Tommy Vercetti (GTA Vice City) with a huge revolver

Tommy Vercetti

(Profile #2 - Drug lord)


As you can prolly tell by the “profile #2” mention above, this profile directly follows our first Tommy Vercetti character profile.

So you should read the first Vercetti profile first for the context, story, etc. and various other explanations. Such as Tommy Vercetti being the protagonist of the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


  • Real Name: Tommy Vercetti.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: None.
  • Group Affiliation: The Vercetti crew (formerly the Forelli crime family).
  • Base Of Operations: Vice City, Florida (formerly Liberty City).
  • Height: 6’1” Weight: 210 lbs.
  • Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown


Powers and Abilities

Tommy Vercetti is a skilled business manager and a powerful drug distributor. He rules the underworld of Vice City and holds considerable influence in the town’s legitimate economic and political organizations as well.

He is even more famous for his street skills. He accrued fame as an excellent wheelman, an highly skilled shooter, and a born survivor with a knack for getting out of even the worse firefights with his skin intact.

Rising Star

As Vercetti’s power and influence increased, so did his array of associates and enemies.

Lance Vance

A fellow mob enforcer (Low Connection in DC Heroes terms). While most of Tommy’s previous allies became business partners as his fortunes rose, Vance became increasingly marginalized. This was due to Vance’s lackadaisical attitude and his subsequent embarrassment with being chastised by Tommy for failing to keep on top of things.

Lance became increasingly withdrawn as Tommy’s criticisms hit a sore point with Lance, reminding him of the mockery he received as a child, especially from his now-deceased brother. Lance soon ceased to be a Sidekick and though he was still a part of tommy’s crew he became only a Low Connection until the final confrontation with the Forelli Family (See the Tommy Vercetti (Kingpin) writeup).

Phil Cassidy

Arms dealer and gun lover (Low Connection in DC Heroes terms): Tommy recruited Phil to provide weapons and muscle during his heist of Vice City’s El Banco Corrupto Grande. Phil was impressed by Tommy’s marksmanship and willingness to take risks.

After the heist, Tommy had an open invitation to stop by Phil’s shack whenever he needed to buy some heavy artillery, among which were rocket launchers and remote-detonated explosives, or borrow Phil’s Patriot (a Humvee knockoff).


Umberto Robina

Cuban gang lord (Low Connection in DC Heroes terms): Umberto, head of the Cuban gangs in the West Side of Vice City, was Tommy’s first contact in that area. Tommy proved his skills and bravery by helping Umberto in his war against Auntie Poulet’s Haitian gangs. Umberto became a friend and let Tommy work his business in Vice City’s Little Havana neighborhoods without hindrance.

Auntie Poulet

Haitian gang lord (Enemy in DC Heroes terms): After a failed attempt at subverting Tommy with hypnotic potions and Tommy’s subsequent alliance with the Cubans, the latter of which culminated in the destruction of a major Haitian drug processing center in Vice City’s Little Haiti neighborhood, Auntie Poulet’s gangs became bitter foes of the Vercetti crew.

Tommy now gets shot at on sight whenever he enters Little Haiti. That happens a lot, because Tommy bought a taxi company in the heart of Little Haiti in defiance of Auntie Poulet’s edict that he never return to there and he frequently goes there in person to collect his cut of the profits.

Exchanges of gunfire between Vercetti’s thugs and Haitian gangers outside of Kaufman Cabs are a daily occurrence and the police do not even bother responding anymore.

Love Fist

A rock band (Low Connection in DC Heroes terms): Kent Paul introduced Tommy to Love Fist, whose music he enjoyed. He helped them put together some parties, avoid psychotic stalkers, and get security for their big performance in Vice City. While Vercetti enjoyed the parties, this also served as a chance to meet some people that he put to use later as a Low Connection to Vice City Entertainment Celebrities.

“Big” Mitch Baker

(High Connection in DC Heroes terms): After Kent Paul’s failed attempt at recruiting Baker’s biker gang to work security for Love Fist’s concert (said attempt ending when they stripper Paul and tossed out through the window of their hangout), Tommy stepped in. After Vercetti proved himself worthy to ride with Mitch’s gang, they agreed to work as stage bouncers for the Love Fist gig.

