Tigra of the Avengers West Coast (Marvel Comics)


(Greer Nelson profile #4 - 1980-1986)

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


This profile is part of a chronological series, which you really should read in order. Namely :

  1. The Cat – start here.
  2. Cat People (Marvel Universe) – optional but recommended.
  3. Tigra the were-woman.
  4. Tigra (1976-1980).
  5. Tigra (1980-1986) – this here profile.

This profile starts when Tigra joins the Avengers. It stops as her souls are reunified in the Land Within (West Coast Avengers vol.2 #15, December 1986).



  • Real Name: Greer Grant Nelson.
  • Other Aliases: Tigra the Were-Woman ; “Cat lady” (frequent nickname), “the woman warrior” (traditional Cat People name), “Stripes”. Formerly known as the Cat.
  • Marital Status: Widowed.
  • Known Relatives: William (husband, deceased), Gregson (father), Janet Grant (mother – possibly already remarried as Janet Garson during this era).
  • Group Affiliation: West Coast Avengers, former member of the Avengers, former member of the Cat People.
  • Base Of Operations: Los Angeles, CA (previously Mobile, previously San Francisco).
  • Height: 5’10” Weight: 180 lbs.
  • Eyes: Green and catlike Hair: Orange

Powers and Abilities

Tigra’s abilities are mostly unchanged. There *are* evolutions, though :

  • Early in West Coast Avengers she demonstrates night vision and 40/20 eyesight. It was never used before, and in her earliest Tigra career she explicitly lacked night vision.
  • Just before she joins the West Coast Avengers, Tigra demonstrates the ability to clear 40 feet (12 metres) in a single bound, with a largely standing start. This is markedly better than what she previously did.
  • The remnants of her Cat powers apparently disappeared somewhere near the tail end (he he) of the previous entry. She never displays empathic abilities anymore, and her human form seems to be plain little Greer Nelson without any enhancement. However she is in excellent shape from all the exercise she does as Tigra.
  • As an Avenger Greer is taught to pilot quinjets, though she’s kinda bad at it.
  • Shortly before the end of this era, she also demonstrates the ability to communicate with, and convince, the Griffin (a sort of man-lion hybrid) to stop hostilities by making cat noises at him. This is the first case of her speaking, hmmm, felinese.


Money, it’s such a drag

During much of this era, the financial issues that plagued Ms. Nelson since the death of her husband are alleviated. When she joins the Avengers, she gets full accommodations at the Mansion plus a stipend. That’s a thousand 1981 dollars, which is about two grands and a half in 2009 dollars.

She only gets paid once before she leaves, though, and her financial difficulties resume for a while. She gets paid for a few modelling contracts so it’s a bit better than before, but she’s still impoverished.

Some weeks after she hits San Francisco, Greer works as a PI for Jessica Drew’s agency. She thus finally gets a regular, reasonable income. She then joins the West Coast Avengers, and resumes the full accommodations and Avengers pay.

Poise, it’s such a drag

On the other hand, Tigra becomes a nervous person who has difficulties handling fear and stress. She’s markedly below super-heroic levels.

Why this is happening is never explained, especially in light of Greer’s original concept of an early 1970s liberated woman. This profile discusses our hypotheses to have this make sense.


(This section starts where the History section of the previous profile ended).

Avengers assemble

In 1981, the Avengers were ordered to pare down their active roster to six. This triggered major changes.

Confusing the situation, Moondragon “helped” by telepathically summoning a number of heroes to Avengers Mansion. While most had no idea what they were doing there, some were actually interested in applying.

At the end of the day, the new roster was finalised with Captain America, Thor, the Wasp, Iron Man, Yellowjacket… and, pending her security clearance, Tigra. Discovering that Avengers membership came with full accommodations and a paycheque was one further bit of good news for Greer.


As an Avenger, Tigra responded to the Elfqueen situation. She also was present during the subsequent Yellowjacket court-martial, treason, robot attack and resignation.

She helped with the apprehension of the Ghost Rider when he went loco, though being hit by the Rider’s hellfire badly rattled her, in a manner unbefitting to an Avenger.

