nerves, Sharp Eye, Connoisseur, Leadership, Scholar (Languages, Linguistics, Psychology, Sociology, Mythology, History, Archaeology, Palaeontology, Geology, Astronomy, Kryptonian Culture and History), Languages (Kryptonese, Esperanto, 20th Century Interlac [HP Cost: 5], 30th Century Interlac [HP Cost: 5]), Area Knowledge: Cities (Metropolis, London, Warsaw), Omni-Area Knowledge, Reputation, Shtick (Stance Assessment), Shtick (Stare of Doom), Misc.: His Powers and knowledge of geology allow Superman to locate deposits of precious minerals beneath the ocean floor and extract them with ease. He can then sell them on the open market, allowing him to effectively increase his Wealth at will. However, he normally has no interest in doing so., Headquarters: Expansive (Fortress of Solitude), Misc.: Under normal circumstances Superman cannot voluntarily use or be involuntarily subjected to any form of Teleportation that operates on the Star Trek principle of matter being converted into energy and then transmitted elsewhere before being converted back into matter again: his high BODY and his Invulnerabilty both automatically resist any attempt to break him down into energy. (Assuming dice rolls that gave full RAP, it would take at least Teleportation: 41 to move him even 1 AP!) Psionic Teleportation or Teleportation through another Dimension such as Hyperspace work as normal, however, as does Warp.

Powerful Connections:
Low Level (Shaper of Worlds, Guardians of the Universe, New Gods of New Genesis, Odin, United Nations, British Government, Polish Government).
High Level (Captain Marvel [William Batson], Thor, Captain Atom [Allen Adam], the Silver Surfer, the Batman [Dwayne Taylor], Captain America [Elijah Bradley], King Namor the Sub-Mariner [Namor McKenzie], Aquaman [Arthur Curry], Fantastic Five, JLA, Inhumans, Eternals of Earth, Green Lantern Corps).

Low Level (Uatu the Watcher, Eternals of Titan, Ms. Marvel [Carol Danvers], Hawkman and Hawkwoman [Katar Hol and Shayera Thal], X-Men, Magneto, the Mole Man [Harvey Elder], Dr. Fate [Kent Nelson], Dr. Strange [Stephen Strange], NoMan [Anthony Dunn], Nick Fury, Legion of Super-Heroes), Omni-Connection.

Fatal Vulnerability (Kryptonite, Rare, 2 APs), Loss Vulnerability (Kryptonite, Range of 2 APs, all Attributes and Powers.), Loss Vulnerability (Lack of Yellow-Sun Solar Radiation, All Attributes and all Powers except Comprehend Languages and Recall. These diminish at a rate of 1 AP per day until Superman is eventually reduced to the de-powered state whose Attributes are given above. Renewed exposure to Yellow-Sun Solar Radiation will begin to restore his Attributes and Powers at a rate of 1 AP per day until they eventually reach their full levels once again.), Mistrust, Public Identity, Minor Rage, MIH (of Nazis and Neo-Nazis and others who brutalize the weak and helpless), MIH (of megalomaniacal or callous cosmic beings [currently including the Stranger, Thanos, Darkseid, Galactus, the Celestials, the Lords of Order and Chaos, Death and Oblivion in particular]), MIH (of cosmic beings who use their powers to play irresponsible pranks [currently including Mr. Mxyzptlk, Bat-Mite and the Impossible Man in particular]), MIF (of the Phantom Zone inmates ever escaping), MIF (of being corrupted or driven insane by his own power), MIA (to acting with maximum decisiveness in crisis situations), Guilt (over failing to force an end to the Holocaust sooner), Guilt (over every instance of mass murder that he failed to prevent), Guilt (over all insane or mentally impaired beings he was compelled by circumstances to kill or hurt), Traumatic Flashbacks (relives the horrors of the Nazi extermination camps if he encounters any contemporary scene of mass murder), Arch Enemy (Brainiac [and formerly Lex Luthor and the Ultra-Humanite]), Arch Enemy (People’s Republic of China), Enemy (media pundits, politicians and military leaders around the world who buy into traditional rhetoric about national sovereignty), Dependents (Population of the Bottle City of Kandor).