Earnest Kelly

Printer and counterfeiter (Low Connection in DC Heroes terms): Feeling nostalgic, Tommy bought a print shop during his expansion into Vice City’s West Side.

Earnest was the head of the shop and quickly became a favored associate, both for sound business suggestions like using the print works to counterfeit money and because Kelly’s avuncular ways probably reminded Vercetti of his father, who had made his living working the same kind of jobs.

General wealth

The combination of business assets and connections Tommy accrued caused his Wealth to rise rapidly, going from 12 to 15 over the next few months.


(See the Tommy Vercetti (Enforcer) writeup for the history prior to this point.)

The infiltration of Diaz’s operation went awry when Lance Vance impulsively attempted to assassinate the crime lord. Vance failed and Diaz had him taken to the local junkyard to be tortured to death. Kent Paul heard the buzz and alerted Tommy. Vercetti gunned down Diaz’s goons at the yard in a ferocious firefight and then took Lance to the hospital.

After Lance was patched up, he met Tommy at the Diaz Estate on Starfish Island, bringing a car trunk full of military small arms with him. Tommy and Lance invaded the Diaz Estate, fighting their way through Diaz’s men. They finally cornered Diaz in his office and executed him with simultaneous head shots from Lance’s .50 Desert Eagle and Tommy’s .357 Colt Python.

Drug baron

With Diaz gone, Vercetti took over his business as premier drug baron of Vice City. Tommy claimed Diaz’s mansion for himself and renamed it Vercetti Estates. He quickly moved to consolidate his pre-existing business connections on the East Side of Vice City and made it clear that Diaz’s former businesses were now his as well.

It took a few terrorist acts including shooting up a shopping mall and bombing a store that was not cooperating with Vercetti’s protection racket, but the message got across — Vercetti owned the East Side.

With his current holdings secure, Tommy now needed to build up new business and a war chest. He purchased the Malibu club on the East Side, the biggest dance club in all of Vice City, and funneled the profits from it while planning a bank heist for additional liquid funds.

Tommy Vercetti returns to Vice City

Assembling a crew to help him pull off the job, Tommy decided that the object of the robbery would be to swipe the VCPD’s SWAT Team Retirement Fund. He added insult to the injury done to the Vice City police when he took out two officers and stole their uniforms and car to carry out the aforementioned store bombing.

Despite considerable complications, including Tommy’s wheelman getting blown away by the SWAT team just as the stick up crew exited the bank, the theft was successful.

Movin’ on up

Once the foundation of his empire was secure, Tommy began to sink his claws into the West Side of the city. This was a diverse process in which Vercetti invested in legal and illegal ventures alike. He was not afraid to intermingle his methodologies either, using criminal acts to further legitimate business interests and applying sound “straight” business practices to his criminal enterprises.

Vercetti’s underworld expansion centered around building an alliance with the Cubans in the West Side’s Little Havana. He also tried meeting with Auntie Poulet, the leader of the gangs in Little Haiti who were feuding with the neighboring Cubans. This did not go well, with Auntie Poulet drugging Tommy into a suggestible state and sending him on a series of dangerous missions.

Tommy showed increasing resistance to the drugs over the brief time he was used in this manner. Thus, Auntie Poulet finally decided to let him go. Why she did not simply kill him when his usefulness came to an end is unknown. It probably had to do with fears that his crew would open up a second front against her in the current gang war in retaliation for such an act.

She also erroneously expected him to be fearful of crossing her in the future after this incident, based on later comments she made.

While Tommy’s memories of Auntie Poulet’s wrongs against him were cloudy, he nevertheless remembered enough consciously or subconsciously to carry a grudge. He assisted the Cubans in a major victory against the Haitians, cementing a vicious enmity between the Haitians and Vercetti’s people.

Poulet personally called Tommy to warn him to stay out of Little Haiti, but to no avail (See the Auntie Poulet section of “Rising Star” above for additional details).

No business like show business

Many of Tommy’s legal business ventures required similar efforts to get properly established. His car dealership was supplemented with stolen vehicles, his ice cream delivery trucks sold drugs instead of sweets, and his taxi business gained a considerable boost with the calculated murder of numerous competitor taxi hacks (who were equally homicidally inclined, though not as competent at it as Vercetti by a long shot).

Fortunately, some businesses such as his boat factory and strip club were much more straightforward and required little maintenance.