Tigra (Greer Nelson) leaping over a white background

When the X-Men came looking for help against a Shi’ar armada threatening to destroy Earth, Tigra was the only Avenger at the Mansion. She joined them and fought Deathbird.

Though she was surprised by the alien’s strength, Tigra saved Storm from a sniper and helped prevent the Brood from establishing a beachhead in Manhattan.

As the sole hero present with some official status, Tigra was dealing with angry NYPD officers after the battle. She thus wasn’t teleported aboard the Shi’ar vessel along with the X-Men.


Feeling flush with money after years of poverty, Tigra went on a shopping and socialising spree. However, she attracted unwanted attention and pawing due to her exotic looks. She ended up giving what was left of her stipend to a street musician, as she felt bad about having panicked when exposed to hellfire and didn’t think she deserved her pay.

The Avengers then clashed with the Molecule Man. Massively outpowered and wrongly believing that all her colleagues had been killed, Tigra again panicked. She was reduced to begging for her life, which crushed her morale.

After the Molecule Man was defeated, Greer talked him into peacefully surrendering and promising that he would undergo therapy.

After this success she resigned, considering that it was her opportunity to leave on a high note.

Making ends meet

For a while, Tigra only appeared in those super-heroes crowd scene. Such as the pardon of the Hulk, and the first Contest of Champions.

The loss of her Avengers salary was a problem. She thus agreed to star in an ads campaign for a junk food brand, Kwikkee Burger. However, the deal fell through before the campaign was launched. Tigra had been attacked by her old foe Zabo, and the fight demolished New York City’s largest Kwikkee Burger restaurant.

The day was also marked by an inept attempt by Spider-Man to pick her up (though he did help Greer fight Zabo), and Mrs. Nelson successfully (if very unsubtly) flirting with a young policeman who reminded her of her late husband.

Tigra (Greer Nelson) shocked

She dumped the cop immediately, though. He was as old-fashioned as Bill Nelson had been, which was insufferable for the now-liberated Greer. Tigra also realised that trying to recapture the past was pointless.

Greer then tried her hand at modelling. She reportedly got a handful of minor contracts, but her looks were too unusual for the circuit. Undeterred, she took a bus to San Francisco in the hope that agencies might be more open-minded there.


Tigra soon ran into Poltergeist (Mickey Silk), a runaway with uncontrolled telekinetic abilities. Silk’s parents had hired private eye Jessica Drew to find Mickey. Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) and Tigra soon clashed over Silk’s fate – as Nelson thought that returning Silk to his parents was a bad idea. Spider-Woman ended up agreeing with Tigra.

Tigra, Poltergeist, Spider-Woman and most other superhumans in the area were then captured by Locksmith, a mad jailer. They broke free and stopped Locksmith. Tigra then spent some time helping Poltergeist control his powers.

Greer, Poltergeist and Spider-Woman ally the Shroud later saw Drew fall into a coma accompanied by paranormal phenomena. This was the result of a magical attack by Morgan LeFay. They narrowly resuscitated her and Tigra, feeling frightened and out of her depth, contacted the Avengers.

Doctor Strange and Dr. Pym came to consult. Tigra and a contingent of active Avengers ended up fighting LeFay on the astral plane. Though Tigra was scared, the example set by rookie Avenger Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) helped her focus throughout the conflict.

True detective

As Jessica Drew recovered, she hired Tigra to work as a PI in San Francisco. Almost nothing is known about the caseload Jess gave Greer while she healed.

Apparently Tigra was quite successful. Especially with “the Enselmo case” (whatever that was – and despite appearances this is not a Moonlighting joke, since that took place in 1984).

Tigra may also have had a low-key heroic career in the area. But during the mid-1980s she was generally skirting comic books limbo .

The Aladdin Effect

However, one little girl in Wyoming remembered her. Photos of her favourite super-heroines in her scrapbook included Tigra. Eight-year old Holly-Ann Ember lived in Venture Ridge, which in 1985 was cut off the world by AIM scientists.

Tigra (Greer Nelson) sunbathing

They had detected a tremendous power source in the small town and demanded that the town surrender it. However the locals had no idea what AIM was talking about. They slowly descended into anarchy, demoralisation and lack of resources as the blockade continued.