  • COSTUME [BODY 08, Skin Armor: 02, Flame Immunity: 03, Limitations: Skin Armor: Only protects against attacks made with piercing and edged weapons ; Skin Armour offers Partial Coverage Only (does not protect head or arms) ; Flame Immunity: Partial Coverage Only (does not protect head or arms)].
  • ADAMANTIUM BRACERS [BODY 25, Can be used to Block incoming blows and small projectiles. If Superman attacks an opponent using a wrestling-style forearm smash maneuver, either of the Bracers can function as a Melee Weapon with an EV of 4. This is a Trick Shot.]
  • PHANTOM ZONE PROJECTOR [BODY 25, Interdimensional Transference: 25, Limitations: Can Only Transfer Others And Not Self. Can Transfer Only Between the Earth Dimension and the Phantom Zone].
  • STARSHIP LEGACY OF KRYPTON [STR 25 BODY 25 INT 15 WILL 10 MIND 10 INFL 05, Computers: 05, Gadgetry: 05, Medicine (Diagnosis, First Aid, Forensic, Medical Treatment, Surgery): 05, Military Science (Camouflage, Cartography, Cryptography, ECM): 05, Scientist (Analysis, Drawing Plans): 05, Vehicles (Air Vehicles, Space Craft, Water Vehicles [all Self]): 15, Weaponry (Heavy Weapons [Self]): 05, Growth: 15, Sealed Systems: 25, Damage Capacity (Physical): 20, Gravity Increase: 03, Attraction/Repulsion: 10, Omni-Arm: 10, Fabricate: 02, Force Manipulation: 02, Force Field: 20, Energy Blast [1]: 20, Energy Blast [2]: 20, Flight: 27, Warp: 50, Remote Sensing: 05, Electromagnetic Vision: 20, Cosmic Vision: 20, Radar Sense: 20, Life Sense: 20, Probe Telemetry: 25, Control: 25, Radio Communication (Conventional Radio): 50, Radio Communication (FTL Radio): 65, Superspeed: 20, Recall: 40, Split: 05, Advantages – Omni-Scholar, Misc.: The ship contains a 12 APs Scientific and Medical Laboratory ; Bonuses & Limitations:
    • Growth: Power Always On. Adds to EV when making ramming attacks and to RV rather than to STR and BODY.
    • Gravity Increase: Can Affect Self Only. This represents the artificial gravity generated within the ship. It cannot be projected beyond the hull.
    • Attraction/Repulsion: Represents integral Tractor/Pressor Beam generators.
    • Fabricate: Represents onboard Replicators.
    • Force Field: Can Attack Through Field.
    • Flight: Cannot use more than 20 APs of Flight within 30 APs of a planet-sized mass.
    • Warp: Represents an integral Hyperdrive. Cannot be used within 30 APs of a planet-sized mass or within 42 APs of a star-sized mass. Cannot be activated at less than 47 APs.
    • Remote Sensing: Only allows the AI of the ship to be aware of everything that happens within it or in proximity to its hull.
    • Electromagnetic Vision: Imaging Bonus — Can Observe Detailed Characteristics. +12 Range.
    • Cosmic Vision: Imaging Bonus — Can Observe Detailed Characteristics. +12 Range.
    • Radar Sense: +12 Range.
    • Life Sense: Life in General. +12 Range.
    • Probe Telemetry: This is simply a variant of the Eye Of The Cat Power which functions in the same way except that it uses WILL rather than AURA as its Link Attribute and uses Probes rather than animals.
    • Control: Probes Only.
    • Radio Communication (Conventional Radio): Video Capability. Encrypted. +12 Range.
    • Radio Communication (FTL Radio): Encrypted.
    • Superspeed: Can only be used to reduce the time needed to complete mental tasks.
    • Split: Mental Split Only. Can only be used for multi-tasking.]
  • SHIPBOARD PROBES (x15) [STR 15 BODY 15 INT 05, Vehicles (Air Vehicles, Space Craft, Water Vehicles [all Self]): 10, Omni-Arm: 05, Flight: 23, Electromagnetic Vision: 15, Cosmic Vision: 15, Radar Sense: 15, Life Sense: 15, Radio Communication (Conventional Radio): 25, Recall: 25, Bonuses & Limitations:
    • Flight: Cannot use more than 20 APs of Flight within 30 APs of a planet-sized mass.
    • Electromagnetic Vision: + 12 Range.
    • Cosmic Vision: +12 Range.
    • Radar Sense: +12 Range.
    • Life Sense: Life in General. +12 Range.
    • Radio Communication (Conventional Radio): Video Capability. Encrypted. +12 Range.]

Depowered stats

If a plotline should involve Superman being reduced to a completely de-powered state through being deprived of yellow-sun solar radiation, his Attributes would then be as follows:

Dex: 08 Str: 04 Bod: 04 Motivation: Responsibility of Power/Seeking Justice
Int: 12 Wil: 12 Min: 10 Occupation: Champion of the oppressed
Inf: 12 Aur: 12 Spi: 10 Resources: 016
Init: 036

New rules – Force Grip v1.0

By Hominid71
Base Cost: 50
Factor Cost: 08
Link: STR
Range: Touch
Action Type: Auto

This Power has many similarities to Telekinesis, except that its Link Attribute is STR, not WILL. It is also related to Force Manipulation and Force Field. It has a Range of Touch. It is normally channeled through the hands, allowing the User to anchor them to any object with which they are in physical contact (effectively functioning as Joined) and to maintain the structural integrity of the object for as long as his hands remain in contact with it, provided that its APs of weight do not exceed his APs of the Power.