Tommy Vercetti with red sports car and opulent villa

The entertainment industry also provided Vercetti with its share of profits and problems. He made friends with famous band Love Fist but had to contend with psychotic stalkers in the process. Getting security for Love Fist’s Vice City gig required Tommy to jump through the hoops of joining “Big” Mitch Baker’s biker gang, who then worked as bouncers for the concert.

Purchasing a porno studio meant fighting pimps to free their girls for picture work, blackmailing a senator to keep him from cracking down on blue movies (and almost getting killed by said senator’s security guards in the process), and a variety of wild stunts to get publicity for the studio’s upcoming release.

Totally legit and above-board

During these exercises in free market capitalism, Tommy was getting increasingly agitated calls from Sonny Forelli (no relation). Forelli had not gotten his lost money back, nor was he receiving a share of Tommy’s action, and he was extremely unhappy about both.

Tommy simply assured him that he was working on it, putting off the Forellis as long as he could while he built his own organization in anticipation of the coming showdown.

Last but not least, Tommy bought a print shop on the West Side. Initially his only thoughts were reminiscing about working with his father at a print shop when he was a boy and maybe printing a local newsletter or something along those lines. But the shop’s head convinced him that money counterfeiting was feasible with their equipment.

Tommy secured the necessary printing plates by the simple expedient of robbing a local counterfeiting ring. As the fake money rolled off of the presses, Tommy had an inspiration about using it in regard to the Forellis. This was serendipitous timing, because the Forellis had waited long enough, and they were coming to Vice City…


See the Tommy Vercetti (Enforcer) writeup. Though Tommy has the money for more expensive suits, he still prefers to wear the same street clothes as before, signifying his continuing hands-on approach to business.


(See the Tommy Vercetti (Enforcer) writeup for previous personality notes.)

Up to this point Tommy’s reputation was primarily that of a resourceful enforcer. But his seizure of Diaz’s business allowed him to finally demonstrate to everyone what had previously only been apparent to close associates. Namely, a surprising aptitude for business and management.

Tommy Vercetti firing a Tec-9 from a motorbike

As he expanded his criminal empire in Vice City beyond the holdings he had inherited from Diaz, Tommy diversified his legal and illegal businesses as much as possible. This way, the failure of any one venture wouldn’t seriously impact his bottom line.

Furthermore, Tommy takes the time to build professional connections and rapport on a face-to-face basis. When his business partners ask for favors, Vercetti often takes personal responsibility for carrying out the necessary actions rather than delegating them to underlings.

A real self-made man

When he acquires a new business, Tommy will initially do some of the grunt work himself to get a feel for the business and earn the respect of his workers. Consequently, he knows the ins and outs of each of his properties and often collects his money in person, both of which reduce the opportunity and temptation for his people to try and rip him off.

Though Vercetti often dictates the overall course of his business ventures, he does not succumb to the urge to micromanage and is open to new ideas from his employees. Subordinates are handled respectfully or forcefully, depending on which approach is most effective for the person and situation.

Tommy realizes the importance of examples, whether it means destroying a store that has failed to respect his control of the area by providing the expected protection payments or taking his lieutenants with him on a job so they can see how he wants things handled.


“Bribery ? Screw bribery ! I’ll show you how to make ’em scared ! I’ll be back here in five minutes…”

“This is my town now ! Vercetti — remember the name !”

(Barking at his lieutenants) “Get in the car, useless !”

Ken Rosenberg: “I could be your stick up man ! Stick ’em up ! Stick ’em up !”
Tommy: “You ain’t a stick up man, you’re an idiot. Now get yourself a drink and shut up.”

Phil: “Son, I could shoot a fly off your head at 80 feet.”
Tommy: “Oh really ?”
Phil: “Yeah. I learnt in the army.”
Tommy: “Fly shooting real popular in the army ? Glad I don’t pay tax.”

“Look, it’s easy. Haven’t you ever seen a movie ? We walk into the bank, we wave the gun around, and leave very rich men.”

Umberto Robina: “Are you playing stupid with me ?”
Tommy: “No, I think you’re playing plenty stupid enough for both of us.”