The power source was Holly-Ann herself, but she was too young to realise it. Her superhuman powers manifested subconsciously as she summoned her favourites (Tigra, Storm (Ororo Munroe), She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) and the Wasp (Janet van Dyne)) to Venture Ridge.

The unskilled teleportation accidentally left the four women amnesiac, but the girl helped them orient themselves. They engaged AIM forces.

Inspired by their example the townsfolks were roused into action, tipping the battle in the heroines’ favour. The job being done and the memory loss having dissipated, the quartet left.

That case may have been what put Tigra back on the Avengers’ radar.

Wackos, part 1

In late 1985, as Drew was about to make Nelson a long-term job offer, the Vision (“Victor Shade”) called. He offered $1K just to fly to L.A. and listen to Hawkeye.

Hawkeye and his wife Mockingbird announced to Tigra, Iron Man (James Rhodes) and Wonder Man that the creation of a West Coast team of Avengers had just been authorised. The couple wanted to recruit them.

Tigra, remembering her disastrous stint with the Avengers, was about to decline.

However there was a scuffle with the Shroud – who had been sent by Drew under the mistaken impression that Tigra was in trouble. Due to the confusion and feeling stupid about the incident, Greer was talked into joining against her best judgement.

Wackos, part 2

Despite her doubts, Tigra participated in the early cases of the brand new team :

  • Intercepting the Blank.
  • A massed melee against the Beyonder.
  • Helping unclog the Los Angeles area after the Casket of Winter triggered enormous snowfalls in the middle of summer.

Tigra (Greer Nelson) sliding along a aircraft hull with her claws

Greer discovered that the other recruits were as uncertain as she was. Iron Man (James Rhodes) admitted to her that he wasn’t Tony Stark but a much less experienced operator, and Wonder Man (Simon Williams) agreed to talk with her about his insecurities.

Greer and Simon may have started a relationship at this point. It is impossible to tell from the material.

Tigra and the rest then clashed with the enormously powerful Graviton. Though the situation looked dire and Wonder Man was thought killed, the West Coasters’ counterstrike was superbly executed. Tigra was instrumental in duping Graviton by disguising herself as Big M/Madame Masque.

This successful rescue operation allowed Nelson, Rhodes and Williams to overcome their doubts about belonging to the West Coast Avengers.

Avenging anew

Soon after that a bicoastal contingent of Avengers fought Maelstrom.

During the fray, Tigra helped Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) collect herself after the New Orleans heroine was hit by Phobius’s power. Greer told Monica how Captain America had rallied her after her soul had been burned by the Ghost Rider’s hellfire.

Tigra was then assigned to the backup Avengers team to stop the Vision when he went rogue.

She later was part of the huge task force that fought the final battle in the war against the Dire Wraiths.

Tigra then accidentally discovered Dr. Demonicus’s newest island base, when a giant atomic lizard downed her Quinjet. She fought this powerful relative of Godzilla to protect the locals until a small team of Avengers could relieve her.

Tigra crashed her second Quinjet but weeks later in a dogfight with A.I.M. jet fighters.

Along with most of the WCAs, she also tried to stop Dr. Doom’s “Emperor Doom” gambit. Howbeit, they were too late. The plot was only derailed some weeks later by Wonder Man.

Haphazard behaviour

Though her confidence had been partially restored by her victories, things got worse for Tigra.

  • Her cat instincts increasingly overrode her rationality.
  • Her mood was increasingly incoherent.
  • She started having spurts of ill-judged pride, resulting in risky behaviour.

When the West Coast Avengers clashed with the Lethal Legion, Tigra fought well against the redoubtable Man-Ape. But her rashness allowed Ultron-12 to escape. She took this poorly, leading to reckless behaviour when she randomly ran into Kraven the Hunter.

Tigra irrationally insisted upon fighting Kraven alone. She was nearly killed, though Mockingbird and Hawkeye rescued her in the nick of time. The couple talked her out of feeling bad over her defeat by Kraven, but that was largely due to Tigra’s mood changing for no reason.

Deeper shade of soul, part 1

Greer’s cat-like need for affection soon created an attraction triangle between her, Dr. Henry Pym, and Wonder Man. Unable to rein in her pleasure-seeking instincts, Tigra had sex with both in quick succession. During this era she continued to pounce from man to man.