He must still exert his STR as usual to actually lift the object. The primary function of the Power is to give the User the equivalent of a secure grip on a massive and bulky but comparatively fragile object, one which could not otherwise be moved intact at all. (One example of such an object would be an entire large building, which under normal circumstances would, obviously, be far too large and cumbersome to be grasped and lifted by the hands and also would almost certainly collapse if uprooted from the ground.)

The Power can also be channeled through the feet, allowing the User to anchor them to whatever he is standing on and thereby (for example) resist being subjected to Knockback by the attack of an opponent (again effectively functioning as Joined). It can also effectively function as Paralysis, with a Range of Touch and the Limitation that the User must keep at least one hand in physical contact with the target in order to keep them immobile. Their Paralysis will then normally lift as soon as he moves his hand away.

However, if desired, the User can Paralyze a target so completely that their heart will stop beating. If he does so, their heart will not normally start beating again even if he then removes his hand, resulting in their death unless CPR is successfully applied. Obviously, this is Killing Combat.

New rules – Electromagnetic Vision v1.0

By Hominid71
Base Cost: 25
Factor Cost: 05
Link: INT
Range: Normal
Action Type: Auto

This Power allows the User to see the entire conventional electromagnetic spectrum (gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared rays, radar waves, microwaves, radio waves and extremely low frequency or ELF waves). It incorporates Truesight, Ultra Vision and Thermal Vision. It does not incorporate X-Ray Vision, since despite its name that Power does not actually involve being able to see X-rays.

The ability to see radio waves only allows the User to detect when a radio or television signal is being broadcast and to locate its source. It does not equate to Radio Communication, since he cannot decipher the information content of the transmission. The User can select which electromagnetic wavelengths he wishes to see, in any combination, and filter out the rest.

Most Users will not usually choose to see the entire spectrum at once, as this will tend to overwhelm them with a flood of visual data too great for their brains to effectively process.

New rules – Cosmic Vision v1.1

By Hominid71
Base Cost: 25
Factor Cost: 05
Link: INT
Range: Normal
Action Type: Auto

This Power allows the User to see an entire array of subtle cosmic energies extending far beyond the conventional electromagnetic spectrum. It incorporates Detect (Cosmic Energy), Detect (Magic) and X-Ray Vision, which actually involves being able to see one of these forms of energy rather than conventional X-rays, although the User may be unable to see through certain kinds of Force Fields.

The User can select which energies he wishes to see, in any combination, and filter out the rest. Most Users will not usually choose to see the entire array at once, as this will tend to overwhelm them with a flood of visual data too great for their brains to effectively process. Beings or objects which possess Mystical or Mystic Linked Powers or which have been lastingly affected by such Powers emit a distinctive aura in the cosmic energy spectrum which is readily identifiable through the use of Cosmic Vision.

The aura intensifies while such Powers are in active use, but this does not give any indication as to the nature of the magic being performed if it is not already evident.

New rules – Interdimensional Transference v1.0

By Hominid71
Base Cost: 500
Factor Cost: 05
Link: WILL
Range: Special
Action Type: Auto

This Power functions in much the same way as Dimension Travel, except that its Link Attribute is WILL, not AURA. Also, it is powered by scientifically-based energies rather than magically-based ones, which makes it somewhat easier to control, and its use therefore only requires an Automatic Action rather than a Dice Action.

It cannot normally be used to travel to Dimensions whose physical laws are governed entirely by magic. The GM should decide in advance whether or not any new Dimension he creates for a campaign will be accessible through the use of Interdimensional Transference.

Limitations available: Can Transfer Self Only (-1 FC), Can Only Transfer Others And Not Self (-1 FC), Can Transfer Only Between Two Dimensions (-1 FC, -400 BC)

[If used, this Power should replace Dimension Travel in all cases of that Power being possessed by a machine that, from the context, should logically be presumed to operate on scientific principles rather than magical ones.

Example: The Phantom Zone Projector used by the Silver Age Superman would have Interdimensional Transference: 25 with the Can Only Transfer Others And Not Self and Can Transfer Only Between Two Dimensions Limitations.]

By Hominid71.

Source of Character: Homemade Character (This is the version of Superman who features so prominently in my “Earth-H Timeline”.)

Helper(s): Anyone who offered comments on the previous versions.