Umberto: “What is this, ladies night ? You some kind of tough guy, you dress like a woman ? You got on panties like a woman too, huh ?”
Tommy: “What you got against women ? You prefer men, big boy ?”
Umberto: “I like women ! I like all women ! I love my mother, chico !”
Tommy: “Alright, alright, I’ll take your word for it. Relax.”
Umberto: “Can you drive, amigo ?”
Tommy: “Yeah… like a woman.”

Umberto: “They’re laughing at me, Tommy. At me ! Umberto Robina ! They’re doing whatever they like !”
Tommy: “Nobody does whatever they like, Umberto, they do what you let them do.”

Kent Paul: “Hey, you ever met Love Fist before ?”
Tommy: “No, I haven’t but I’ve always loved your music… Normally I wouldn’t busy myself with driving around a bunch of drunken Scottish bisexuals, but in *your* case, I’ll make an exception !”

“Big” Mitch Baker: “This ain’t no country club, boy. Can you handle a bike ?”
Tommy: “Can you sit on a stool and drink ?”

Baker: “Being one of us ain’t just about brawlin’, It’s about being part of a family.”
Tommy: “Yeah, I’ve been part of a family before alright. It didn’t work out.”
Baker: “Yeah, right, but this family takes care of its own. We don’t ask a man to do the dirty work and then let him do 15 years hard time. Yeah, that’s right. I’ve done my homework. This here’s the biggest family of misfits, outcasts and badasses. Hell, some of us has even been betrayed by our own country.”
Tommy: “I was locked up during ’Nam. Ugly business.”

“Look, you pompous asshole, I own you now. I own all of this. We’re gonna turn this place around… I’m gonna make you rich.”

Earnest Kelly: “Mr. Vercetti ? Hey. You bought the old print works ?”
Tommy: “Yeah, my old man used to work on these. I used to spend the evenings with him, cleaning the rollers… I was going to follow him in his trade, but… I lived a different life.”

(While being chased by police) “I’m innocent !”

(While being chased by police) “Is this some bizarre mating ritual ?”

DC Universe History

See the Tommy Vercetti (Enforcer) writeup. The development of the character through successive writeups allows him to be used as a recurring adversary or associate whose abilities grow just as the PCs’ own characters advance.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Tommy Vercetti

Dex: 05 Str: 03 Bod: 05 Motivation: Mercenary
Int: 06 Wil: 07 Min: 06 Occupation: Drug Baron
Inf: 06 Aur: 06 Spi: 07 Resources {or Wealth}: 012
Init: 021 HP: 050

Acrobatics (Athletics, Dodging): 04, Martial Artist (no Techniques): 05, Thief (Concealment)*: 05, Vehicles (Land, Sea): 08, Vehicles (Air): 06, Weaponry (Firearms, Heavy): 08, Weaponry (Melee, Missile): 06

Area Knowledge (East Side of Vice City), Attractive, Confidant (Ken Rosenberg, Attorney at Law), Confined Headquarters (Ocean View Motel), Expansive Headquarters (Hyman Condo, Vercetti Estate), Expertise (Business Management, Vice City Underworld), Familiarity (Printing Presses), Gift of Gab, Iron Nerves, Lightning Reflexes, Schtick (Wheelman, see description below for details).

Exile has been bought off at this point, as Tommy’s plans to make Vice City his new home are coming to fruition and returning to Liberty City is no longer an issue. He has also effectively severed his Connection to the Forelli Family at this point, though both sides are still going through the pretense of a partnership.

Avery Carrington, real estate magnate (Low), Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez, smuggler (Low, would be High but Cortez is currently in hiding and cannot provide much in the way of assistance), Kent Paul, music industry slimeball (Low), Vice City Underworld (Low). See the “Rising Star” section for more.

Miscellaneous (Being a city boy, Tommy never learned to swim and will immediately start drowning if he falls in water any deeper than his head).