When Wonder Man later broke off to date a casting agent, she tried her luck with Tony Stark – but he was in a relationship with the Wasp. Tigra thus ended up with Dr. Henry Pym.

Tigra (Greer Nelson) and Wonder Man (Marvel Comics)

Concerned about Tigra’s mental stability, Mockingbird tracked down the Werewolf by Night. Her idea was that the lycanthrope had encountered many hybrid creatures, including the Cat People, and might have useful knowledge.

When Mockingbird and Tigra found the werewolf, he was being treated by Dr. Michael Morbius – who also had had contacts with the Cat People. However, Tigra had to fight the Werewolf as he was experiencing an uncontrolled transformation.

Morbius then taught her and Mockingbird the simple ritual to summon the Balkatar – another champion of the Cat People.

Since Wonder Man and Iron Man were unavailable, Hawkeye assembled a new team for that mission – Firebird, Tigra, Mockingbird, himself and the Thing. The Thing was convinced to join when Hawkeye told him that his old friend Tigra missed him and would appreciate his help.

Deeper shade of soul, part 2

The Balkatar agreed to take Tigra and the rest to the Land Within, the prison dimension holding the Cat People. Though the locals seemed different from the Cat People Tigra knew on Earth, they were very impressed upon seeing her, and took her and her companions to their King.

Tigra felt unusually comfortable among the Cat People and with the Balkatar in particular. But the negotiation with the King was difficult.

He and Tigra made a deal. Tigra would be rid of one of her souls if she killed Master Pandemonium, an enemy of the Cat People. Tigra told the Avengers that a deal had been reached, without mentioning the killing part.

As time went by, Greer came to consider that it might be best to ask to be rid of her human soul once Pandemonium would be dead. Her cat side was the more carefree and enjoyable part of her.

After the demon Riglevio and the entranced Texas Rangers attacked the WCAs, Tigra got a fresh lead on Master Pandemonium. However her first attempt on his life failed and Pandemonium escaped.

Hunt for Pandemonium

Tigra and the West Coast Avengers then helped the Eternals and other Avengers against Ghaur, high priest of the Deviants (then in the form of a Celestial). They later joined a major effort to stop a rampaging, mindless Hulk.

Tigra was also briefly reunited with the Fantastic Four when the West Coast Avengers came to help the FF investigate the mysterious dome over Central City. But to her displeasure she wasn’t picked to be among the team going in.

Tigra (Greer Nelson) runs on a rope (Marvel Comics) (West Coast Avengers)

The Avengers of both coasts were then arrested for treason and sent to the Vaults. Tigra couldn’t bear being imprisoned, but this was thankfully quickly exposed as a conspiracy. The arrest was a product of actions undertaken by the Vision whilst under the influence of the alien computer ISAAC, combined with the betrayal of the psychologically unstable Quicksilver.

The lady or the Tigra

Tigra attracted the attention of another man – the mighty Graviton, who defeated and captured her then the rest of the West Coast Avengers. Graviton had determined that Tigra’s shallow cat nature would be unable to resist an offer of unlimited leisure, power and pleasure as his pet and consort.

He may have been right, but Tigra outmanoeuvred him by turning into Greer Nelson, who was freer of such appetites, and escaping.

Despite her limited strength in human form, she subdued a guard, stole his uniform and bluffed her way through security. Greer then triggered a fight between Graviton’s alien henchmen and freed the Avengers. His henchmen fighting made Graviton lose control, rocketing his base into space.

Ms. Nelson was now reluctant to switch to her Tigra form, fearing the seduction of the cat soul. During a training exercise as Tigra she went berserk and nearly killed Hawkeye. After her teammates restrained her, she managed to switch back to human form.

Nelson decided to give up being Tigra and just live a normal life, possibly with Henry Pym.

Tigra (Greer Nelson) transforming

However, the demon Allatou had been alerted that the WCAs had been looking for Master Pandemonium. Mistakenly thinking that the Avengers were allies of Pandemonium, Allatou and her demon horde attacked Greer and the WCAs. Pandemonium seized the occasion and attacked to destroy Allatou.

However, Greer couldn’t turn into Tigra to kill Pandemonium, as she was too afraid of what might happen.

