This mecha  is from an old, minor video game – Future Cop: LAPD, published in 1998.

This profile was done while the game still was a thing. So yes it’s super-old, and the goal back then was simply to present the game’s star vehicle in DC Heroes RPG terms.

Besides, I don’t remember much of a story anyway. But of course it was almost 20 years ago, and given my skill level I doubt I progressed much in the game in any case.


  • Group Affiliation: Property of the LAPD.
  • Base Of Operations: Los Angeles.
  • Height: 5,17m Weight: 1789Kg


Powers and Abilities

This experimental vehicle is built on a titanium, Fullerene NanoTube composite honeycomb chassis. Its articulated, molecular helix ShockWeave kevlar frame has been strengthened by Chobham Spider-silk-composite armor.

A revolutionary flywheel design assists in power and stealth. That allows it to move quickly and easily over uneven terrain either as a walker or hovercraft, transforming as needed.

As powerful as its tracked predecessor, the Abrams M12A1 Urban Assault Vehicle, but many times more maneuverable, the X-1A is the ultimate ground-based “street sweeper”. From its secure cockpit, an officer can truly serve, protect, and survive.

Asides from its neat sensors, the Alpha is equipped with a laser designator. Its weapons are aimed where the pupils of the pilot are looking. The pilot can order one or more weapons to engage a target after just a brief look at it, and the Alpha will accurately shoot it until it explodes.


In the future, Los Angeles has become quite a Hell on Earth. It is full of criminals, mutants, mercenaries, terrorists, cultists, drug dealers… Many of these sport heavy military weaponry and flotillas of armed vehicles. The LAPD has gleefully adapted to the times, with a variety of urban assault vehicles designed to act as one-vehicles tactical forces.

Future Cop vehicle in walking and hovering modes

Both a fast intervention hovercraft and a nimble walking tank, the latest of those, the Alpha, can withstand unbelievable volumes of heavy weapons fire and is armed to the teeth.

(And yes, this game about the LAPD shooting all the things to restore order was released a few years after the riot that followed the Rodney King case. Video games.)


See illo.

DC Universe History

The Alpha is a powerful and obviously hi-tech vehicle, although it would be possible for someone like Luthor to design it. It works better, however, if it comes from an alternate near future.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Tac X-1 Alpha

Dex: 03 Str: 06 Bod: 14

Air walking: 01, Damage capacity: 05, Detect (NBC warfare agents): 06, Detect (radar): 10, Growth: 06, Running: 08, Radar sense: 10, Telescopic vision: 06, Thermal vision: 07, Ultra-vision: 08

Bonuses and Limitations:
Growth is Always On and already factored in (-1).

Weaponry (on-board weapons): 07

Area Knowledge (LA), Hardened Defenses.

Weapon pods (see below).

Metamorphosing the Alpha

The Tac X-1 Alpha can operate under two modes : walker and hovercraft.

  • As a walker, the Alpha can use its DEX, but its Running is reduced by its DEX APs, to 05. While it is still pretty big, it can maneuver just like a character would and can dodge, climb stairs, press switches (by extruding a manipulator arm), hit people (kicking like a horse or running over its target). However, it cannot use the Air walking power.
  • As a hovercraft, it has its full Running and Air walking powers, but no DEX. It is only as maneuverable as a car of an equivalent size.

It takes one Phase of inactivity to switch between the two.

Response in kind

The Tac X-1 Alpha is made even more versatile by its weapon pods, which can accommodate various weapon modules. Modules can also be switched for maintenance or reloading purposes. There are three mount for pods :

  • Forward mount :
    • Normally is equipped with a Mini Gun (Projectile weapons: 08). In emergency situations, the Mini Gun can be loaded with HEDP ammo (+1 EV).
    • A mission specific weapon is the Flamethrower (Flame project: 08), good against fortifications and infantry. In emergency situations, the Flamethrower can be loaded with high-efficiency napalm (Area Effect, +1 EV).
    • A more powerful weapon than the above guns, the Gatling Laser (Heat vision: 09) is more rarely deployed, except if the mission is specifically directed against aircrafts. In emergency situations, the Gatling Laser is hotshotted (Area Effect).
    • The most powerful weapon is the Electric Gun (Lightning: 10), only very rarely seen. In emergency situations, the Electric Gun is replaced with an Chain Lightning Gun (Area Effect).
  • Side pods :
    • Normally is equipped with Hellfire 2000 short-range homing missiles (Projectile weapons: 10). In emergency situations, the missiles are linked to be fired by groups of four (treat as +1 AV, +1 EV).
    • A more direct-fire weapon is the Concussion Beam (Energy blast: 10). In emergency situations, the Concussion Beam is hotshotted (and colloquially known as a BFC, the meaning of which should be obvious) (+1 EV).
    • For saturation fire, the Hyper-velocity rockets are extremely fast, non-homing missiles fired in groups of four (Projectile weapons: 09, +2 AV and +1 EV due to four-round groups). In emergency situations, the rockets are replace by Fire Ants rocket pods (further +1 AV, +1 EV).
    • The most powerful weapons available for the side pods, the Fusion Torpedoes (Energy blast: 12) are slow-flying balls of plasma. Anything that can move faster than 6 APs for three phases can escape them, but has to restrict itself to evasive maneuvers. In emergency situations, the balls are upgraded to Cold Fusion Torpedoes (+1 EV).
  • Indirect fire pod:
    • Normally is equipped with a Mortar (Bomb: 11, Indirect Fire). In emergency situations, the Mortar will fire groups of four shells (+1 AV, +1 EV).
    • A heavier weapon is the Plasma Flare (Flame project: 12, Area Effect like a Bomb power, Indirect Fire). In emergency situations, the Plasma Flare launcher will shoot groups of three charges (+1 EV, +1 AV).
    • The Bounce Mines are used for special tactical purposes (Bomb: 11, Indirect Fire, triggered. In emergency situations, the Bounce Mines will be replaced by Volcano Mines (+1 EV).
    • The most powerful weapon is the Shockwave Generator (Bomb: 11, No Range (centered on self), Self is Immune), which release a powerful wave of force around the Alpha. In emergency situations, the Shockwave II releases a triple pulse (+1 AV, +1 EV).
  • Special weapons:
    • A few experimental K9 Ammunition (no relation) have been tested on the field. Basically these are a dog-like robot designed to run at a target and detonate [STR 03, BODY 05, Running: 07, Bomb: 14 (destroy self)].

By Sébastien Andrivet.

Helper(s): Futurecop website.

Source of Character: Future Cop: LAPD video game (1998).