Thanks to his various personal armories and business associates, Tommy already owns or can quickly acquire any small-arms he needs all the way up to special military gear such as flamethrowers and miniguns. Land, sea, or air vehicles are also very easy for Vercetti to lay his hands on, other than armed military vehicles and big-ticket items like passenger jetliners. He almost always has the following items on hand, unless he has just gotten out of jail or a hospital:

  • BRASS KNUCKLES [BODY: 06, EV: 03 (04 w/ STR, 06 w/ Martial Artist)].
  • .357 Magnum [BODY 04, Projectile weapons: 05, Ammo: 06, R#02].
  • CONCEALED BALLISTIC VEST [BODY 04, Flame Immunity: 01, Invulnerability: 04, Skin Armor: 02, Limitations : Invulnerability and Skin armor only vs bullets ; Partial Coverage (Can bypass protection with a +1 OV Trick Shot) ; Real Armor].
    As his resources improved, Tommy picked up an upgraded protective vest with heavier armor as well as flame retardant properties. The new vest is still light enough to be relatively inconspicuous while being worn under loose clothing. As with many such vests in the Vice City time period (1986) this vest offers no protection against piercing and slashing attacks, a design flaw corrected in modern-day ballistic armor.
  • INFERNUS [STR 05, BODY 05, Running: 07].
    While Ricardo Diaz was the “Mr. Coke” of Vice City, he used his connections to ensure that a new Infernus sports car was available at his mansion at all times. When Tommy took over Diaz’s business and estate, he continued that arrangement though he specified that the cars should always be white to keep his partner Lance Vance happy as this was Lance’s ride of choice. These stats will also do for any of the other sports cars that Tommy either had parked at safe houses or preferentially jacked when looking for a ride.

An Infernus sports car in GTA Vice City

  • SEA SPARROW [STR 05, BODY 06, Flight: 07, Projectile Weapons: 07].
    In addition to standard helicopters on rooftop helipads at both the Vercetti Estate and the Hyman Condo, Tommy also had this special chopper parked in the back of the Vercetti Estate. This Sea Sparrow had a bubble cockpit for convenient aerial observation, pontoons mounted on its landing rails so it could land on the ground or on water, and was modified with a .30-caliber machine gun mounted under the body. The latter was a fixed emplacement and could only fire forward.

A Sparrow helicopter in GTA Vice City

  • Adrenaline Pill [Power Reserve (STR, Weaponry): 04, Superspeed: 07, Bonus: Multiple Actions are allowed ; Limitations: All APs of Power Reserve must be allocated to the same target (no splitting of APs allowed) but the allocation can be changed at the start of each phase if desired ; Superspeed APs do not replace movement speed ; Drawback: When the pill is taken both Powers immediately activate and remain active for 8 phases, after which the pill’s effects wear off].
    One of the perks of being a drug lord was access to some amazing chemicals. These pills slowed down the user’s perceptions, greatly increasing the speed and accuracy of attacks, and increased his strength, giving him sufficient might to send opponents flying a couple of dozen feet with a single punch or to easily push aside cars and wreck them with his bare hands. These pills were in short supply; Representing their rarity, Tommy has to spend 10 HPs to use one and he cannot use more than one per “scene.”

Safe as Houses II: Now Even Safer

As previously noted, Vercetti has acquired numerous hotel rooms, apartments, and condominiums all over Vice City. Some of these locations act as basic safe houses, while others have weapons and/or vehicles available (the latter usually in a small garage on-site).

Three to four favored sites should have established locations in play. If Tommy is desperate for a hiding place and is far away from any of those places, he can spend some HPs to access a new place (it can be assumed that said location was actually purchased previously and simply not needed until now).

Spending 2 HPs gets him a basic apartment where Tommy can hide out for a while and switch clothes to disguise himself, while 5 HPs provides a condo or house which, in addition to the above, has a garaged vehicle or two, a few small arms, and spare body armor. The favored sites mentioned above are the equivalent of a 5 AP safe house. When Vercetti spends HPs to “find” a safe house, it will usually be a quarter- to half-mile away (8-9 APs).

The Ocean View Hotel on the East Side (Tommy’s first home when arriving in Vice City), the Hyman Condo on the West Side, and the Vercetti Estate on Starfish Island in the middle of town are even better equiped. All three locations have wardrobes (including replacement ballistic vests), a small armory of weapons including pistols, assault rifles, and heavy artillery such as flamethrowers and miniguns, as well as vehicles; Tony’s old Oceanic sedan is always parked in front of the Ocean View, and the other two locations always have at least one sports car and a helicopter.

Untouchable II: Above the Law

Vercetti’s rapid movement up the Vice City economic ladder (both illegitimately and legitimately) has made him an even harder target to prosecute than he was before. Tommy still manages to get out of jail quickly after arrests and without any danger of prosecution even when the acts involved have attracted attention at highest levels of government law enforcement.