Allatou seized the moment to grab Nelson and Pym and return to her infernal dimension. Pym and Nelson declared their love for each other, but when she reluctantly tried to be Tigra to save Pym from the demons, it didn’t work.

The caverns of Hades

Back on Earth, the Avengers allied with Daimon Hellstrom and his wife Patsy. Mrs. Hellstrom had been operating for Hellcat for years, wearing a costume that seemed based on the one that Ms. Nelson had worn as the Cat.

The Hellstroms and the Avengers came in in time to save Nelson and Pym. But the heroes and their foe Master Pandemonium were expelled from Allatou’s dimension.

A supernatural river took them all to the Land Within, where Tigra’s amulet worked normally. However, as Tigra and the Avengers visited the King of the Cat People, he revealed the nature of his deal with her. The revelation that she had agreed to murder drew a huge wedge between her and her allies, including Pym.

The Cat People then dismembered Master Pandemonium, and demanded one last time that Tigra kill him. She defiantly refused, preferring to remain true to the Avengers rather than solve her problem. The King retaliated by tearing her Tigra soul from her and condemning her to death.

Tigra (Greer Nelson) looking bereft, over a white background

While in jail the Avengers mended fences with Greer after witnessing her refusal to kill. Patsy Walker Hellstrom lent Greer her old costume and the heroes burst out of their cells. Nelson fought the Balkatar, as wearing the costume somehow bestowed her her full Cat abilities.

Kitty got soul

She won and attempted to yank the magic jar holding her soul away from the Cat People king so he wouldn’t use it as a weapon against her. This broke the jar and the cat soul rushed into Greer.

However, this time Greer received the cat soul whilst in full possession of her capabilities. Thus, the merger went differently. Greer remained in full control even though the cat soul had reportedly grown stronger while in care of the Cat People king.

Furthermore, the Tigra form was now different, with a tail and a new stripes pattern. While the differences were slight to human eyes the Cat People onlookers were in awe, as Nelson was now a perfect recreation of the original Tigra.


When she wears clothing larger than a bikini, Tigra favours light skirts and light tops (such as a silk women’s shirt). One imagines that wearing more constraining clothing on top of her fur is hot and uncomfortable. If she needs to be discreet she prefers to wear a wide-brimmed hat and long coat rather than use her cat amulet to look human.

Some panels hint at Tigra morphing her hands into something more talon-like when she fights. Though at this point it is presumably just artistic license, she will much later demonstrate a more pronounced version of this.

People allergic to cats sneeze in Tigra’s presence. This doesn’t make much sense, especially since Greer confirmed the obvious – that she doesn’t lick herself clean (presumably she takes sponge baths). This detail might thus be best ignored.


During this era Tigra is a much weaker person with poor control over her emotions. As an Avenger she’s not terribly mature, and has poor self-opinion and self-confidence. This makes her brittle against stress and suffering.

Though things improves a bit in San Francisco and during the early months of the West Coast Avengers, Greer then finds herself alienated by her animal instincts. She tends to behave in a lazy, hedonistic, irresponsible, oversexed and oversensualised way with spurts of anger and aggression. Her human side finds all of this insufferable and confusing.

The tension between her cat soul and her human soul is difficult to bear. It becomes apparent that one of the two must be destroyed or she’ll go insane.

During West Coast Avengers vol. 2 (vol. 2 is the full run, as opposed to the previous miniseries), Ms. Nelson’s behaviour is altered thus :

  • Her dislike for getting wet becomes an outright phobia of large bodies of water, though she can overcome it if the situation is dire enough. This is curious, as big cats seldom have a problem with water.
  • She becomes very flirtatious and shamelessly promiscuous. Though the way she sees it is that she just wants affection and contact (like some house cats), it can only comes across as improper by most human standards. She becomes easy to manipulate by promising her affection and attention.
  • Her habit of sunning herself, curling up in front of windows, etc. starts taking up most of her free time. She also likes stalking people — just for the pleasure of hunting something — and likes climbing things to pass the time and be higher than the rest.
  • Loud noises are increasingly uncomfortable for her.
  • She gets more prone to thinking with her heart rather than her head, and her moods become markedly more fleeting.
  • She tends to act like young female in heat, being disruptively flirtatious with all sorts of males, including poor Jarvis. She quite likes attention and her looks, costume and eccentric behaviour (plus a certain cat-like vanity) do get her that.
  • She becomes increasingly territorial, reacting with hostility when a stranger intrudes onto her turf (the Avengers’ Compound, basically). For instance she kept behaving in a hostile and catty way toward Firebird for literally crashing into the Compound without authorisation.
  • She strongly reacts whenever she sees a woman getting closer to a man she’s interested in – in a catty, irrational manner.
  • The tension between her status as a fabled champion of the Cat People and her failures and instability also lead to rancor. She wants to be treated like a legendary warrior and becomes recklessly determined to prove her worth as a great fighter.


“I can’t help it, Jarv ! I’m a creature of passion – half-human, half-cat and all-l-l female !”

(Pouncing on Deathbird in mid-air) “Howdy-doody, flygal. I’m Tigra, new hero on the block ! I’m your basic cat by nature — and you’ll never guess what we do to canaries.”

Bloomingdale’s saleslady: “May we help you… uh… Miss ?”
Tigra: “Yes ! I’m the new anti-rodent security person, girls ! Seen any mice around ? Hmmmm ?”
Saleslady: “M-mice ?”
Tigra: “Just kidding !” (proceeds to shop)

“So much of my life has been just one darned thing after another ! Everything from becoming Tigra to signing up with the Avengers seems to have happened to me by accident. Sure, I’ve made plenty of decisions along the way, but I’ve never really felt in control… not now — and certainly not in my pre-furry days !”

“Hey, tall, stark and handmade… wanna fall for me ?” (smashes a robot off a plane)

“Oh, ‘thinking’ ! I used to do that, but it gets in the way of my instincts !”

“Either way, I’ll match the spirit of the Tigra against your mangy canine spook any day ! I’m a warrior, wolf-man ! A legend !”

Sheesh ! Some days I wonder why I bothered to get out of my kitty basket.”

Characterisation hypotheses

This extra section contains our No-Prize Hypothesis  as to the peregrinations of Tigra’s characterisation.

Tigra starts as a brash and confident adventuress with animalistic vitality. Admittedly she never was very perceptive, but most of her failures in this area were the product of retcons .

However, as the years pass her characterisation degrades into a lack of courage, initiative and poise.

This is never explained. Yet, the cat soul subplot whose resolution marks the end of this era can be seen as a retroactive explanation of Nelson’s vagaries.

Here is one — thoroughly hypothetical — framework in which Nelson’s characterisation makes sense :

  1. Her initial state is the rather unliberated Greer Nelson. She is then granted enhanced abilities and mentality by Dr. Tumolo, perhaps based on the best aspects of Cat People qualities.
  2. She is shot using alpha radiation, and either killed or almost killed. In our framework, the blast also cripples the Cat enhancements, though it will take years for those to fully fade away. A cat soul is merged with her by Dr. Tumolo to resurrect or revive her, and Nelson now has two souls.
    At this point, she is Greer who is still strengthened by the Cat enhancements. She thus has the strength to cope with her new, additional soul and remain in control. It’s not easy and she is a changed person, but she’s still confident and vital.
  3. As the Cat enhancements fade away, she increasingly is just Greer in Tigra’s body. She learned to cope with the feline soul as she still had her Cat willpower, but she’s no longer making progress and is coasting on her previous gains. Eventually the situation deteriorates and her strength and decisiveness crumble – Dr. Tumolo’s enhancements are gone.
    It is possible that Dr. Tumolo was providing some sort of mystical, mental or psychological help in maintaining the Cat’s strength. Greer’s characterisation suddenly worsens after Dr. Tumolo is killed.
  4. The feline soul then becomes ascendant. During her time in San Francisco and her early West Coast Avengers career this is a good thing. It bolsters her confidence and assertiveness. However the feline soul increases its hold and Tigra soon loses control. She becomes unable to resist her urges, since her willpower is the cat soul’s.
  5. Wearing the Hellcat costume somehow bolsters her in a way very similar to her Cat enhancements, and makes her able to handle her soul duality. How that worked is unknown, but a very similar reinforcement took place when Patsy Walker donned the costume in 1976. Which is odd, since the costume is not supposed to be anything special.