In game terms, when Vercetti is busted Ken Rosenberg will get him out without charges within twelve hours (14 APs). If someone attempts legal action or persuasion of some kind to get a prosecutor (at either the local or federal level) to actually press charges, they will be facing an OV/RV of 12. Results of such an effort can be measured against the following table:

1-5 RAPs Vercetti is not charged with any crime, but a full investigation will be started.
6-11 RAPS Vercetti is charged but is able to make bail.
12+ RAPS Vercetti is charged and held without bail.

Gettin’ Around Town

See the Tommy Vercetti (Enforcer) writeup.


This Schtick represents the extraordinary bond that some drivers seem to have with any vehicle they use. Those vehicles can suddenly withstand a great deal more damage than they would normally and can make extraordinary leaps even when there seems to be no ramp or other feature that would allow them to get the necessary lift.

In game terms, when this character is behind the wheel the vehicle has +2 APs of BODY, Hardened Defenses, and Jumping: 01 (Usable by itself, combined with a normal jump by the vehicle, or added to any pre-existing Jump Power the vehicle already had). When the character leaves the vehicle these benefits immediately disappear and if the loss of the extra BODY drives the Current BODY Condition below 0, the vehicle falls apart or explodes.

The exact depiction of this Schtick varies by Genre. In a Humor Genre, one might see the durability represented by a car that takes an amazing amount of damage and suddenly falls to pieces when the driver finally ditches it. A more serious or realistic approach might have the driver use careful maneuvering to minimize impact damage and such and have a badly damaged abandoned vehicle explode dramatically.

Likewise, the jump may simply get ridiculous height and air-time despite a seeming lack of the necessary speed or ramps to jump with, while a more realistic setting might have the driver use a convenient bit of sloped scenery that just happens to be there when needed, such as an angled barrier or wall edge.

Characters that have had this Schtick include “Joliet” Jake Blues of The Blues Brothers, Frank Martin from The Transporter movies, and Tommy Vercetti from GTA: Vice City.

Tommy Vercetti, Metahuman II: More Than Human

The above stats assume that Tommy’s superior capabilities compared to other characters in GTA: Vice City simply reflect above-average talents and the computer game’s particular mechanics. However, in a superheroic universe some of the more outrageous special abilities Tommy acquires in the course of the game might be superpowers manifesting themselves, in particular superhuman durability and healing.

In this case his powers at this stage include:

  • BODY 07 and Skin Armor: 01 (combining his in-game armor and health point totals, raised by completing the Ambulance and Vigilante Missions respectively, and dropping the BALLISTIC VEST from his equipment)
  • Flame Immunity: 04 (Fireproof due to finishing the Firetruck Missions).
  • Regeneration: 06 (due to the copiously placed Heart and Body Armor Icons throughout the game).
  • Running: 05 (Infinite Sprint due to finishing the Pizza Delivery Missions).
  • Invulnerability(DL): 14.
  • Bonuses & Limitations:
    • Invulnerability can only be used 12 hours (14 APs) after reaching negative APs of Current BODY Condition.
    • Invulnerability Checks can be made even if Vercetti has died prior to the check (i.e. reached -07 APs or lower Current BODY Condition), with success indicating that he has returned to life.

Design Notes

These stats represent Tommy Vercetti after solidifying his takeover of the Diaz Cartel (“Cop Land”) with advancements listed until shortly before his final showdown with Sonny Forelli (ending just before “Cap the Courier”).

It is assumed that by this point Tommy has completed the various Unlockable missions (Fire Fighter, Paramedic, Pizza Delivery, and Vigilante), the Pay Phone missions, and gathered all of the Hidden Packages on the East Side of vice City.

See the Tommy Vercetti (Enforcer) writeup for Tommy’s career prior to this point and the Tommy Vercetti (Kingpin) writeups for his stats at the end of the game.

While GTA: Vice City did not track and increase the main character’s skill stats with vehicles and weapons as GTA: San Andreas did, I am assuming for purposes of these writeups that the players themselves would become more adept with the controls while playing through the game. Accordingly, some of Vercetti’s skills will gain APs as the writeups progress.

By Roy Cowan.

Source of Character: GTA: Vice City (PC game), character voiced by Ray Liotta.

Helper(s): Sébastien Andrivet.