I’ve got a heart full of souls

The nature of the “cat soul” existing within Tigra is something of a mystery. Here are the — contradictory — clues :

  • From the original story, most readers assumed that the soul of a feline animal has been inserted by the ritual to turn Greer Nelson into a new sort of Cat Person.
    One could imagine that the cat was selected for specific reasons. It may have been a tiger, given Tigra’s orange fur and since Cat People seem descended from sabretooth tigers.
  • Nelson later states that it was actually the soul of the first Tigra that was transplanted into her. What this means is unclear. Does it signify that the original Tigra had fully merged human and cat souls ? Was her soul kept on a shelf for centuries just in case ? However, it explains why Nelson looked like a spitting image of the original Tigra once she reintegrated in the Land Within.
  • One caption describes the process as transferring Greer into the body of the original Tigra. This puzzling statement is assumed to have been in error.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

Tigra the Were-Woman (early)

Dex: 07 Str: 08 Bod: 06 Motivation: Justice, gradually shifts to Thrill
Int: 04 Wil: 03 Min: 04 Occupation: Adventurer
Inf: 04 Aur: 04 Spi: 03 Resources {or Wealth}: See below
Init: 015 HP: 015

Analytical Smell/Tracking Scent: 08, Claws: 09, Cold immunity: 01, Extended hearing: 01, Jumping: 02, Running: 06, Speak with animals: 03, Telescopic vision: 01, Ultra vision: 03

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Jumping has, predictably, the Catfall Bonus.
  • Speak with animals only with sapient felines and part-felines. Tigra can use her normal AV/EV for such Character Interactions if she wishes.
  • Ultra vision only for night vision.

Accuracy (Claws): 08, Acrobatics: 09, Evasion (Ranged only): 08, Medicine (First aid): 03, Military science (Danger recognition, Tracking): 04, Thief (Stealth): 06, Vehicles (Air): 03

Bonuses and Limitations:
Accuracy is Regretful when used against living beings.

Attractive, Local Hero (Cat People), Misc.: Tigra reduces the OV/RV of Acrobatics by one CS if the feat she attempts relies on balancing on unstable surfaces, Misc.: Sacrificial image (see our first Tigra entry).

The Thing (Low), Avengers (Low), Spider-Woman I (High), Shroud (Low), West Coast Avengers (High), Wonder Man (High), Grigar the Balkatar (High).

Attack vulnerability (-1 CS OV/RV vs. Blindside attacks), Attack Vulnerability (-1 CS OV/RV vs. attacks made by a third party whilst she is being Grappled/Wrestled), Distinct Appearance, MIA toward following her animal instincts.

Shortly before the end of this era, Tigra learns the simple ritual to summon the Balkatar (CT: 5 Phases, MC: None, Effect: Dimension Travel (Summon): 04, limited to the current Balkatar).


  • CAT RING/AMULET [BODY 10, Alter-Ego, Insta-Change].
  • As a member of the Avengers, she carries an emergency beacon (built into her membership card, I assume. One guesses that she keeps said beacon in her bra, given the paucity of options.).

We don’t need another hero

Tigra’s MIN, SPI and HPs are at their nadir during this era.

After the encounter with Graviton very early during the West Coast Avengers’ career, her self-confidence improves – her MIN and SPI are one AP higher, and she has 10 more Hero Points. This lasts for but a few months, though.

In game terms her weakened stats wasn’t even a Subplot, since no HPs gain was apparent. She was operating on very few HPs.

As an Avenger her Wealth is 005, as an unsuccessful model it is 002, and as a private detective it is 004.

The lovecat

During the final year of this era, Tigra’s cat soul goes awry – as explained in the History and Personality sections. This has the following effects on her in game terms :

  • MIF of being immersed in water.
  • Attack Vulnerability (-1CS OV/RV) against Persuasion attempts exploiting her need for affection.
  • SIA toward Jealousy.
  • MIA toward Proving her worth as a fighter.

By Sébastien Andrivet.

Source of Character: Marvel Universe.

Helper(s): Roy Cowan, Darci, Azrael, Chris Cottingham, Capita_Senyera.